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Inviting a work partner or a business associate or anyone in a professional capacity to a business event that your company is hosting/or is associated with can be a tricky business.

You might find yourself searching for the best terms that can be used in a gentle yet compelling manner so that the reader is intrigued. In this blog, we have 5 real time scenarios where you can use our definitive email template that will help you navigate writing an email invite with ease.

5 Sample email templates for invitation to event

An email invitation needs to be appealing, interesting and compelling without having to be too pressing. Using the right terms with the right information is also important so that there is no need for back and forth communication over the event timeline.

Here are 5 real time instances for which you can use the following template to write an effective email invitation to a business associate:

1. Informal social event invitation

Inviting a business associate or anyone in a professional setting for an informal social event but in a formal capacity might be challenging. The key here is to be professional and yet friendly enough for the other party to consider the invite. Here is a template that you can use:

Subject: Join us for an Exciting Evening at GeorgiaTown!Hi Mark,Hope this email finds you in good spirits. We're excited to invite you to our annual social get-to-know, an evening of fun, laughter, and great company! Join us as we celebrate our annual get-to-know team event, and create lasting memories with friends and colleagues.Date: Sep 15th 2023Time: 6pm onwardsLocation: Georgia Town, XYZ Block, ABC StreetWe promise an evening filled with live music, amazing food, and various entertainment options in a variety of tastes. It's a fabulous opportunity to meet new people, unwind and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.Please let us know if you can make it by 10th of Sep 2023, so we can plan accordingly. Feel free to bring a guest along to share in the festivities!We look forward to spending a wonderful evening with you. If you have any questions or need further details, please reach out to me on the below mentioned contact detail.Warm regards,Anna HHR ExecutiveABC CorpPhone: 12345678:

2. Formal business event invitation

This is perhaps the most used template in our knowledge - this template helps you invite a guest in a professional capacity to an event that your company may be hosting or is collaborating with. Here is a template for you to use:

Subject: Invitation to 2023 eCommerce Industry Speak Event: Save the Date!Dear Wesley B,I hope this email finds you well. On behalf of ABC Corp, I am glad to extend a warm invitation to you for our bi-annual 2023 eCommerce Industry Speak. We are excited to host this prestigious event that brings together professionals, industry leaders, and experts to discuss the latest trends and developments in the current eCommerce industry.Date: 15th of Sep, 2023Time: 10am to 1pmLocation: Event Hall A, ABC CorpThe 2023 eCommerce Industry Speak Event will definitely be an engaging and insightful experience, featuring keynote speakers, esteemed panel discussions, and excellent networking opportunities. I believe your presence would contribute to the success of this event owing to your expertise and insights that are highly valued in our industry.We request your RSVP by 10th Sep, 2023 for appropriate arrangements to be put in place and please mark your calendar for the event. I have attached the detailed event agenda for your reference.We look forward to welcoming you to this annual eCommerce Industry Speak. Should you have questions or need any further information, please reach out to me on the below address.Thank you for your attention, and hope to see you there!Best regards,Amanda MeCommerce HeadABC CorpPhone: 123456789

3. Charity event invitation

Inviting a business associate or a professional counterpart to a charity event requires you to highlight why they must be coming to this and how this may benefit the society or the cause. Focusing on the purpose is key here. Here is a template you can use:

Subject: Making a Difference Together: Join us at the Childrens’ Rights Fundraiser!Dear Sasha A,Hope this message finds you well and in great health. I am writing to invite you to be a part of a noble cause that our organization supports and are organizing a fundraiser for Childrens’ Rights in association with the Child Welfare Committee of the state. This event aims to raise awareness and funds for the Child Welfare Committee and homes across the country in their tireless efforts to support the protection and sheltering of orphaned and sick children.Date: 15th of Sep, 2023Time: 5pm onwardsLocation: City Centre Hall, XYZBy attending this childrens’ fundraiser, you will have an amazing opportunity to contribute to incredible change and make a meaningful impact in the lives of young children in need. The evening features inspiring speakers, engaging activities, and many different ways to donate to the cause including auctions, with all proceeds going directly to support the cause.Your presence at this event would not only demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility but also help us create a significant impact in the lives of countless individuals.Please RSVP by 10th of Sep, 2023 to confirm your presence for the event. I have attached a brochure with more details about the charity event with the email.I thank you for considering this invitation and for sharing your valuable time and resources. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out to me at the below contact address.Warmest regards,Brian H,Senior CSR ManagerABC CorpPhone: 123456789

4. Professional conference invitation

Many businesses and corporations conduct conferences and seminars to bring together like minded people in the industry and to help conduct a confluence of ideas and thoughts. Inviting a business associate or an influential personality is challenging and needs a well drafted email that captures their attention. Here is a template you can use:

Subject: Join us at the Conference for advancements in Nanotech: Inspiring Discussions and Networking Opportunities Await!Dear Wendy,I hope this email finds you thriving in your professional endeavors and in life. I, on behalf of my company, would like to extend a cordial invitation to you for our annual conference held at our company on the ‘Advancements of Nanotech in 2023’, a premier conference that gathers industry experts and thought leaders to explore emerging trends and best practices in the packaging industries.Date: 15th of Sep, 2023Time: 10.30am onwardsLocation: Conference Hall, ABC CorpThe Conference on advancements in Nanotech in the Packaging industry will feature exemplary keynote speeches, vibrant panel discussions, and an interactive workshop led by renowned professionals in the industry today. Through this event, we hope to present an excellent opportunity for professional networking, knowledge sharing, and help staying at the forefront of industry advancements.Your expertise and insights have been highly regarded in the industry and thus making your presence a valuable addition to our conference. We also promise you will greatly benefit from the exchange of ideas and professional connections forged during this conference.Please RSVP by 10th of Sep,2023 to confirm your attendance for this event. A detailed agenda and additional event information has been attached here for your reference.Thank you for considering this invite. I look forward to welcoming you to this conference. If you have any questions or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at the below address.Best regards,Daryl DHead of MarketingABC CorpPhone: 123456789

5. Webinar invitation

Inviting a person in a professional capacity to attend a webinar may sound simple but can often have minimal turnout. It is easier to convince someone to come to an event that has them attend a webinar. It requires a compelling pitch. Here is a template you can use:

Subject: Invitation to Exclusive Webinar: The changes and trends in the cyber security space.Hello Adam B,I hope this email finds you curious and excited! I am beyond delighted to invite you to an exclusive webinar on ‘The changes and trends in the Cyber Security space’. This online event is created and designed to provide insights and expert knowledge on the latest trends and strategies in the home and office security industry.Date: 15th of Sep, 2023Time: 11amPlatform: <Insert link here>In this engaging session, industry leaders will share their expertise on various topics and provide takeaways that can help you with your professional journey. This webinar is greatly helpful whether you're looking to enhance your skills, gain new perspectives, or stay updated with industry advancements.Please register for the webinar by 10th of Sep,2023 to secure your spot. Upon registration, you will receive an email with the confirmation and with the webinar access details.On behalf of my company, I thank you for your consideration and believe this webinar will be of immense value to you. I look forward to your participation and if you have any questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to me at the below address.Best regards,Maggie GSenior HR ManagerABC CorpPhone: 123456789

Tips to increase event participation

Utilizing rewards, discounts, and incentives can greatly boost event participation. Here are some specific strategies:

1. Early bird discounts: Provide a significant discount for those who register in advance. This encourages attendees to commit early and can generate buzz for your event.

2. Group discounts: Offer reduced rates for groups. This can encourage individuals to bring friends or colleagues, increasing overall attendance.

3. Referral incentives: Encourage attendees to bring others by offering a referral incentive. This could be a discount, a special gift, or even a VIP experience at the event.

4. Loyalty rewards: If you host events regularly, consider implementing a loyalty program. Attendees could earn points for each event they attend, which could be redeemed for future ticket discounts, special privileges, or exclusive merchandise.

5. Participation rewards: Offer rewards for attendees who actively participate in your event. This could be for asking questions, engaging in discussions, or participating in event-related social media activities.

6. Sponsor discounts or freebies: Collaborate with sponsors or local businesses to provide exclusive discounts or free items for your attendees. This can be a win-win situation, as it promotes the sponsor or business and adds value for your attendees.

7. Competitions and prizes: Host a competition related to your event with attractive prizes. This could be a photo contest, a scavenger hunt, or a game. The prospect of winning a prize can increase excitement and encourage more participation.

8. Exclusive Content or experiences: Offer access to exclusive content or experiences as an incentive. This could be a meet-and-greet with a speaker, access to exclusive resources, or a special VIP area at the event.

9. Post-event discounts: Offer attendees a discount for the next event or a related product or service. This can help maintain engagement even after the current event ends.

10. Flash sales: Limited-time flash sales can create a sense of urgency, encouraging potential attendees to register.

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The essence of inviting someone in a professional setting lies in being respectful of their time and also making sure that their presence benefits both parties. These 5 templates are well rounded emails that you can use to professionally invite a business associate to any event that your company might be hosting, or is associated with, in a respectful yet effective manner to ensure turnout.

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