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Every year around the holidays, we highlight items that improve the quality of life in our community of product designers. These gift ideas for UX designers will inspire some wishlist additions, from must-have new tech devices to tools specifically for UX/UI design to game-changing office supplies.

We have what you need whether you're buying for a product team member, a UX designer's close friend, or for yourself. See below for gift guide for UX designers.

A stylish new laptop, an Amazon Echo Dot, a personalized notebook, and a pair of cute coffee cups are a few of our favorite picks. We can accommodate any budget, no matter what it may be!

So don't look any further than our list below if you're searching for something special to give to your favorite UX designer this year.

Unique gifts for UX designers

Here are some unique gifts for UX designers.

1. Nex Pro 2 color sensor

With the Nix Pro 2 Colour Sensor, one lucky designer can save the hassle of attempting to predict color codes and tones.

It analyzes and precisely detects colors, just as its name implies. You can evaluate various colors and import custom color libraries even when designing.

The device functions with the Nix smartphone app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

2. Sony PlayStation 5

Yes, designers adore what they do. But a boy becomes uninteresting if he spends all his time working. So you might give your favorite designer the brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 to improve their lives.

3. Adobe Stock subscription

The best gifts for UX designers in 2023 don't always have to be tangible items. It won't take much, even as simple as a long-term subscription to Adobe Stock (among other productivity tools).

With that, finding high-resolution, royalty-free stock pictures for their projects will be done in a jiffy. The images can be easily altered using other Adobe design programs, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, once they have been downloaded.

4. Apple iPad Air

For some unknown reason, Apple products seem to appeal to most designers. Therefore, it stands to reason that the 4th generation Apple iPad Air, currently among the most popular items available on the market, will be appreciated by the designer in your life.

It features a 10.9-inch HD display and A14 bionic technology, which fosters creativity through machine learning, excellent graphics, and dynamic editing.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 would be the one of the best gifts for UX designers for the select few designers who favor Android devices.

This is the newest tablet from Samsung, so naturally, it has many remarkable high-tech features. An 11-inch high-resolution display, an Adreno 650 GPU, an 8-core processor, at least 6GB of RAM, and many other features are just a few.

6. Google Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra can be a good alternative if you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a designer's showcase gift.

Thanks to this tiny gadget, your web designer's TV can become a universal 4K streamer. After being plugged into the HDMI port, Chromecast Ultra establishes a connection between your TV and other devices via a shared Wi-Fi network, enabling you to stream media from any app that supports casting.

7. Wireless charging speaker

A pleasant feature in designers' work areas is wireless charging. Bluetooth speakers are also helpful because music has a way of inspiring innovative thinking.

Now that that is mentioned consider combining both features into a single gadget. That's what the Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker provides. Your web designer may make video conversations, stream videos, and listen to music while wirelessly charging their smartphone.

If you were wondering, this remarkably light gadget works with Android and iPhone cellphones. One of the best presents for a designer who enjoys high-quality music.

8. Solar power bank

Working while traveling is one thing, but being able to do so from any location is quite another. To address this very issue, they developed the FEELLE Solar Power Bank.

It can transform solar energy into a battery with a capacity of 24,000mAh, which can charge an iPad Air three times, a Samsung S7 more than five times, and an iPhone 7 nine times.

9. Smart reusable notebook

On the other hand, a designer who cares about the environment would value the Rocketbook Reusable Notebook.

They gave it that name because, although having 36 pages, designers can use the notebook indefinitely. Its pages are easily cleaned by wiping them with a moist cloth. Additionally, it turns out that you may upload your handwritten notes directly to cloud storage servers if you're concerned about losing content.

10. 3Doodler

The 3Doodler allows designers to make 3D printing from the tip of a pen, whereas Google's Tilt Brush generates objects in 3D virtual reality.

Yes, that is accurate. It seems like a 3D printing pen that continuously traces plastic lines in the air. For a talented product designer, the possibilities are, of course, unlimited.

11. Advanced wireless mouse

Your designer's overall effectiveness could be significantly increased by switching from a standard PC mouse to the Logitech MX Master 3.

This super-quick, high-end mouse maximizes precision and responsiveness with cutting-edge 2.4GHz wireless technology. To top it all off, it is made to be extremely comfortable throughout extended work hours and to function flawlessly even on highly glossy surfaces.

12. Laptop stand

Many designers wind up getting back problems due to improper posture since they spend so much time in front of computers.

To avoid that, you might search the laptop stand section for the best presents for a designer. A fantastic option is the Nulaxy Laptop Stand. It is made to hold laptops between 11 and 17 inches in size while ergonomically supporting them and correctly aligning their displays with the line of sight. Additionally, customers have complete freedom to alter the frame to fit their height, work surface, and laptop specifications.

13. Transformer pencil case

Writing implements, such as pencils, pens, and markers, are stored in the "NeoCritz" Transformer Pencil Case. It is portable, light, and suitable for travel.

The Transformer Pencil Case may stand up on its base, unlike most conventional pencil cases. You can use it as a pencil holder by standing it up. Pencils and pens may be removed and put back into the case quickly after usage.

14. Ergonomic chair

Before the pandemic-era habit of working from home offices became widespread, many online designers and developers were already doing so. The chair must support the proper posture for someone who spends most of their time sitting down so that designers can work to their full potential.

15. High-resolution Ultra Wide Monitor

A dream for UX designers! A vast, high-resolution screen that makes it possible to view webpages and visuals in their entirety. Your designer friend will enjoy the upgrade from a traditional monitor to a realistic, sophisticated screen.

16. Coffee maker

Giving a coffee maker as a gift to a web designer is considerate because coffee is the best stimulant for their creative processes. This compact coffee maker will only take up a little room and is a perfect travel companion. Undoubtedly, your developer friend will utilize this product for a long time.

17. Livescribe Echo

This intelligent pen allows you to record audio as you write. This is a fantastic alternative for UX designers conducting extensive research or one-on-one interviews. It's a valuable hybrid of traditional pen and paper that lets you record your notes digitally and track what was said during a meeting.

20. The Wipe Board

In essence, the Wipebook is a whiteboard notepad. You can write or draw on erasable whiteboard-like pages and quickly remove your scribbles. Non-permanent surfaces are a fantastic tool for brainstorming since research shows they foster creativity by enabling freedom in modifying ideas.

21. UI Utensils

UI Stencils are a fantastic tool for quickly and legibly drawing out concepts for websites or apps. They offer much-needed aid to any designer whose rough sketches of boxes resemble parallelograms more often than squares (guilty). It guarantees to make a UX designer's life more enjoyable and efficient because it includes all the icons and elements they will likely need.

22. The Wiredeck framework

By simply rearranging the cards on a table, the Wireframe Deck allows UX designers to map out the priorities for a design swiftly. Any UX designer would be delighted to receive it because it is an excellent hands-on method for designing content strategy and hierarchy with teams or clients before using the computer.

Gift ideas for or the UX designer’s mind

Here are some great gift ideas for For the UX Designer’s Mind.

23. A Book Apart Gift Card

A Book Apart has a collection of books that act as a manual for anything related to web design. Learning from the professionals while keeping it brief is the central concept of each of their books. Are you considering responsive web design? Read a short book by the person who came up with the phrase. If you're a creative professional eager to learn more, these books are an excellent resource.

24. Skillshare

Skillshare's online learning portal provides access to thousands of great design programs. It is a gift with countless possibilities. What's best? You don't need to worry about selecting the appropriate subject for the recipient. Choose your subscription plan, and they will handle the rest. Every creative and curious individual in your life should choose it.

25. A Book on Learning CSS, HTML, and Javascript

For creative people who want to code, Learn to Code Now is a tutorial on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Designers have the chance to discover how the medium can assist them in realizing their ideas when they comprehend the underlying workings of code. Giving this book as a gift will undoubtedly offer the recipient a decisive advantage in their quest to improve their professional and personal skills.

26. Sketchbook and Pen Set

UX designers require sketching ideas and wireframes before translating them into digital designs. A set of ballpoint pens with a quality sketchbook is a beautiful gift, allowing them to expand their creativity.

27. Design thinking toolkit

Design thinking is one of the crucial entities of UX design. A gift like a design thinking toolkit offers UX designers an excellent resource to increase their creative thinking abilities. This gift comes with prototyping materials, user research tools, and brainstorming cards.

28. Subscription to design resources

UX designers have their hands full with design resources like icon sets, stock photos, and UI kits. Connecting your UX designer with a reputed design resource platform provides them access to various library assets, enhancing their design projects effectively.

29. Design books

Books on design principles, user experience, and usability can be valuable resource for UX designers to expand their knowledge and stay updated with industry trends. Consider popular titles like "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug or "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman.

30. Digital pen and tablet

A tablet or a digital pen is a stylish gift for UX designers who love working with a digital canvas. These helpful tools allow the UX designer to create wireframes, illustrations, and digital sketches. We recommend you look for a tablet that provides better compatibility.

31. User testing and research tools

Frequently, UX designers will need the assistance of conducting user testing with valuable feedback to improve their designs. Consider giving them a subscription to a user testing platform like UserTesting or Lookback.

These platforms provide tools for remote user testing, screen recording, and analytics, allowing designers to gain insights into user behavior and make informed design decisions.

32. Online Course or Workshop

Continuous learning is essential for UX designers to stay updated with the latest design methodologies and tools.

Gift them an online course or workshop which gives an idea about a specific aspect of UX design, like interaction design, information architecture, or user research. Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Interaction Design Foundation offer various UX design courses taught by industry experts. This gift provides valuable knowledge and shows your support for their professional growth.


When researching the best gifts for UX designers , it's important to consider their creative process. The gift ideas shared above cater to the specific needs and interests of UX designers. With these thoughtful gifts, the UX designer can support their passion for creating intuitive and user-centered digital experiences.

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