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Regardless of what stage your business is in, you must have well-defined answers to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • What core values guide you?
  • How do you want your company to serve its customers and the rest of the world?

Given that you are familiar with them at a core level, these questions might appear simple to answer. But when it comes to answering them to the world, you need to be able to convey them in a concise but impactful manner.

This is where your company's mission statement comes into play. If you haven't formulated it yet, now is the right time to start with the above-mentioned questions.

But what exactly does a mission statement mean?

Let’s find out!

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a brief, action-oriented statement that describes the objective of your business. It gives an overview of the services your business offers to clients, staff members, and owners.

Besides that, it typically includes a basic description of your business, its core purpose, and organizational goals. In a nutshell, a mission statement explains what your business does and why it does so.

Your mission statement could be much more comprehensive based on the goals of your company. It outlines how you serve not only your clients and staff but also give back to your community and society at large.

15 examples of best mission statements

Below listed are some of the best mission statements of top companies that you must go through before creating your own:

1. McDonald’s: To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.

The mission statement of this brand revolves around its desire to forge a long-term relationship with its customers all around the world.

In its mission statement, McDonald's made it very evident that the company bases its strategies and operational plans on its clientele.

For the past eight decades, McDonald's has been able to successfully develop customer loyalty by putting the wants and desires of its customers first.

2. Bumble: Platform and community that creates empowering connections in love, life, and work.

Bumble's mission statement states that it is not just a platform for dating but also a community. When speaking of empowering connections, Bumble means to create a safe space for women and the LGBTQ community.

It is because, in a heterosexual match, the man cannot make the first move or text. Likewise, in a same-sex match, either of the two candidates is allowed to initiate the conversation on Bumble.

Bumble's mission statement also stresses building connections not only in love but also in life and work. The platform isn't built for just dating. People can form other meaningful connections as well.

3. Mindvalley: We’re constantly exploring, inventing, and optimizing personal transformation to ultimately unite our species, save our planet, and usher in a new golden age for humanity.

Mindvalley wants to transform the world by blurring the lines between the ranks of people and become one true community.

As they state in their mission statement, they want to save our planet through their constant efforts. They are already transforming people and societies at a large scale by spreading enlightened ideas. They shape their customers' belief systems and help them to:

  • Improve their thought processes
  • Better care for their bodies and minds
  • Raise their children better

The ultimate goal of this revolutionary organization is to make a big impact on humanity while thriving in a global environment of accelerated change and business as a positive force.

4. Fenty Beauty: So that women everywhere would be included.

Fenty Beauty boasts makeup formulas that are for all types of skin and complexions. As stated in its mission statement, the brand, thus, focuses on a diverse range of skin tones.

In the past, cosmetic products were typically applied to make a person's skin tone fairer. However, the notion of using cosmetics and makeup has changed as a result of the creation of Fenty Beauty products.

Although Rihanna, the founder of Fenty Beauty, has introduced a wide range of skin tones in her makeup products, she still hopes that her brand will be known to accentuate people’s beauty rather than modify their skin color.

5. Disney: To entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.

This mission statement outlines Disney's goal of creating content that will have a significant effect on the world.

It also nonchalantly claims to be the world's premier entertainment corporation, which is not at all undeniable. To be at the summit of the entertainment industry, the giant corporation integrates its brand image with innovation and creativity.

The word entertainment features in Disney's mission statement, which emphasizes how integral it is to the company's business operations. They want to give the audience something invaluable that will be etched in their minds and hearts for a long time.

6. PayPal: To democratize financial services to ensure that everyone, regardless of background or economic standing, has access to affordable, convenient and secure products and services to take control of their financial lives.

PayPal puts a strong emphasis on its ambition to change the way transactions are processed in order to improve people's lives. Its mission statement is particularly compelling and stands out because of its focus on equality.

They make it crystal clear through their impactful words that their services are not simply for the rich or privileged but rather for anyone who wishes to live a more convenient and secure financial life.

7. Asana: To help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly.

The mission statement highlights Asana's goal to leave a significant impact on its clients. Three important factors that are evidently communicated in this statement are to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen connections
  • Improve teamwork

The brand emphasizes how it can make teamwork and collaboration more accessible and effortless with its services.

8. Dove: To encourage all women and girls to develop a positive relationship with beauty, helping to raise their self-esteem, and thereby enabling them to realize their full potential.

Dove, as stated clearly in its mission statement, wishes to integrate and offer the notions of self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance through their products and campaigns. The brand urges people to be proud of their appearance and embrace the way they look with complete acceptance.

As per the brand, each woman should have confidence in her own sense of beauty because it is unique. Additionally, Dove hopes that its self-esteem campaign will promote body positivity.

9. TED Talks: Spread ideas.

The mission statement of TED Talks stands out for being both innovative and incredibly effective and is a clear champion in terms of being brief and direct.

The brand creatively sums up the essence of such a powerful platform in just two simple words: spread ideas!

TED has successfully captured some of the most well-known speeches and has gained and influenced a lot of audiences worldwide.

10. T-Mobile: Redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation.

T-Mobile's priorities are communicated effectively to its users and the world through this simple and direct mission statement.

They used several captivating words in their mission statement, a winning combination that might help them gain a competitive edge and stand out among their competitors.

With its mission statement, the company hopes to revolutionize the wireless communications industry and make its customers more inclined to believe they can succeed because of it.

11. Apple: To bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world.

We are all aware that Apple is radically changing the face of the world with its technological innovations, and its detailed mission statement accurately captures that.

Additionally, they frequently refer to their mission when addressing issues on the international market or launching ground-breaking innovations.

Apple's mission is effectively communicated in its mission statement by showcasing both its capacity for innovation and its global presence.

12. Amazon: We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.

Amazon's mission statement effectively conveys what its existing and potential customers should expect from its offerings. The brand's services, undoubtedly, go beyond meeting the needs of its customers.

It targets offering its customer base the best deals based on four online shopping factors: Affordable pricing, variety, quality, and utmost convenience.

13. IKEA: To offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

The mission statement of IKEA aptly connects its consumer base with the organization's goals. It has creatively addressed the relevant needs of its customers, which are a variety of types and designs in furniture, effectiveness, and affordability.

The mission statement of IKEA also promotes its core values, which include a drive for creativity and innovation as well as a knowledge and understanding of costs.

14. Wendy’s: To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships.

Wendy’s mission statement clearly states that the company strives to create products of top-notch quality. The best customer service has always been Wendy's top priority, and they make sure to deliver it.

The brand aspires to lead the food industry towards the highest standards of quality by developing its products and services with excellence and serving its customers the best food. Additionally, Wendy's focuses on enhancing its eateries and other food outlets by implementing innovative and creative ideas.

15. Patagonia: We’re in business to save our home planet.

As brilliantly communicated in its mission statement, Patagonia is diligently striving to preserve the environment and considers it its top priority.

Being integral and ensuring that your actions are aligned with your words are crucial for any mission statement to create an impact. Patagonia is an example of this since it is recognized for donating 1% of its revenue to environmental protection organizations.

Patagonia's mission statement is a brief yet impactful sentence that sums up why the company was established and its organizational goals: To save the earth!

Now that you’ve read and understood some of the best mission statement examples, let’s learn how to write one for your own company.

How to write the best mission statements?

Having a mission statement is essential. Learn how to write the best mission statement.

1. Outline your company’s offerings

You want potential clients to have a clear idea of what your business does. This means you must convey your brand's offerings in simple terms.

Whether you are offering a product or a service should be made clear in your explanation. Additionally, it should state why buyers would purchase it and the issues that your product or service would help them with.

Take note of these questions and your answers, and then concentrate on how your product or service benefits your target audience, often known as buyer personas.

2. Determine the core values of your company

The next thing you should do is figure out your company's core values.


It is because core values are deeply embedded ideas that influence a company's behavior and actions. Simply said, pleasing modern clients requires more than a good product or service offered at an affordable rate.

Today, every offer must be backed up by core values that will persuade clients to adore and respect your brand and return for repeat business.

Therefore, by identifying the key values that are significant on both a personal and organizational level, you'll have a compelling theme to incorporate into your mission statement.

3. Align your company’s offerings with core values

Once you determine your company's core values, you then need to integrate them with your company’s offerings in a way that makes sense to people.

For instance, if a couple of your core values are innovation and creativity, you must explain by presenting your product or service as breaking new ground and assisting clients in innovating their lives with creativity.

Or, if reliability is one of your core values, you should highlight how robust, classic, and low-maintenance your goods or services are.

4. Establish the who, what, and why of your company

A mission statement is a short overview of your company's goals that can be as brief as one sentence or as extensive as a paragraph. You must explain what your business offers, who you are selling to, and the core values that guide your business.

To develop brand loyalty and create your company’s image, you must have a very significant and unique goal. As a result, give your mission a considerable amount of time to be polished, revised, and reworked until it is perfect.

5. Ensure your mission statement is clear and concise

Above all, your mission statement should be free of fluff. You must clearly state the goal of your company's offerings and explain the shared goals the organization is striving to achieve.

Spend time reviewing all the potential mission statement alternatives with your team and, if necessary, stakeholders.

Next, put some thought into which one will best suit your organization while taking into account your team members' and stakeholders' recommendations in mind.

Additionally, make sure to involve as many significant people as you can in your decision-making. This will help better your mission statement.

Now that we understand how to create a mission statement for one's organization, let's move on to learning about vision statements.

Final words

Mission statements impact a company's success more than one might realize. They are crucial for engaging staff and customers and achieving shared goals across a brand.

A corporation can certainly build a robust corporate culture, brand loyalty that helps retain clients, and employee loyalty that helps retain top employees. They can do so by getting started with the creation of a strategic and impactful mission statement.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you know more.

1. What is a good mission statement example?

One of the good mission statement examples to consider is of Mindvalley: We’re constantly exploring, inventing, and optimizing personal transformation to ultimately unite our species, save our planet, and usher in a new golden age for humanity.

2. What are the 3 components of a mission statement?

The three components of an effective mission statement are:

  • Your target market (prospective customers of your company)
  • Your offerings (products and services)
  • Your company’s unique factor (what makes your offerings unique from your competitors)

3. How long should a mission statement be?

On average, a mission statement can be as small as one sentence and as long as three sentences. It would be better if your mission statement stayed within 100 words limit.

4. What is Nike's mission statement?

Nike’s mission statement is ”to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.”

5. What is the purpose of a mission statement?

A mission statement serves the dual purpose of explaining the organization's purpose and justifying its existence, both to internal stakeholders and the general public.

6. How to write a mission statement for a business?

To write a mission statement for a business, keep the following points in mind:

  • Keep it short
  • Explain the purpose of the company
  • Outline your offering to your target audience

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