Rewards & Incentives

10 Effective Learner Engagement Strategies to Motivate Your Team to Reach Higher

Implementing learner engagement strategies is crucial. It drives excitement and makes your training programs or learning sessions effective. When applied appropriately, it increases the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Health and Wellness Incentives

Health & Wellness Incentives: How Corporates Can Step Up the Game of Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy People = Better Business. No doubt. But despite companies spending high on employee wellness programs, they fail to increase participation or engagement. To make them work and get employees to adopt healthy behaviors in the workplace, you need an extra ‘nudge,’ which is wellness incentives.

Neha Surana
Neha Surana
Gamified Learning

Gamified Learning: How Rewards Can Engage Learners to Go the Extra Mile

Regardless of the subject matter or the audience, gamified learning helps you create exciting and entertaining educational content. It isn’t meant to turn the entire work into a game, but rather to drive user participation and learner engagement.

Neha Surana
Neha Surana
Teacher Rewards

Time To Revive a Miracle With Teacher Rewards

Learning is a rewarding experience. But only when teaching is, too. It’s time to engage, recognize and reward our teacher leaders so that they can transfer the spark forward - to the leaders of tomorrow.

Manoj Agarwal
Manoj Agarwal

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