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Customer loyalty software has emerged as a crucial tool for businesses striving to create lasting connections and drive growth. According to Forbes, 65% of a company’s revenue generally comes from the repeat business of an existing customer, strengthening customer loyalty to the program. 

Whether you're a small startup or a well-established enterprise, finding the right software to enhance customer engagement and retention has never been more critical. The same study has also shown that there is a 60% to 70% of reselling to the same customer, compared to new ones with a 5% to 10% chance of selling a product or service.

Therefore, let us explore the cutting-edge platforms revolutionizing how businesses build and maintain customer loyalty in this digital age. This comprehensive guide will explore the top 10 customer loyalty software solutions making waves in 2024.

What is customer loyalty software?

Customer loyalty software enables businesses to establish, oversee, and assess loyalty initiatives, rewards, and gifting campaigns to enhance customer commitment. A report by Bain & Company has revealed that a 5% increase in customer retention can drive up to a 25% increase in profitability, corroborating that customer loyalty software is indeed the need of the hour.

Organizations can monitor and dispense customer perks through this software, such as reward points, discounted coupons, and complimentary product samples. The primary objective is to elevate customer engagement and amplify post-purchase buying behavior. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, if you manage to generate top-performing loyalty programs through reliable customer loyalty software, you will notice a boost in revenue from consumers who use them by 15-25% annually.

Factors to consider while choosing the customer loyalty software

When selecting customer loyalty software, consider:

  1. Features: Look for reward options, customization, and omnichannel capabilities.
  2. Scalability: Ensure it grows with your business and handles increased demand.
  3. Integration: Compatibility with existing systems like POS and CRM is crucial.
  4. User experience: Intuitive interfaces enhance customer engagement.
  5. Data insights: Analytics should offer valuable customer behavior insights.
  6. Flexibility: Adaptable to changing business needs and evolving trends.
  7. Cost: Balance features with affordability for a strong ROI.
  8. Support: Responsive customer support ensures smooth operations.
  9. Security: Protect customer data with robust security features.
  10. Reviews: Research user experiences and satisfaction levels.

10 Best customer loyalty software in 2024

Here are the top 10 customer loyalty software solutions with their features, pros, cons and pricing.

1. Xoxoday Plum

2. Giift

3. Yotpo

4. Rybbon


6. Loyalzoo

7. Froogal

8. Zinrelo

9. Kangaroo

10. Alyce

1. Xoxoday Plum

Xoxoday Plum is a comprehensive customer loyalty and rewards platform that enables businesses to design, implement, and manage effective customer engagement strategies. It offers a range of features to create personalized experiences that drive customer retention and brand loyalty.

Key features of Xoxoday Plum are:

  • Points and rewards system: Xoxoday Plum provides a flexible points-based system that allows businesses to reward customers for various actions, such as purchases, referrals, and social media engagement.
  • Global reward catalog: The platform offers a vast catalog of rewards, including gift cards, experiences, merchandise, and vouchers, allowing businesses to tailor rewards to their diverse customer base.
  • Personalization: Xoxoday Plum's AI-powered engine enables businesses to segment customers and create personalized reward offerings based on individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Multi-channel Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with multiple channels, including web, mobile, and in-store, providing a consistent and engaging experience for customers.
  • Data analytics: Advanced analytics tools help businesses gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing for data-driven decisions to enhance loyalty programs.
  • Communication tools: Xoxoday Plum includes features for personalized communication, enabling businesses to send targeted messages and offers to customers, boosting engagement.

Why Xoxoday Plum stands out: Xoxoday Plum stands out due to its holistic approach to customer loyalty. Its AI-driven personalization, extensive reward catalog, and seamless multi-channel integration empower businesses to build tailored and engaging loyalty programs that resonate with customers.


  • Robust points and rewards system.
  • AI-powered personalization for targeted rewards.
  • Wide range of global rewards in the catalog.
  • Seamless integration across various channels.
  • Comprehensive data analytics for informed decision-making.
  • User-friendly interface for businesses and customers.


  • Some advanced features may require a learning curve.
  • Pricing might be on the higher side for smaller businesses.

Pricing structure: Xoxoday Plum's Pricing structure offers different tiers based on the business's size and requirements. It is advisable to contact Xoxoday directly for a customized quote.

Xoxoday Plum customer success stories

  • A fitness center leveraged Xoxoday Plum to drive member loyalty. By offering virtual classes, exclusive workshops, and fitness gear rewards, the center saw a 20% rise in membership renewals and an expansion of its loyal fitness community.
  • Xero, a global accounting software platform, boosted conversion rates by 25% using Xoxoday's digital reward platform. They replaced physical gifts with £50 referral rewards, gaining 1900 customers in four months and saving time and costs. Xero plans to expand this rewarding approach globally and to its subsidiary Planday, aiming for a 20% year-on-year growth.

Xoxoday Plum customers

  • Freshworks
  • Nielsen
  • Capgemini
  • Kantar
  • H&M

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Check out the exclusive interview with our Co-founder, Manoj Agarwal, and Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, as they delve into the impact of personalization on loyalty programs. Gain valuable insights and discover how Xoxoday is revolutionizing brand loyalty.

2. Giift

Giift is a pioneering force in the realm of loyalty solutions, offering businesses a cutting-edge platform to reach, reward, and retain customers through innovative strategies.

With a focus on comprehensive engagement, Giift facilitates seamless interactions with both customers and teams, creating end-to-end loyalty solutions that elevate brand loyalty and drive growth.

Key features of Giift are:

  • Holistic loyalty solutions: Giift provides a full spectrum of loyalty solutions, spanning from customer engagement to team incentives. This holistic approach ensures that businesses can foster loyalty on multiple fronts.
  • Versatile engagement tools: The platform offers versatile tools to engage both customers and teams. From personalized rewards for customers to performance-based incentives for teams, Giift covers all engagement angles.
  • Global reward network: Giift's expansive network connects businesses with a diverse range of rewards, including gift cards, experiences, products, and more. This global catalog enhances the appeal of loyalty programs to a wide audience.
  • Data-driven insights: Giift's analytics tools transform data into actionable insights, enabling businesses to refine their strategies based on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Personalization and customization: Giift empowers businesses to tailor loyalty initiatives to their specific audience, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Why Giift stands out: Giift stands out due to its comprehensive approach, covering both customer and team engagement, and its global network of rewards. This combination enables businesses to create meaningful and enduring relationships, while the data-driven insights provide the intelligence necessary for effective decision-making.


  • Full-spectrum loyalty solutions for customers and teams.
  • Diverse engagement tools for personalized interactions.
  • Access to a global reward network for wide-reaching appeal.
  • Data analytics capabilities for informed strategy adjustments.
  • Personalization options for tailored experiences.


  • Complex features might require some learning curve.
  • Pricing might be a concern for businesses with limited budgets.

Pricing structure: For specific pricing details tailored to business needs, it's advisable to directly reach out to Giift via their website:

Giift customer case studies

  • A Company partnered with Giift to create a multi-tiered customer loyalty program. By leveraging the platform's personalized rewards and data insights, they achieved a remarkable 15% increase in customer retention within just three months.
  • A Company integrated Giift's platform for team recognition and incentives. With performance-based rewards, they saw a 20% improvement in team morale and productivity over a six-month period.

Giift customers

  • Vivo
  • Bajaj
  • Rakuten
  • Tesco
  • Samsung

G2 rating: 4.3/5

3. Yotpo

Yotpo offers a robust eCommerce retention marketing platform designed to empower brands of all sizes in building and nurturing stronger consumer relationships.

By providing a suite of unified, data-driven solutions encompassing loyalty, SMS and email marketing, reviews, subscriptions, and more, Yotpo facilitates the creation of seamless and impactful customer experiences that fuel the growth of eCommerce businesses.

Key features of Yotpo are:

  • Unified data-driven solutions: Yotpo provides a comprehensive suite of tools that work together cohesively, including loyalty programs, sms and email marketing, customer reviews, and subscription services.
  • Loyalty programs: Yotpo's loyalty solutions help brands establish and cultivate lasting customer relationships by offering rewards and incentives for repeat purchases and engagement.
  • Sms and email marketing: The platform enables brands to engage customers through personalized sms and email campaigns, keeping them informed about new products, promotions, and more.
  • Customer reviews: Yotpo's review features empower brands to collect and showcase genuine customer feedback, which enhances trust and drives conversion rates.
  • Subscriptions: Yotpo facilitates the creation and management of subscription services, allowing brands to offer tailored subscription options to customers for recurring purchases.

Why Yotpo stands out: Yotpo distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that covers various aspects of retention marketing, all integrated into a unified platform.

This seamless integration allows brands to create consistent and effective customer experiences, ultimately leading to eCommerce growth.


  • Comprehensive suite of retention-focused solutions.
  • Integration of multiple tools for a cohesive approach.
  • Personalized SMS and email marketing for targeted engagement.
  • Genuine customer reviews for enhanced trust and conversion.
  • Subscription management for recurring revenue streams.


  • Learning curve for leveraging the full range of features.
  • Pricing might be on the higher side for smaller businesses.

Pricing structure: For tailored pricing information, it's recommended to reach out to Yotpo directly, as their pricing models can vary based on business size and needs.

Yotpo customer success stories:

  • Princess Polly used SMS marketing with Yotpo SMS & Email to boost sales and loyalty. They achieved a 43% monthly subscriber growth, 64x ROI, and an 84% conversion rate on welcome flows, showing the impact of personalized communication.
  • DIME Beauty enhanced customer retention with Yotpo's solutions, achieving a 15% increase in repeat purchases and impressive ROIs. Unified data enabled effective personalization and higher customer engagement.

Yotpo clients

  • Brooklinen
  • Burton
  • Chaser
  • Bubble
  • Elderberry Co.

G2 rating: 4.2/5

4. BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon)

BHN Rewards, formerly known as Rybbon, is a versatile platform designed to streamline rewards management, making it easier for businesses to engage their customers and employees through customized rewards and incentives.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, BHN Rewards empowers brands to build strong relationships and drive desired behaviors effectively.

Key features of BHN rewards are:

  • Customizable reward options: BHN Rewards offers a diverse range of customizable reward options, including gift cards, virtual Visa cards, and charitable donations, enabling businesses to tailor rewards to their audience's preferences.
  • Seamless integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with popular survey and marketing tools, allowing for efficient rewards distribution based on customer actions and responses.
  • Automated fulfillment: BHN Rewards automates the process of sending out rewards, saving businesses time and effort while ensuring recipients receive their incentives promptly.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting: The platform provides detailed tracking and reporting features, giving businesses insights into reward utilization, campaign success, and ROI.

Why BHN Rewards stands out: BHN Rewards stands out due to its user-friendly interface, customizable reward options, and seamless integration capabilities. Its automation features also make it a time-saving solution for businesses looking to efficiently manage rewards and incentives.


  • Diverse and customizable reward options.
  • Integration with survey and marketing tools for efficiency.
  • Automated fulfillment for hassle-free rewards distribution.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting for performance insights.
  • Enhances engagement and desired behaviors effectively.


  • Limited advanced features for extremely complex use cases.
  • Some businesses might require more in-depth customization.

Pricing structure: For specific pricing information, it's recommended to directly contact BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon) to receive details tailored to your business needs.

BHN Rewards customer case studies

  • Actionable Research, a market research firm, automated survey incentives using BHN Rewards, reducing administrative tasks and increasing response rates for faster, more efficient surveys.
  • Pandora's Consumer Insights Team improved survey engagement with BHN Rewards, an integrated solution. This streamlined automation led to higher data quality and reduced administrative workload, benefiting both Pandora's team and panelists.

BHN Rewards clients

  • Rutgers
  • Pandora
  • Farm Journal
  • Upwork
  • Arduino

G2 rating: 4.2/5

5. Smile.i is a Loyalty Management Software tailored for businesses with an online presence. As the world's most trusted loyalty app, focuses on converting first-time customers into loyal advocates.

By offering a comprehensive suite of loyalty solutions, including points, referral, and VIP programs, empowers brands to cultivate lasting relationships with their customers.

Key features of are:

  • Unified loyalty solutions: brings together points, referral, and VIP programs under one platform, streamlining the process of creating and managing comprehensive loyalty strategies.
  • Customizable programs: The platform allows businesses to craft loyalty programs that align with their unique brand identity and customer preferences, enhancing engagement and retention.
  • Points and tier systems: offers flexible points accumulation and tier progression systems, motivating customers to engage further and unlock valuable rewards.
  • Referral programs: Brands can leverage's referral features to encourage existing customers to refer new ones, tapping into the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Why stands out: distinguishes itself as a versatile and trusted loyalty management solution with a robust suite of features.

Its ability to combine points, referral, and VIP programs into one platform sets it apart, enabling brands to offer comprehensive loyalty experiences that drive long-term customer loyalty.


  • Comprehensive suite of loyalty solutions.
  • Customizable programs tailored to brand identity.
  • Unified platform for streamlined management.
  • Trusted by over 15,000 rewards programs.
  • Empowers brands to create lasting customer relationships.


  • Learning curve for fully optimizing all features.
  • Pricing might be a consideration for smaller businesses.

Pricing structure: For specific pricing details, it's recommended to contact directly, as pricing can vary based on business size and requirements. customer success stories

  • Packlane, a custom packaging leader in B2B, built a successful brand community through rewards. They achieved 28k program members, a 28.4% repeat customer rate, and saved $456 in monthly ad spend. This case study explores their journey and its impact on ongoing growth.
  • Mpix's loyalty program drove impressive results, such as a +55% higher AOV on member purchases, a 26% increase in redemption rates after one year, and nearly doubling their Instagram followers. This case study showcases their success and offers insights into using rewards for customer retention. clients

  • Polaroid Originals
  • Mpix
  • Gaiam
  • Topps
  • Packlane

G2 rating: 4.1/5

6. FiveStars

Fivestars is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers a comprehensive solution to local businesses.

By combining user-friendly technology, customizable rewards and promotions, and automation, Fivestars helps businesses effortlessly connect with customers, drive repeat visits, and effectively compete against larger retail chains.

The platform enables businesses to reach new customers through SMS, email, and a mobile app, facilitating convenient and effective marketing strategies.

Key features of FiveStars:

  • Easy-to-use technology: Fivestars provides businesses with user-friendly technology that simplifies the process of creating and managing loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.
  • Customizable rewards and promotions: The platform allows businesses to design rewards and promotions that align with their brand and resonate with their customer base, enhancing engagement.
  • Multi-channel reach: Fivestars enables businesses to reach customers through multiple channels, including SMS, email, and a mobile app, ensuring effective and targeted communication.
  • Business growth campaigns: FiveStar periodically sends special offers to returning customers to keep them coming back.
  • At-risk campaigns: FiveStar helps to engage at-risk customers befor eit is too late by running targeted campaigns.
  • Automation: The platform automates various marketing processes, saving businesses time and effort while maintaining consistent customer engagement.

Why FiveStars stands out: Fivestars stands out as a versatile and user-friendly all-in-one marketing platform. Its focus on combining customizable rewards, promotions, and automation streamlines marketing efforts for local businesses.

By providing a solution that allows businesses to compete effectively against larger chains, Fivestars empowers local businesses to thrive in the competitive landscape.


  • All-in-one marketing platform for streamlined efforts.
  • Customizable rewards and promotions for targeted engagement.
  • Multi-channel reach through SMS, email, and mobile app.
  • Automation features for time-saving marketing management.
  • Empowers local businesses to compete against larger retailers.


  • Limited advanced features compared to more specialized tools.
  • Pricing structure may vary based on business size and needs.

Pricing structure: For detailed pricing information, it's recommended to directly contact Fivestars to receive a quote tailored to your business requirements.

FiveStars customer success stories:

  • A Business implemented Fivestars' marketing platform and witnessed a 20% increase in repeat visits from existing customers, attributed to personalized rewards and timely engagement.
  • Another Business B utilized Fivestars to reach new customers through SMS campaigns and saw a 15% growth in customer acquisition within three months, enabling them to expand their customer base.

G2 rating: 4.4/5

7. Froogal

Froogal stands as a pioneering Omni-channel cloud-based Customer Loyalty & Engagement Platform, at the forefront of transforming diverse consumer-oriented industries.

By fostering Customer Centricity through modernized and personalized interactions, Froogal empowers businesses to drive incremental revenues while building strong, lasting relationships with their customers.

Key features of Froogal are:

  • Omni-channel engagement: Froogal seamlessly operates across multiple channels, ensuring consistent and personalized interactions with customers, regardless of their touchpoints.
  • Cloud-based platform: Froogal's cloud-based nature provides flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, allowing businesses to manage loyalty programs with ease.
  • Customer-centric interactions: The platform enables businesses to engage customers through modernized and personalized interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Incremental revenue generation: Froogal's strategies and tools are designed to drive incremental revenues by incentivizing repeat purchases and higher spending.

Why Froogal stands out: Froogal differentiates itself through its Omni-channel approach and dedication to creating customer-centric interactions.

By offering a cloud-based platform for managing loyalty programs, Froogal ensures flexibility and scalability, while its focus on driving incremental revenues showcases its commitment to delivering tangible results.


  • Omni-channel engagement for consistent interactions.
  • Cloud-based platform for flexibility and scalability.
  • Customer-centric interactions to enhance loyalty.
  • Focus on driving incremental revenues.
  • Personalized strategies tailored to diverse industries.


  • May require adaptation to specific business models.
  • Detailed features and customization might require a learning curve.

Pricing structure: For precise pricing details, it's recommended to directly contact Froogal to receive information tailored to your business requirements.

Froogal customer success stories

  • Froogal significantly boosted Biryanis’ business growth, enhancing customer loyalty and operational efficiency. Their revenue grew by 30%, with the Biryanis Rewards Club being a standout success, offering exclusive rewards and benefits through Froogal's platform.
  • Froogal's proactive team and all-in-one platform for CRM, loyalty, and marketing have resulted in nearly 9X faster growth for Aptronix. Additionally, Froogal's support has helped Aptronix become omni-channel ready in the competitive market, enhancing the e-commerce experience for customers and facilitating easy business growth.

Froogal clients

  • Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  • Galito’s
  • Yoyoso
  • Desigual
  • Go Sport

G2 rating: 4.9/5

8. Zinrelo

Zinrelo is an enterprise-grade, SaaS-based AI-powered loyalty platform that empowers brands to establish comprehensive rewards programs while harnessing the potential of zero-party and first-party data through its personalization engine.

By merging cutting-edge technology with advanced data analytics and ongoing strategy consultation, Zinrelo enables brands to unlock various dimensions of loyalty, including transactional, social, advocacy, engagement, behavioral, and emotional.

Key features of Zinrelo are:

  • AI-powered personalization: Zinrelo's AI-driven personalization engine ensures that rewards programs are tailored to individual customer preferences, enhancing engagement and loyalty.
  • Holistic loyalty strategies: The platform offers a holistic approach to loyalty, encompassing diverse dimensions such as transactional, social, advocacy, and emotional loyalty, among others.
  • Deep data analytics: Zinrelo provides deep insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing brands to make informed decisions and refine their loyalty strategies.
  • Ongoing strategy consultation: Brands receive ongoing consultation to fine-tune their loyalty initiatives, ensuring they remain relevant and effective.

Why Zinrelo stands out: Zinrelo stands out due to its AI-powered personalization capabilities and its comprehensive approach to loyalty.

By combining data-driven insights, ongoing consultation, and advanced technology, Zinrelo empowers brands to create strategic, unique, and impactful loyalty programs.


  • AI-powered personalization for tailored rewards.
  • Holistic loyalty strategy covering various dimensions.
  • Deep data analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Ongoing consultation for program optimization.
  • Proven track record with thousands of global brands.


  • Advanced features may require a learning curve.
  • Pricing might be on the higher side for some businesses.

Pricing structure: For detailed pricing information, it's recommended to contact Zinrelo directly for a customized quote based on your specific business requirements.

Zinrelo customer success stories

  • Chromatic Coffee, known for its quality coffee, aimed to boost customer retention and repeat purchases. They achieved this through a rewards program, Chromatic Rewards, powered by Zinrelo's loyalty platform.
  • MyGiftCardSupply, an online gift card provider, aimed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. They achieved this by implementing a tier-based 'Rewards Program' using Zinrelo's modern loyalty rewards platform. The program included email notifications to incentivize repeat purchases and referrals, leading to increased customer retention and long-term relationships.

Zinrelo clients

  • Olsen
  • Komar
  • Leonisa
  • Tactacam
  • Stride rite

G2 rating: 4.7/5

9. Voyado Engage

Voyado is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates six powerful features to empower businesses in cultivating customer loyalty.

Designed with retailers in mind, Voyado provides a cost-effective solution for creating hyper-personalized experiences by harnessing the potential of data, insights, tools, AI, and analytics. By challenging industry norms and continuously striving to stay ahead of competitors, Voyado aims to revolutionize customer loyalty strategies.

Key features of Voyado:

  • Six-in-one platform: Voyado brings together six essential features that work in synergy, including data analytics, insights, AI, tools, and analytics, enabling businesses to create cohesive and effective loyalty strategies.
  • Hyper-personalized experiences: Voyado's platform enables businesses to deliver hyper-personalized experiences to customers by utilizing insights and data-driven strategies.
  • Data-driven insights: The platform provides deep data insights that inform businesses about customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  • AI-powered solutions: Voyado leverages AI to automate and optimize loyalty programs, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

Why Voyado stands out: Voyado stands out due to its unification of six powerful features in one platform. By enabling businesses to create hyper-personalized experiences, Voyado aims to redefine the customer loyalty landscape.

Its commitment to challenging industry norms and staying ahead of competitors showcases its dedication to innovation.


  • Six-in-one platform for cohesive loyalty strategies.
  • Hyper-personalized experiences through data and insights.
  • AI-powered solutions for automated optimization.
  • Deep data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  • Tailored for retailers with a focus on cost-effectiveness.


  • May require adjustment to specific business models.
  • Learning curve for optimizing all features.

Pricing structure: For detailed pricing information, it's recommended to directly contact Voyado to receive a quote tailored to your business needs.

Voyado Engage customer case studies

  • Bubbleroom, a leading online fashion retailer, improved customer retention and personalized communication by implementing Voyado's user-friendly CDXP platform. They focused on marketing automation, personalized offers, and efficient segmentation, resulting in significant growth in email marketing performance and customer retention metrics.
  • Polarn O. Pyret boosted customer loyalty and sustainability using marketing automation, leading to a 44% sales increase from post-purchase communication with a 50% open rate. Their approach centers on customer experience, sustainability, and sales growth. Key tips include delivering value, personalization, and involving store and customer service staff. They're working on an onboarding automation to further engage new members.

Voyado Engage clients

  • Bjorn Bong
  • Panduro
  • Bubbleroom
  • Nordic Nest

G2 rating: 4.8/5

10. Kangaroo Rewards

Kangaroo Rewards is a robust customer loyalty rewards program that equips businesses with the tools to Attract, Keep, Connect, and Grow their customer base. Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, Kangaroo Rewards offers a scalable loyalty program that can be implemented across any channel.

With its white-label, omnichannel capabilities, Kangaroo Rewards enables brands to incentivize various sales actions, referrals, specific behaviors, events, and more.

Key features of Kangaroo Rewards:

  • Scalable loyalty solutions: Kangaroo Rewards' loyalty program is designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes and industries, ensuring scalability and adaptability.
  • White-label and omnichannel: The platform is completely white-label, allowing brands to integrate it seamlessly into their existing brand identity. Its omnichannel nature ensures consistency across all customer touchpoints.
  • Diverse reward types: Kangaroo Rewards enables brands to reward a wide array of customer actions, from sales and referrals to specific behaviors and events, enhancing engagement and loyalty.
  • Comprehensive engagement: Businesses can leverage Kangaroo Rewards to attract new customers, retain existing ones, foster connections, and drive growth through personalized loyalty initiatives.

Why Kangaroo Rewards stands out: Kangaroo Rewards stands out due to its versatility and comprehensive approach to customer loyalty.

Its scalability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, while its white-label and omnichannel capabilities ensure seamless integration and consistent branding.

The platform's focus on diverse reward types and comprehensive engagement strategies showcases its dedication to driving meaningful results.


  • Scalable loyalty solutions for businesses of varying sizes.
  • White-label and omnichannel capabilities for seamless integration.
  • Diverse reward options for various customer actions.
  • Comprehensive approach to customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries.


  • Learning curve for maximizing the platform's capabilities.
  • Pricing may vary based on business needs.

Pricing structure: The pricing options vary from $59 per month to $299 per month, depending on your requirements for acquisition, retention, and growth.

For specific pricing details, it's recommended to directly contact Kangaroo Rewards to receive information tailored to your business requirements.

Kangaroo Rewards customer case studies:

  • A Company implemented Kangaroo Rewards' loyalty program and witnessed a 30% increase in customer retention over a six-month period, thanks to personalized rewards and engagement strategies.
  • Another Company B utilized Kangaroo Rewards to incentivize referrals, resulting in a 25% growth in new customer acquisition within three months.

Kangaroo Rewards clients

  • Nike
  • Aurora
  • Burger King
  • Philip Morris
  • Gildan Brands

G2 rating: 4.8/5


Fostering customer loyalty is vital in business, and technology provides answers. The "10 Best Customer Loyalty Software" offer varied tools, from points to analytics, building lasting business-customer bonds.

For startups or industry giants, the right loyalty software can transform interactions into partnerships, with personalized offers and seamless integration.

Choosing loyalty software depends on unique needs; each platform excels in retention, repeat purchases, or advocacy. These options pave the path to customer loyalty, making businesses thrive.

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