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Receiving gifts is a powerful experience because it makes you feel connected to the donor and can help you form good associations with them or their products.

Businesses and marketers have long depended on the power of giving to build stronger relationships with both current and potential customers and to express gratitude for their business.

The relationships can be nurtured by introducing gifts for business owners. Gifting may be quite productive in terms of ROI and pleasure when employed as part of your overall marketing or staff retention initiatives.

Hence, here are some of the best ideas for gifts for new business owners.

Creative gift ideas that the entrepreneur would love

You know that your favorite entrepreneur is probably too preoccupied with coming up with their next brilliant invention to get you excited. To bring you the newest and coolest gift suggestions and ideas. Here is a long list of gifts for new business owners -

1. Notebooks


When you're an entrepreneur, ideas are everywhere. Not simply ideas, but you also recall tasks to do, unfinished projects, etc. It would be wonderful to have a sturdy notebook that is portable and ready to use at any time when ideas pop up.

2. Smart notebook


Smart Notebooks are used by people of all age groups. Our entrepreneur friends, They are used to keeping organized with schedules, planning roadmaps, brainstorming ideas, etc. Gift one to your beloved entrepreneur.

3. Whiteboard with markers

White boards

Ideas follow you around. It could pop up at any time, in any second. A whiteboard is a perfect gift for your entrepreneur friend who needs a mind map to go through his ideas.

4. A Kindle


Most entrepreneurs love to read in their free space, it reduces stress and forms motivation to work endlessly. The Kindles are reasonably priced & adequate for most people. It is possible to store hundreds of books literally on either Kindle before the receiver leaves the house, so connectivity of any kind is probably unnecessary. Gift a kindle to your entrepreneur friend to have a joyful life.

5. An annual LivePlan subscription

As an entrepreneur builds their business plans, LivePlan has all an entrepreneur needs to pitch, plan, track, and develop a corporate-level strategy anywhere on the planet thanks to the most recent web tools created by specialists. Gift an annual LivePlan subscription to your known entrepreneur to ease his workload.

6. Square card reader

Does your entrepreneur friend sell handy products? Give them a Square card reader, the mobile credit card reader that makes the process the simplest. Get paid, plug it in, and swipe it. It is that simple.

7. Personalized refillable notepad & pen set


A personalized notebook comes in a variety of colors. This unique present idea is a customized portfolio. Additionally, it can be refilled, making it useful for years to come. A gift to your unique yet special entrepreneur friend.

8. Business card holder

Cared holder

A stylish, stainless case that one can carry in their pocket for business cards sounds great. Additionally, it can be customized in innumerable other ways, including with their company name or logo. Keeping business cards on hand is crucial if you're a new business owner. This is a sophisticated approach to make sure they are always ready and in a position to attract new clients or staff. Gifting a business card holder to your entrepreneur is very useful to him.

9. Personalized business or store front painting


This watercolor painting honors an image of your company. These are available in multiple sizes so you can pick the ideal option to gift.

10. Cankeeper

Can keeper

A fantastic device for maintaining the coldness of canned beverages. This gift promotes yourself a little while also keeping your entrepreneur friend's drinks cold on the road.

11. Holiday spirit box

This beautifully picked list of winter gift ideas has something to keep you toasty and wearable from head to toe. Along with all that warmth, there are candy, chocolates, candles, hot cocoa, and many other things that may be enclosed in a spirit box. Working nonstop might have negative effects. A holiday Spirit box might be the perfect gift idea for your entrepreneur friend this festive season.

12. Celebration tower of chocolates


Chocolates are always a good choice, and this gift idea is both tasty and fashionable. Six tall boxes of delicious sweets, tastefully branded, and ribboned are stacked together to create a lovely holiday gift for our entrepreneur friend.

13. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

The temptation of coffee is an absolute pleasure. A cup of coffee in the fresh morning charges your life with goodness and excitement. Gift a Coffee maker to your coffee lover entrepreneur.

14. On the road gift box

Gift box

Gift boxes, be their food, cookies, or chocolate sure is surprising. Grab a road gift box for your business friend this holidays seasons.

15. Productivity planner


Even when they are passionate about their profession, entrepreneurs often struggle to maintain their motivation. They still have to set their own schedules, take responsibility for their actions, and deal with any pressing issues that may occur. The Productivity Planner can be useful in these situations. Gift your entrepreneur friend, this productivity tool will prove to be a very useful gadget.

Digital gift ideas

Living in the 21st century is awesome because we have advanced to the point where nearly any object you can think of has a high-tech feature. For your techie, here are some top picks for digital gift ideas -

1. Kindle or reading tablet


If you give someone a book as a gift, they will receive one book. Almost any book ever published is available to anyone with a book-reading gadget. The most well-known digital book reader is the Kindle range from Amazon, which supports their ebook bookstore and employs E Ink displays. The Kindle app, however, also runs on iPads, iPhones, and other devices in addition to the Kindle hardware. Gifting a kindle to your new business owner is a kind gesture.

2. Spectacles


Spectacles in their true sense are used only for better vision. However, It can charm a glowing look to your fashion. Gift one to your entrepreneur friend to have a charming look.

3. Virtual keyboard


You have a phone and it's smart too. You need to turn in a report. Then, A virtual keyboard can have your back with laser keywords. It transforms everything into an instant keyboard, including a seat, the ground, and plastic slides, on any surface you have. Gift this to your new business owner this festive season for convenience.

4. Portable scanner


Whether you need a contract to scan, or an image to scan. A portable scanner got your back. scan whatever you want at anytime anywhere in no time using a computer or camera, you can obtain digital copies of all the documents you see.

5. Peel phone case

Phone cover

An original Peel case for your phone would literally mold itself into a really thin piece of plastic. These cases are insanely popular since your phone would not be going to look bulky. Gift one to your phone lover entrepreneur to have a sleek and slim phone.

6. Minimal wallet


Any wallet that seeks to reduce the weight in your pocket is considered a minimalist wallet. They lack 100 card slots to accommodate all of your business cards or plastic slips to accommodate all of your family photos (again, we have phones for that). You can only bring what is absolutely necessary. It's a fantastic technique to reduce bulk. You don't always need to carry a large mess in your pocket. Gifting to your entrepreneur friend is a grand gesture in a tiny pocket.

7. Air purifier

Air purifier

A rechargeable air purifier About the size of a coffee tumbler, portable. These gadgets can filter out 99.9% of dust, bacteria, and other pollutants, providing you with clean air. Gift one to your new business owner friend to have fresh air to breathe.

8. Charging stand

Charging stand

When running a business, running out of battery is not an option. Everything has a place. Why can’t you can have a place to charge every gadget? like a phone, watch, and headphones. Gift one to your entrepreneur friend to have an organized life.

Must have gifts for entrepreneurs

These are the best, and the must have gifts for entrepreneurs

1. Massager


Big day? numerous tense meetings? All is well if you have a warm massage. This portable massager is a fantastic gifts and may include includes an adjustable intensity level and a heated option in various models. Gift one to your entrepreneur friend to calm his nerve.

2. Ice cream set

Ice cream set

Over the years, crazy and fantastic variants have been added to ice cream flavors, kinds, and toppings. Consider frozen tacos, doggie cones, and even ice cream frozen in liquid nitrogen. The possibilities are endless for you to enjoy. Gift an Ice creat set to your wonderful new business owner friend.

3. Coffee warmer

Coffee warmer

Even though you don't drink coffee quite often, You can gift a coffee warmer to the new business owner you know. The best part is that one can use it with practically any cup he or she currently owns.

4. Ramen subscription


A monthly ramen box will be the ideal present for our young entrepreneur, A person who misses eating lunch outside the office. Premium Japanese instant noodles from Japan Crate will be delivered to their door (eight to ten packets every box), together with product translations, a bonus item themed around Japanese cuisine (such yuzu kosho or shichimi togarashi), and a recipe card to encourage further culinary exploration.

5. Hand warmer


Holidays are coming so that are the winters. A cold hand fridges your movements to be productive. Gift a hand warmer to your new business owner friend to has a warm winter this year.

6. Classy backpack


A backpack to have all your accessories and productive tools on the go is a fantastic way to be ready for work all the time. Gift one to the new business owner, you know is a workaholic.

7. Blanket


There is one kind of present that everyone adores, whether you are buying it for your mother, best friend, or lover, Blankets to feel pampered, a perfect buddy for binge-watching your favorite television programs. Gift one to your innovative closest friend.

8. Tea set

Tea Set

Tea has a wonderful effect on our morning. It is part of the culture to start a warm conversation with a cup of tea. Gift a tea set to our tea-lover entrepreneur.

9. Thermos


Hot drinks have a wide impact on our life, They can wake you up magically from sadness, punctuate workdays, and can put you to sleep calmly. They have the power to uplift, revive, calm, cool you down, and warm you (if you're cold). Additionally, they slow down life's pace.

10. Headphones


Headphones are the perfect gift for music and podcast lover. Gift one to your beloved business owner to enjoy the goddess and magic of listening.

Best gift vouchers for entrepreneurs

The entire world is available online, gift cards allow the recipient to choose anything they want from a physical store or online. gift cards are comparably safer since they function like debit cards and can be frozen in the event of loss or theft without losing the funds on them. They act like a Prepaid gift cards, which the recipient can use to make payments online by just entering the voucher codes. Here are a few best gift vouchers for entrepreneurs -

1. Food & restaurant gift vouchers

Once a week, Everyone feels like eating outside or placing an order if they don't feel like cooking. A food and dining gift card to your friend's preferred locations is sure to be a good idea to please. Send food & Restaurant gift cards from Xoxoday to your foody entrepreneur -

  • Starbucks Gift Voucher

If you have urges for cold beverages, Starbucks is the probability the place. Grab a starbucks gift voucher at the best deal ever on this festive season

  • Domino’s Pizza gift card

A delicious pizza at a weekend party is the stimulus for a party mood. Grab Domino’s pizza gift card for the new business owners you know.

Grab a Food & Restaurant gift card of your choice from Xoxoday like Swiggy, Zomato, Chaayo, KFC, etc.

2. Fashion & lifestyle gift vouchers

Everyone enjoys dressing up and staying current with the trends that are reshaping culture. Your entrepreneur friend could always use a bit more, whether it's professional office dress or holiday attire for that great Instagram photo. Send a fashion & Lifestyle gift card to your entrepreneur friend to stay up to the trends

  • Myntra gift card

With over 25 million products from 500 national and international brands, Myntra is one of India's top online fashion and lifestyle retailers. Grab a Myntra gift card at an attractive discount.

  • Peter England gift card

Peter England has quickly become the biggest menswear brand in India. It has a wide selection of formal clothing for anyone stepping foot in the business world. Additionally, they have some decent casual wear. Gift a Peter England gift card from Xoxoday as a gesture of decency

Grab a variety of Fashion & Lifestyle Gift Vouchers from Xoxoday this festive season to grab a discount you never heard of before

3. Health & wellness gift vouchers

Everyone does not want to be demotivated. Some people have started living unhealthy lifestyles as a result of the lack of strong incentives to improve health. Well, be the guardian angel of your entrepreneur friend and offer him a health & Wellness gift card from Xoxoday this festive season -

  • Himalaya Herbals gift card

In the 1930s, the Himalaya Drug Company was founded with the intention of creating health supplements and pills. Today, Himalaya produces a variety of products that are used every day in many homes, including organic, skin-friendly shampoos, hand sanitizers, lotions, and tonics. Grab a Himalaya Herbals gift card this festive season at an extraordinary price.

Grab Multiple varieties of brands like My Glamm, Apollo Pharmacy, Lakme Salon, etc from Xoxoday this festive season

4. Sports gift vouchers

When you offer the recipient a sports gift card, you don't have to worry about finding tickets for an event that matches your busy schedule. If you give them a sports gift card, they can choose an activity and an event at a time and location that works for them. Chose the sports gift cards from Xoxoday -

  • Puma gift cards

Sport has the ability to change and energize us. As one of the top sports companies in the world, Puma has transformed athletes with world-class products. Offer a Puma gift card to your new business owner at an exceptional price.

  • Organic India Card

India's organic culture promotes healthy living. You can get the best herbal teas, tulsi teas, green teas, and other healthy beverages from this well-known brand. Additionally, organically produced ghee and grains are also available. Buy a Organic India gift card from Xoxoday.

5. Grocery gift card

Groceries are a basic item on any list of necessities because they are necessary for humans. You may order groceries online and have them delivered right to your door. If you give them, your consumers and customers will appreciate you. Given how time-consuming food shopping is, consider giving gift cards. Grab a variety of Grocery gift cards from Xoxoday -

  • Big Basket gift cards

For all your groceries needs, Big basket got your back. Order online or visit the offline store and have groceries ready on time. Buy a Big basket gift card from Xoxoday

  • Blinkit gift cards

Low-priced online grocery store Blinkit (formally known as Grofers) is a well-known brand for its 10 minutes grocery delivery. To order goods that are hygienically packaged and safely delivered to your door, visit their website or use their mobile app. Use Xoxoday to buy Blinkit gift cards at a discounted price and have tons of money on groceries.

6. Entertainment gift cards

Allow your friend and family entrepreneurs to select their own holiday entertainment. Holidays are mostly intended for enjoyment and good times with loved ones. Giving an entertainment gift card will therefore be the ideal choice this festive season. Grab a fantastic deal on entertainment gift cards from Xoxoday -

  • Disney Hotstar gift card

Disney Hotstar is well known for its streaming sensation in the country. It offers a paid subscription service called "Premium," which offers premium foreign movies and TV shows. You can also catch IPL seasons on the subscription plan. Buy a Disney Hostrat gift card from Xoxoday for your IPL lover new business owner.

  • Book My Show

Are you looking for tickets to your favorite shows, performances, or movies? BookMyShow is there for your help. You can reserve tickets with BookMyShow in any of the more than 650 towns and cities and in five different nations. Grab a Book My Show gift card for your entertainment friend this season from Xoxoday.

7. Travel gift card

It’s about to December. The temperature is chilly but lovely. Most businesses and individuals arrange their extra time off around this time of year. The kids are off for the holidays. The family vacation that you have been desiring could finally be planned at this time. They can reduce your stress, reenergize you, and can help you to return to work the after a good Holiday. Grab a travel gift card from Xoxoday for your friends and family's new business owner -

  • gift card

Customers choose when it comes to making online reservations for travel services. It's easy to understand why. The most affordable choices for buying tickets are provided by Yatra. Give your family, friends, and new enterpranur the gift of travel with a Yatra gift card from Xoxoday.

  • Marriott Hotels India gift cards

In India, Marriott International manages a network of 135 hotels operating under 16 premier brands in more than 35 locations. Marriott manages, franchises, and holds operating licenses for hotels and resorts offering timeshares all over the world. Grab a marriott Hotels India gift cards from Xoxoday

8. Charity gift card

Charity is all about cause and belief. You believe in something or some cause that you yourself want to be or what you think is something that has the potential to touch as many lives as possible. Well then, grab a Charity gift card from Xoxoday for your believer entrepreneur friend this festive season at a stunning price -

  • DonateKart Gift Voucher

DonateKart is the most dependable and open crowdfunding platform in India, with a mission to have a positive social effect. Through the use of our special approach, donors from all around the world can help us raise money to buy the goods that NGOs and charities in India need. Buy a DonateKart gift card from Xoxoday.

  • Points for Good gift card

With the help of "Points for Good," donors and people can now help improve the world by giving to a variety of causes, projects, and charities that are important to society at large. Garb a Point for Good gift card from Xoxoday

9. Jewelry gift cards and Vouchers

If you want to give your clients a fashion-related gift, it could be difficult, but fashion can go beyond clothing. It could also include its touch called jewelry. Buy from a collection of Jewelaries vouchers from Xoxoday -

  • Reliance Jewels

Reliance Jewels have one of the largest selections of gold and diamond jewelry. You can get the most magnificent and regal designs at their chain of high-end jewelry stores. Visit to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience and receive guaranteed value. Reliance Jewels gift cards are available on Xoxoday

  • Blue Stone Gold gift card

Give a Bluestone gift card to your loved one so they can choose the jewelry they like. At Bluestone, there is a large selection of jewelry for everyone in the family, including men, women, and children. Share your love of jewelry with a new entrepreneur friend at Xoxoday Blue store Gold gift card


Gifts can help you make and develop a strong relationship with someone. Your new entrepreneur friend can be at the top of your list for a relationship. This article just helps you to find the best match for your gifting process. Moreover, to give the best personalized & customized gifts you can always shop for discounted gift vouchers & gift cards from Xoxoday. Or, to make it even simpler, just sign up with Xoxoday & hand over all gifting tasks to them.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you know more.

Q: What are some good gifts for new business owners?

Gifts can be used to maintain or strengthen an existing professional relationship, which is especially helpful if you're gifting to a friend for starting their own startup or company. Here is a list of a few best picks -

  1. A notebook
  2. Bussiness Card Holder
  3. Kindle
  4. Holiday Spirit Box
  5. Coffee Maker
  6. Spectacles

Q: What kind of gift should I give a new business owner?

We have prepared a list of fantastic gift suggestions for new business owners that cover all the anxiety you have around gifting and more, no matter the holiday, event, or milestone. The "wow" factor gift for the aspiring entrepreneur is as follows -

  1. Massager
  2. Ice-cream set
  3. Coffee warmer
  4. Ramen subscription
  5. Hand Warmer
  6. Classy Backpack
  7. Blanket
  8. Tea set
  9. Thermos
  10. Headphones

Q: Where can I find personalized gifts for new business owners?

There are multiple online stores that offer a variety of gifts for new business owners. Alternatively, you may visit offline stores to purchase the gifts of your choice from the list. You can also visit Xoxoday & give the best personalized & customized gift cards from all leadign rbands.

Q: How to pick out the best gift for new business owners?

Make the gift an exciting event, and grab it with the best flavor of yours and your parents' with a warm smile. For the rest of the gifting process, We got your back just pick the best of the list in the blog.

Q: What to get someone who has just started their own business?

For people who have just started the business, you can gift them work essential, any digital gadgets or something valuable that will help in their entrepreneur journey.

Q: Do you bring a gift to a business grand opening?

Yes, you can bring the best of the gifts at a grand business opening. Follow the different picks from the article to get started.

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