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The relationship between a business and its stakeholders is strengthened with better communication. Establishing good relationships becomes imperative with businesses operating in a competitive environment.

Press releases are one form of communication that the company has with the public to keep them informed. In this blog, we take you through 15 press release templates you could use in your company too.

What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement made by a company to the public through the media. Along with providing essential information, a press release also acts as a marketing strategy for a business.

What are the types of press releases?

Here are some types of press releases:

New product launch

When a company launches a new product, it issues a press release to inform the audience about the same.

Executive hiring announcement

When there is a new hire in the top management, a company issues a press release to keep stakeholders informed.

Expansion announcement

A press release is issued when a company expands to new locations or introduces new product lines.


A press release is issued to announce any event launch by the company.

Awards announcement

A company issues a press release to inform about any awards received to improve brand value.

15 Press release templates for different kinds of announcements and events

Product launch

When your business is ready to introduce a new product, you should announce the same to the public to create interest in the audience. A press release for a new product launch will include information about the launch and carry some prominent benefits.

To generate leads early, it is essential that the press release is crisp and convey all crucial information like cost, how to buy, etc. You could follow the below template for a product launch press release.

                                            Title for the press release

Descriptive heading about the product launch


(City, state) (name of the company) is glad to announce the launch of (new product name). With this, they enter into the premium segment in the (mention category of product).

The CEO, in his statement, said, “mention the quote from the CEO”. Some of the benefits of the new product line are:

  • Benefit 1

  • Benefit 2

  • Benefit 3

The objective behind the introduction of (product name) is to (mention the goals). 

(Contact info)

Product update

When you introduce any improvements toyour product, you can issue a press release to communicate the same to the stakeholders. When preparing this press release, it is important to take care that you highlight the difference in your product after the update, and how the user will benefit from it.

A product update press release should also consist of prominent details like pricing, point of contact, etc.

                                                Company name                               

                                          Title for the press release



(City, State) (Company name) wishes to inform the availability of an upgraded version of (product name). This improved version does away with the few limitations in the earlier version (name).

We are proud to have listened to our customers and are ready with the upgraded stocks. You will now be able to:

(list benefits)

Contact (give contact info) for further details.

Relocation of business

When you are relocating to a new address, you should keep your customers informed. A press release with your new address details should be circulated even if you intend to communicate this personally to your clients. The reason for relocation should also be informed to the customers.

                                                Company name

                                                Title for press release


We are growing and are happy to move to a bigger office space.

This is to inform our esteemed customers about the relocation of our business from (give present address) to (give new address). 

Please be informed that all further correspondence will be only with our new address. 

Grand opening

May it be your first office opening or a new branch opening, a press release is necessary. You should keep your clients informed and also invite them to the grand opening. This press release will typically include the venue, date, and time of opening.

                                              Company name

                                              Title for press release


(day and date), our new store at (address) is opening doors for our beloved customers. The new store is even more spacious and is much closer to our customers from (mention location). 

We invite all our customers who have been a part of our journey to join us in our new step. 

(Contact information.)

Business milestones

Milestones are achievements for a business and are worth sharing with your stakeholders. You can issue a press release to announce your achievement to the public. Such announcements also help improve brand identity and can pull in new leads. You could share what your CEO wants to convey on reaching this milestone.

                                                Company name

                                           Press release title


(City, State) We (company name) are extremely happy to announce that we have reached (mention milestone achieved). This is a major feat for us and a step closer to achieving our goals.

“Mention quote from CEO.” We thank all who have been with us through this journey. 

Appointment of top leaders

A press release is mandatory when a new leader takes charge of the company. This is to inform the public and make them aware of who they are communicating with. Mentioning key points about the new leader fortifies trust in the company. This is important even for experienced companies, as this conveys that you maintain your standards.

                                        Company name

                                        Press release title


(City, State) On (day and date), (name of the existing director) has decided to step down on the successful completion of a stint of (mention no. of years). (name of the new director) is taking over to steer our growth to new heights with a rich experience in (provide information of previous posts with no. of years experience).

For more information, contact (provide contact information). 

Fundraising for startups

Fundraising is very important, especially for startups. Whether this is your first round of fundraising or you are raising funds for expansion, issuing a press release helps. Letting the public know about the stage of your company and the reasons for fundraising will attract the attention of investors. Any angel investor who is interested in investing in a startup may get in touch with you.

                                                Company name                                      

                                         Title for the press release


(City, State) (Company name) is announcing the (number of rounds) round of fundraising at a valuation of (mention amount). This funding has been led by (mention name of the investor companies) and is aimed to (mention purpose). 

“Mention quote from top leaders at the company” about the funding.


Rebranding is a major move and must be communicated to your stakeholders. It is hard to maintain the same level of commitment from your customers after rebranding unless they trust that this process is imperative. So your press release should mention the reasons for rebranding and build confidence in the minds of the readers.

                                          Company name


                                      Press release title


(City/State)  Change is hard, but we assure you our change is for good. Henceforth we will be known as (mention new name). We have included a new array of product lines that will see the shelves soon. 

We trust you will extend the same level of cooperation to us as you have always done.

“Quote from the CEO” addressed to the stakeholders.

Event announcement

With a press release, you can inform the world about your new event in town. You should mention the date, time, venue, and purpose of the event in your press release.

                                          Company name

                                            Press release title



We are happy to announce that (event name) will be held on (date and time) at (venue). We were overwhelmed by your response to our previous show (mention event name) and hope you extend the same love this time too.

To know more information, reach out to us at (contact number) and get your brochure delivered online.

Award/ recognition announcement

Let the world know about the awards you receive to improve your trustworthiness. Since trust is an important component that supports business survival, announcing your awards and recognitions through press releases is important.

                                      Company name

                                      Press release title



We (company name), the manufacturers of (products) are proud to announce that we have been recognized with (award name) for our untiring contribution to our customers. This prestigious award is renowned in the world of (name the field of operation) and we are happy to be a part of their listing. 

We thank everyone who stood by us in our journey and made this happen.

Product recall

In rare circumstances a company may recall a product due to launch of an upgraded version or identification of any defect. In such cases issuing a press release becomes mandatory to keep the audience aware.

                                              Company name

                                           Press release title


(City, State) With immediate effect, we are recalling model number (provide model number) of (product name) for safety reasons. Detailed instructions on how to return the product to us and means of compensation/ replacement are available on our website. 

Please be informed that (company name) puts customers first and is always interested in their safety. For more information contact (contact details).

Financial results announcement

Announcement of financial results to the public indicates a company’s transparency. This helps build brand image.

                                            Company name

                                         Title of press release


(City/State) We (company name) have stayed true to our words and have consistently proved trustworthy. Here we present you the statement of accounts for the financial year (mention year). 

(provide statement of accounts)

(statement by CEO)

(signed by statutory auditor)

New acquisitions or partnerships announcement

Any new venture by the company must be shared with the stakeholders and a press release is the best way to do it. Mention the reasons for merger or partnership and how it will benefit the stakeholders.

                                                        Company name

Title of press release


(City/State) We are happy to join hands with (company name) starting (date). Our business acumen combined with (mention best quality of the other company) will throw open a host of new ventures. Our combined expertise will go a great way in serving you better.

Emergency announcement

Sometimes a press release is needed to defend your side from false representations. For example, an ex-employee may fraudulently represent your company and can bring down your reputation.

                                                  Company name

                                                Press release title


(City/State)  This is to inform whomsoever concerned that the person represented below is no longer in our employment and we are not bound by any act that this person is involved in representing our company name. 

Please be informed that (contact information) is the only official channel for communication with our company.

CSR initiative announcement

Letting the stakeholders know about your contribution to the society helps improve brand image. The press release creates a good impression and conveys that your company is focussed beyond just profits.

                                                Company name

                                              Title of press release


(City/State)  We are back again with our ‘Save Earth’ campaign. This is our turn to give back to nature. We have planned a tree plantation drive on (date) at (venue). 

Come join us and be a part of the campaign toward a greener future.

Connect with us (contact details) to know more.

Press releases examples by brands

Here are some press releases by popular brands:

1. Type of press release: Acquisition

Company: Microsoft

Strengths: The key strength of this press release is its title. In a simple sentence, it talks about the companies involved and the benefits for the public.


In this press release, the company also provides information about the cost of acquisition and quotes from CEOs of the companies. Overall, it has everything that a stakeholder is interested in and makes the press release a one-of-a-kind example for others to seek inspiration from.

2. Type of press release: Award announcement

Company: EVBox

Strengths: The title of the press release has it all. It is catchy and conveys the message to the audience.


This press release is a public announcement by the company to share its accomplishment. It mentions how prestigious the award is and thereby creates a good image. The statement also has a quote from the CEO who shares the amount of effort that has gone into achieving this.

3. Type of press release: Program announcement

Company: HubSpot

Strengths: The main aim of the program is stated in the title of the press release itself and this makes it captivating and powerful.


HubSpot’s new initiative to support companies aiming for growth is the press release's content. It has all information as to who would benefit from the program and the amount of investment involved.

4. Type of press release: Grand opening

Company: Domino’s

Strengths: The press release along with being an announcement, reemphasizes the quality of pizzas at Domino’s.


The press release by Domino’s informs the public of new store openings and also mentions about the offers available. The statement informs the public about the store timings. A unique feature of this press release is that it announces job vacancies available at the store too.

5. Type of press release: Appointment of top leaders


Strengths: The press release has a statement from the new CEO with words of praise about the outgoing CEO. This gives a very good opinion to the audience about the company.


This general press release to announce the stepping in of the new CEO becomes special with the quote from the new CEO, the major part of the press release is only quotes by the two CEOs, making the press release different and attractive.


Press releases, being an important medium of communication by the company, should be crafted with clarity and be attractive too. A good press release can act as a very good marketing strategy and help augment your growth. Implement any of these 15 amazing templates as per your next press release type.

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