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“Time and tide, wait for none!”

This is indeed true even for today - with all the fancy softwares, programs, and tools we have, we still fail to manage our day effectively.

So much time is spent scheduling events, meetings, get-togethers, and other corporate/office necessities that it can end up wasting time.

Even though they are important tasks such as connecting with teammates, setting up appointments with clients, scheduling tasks and events, and following up on these activities - they all take up a huge chunk of a productive day.

Thanks to these appointment scheduling apps, you can now dream of saving time and help plan your day effectively and cut down on all the extra time spent scheduling, planning, and emailing each other.

Take a look at the top 10 best appointment-scheduling apps with all their features, benefits, and important details.

Importance of appointment scheduling apps

It is important to start your day by planning things ahead and knowing at least a day prior all the tasks at hand, all the meetings that need to be attended, and if there are any special office events planned for the day.

Having a good idea of the upcoming schedule can help in preparing for these events and therefore improve productivity and cut down on time mismanagement.

Almost all corporates and companies today use appointment scheduling apps that integrate with your calendars and phone/email contacts. These apps help with almost all tasks that come with setting up your schedule, such as meeting alerts, follow-ups, task management, calendar sync, etc.

They help with:

  • Scheduling events/meetings
  • Creating tasks and reminders
  • Syncs with calendar to mark events
  • Syncs with email app to send email alerts for upcoming events and tasks
  • Helps in time management and avoiding schedule conflicts

Best appointment scheduling apps to stay on top of your schedule

Here are our top 10 recommendations for an appointment scheduling app that helps you stay on top of your day-to-day affairs:

1. Calendly

Calendly has been in the market since 2013 and is used by some of the most prominent companies in the world. Currently, Calendly has more than 10 million users, and noteworthy companies such as eBay and Gartner are some of its prominent clients.

Calendly has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Both free and many different kinds of paid versions help companies choose the right suite for their unique requirements.

Some notable features of Calendly are:

  • Simple and interactive UI that helps scheduling appointments
  • Admin tools to help connect and manage tasks better
  • Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Salesforce, Microsoft etc for meetings
  • Send meeting alerts, reminders, and notifications to avoid sending manual emails

Cons: Not suitable for extensive and sophisticated scheduling requirements.

G2 rating: 4.7

2. Calendar

Calender is a simple yet intuitive AI scheduling and appointment management app that is best for small companies with limited users with basic scheduling requirements.

It can combine the calenders from any OS, such as Google, Outlook and iCal from Apple, into one dashboard to easily manage your meetings and events across all devices.

Some notable features of Calendar are:

  • AI-enabled calendar that is simple to use
  • Integartes with Outlook, Office 365, iCloud and Google
  • Available in basic (free plan) and paid versions with added features
  • Get Transcripts for meetings and analytics tool, send confirmations and follow-ups

Cons: Basic calendar app with no mobile app version.

G2 rating: 4.7

3. Setmore

Setmore was founded in 2011 and has become one of the most popular free online meeting scheduling and appointment booking apps. Setmore allows users to access a free public page and allows members to show a 24X7 availability so that meetings can be booked and managed easily.

20 members can use the app at a time, and the app provides instant notifications, alerts, and reminders across various devices.

Some notable features of Setmore are:

  • Simple and easy-to-use solution for small businesses and retail outlets
  • Integrates with Google Calender, Outlook, Office 365, Zoom, Zapier etc
  • Integrates with social media pages as well such as FB and Instagram

Cons: Not suited for large companies and does not have too many features

G2 rating: 4.5

4. Square Appointments

Square appointments are a blessing for businesses needing recurring bookings, meetings, or classes. Companies can display their availability for the day, week, or month and encourage payments or charge cancellations all from one simple page. You can also roll out notifications, alerts, and email reminders for interested participants.

Some notable features of Square Appointments are:

  • Simple and user-friendly UI with a free online booking page
  • Integrates easily with Google Calendar and can be used across devices
  • Integrates with other business units such as Accounts, finance, management etc
  • Book recurring appointments, take in payments, and charge cancellations

Cons: Slightly more expensive and suited mostly for service-based sectors.

G2 rating: 4.3

5. Appointlet

Appointlet is a simple and organisaed manner to conduct all your meetings and to schedule all your appointments using a go-to solution. This app integrates with so many of our day-to-day tools and lets you connect with customers from your website directly. You can then create dashboards updating your schedule so that team members, clients and customers can join you.

Some notable features of Appointlet are:

  • 4.4 rating on G2
  • Suitable for all small scale businesses with simple scheduling requirements
  • Integrates with a host of tools and makes life easy
  • Helps minimise no-show using email reminders, notification etc

Cons: Not suitable for bigger enterprise and for multiple payment processing

G2 rating: 4.4

6. Simply Book

Simply Book is perhaps the veteran application in this entire list of scheduling apps. It has been around since 2001 and offers a wide variety of features including booking services, meeting or event planning services, accpeting payments via the online booking feature and a real time event planner that lets you help in scheduling your appointments and send reminders.

Some notable features of Simply Book are:

  • Great solution for small and medium scale service industry platforms
  • Integrates with many different kinds of calenders, meeting apps and payment apps
  • Send reminders, alerts, collect payments, create booking buttons on websites and blogs

Cons: Not suitable for simple appointment scheduling or clients looking for calender based apps.

G2 rating: 4.4

7. Appointy

Appointy is another amazing app in the market and has been garnering a lot of attention since its launch in 2016. This is a perfect platform for small scale companies that require appointment and meeting scheduling or companies that need appointment scheduling over different timelines. So for those of you who have multiple offices in the US, this might be a good meeting scheduler and appointment maker in the market.

Some notable features of Appointy are:

  • 4.7 rating on G2
  • 150,000 customers worldwide and integrates with more than 100 tools
  • Automated email and SMS reminders, event alerts and notifications
  • Accept online payments, manage meeting bookings, occupancy etc

Cons: No online invoicing, slightly expensive for paid versions

G2 rating: 4.7

8. Arrangr

Arrangr is a new age meeting scheduler and appointment manager that helps you not only schedule meetings but also keep up with all events and schedules of the day/month, prepare and send meeting invites, set reminders/alerts and accept invitations from others.

It integrates seemlessly with all kinds of calender apps and helps gather all your data and presents it in a simplified form across all devices. Whats more? The app can also suggest restraunts or cafes that help create the perfect meeting ambience for your video calls.

Some notable features of Arrangr are:

  • Schedule meetings and video calls or events easily on one interface
  • Connects with many different kinds of calenders, meeting tools and social media
  • Send smart invitations, set alerts and reminders to effectivelay manage meetings

Cons: not useful for service industry that needs to process invoices and payments.

G2 rating: Not enough reviews on G2

9. Visibook

Visibook is one of the most simplest, most straight forward appointment scheduling app that lets clients and customers connect with each other on a no-nonsense platform.

This is perfect for a service sector entrepreneur who wants a simple appointment scheduler with the means to arrange for meetings, take in bookings, accept payments. Send out reminders and invites and also be able to communicate with their clients over messages.

Some notable features of Visibook are:

  • Helps you share personalised links of your schedule to accept meetings/booking
  • Accept payments and create events instantly
  • Communicate over messages and send meeting reminders, notifications etc

Cons: Suitable for small scale service based companies, not for large team collaborations

G2 rating: 3.8

10. Booksy

Booksy is a rather new addition to this list but has already had a very huge impact on the appaointment scheduler and meeting apps market. This app comes in two format - the mobile version for on the go client management and the tablet version that helps you be the store front to accept client information and make bookings at the PoS.

Either way, it helps you automate your business by managing clients, scheduling meetings, take in bookings, receive payments and send out reminders and alerts. It also helps in team collaborations with tools such as Team calenders, manage shifts and staff roster, managing inventory with reports and analytics.

Some notable features of Booksy are:

  • Lets you take control of your meetings, schedule appointments over mobile
  • Helps you with marketing, inventory and staff management as well
  • Control your PoS and provide gift cards, memberships and discount coupons

Cons: Not suitable for large corporates or for varied time zone requirements.

G2 rating: 5/5


With our well-researched and flexible list of the most prominent and popular appointment-scheduling apps, there is an app for every kind of company.

Comparing the pros and cons against the features of the app and the G2 rating for reference, you can choose the best appointment-scheduling app that makes the most sense for you and your company.

With our list that includes apps that have both free and paid versions, you can also choose an app that suits your budget. Most of these apps allow customers to extend their usage to their premium versions once you have liked and thoroughly enjoy using their base version, which is a plus!

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