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Designers are an intellectually curious collective. Given their skill set, they are somewhat sophisticated individuals who could be extremely particular about the devices and accessories they use. Therefore, you might want to give this some serious thought before selecting the perfect present for the designer in your life.

But don't let the problem overwhelm you! The easiest and trendiest items that can steadily improve a designer's daily responsibilities make the best presents. You should have a few ideas after quickly perusing tech and design forums.

We have a comprehensive list of 31 top presents for a designer in 2024 to get you started. We've sampled products from many categories to provide you with a wide range of intelligent options.

31 Best and Thoughtful New Year Gifts for Design Team

Here are some New Year’s Gifts for the Designers you love:

1. The Spring Letters Brush-Pot

These colorful pots are made from handcrafted crystals and feature different English alphabets. Use them as your pencils or paintbrush holders. These pots will add an aesthetic and customized touch to your shelf or desk.

2. Smart Reusable Notebook

If you like sustainable objects, then you'll love these eco-friendly products. Rocketbook is an intelligent and reusable notebook that lets you take notes from popular cloud storage services and save them for later. Once you save it, you can wipe it off and start another one. And you have all the notes archived with no wasting of any paper.

3. Xreart's framed artwork

If you're tech-savvy, you'd love these deconstructed frames of your favorite devices of the olden times. These frames are handmade by putting together all the big and small electronics parts with their name tags and relevant details. You can choose frames of Apple products, gaming consoles, and other electronic items.

4. Vintage typography notecards

These vintage typography notecards are an excellent gift for any typography fanatic. The typographies these notecards come with are hand-drawn fonts and classics of the early twentieth century. At the back of each of these cards is a story about the origins of their respective typeface.

5. Stainless steel stencils for portable drawing

The internet is filled with an abundance of UI/ UX icons. But if you're an old school and prefer working with paper and pencil, this stencil would be really helpful in guiding you to draw some of the popular icons.

6. Scribble pen

If you know someone who sketches in colors inspired by their surroundings, this Scribble Pen is the only tool they will need. It's an intelligent pen that can capture colors from objects via its RGB color sensor, and then transfers the color to paper with water-resistant ink. You can also go for their digital smart pen.

7. Duncan shotton's sticky page markers

Are you somebody who bookmarks the last page they've read from a bulky book? If yes, then this maybe all you'll ever need to bookmark more than one interesting part of your text or guide, then this series of page markers might just be for you . You could create a whole new storyline on top of your books.

8. Side project flowchart

Designers are often approached with offers to launch side ventures, but if they accept them all, things might get out of hand. They can use the Side Project Flowchart in this to determine whether or not they have the bandwidth to embark on a project.

9. Wireframe deck

You may have seen a lot of decks of cards, but this one is one that you can truly use. The cards display the website's UI and content strategy wireframe so that you can collaborate on planning the projects, wherever you are - with your team or customer.

10. Polaroid lab instant printer

This printer can create polaroids from the digital photographs on your mobile device, which is a fantastic mix of old-fashioned and cutting-edge technology. Simply install the app on your phone, set it on top of the printer, and you can start printing your memorable pictures straight from your smartphone.

11. ABC's geometric shadows

These trendy posters featuring geometric shadows and lively hues will add style to any room, whether it be your home or office.

12. Counter-print book bag

Here is a lovely handcrafted minimalistic bag that you may use to carry your books. Carry them any way you wish, like a shoulder bag or a tote bag.

13. Field notes

These Field notes notepads are unassumingly lovely and comes with a well-made to-do pad to carry around. American agricultural memo books from the 1930s inspired them. Never again be not able to document that terrific idea!

14. Cordies: Desktop cord manager

This clever desk organizer features five rubber grips with four slots on each that can handle the ends of several cords—an excellent way to organize the cords that are dispersed throughout your creative workspace.

15. Align: Stapler with a detachable base

The stapler has been reimagined! Do you recall how you could never staple the paper to a surface that the stapler could not reach? This detachable base stapler is the answer you wish you had come up with. Even cardboard or posters can be stapled!

16. Paper watch – Design your own watch

Want to personalize your watch? Your personality will sparkle like a diamond, thanks to the Paper Watch. It is essentially a paper strapped digital watch. The paper strap can be made in any style, design, color, or pattern you like. This watch is the ideal one to give to a friend who has an extremely poor sense of time.

17. Things to do notepad

This wonderful notepad includes a cardboard backer and 70 pages of 4" by 8" sustainable paper that is printed with soy and vegetable-based ink. You can use each page as a to-do list for regular tasks. There is nothing wrong with switching back to paper if Evernote is not for you.

18. SUPERHi's learn to code now book

If your web designer is still learning the ropes, SUPERHi's Learn To Code Now book can assist them improve their coding abilities. It covers most design fundamentals, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

19. reMarkable paper tablet

Tablets don't always come down to Apple vs. Android. It turns out that reMarkable has added an intriguing twist with what it refers to as "the Paper Tablet."

You can tell from the name alone that this tool will revolutionize how your designer works. It was created by reMarkable to function as a smart notepad. It can scan sketches, offer infinite pages, turn handwritten notes into typed text, and operate for days without recharging.

20. Boogie board 8.5-Inch LCD writing tablet

If the price of reMarkable's Paper Tablet is out of your price range, go for the Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet.

It has a writing surface that responds to pressure and can handle both text and drawings. Then understand that the pressure you apply to the surface affects the thick lines. Additionally, your designer is not required to utilize the included stainless steel stylus. All kinds of devices, even your fingers, can make it react.

21. Nix Pro 2 color sensor

With the Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor, your lucky designer can avoid the confusion of estimating color codes and tints.

It analyzes and precisely detects colors, just as its name implies. You can evaluate various colors and import custom color libraries even when designing.

The device functions in tandem with the Nix smartphone app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

22. Wacom Intuos Pro

Even while the Boogie Board and the Paper Table from reMarkable are among the best presents for designers, neither one can compare to Wacom's Intuos Pro. The purpose of this pen tablet was to serve professional designers. You will have outstanding control when using 2D and 3D modeling tools because of its very responsive surface. In fact, it functions as a digital extension of your hand.

Nevertheless, there are three different models of the Wacom Intuos Pro: the Wacom Intuos Pro M, Wacom Intuos Pro S, and Wacom Intuos Pro L.

23. Cosmonaut wide-grip stylus for capacitive touch screen tablets

Consider giving your designer the Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus if they already have a drawing tablet. And sure, all capacitive touch displays are compatible with it flawlessly. For example, the designer can use it to draw manually on an iPad Air, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, or Kindle Fire.

24. Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand+

Almost all of the standard ports that designers utilize are included in this adapter. Two USB-A data ports, one USB-C data port, one USB-C Power Delivery charging port, one HDMI port, one microSD card slot, and one regular SD slot are all present.

25. Communication arts subscription

Visual journals rank highly among the many sources of inspiration for designers. Therefore, isn't it a fantastic idea to give someone a subscription to Communication Arts? The largest international publication for visual media is called Communication Arts. It includes photography, graphic design, interactive design, advertising, and illustrations.

26. Sony PlayStation 5

Yes, designers enjoy what they do. But every Jack would become uninteresting if he spent all his time working. So you could give your favorite designer the brand-new Sony PlayStation 5 to improve their lives.

The Sony PlayStation 5 game console, released about two years ago, has made waves in the gaming business. Thanks to the console's 16GB memory, AMD Radeon RDNA graphics engine, 2.23 GHz GPU and an 8-core CPU, the designer in your life will undoubtedly love clear images and high-resolution video gameplay.

27. UI Stencils website stencil kit

Before ultimately turning their designs to digital interfaces in tools like Figma or others, web designers often start their projects with pencil sketches. As a result, the correctness of the initial paper illustration significantly impacts how the final design will turn out.

Now, give the useful UI Stencils Website Stencil Kit to your web designer as a gift to assist them with that. It is designed to increase free-hand accuracy when creating iconographic illustrations.

28. UI Stencils browser sketch pad

And while we're talking about drawings, the UI Stencils Browser Sketch Pad would make an excellent present for designers in 2024. It's a design sketch pad that includes a browser template, as the name would imply. Naturally, this makes it straightforward for web designers to start their UI sketches immediately.

Yes, it does function flawlessly with the UI Stencils Website Stencil Kit, in case you were wondering.

29. Adobe Stock subscription

The top presents for a designer in 2024 don't always have to be physical gifts. It won't take much, even something as simple as an annual subscription to Adobe Stock (among other productivity tools) would be something they might love.

With that, finding high-resolution, royalty-free stock pictures for their projects will be simple for your designer. The images can be easily altered using other Adobe design programs, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, once they have been downloaded.

30. Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

While you're doing it, consider acquiring them the entire suite of necessary Adobe design tools. Now, you could subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud rather than buy software solutions (such Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop) separately. More than 20 desktop and mobile tools are available for site design, videography, photography, UX editing, etc. Almost everything a designer would require is available here.

31. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is another well-liked all-inclusive tool for web and app designers. Your designer will have access to millions of fantastic resources for fostering their creativity if they subscribe to one of the programs. Photos, presentation templates, audio files, movies, WordPress themes and plugins, and much more are all included with Envato Elements.

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