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A business with a loyal customer base survives for a long time. Customer satisfaction is one of the key aspects that a business has to pay attention to. How can a business get to know the feedback from customers? This can be done through periodic surveys, which have been discussed below.

Why are customer surveys important?

Customers are the biggest assets of a business. A company can prosper only with their continued support.

Customer surveys are a way to understand whether the customer is satisfied with your product or not. It brings to light any need for improvement and thereby helps in the growth of the business.

How to create customer satisfaction and feedback surveys?

Here are the effective ways to create customer satisfaction and feedback surveys:

1. Choose the right tool

  • To obtain meaningful data, you should choose the right set of tools for your survey.
  • The right tool will help you ask the right questions, examine responses, and track customer sentiments.

2. Ask short and simple questions

  • Your survey should be short and relevant.
  • Ask only those questions that are crucial for improving customer relationships.

3. Choose the right time to ask

  • Select the right time for surveys, like a month after purchase or a few weeks after you don’t get any response.

4. Use split testing

  • Create two sets of survey questions with minimum variations.
  • This helps to find out which survey is most liked by customers.

5. Do not forget to thank the customer at the end of the survey

  • Always thank your customers for their time.
  • This creates a good brand impression.

Let us get started with some engaging survey templates that you can follow.

Customer satisfaction survey templates from well known brands

We have listed 28 survey templates from top brands for you to refer to.

1. Qualtrics

Below is a customer satisfaction survey that Qualtrics sends out to its customers. Qualtrics, a data collection company, helps businesses gather data about their customers.

This is a simple survey template that seeks answers on information that are vital to the brand. With the help of the drop-down menu filling out the form is a breeze for the customers.


2. FedEx

The FedEx customer satisfaction survey template given below is a straightforward request to the customers. With the click of a button, they can rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-10.

This does not take much of the customer’s time and, at the same time, helps your business by providing much-needed feedback.


3. Skype

Have you noticed every time you hang up a Skype call, you get a notification to fill up a survey? This is done to understand the customer's satisfaction regarding the call quality.

It just takes a few minutes to fill up the form, but it contains all relevant information for improvement. The number of stars selected indicates the level of satisfaction of the customer. By segregating audio and video issues, the brand is able to gather information about the problem faced accurately.


4. Starbucks

One of the world’s most popular coffee brands, Starbucks, circulates a survey in the below format to understand the level of satisfaction of its customers.

This survey puts all relevant aspects of customer service together to know how satisfied or otherwise the customers feel.

When the number of customers opting for a positive response is more, it indicates that the brand is offering a highly satisfactory service. If not, it is an indication of corrective actions to be taken.


5. McDonald’s

McDVoice from Mcdonald's is a popular survey portal where the brand requests customer opinions after a purchase. Here the brand seeks to hear from the customers about the quality of food, the restaurant, and the service of the staff.

A range of options is given for the customer to fill out. The brand also wants to find out if the customers will return again and refer them to others.

From the various ratings, the business can identify areas where they are functioning efficiently and otherwise as well.


6. Subway

This popular fast-food chain has an excellent survey template that you can steal. It seeks to make the most from a customer’s experience at the store.

The store ID mentioned in the form helps to associate the feedback received with the particular branch to make better analysis possible.

The drop-down menu also lists reasons for an unsatisfactory response. This facilitates appropriate action based on the response.


7. Volotea

The low-cost European airlines seeks to understand the level of customer satisfaction through the below survey template.

Customers' experience helps the business improve its services to cope with the competition.


8. Netflix

With the help of this customer satisfaction survey template, Netflix tries to understand the popularity of shows listed on the app.

This helps the brand to showcase listings according to popular preferences.

A customer-centric business should first identify the needs of the customer and act accordingly. Netflix does exactly the same through these surveys.

It is helpful in providing personalized recommendations to customers.


9. eBay

eBay is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can sell products. With the help of this survey template, eBay wishes to measure the satisfaction of customers on a scale of 1 to 5.

They also provide an opportunity for the customers to mention any points for improvement. This helps determine customers' feelings about the brand and its services.

The survey also indicates any corrective action to be taken by the brand.


10. Ford

The automobile giant Ford collects customer responses through these templates. This is with respect to a particular dealer, which means the brand is able to analyze the performance of the branch with this survey.

The survey results help the business associate the good and poor performance of respective dealers.


11. Taco Bell

The customer satisfaction survey of Taco Bell is unique. The customers get a chance to win cash in return for their responses.

This motivates the customers to provide responses to the survey questions. This is an excellent customer-centric approach that helps the brand scale more.


12. Zomato

The survey template of Zomato, the food delivery company, attempts to find out the difficulties while ordering food.

By giving various options, the business is able to find out the exact problem of the customer.


13. Looka

Looka used the below survey to find out the reasons that are preventing the prospects from purchasing. Of all the choices, the survey revealed that the reason was the price factor.

These surveys are a great way to identify the lapses in the business. Accordingly, Looka reduced the prices to see a great improvement in revenues.


14. Paytm

By offering opportunities for customers to report their satisfaction level, Paytm arrives at appropriate solutions.

It also gives a platform to report bugs directly on the app. This assists the customer greatly.



Through this survey, INBOUND attempts to elicit customer feedback by first thanking them for their association with the brand.

It also provides a link to the content library. The approach by INBOUND motivates the customers to provide their valuable feedback.



Customer satisfaction is very important and can be easily ascertained by asking the right questions at the right time.

Analyzing your customer’s opinions and taking corrective actions can help accelerate your business growth and multiply your revenues.

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