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Christmas is creeping up on us, and there's no better time to share some of our favorite Christmas gifts for product teams. When wrapping a present for a great product team member, you need something that will make their holiday season merry and bright.

Make your product team smile with a unique and thoughtful Christmas gift.This list contains 8 great Christmas gifts for product teams so they can make the best out of their workdays.

8 Best Christmas gift ideas for product teams

Here are our top 8 gift suggestions for your product teams that will help you express your gratitude for them this Christmas season.

1. Virtual whiteboard

Product teams enjoy making notes on whiteboards and using these enormous expanses as a framework for their concepts and methods of communication. But what if certain members of their team work remotely? Or do they want to avoid carrying the whiteboard to their desk from the meeting room's wall? Purchase a virtual whiteboard Jamboard or Microsoft Surface Hub. Of course, they could merely put Ideapaint on every wall at the workplace (or home).

2. Noise-canceling headphones

As much as they love talking to their team and customers, sometimes product teams just need some peace and quiet to focus on a particular idea, yet it can be hard to do in today's open office environments. Enter the noise-canceling headphones – whether they want in-ear or over-the-ear options!

3. Great coffee

Most product people run on coffee, and they need fuel to come up with good product ideas, and instant coffee just doesn't cut it. So. find their trendy local coffee shop and get a gift card! And no, Starbucks doesn't count. Failing that, upgrade the office coffee to some quality beans from that excellent coffee shop.

4. A drone

Drones have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and who doesn't want a personal drone following them and filming every cool move on their snowboard/skateboard/surfboard?

Even if the product team is not a boarding enthusiast, it'll let them get some fantastic photos or footage wherever they are (except anywhere near an airport, don't be that guy).

5. VR or AR headset

Can't tell how much AR and VR are helpful for the product team, like seeing how it actually works in reality before it is even created.

Virtual and Augmented Reality might just be poised to disrupt how they do everything – the only way to know for sure or to stay ahead of the game is to try it for themself!

6. Smart notes

The product team often has a lot of meetings, and sometimes those meetings take up their whole day in brainstorming ideas. Usually, it's nicer to use pen and paper to avoid being distracted by the latest animated gif in Slack, but then it can be a pain to transcribe their notes afterward. Check out smart pens and notebooks for instantly digitized notes.

7. Touchscreen canvas

For the designers who indulge their every time in designing products out there, nothing beats sketching and designing on a large canvas. Microsoft's Surface Studio provides a 28″ canvas that can be set up as a drafting table for that ultimate I'm-an-architect feeling. Or, for something smaller (and available to buy already) pick up an iPad Pro + Pencil or Microsoft Surface Tablet + Pen.

8. Cinema-light-box

We all know communicating product priorities, progress, and stats is one of the most important – and most boring – parts of product team jobs, so inject a little movie magic with a light-up cinema sign box the next time you need to communicate your latest OKRs.

9. Virtual assistant

The product teams are busy people who need to manage their time well, and the bots are here to save us! To better plan their meetings, sign up for a virtual assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo for a gadget at their constant beck and call, ready for every one of your spoken whims.

Making the Holidays Merrier for your Product Team!

Create a memorable holiday experience with our corporate Christmas gifts for your products teams. Spread joy to every tech geek on your team.


Christmas Eve is the ideal time to show appreciation for your coworkers and employees. However, buying presents might be challenging, especially if you need to buy Christmas presents for your product team. And so we have jotted down the best gifting ideas to help you in your gift-giving journey. Make this season memorable for those who put efforts into making your company reach that pillar of success.

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