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It's almost that wonderful and joyous time of the year again. The weather has turned chilly, the clocks have turned, and the evenings are growing darker. These days are the busiest and engaged with people making dozens of cookies, decorating trees, and looking for Secret Santa gift ideas for work and friends.

To make the workplace a little merrier, Secret Santa is the best game. Be it a remote team or a regular office team, it is enjoyed by everyone during the Christmas holidays.

What is Secret Santa?

The Christmas gift exchange king is Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a delightful alternative to the customary Christmas gift-giving ritual. It brings a lot of mystery, suspense, and surprise to the holiday gift-giving. Friends, family, or coworkers draw random names to become someone’s Secret Santa. They then find a perfect present and gift it secretly. On receiving the present, the giftee has to guess which group member was their Secret Santa. Guessing is a fun-filled moment. The best part is - it’s a game with only winners.

How to choose the perfect Secret Santa gift?

Now, you might ask, what are some good gift ideas for Secret Santa? Secret Santa may be challenging since everyone is rushing to find a perfect present. You are likely to spend a lot of time worrying over what unique ideas for Secret Santa gifts to get your boss or coworker for the office gift exchange.

Not to worry, we've got your back! Here are a few tips that will help you find a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker based on the team:

Consider the team dynamic. What team do they belong to? What are their favorites?

  • Look for something functional. Anything functional is always appreciated.
  • Think outside the box. Make this Christmas a memorable one.
  • Personalize it. Adding a personal touch to your gift can make it unforgettable.
  • Wrap your gift in a creative way. This makes it even more special.

When choosing an office Secret Santa gift, you’ll have to consider your co-worker's interests and the team dynamic. With a little thought and effort, you can find a present that your co-worker will appreciate and enjoy.

With presents guaranteed to be a hit, we can lessen the strain of your Secret Santa experience. Now, gather some munchings, take a break, and review our top office Secret Santa ideas for gift for every price range and budget in 2022!


Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Product Team

A Product Manager isn’t a role that fits neatly into a box with predetermined spheres and responsibilities. A product manager generally needs to bridge the gap between teams and work cross-functionally with development, marketing, and support to lead teams from a product’s conception through launch. Here are our recommended gifts for product managers.

1. Productivity planner

Productivity planner

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you're unorganized, it's simple to lose time. Help your co-workers stay focused and productive by providing them with planners, which are made to help boost efficiency. Productivity planners will help them finish their projects timely and achieve more with less.

2. Self-heating mug / Electric mug heaters

 Self-heating mug

Anyone who drinks hot coffee, tea, or cocoa will appreciate the gift of an electric mug with a heater. It’s perfect for people with a busy schedule. They’ll always have their drink handy. Be it late nights, early mornings, or just any other noon, this comfort in a mug at their seat will always make them happy.

Some other gift ideas for product teams are product management courses, Typeform membership, whiteboard, virtual assistant, etc. PMs are book lovers, too - books on new business ideas, human behavior, and product frameworks will enhance their thought process. All these gifts will help for a long go, and they’ll make your colleagues happy.

Secret Santa gift ideas for marketing team

While it may be their creativity that always seems to shine the brightest, Marketing people have an innate knack for bringing new ideas around us. While they are stressed, you can help them get over it. These amazing gift ideas below will show how much you care for your marketing team.

3. Stress Buster Toys

Stress Buster Toys

An excellent mindfulness method, stress relief toys may help your colleagues reduce stress by letting go of all the negative energy and recharging their mental battery. As a full day at work can squeeze their mental capacity, these toys help relax the mind and improve focus thereby increasing output, hence a perfect gift for the marketing team.

4. Tech kit organizer

Tech kit organizer

Wherever positioned, the Tech Kit Organiser gracefully carries all of your necessary tech equipment without taking up much space. Your marketing colleagues will be extremely grateful for this present since it will make their commute more convenient, and provide good control of essential tech belongings.

5. Succulent plants

Succulent plants

Offices and cubicles might seem dull and uninteresting. Give your marketing person a gift set of succulent plants to liven them up. In addition to being attractive, indoor plants will also enhance your coworker's focus and creativity to generate new marketing ideas. It requires practically minimal upkeep yet exudes serenity.

One other unique gift for the marketing team is TWS earbuds. Music is usually their favourite companion. Digital spectacles are new in the space and make a very unique gift. These are integrated with Bluetooth, calling functions, cameras, AR features, and beyond.

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Secret Santa gift ideas for tech team

Tech and computer professionals are often analytical, deeply logical, hard and long hours workers, have stress, eye strains, headaches and are most likely a bit hard to gift for. Getting gifts for these high-level problem-solvers and builders can be as tricky of a puzzle to solve as their day-to-day tasks. These high-quality and utility items are budget friendly and make a perfect gift.

6. Desk mats

Desk mats

Tech people sit in front of their laptops all day. Their desks should be organized and aesthetics should please their eyes. A Desk Mat would be a perfect gift for them. It not only does the work of protecting the laptop from scratches, but it also gives the desk a classy look.

7. Seat cushions

Seat cushions

Long intervals of time spent seated on an office chair can occasionally become unpleasant and uncomfortable. Giving your coworker an ergonomic seat cushion will be a kind gesture because it will make sitting comfy. It'll prove to be a really useful and thoughtful gift.

8. Relaxing eye gel masks

Relaxing eye gel masks

While your colleagues spend a lot of time on screen, it surely affects their eyes. Relaxing eye gel masks provide a cooling effect to the eyes. They provide good protection for tired, puffy and computer-fatigued eyes. Not just this, they also give immediate relief from stress, and headaches, and when used regularly, they help diminish dark circles.

One amazing gift idea for tech teams is an AR-VR device, it is all unique and one would always want to try their hands on it. Google Nest Mini and power banks are other utility gifts to make their life easier. They are sure to help them at all times. A tech item will always be appreciated by a tech person.

Secret Santa gift ideas for design team

The best people to work around with are designers. They are a valuable member of your team and your company because of their creativity and desire to improve everything they touch. Think well, and enhance it with a creative personalized Christmas message. A little more effort will go a long way when looking for designer gift ideas.

9. Exclusive paper tablet

Exclusive paper tablet

This Paper Tablet will make it look simple yet amazing to read, write, or draw instantly. This tablet will prove to be a promising present for designers who haven't quite made the full transition to digital. The tablet additionally offers a digital result with an analogue feel. Almost every designer would find this combination ideal.

10. Artistic table calendar of 365 Days

Artistic table calendar of 365 Days

Bring in something inspiring if your colleague’s workplace needs a bit more vitality. When it comes to making people happy, get a 365-day table calendar with motivational images that are either inspired by nature's beauty - flora or wildlife, or artistic designs.

11. Unique bookshelves - Desk organizers

Unique bookshelves - Desk organizers

Workplace organizers may appear to be an everyday present, but they are wonderful gift for designers since they help keep the desk tidy while organizing all the vital items in one place. The above organizer is exceptionally unique and derives its inspiration from cityscapes. They ensure that office supplies like stationery and books are conveniently stored and accessible.

Some other Christmas gift ideas for the design team can be a subscription to premium design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Canva Pro or any Canva alternative. Another utility gift is blue screen glasses. It will ensure to keep their eyes safe from the screen and show how much you care for them.

Secret Santa gift ideas for the sales team

Sales professionals are hard workers. They spend time gathering leads, making cold calls, going door-to-door, sending out hundreds of carefully crafted emails, and more of these time-intensive activities. That’s why these Secret Santa gift ideas for work for the sales team are a great way to reward these go-getters for their hard work.

12. Laptop bag / Laptop sleeves

Laptop bag / Laptop sleeves

A Briefcase or Laptop Sleeve is a classic office accessory that combines style and function. A sleek laptop bag will significantly improve the value of a sales representative's daily commute, especially if they often have in-person meetings with prospects and clients.

13. Hourglass


Hourglass is regarded as a fantastic productivity tool. While a rough day at sales might hamper all motivation, hourglass can be a mood booster. Consider the grace and simplicity of flipping your hourglass to get things done in a short span of 5 to 10 mins. Rotating hourglasses are spectacular and give the workspace a different charm.

14. Portable wireless charger

Portable wireless charger

Everyone has had the frustration of a dead phone at some point. Your sales staff can avoid this specific annoyance when travelling if they have access to a portable, wireless battery charger. Employees who regularly travel will particularly like this present because it eliminates the need to find a power source.

Some other gift ideas for sales teams are sales-based courses and insulated tiffins for the office. While the sales team has to commute often, an insulated tiffin will help them with warm food at all times and all places, you’re sure to impress them with your care and thoughtfulness.

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Secret Santa gift ideas for the customer success team

The Customer Success Team is the backbone of organizations. It is in charge of the consumers' success. They organize everyday activities to connect with clients and instruct them on best practices. While they are likely to burn out more, they surely deserve a thoughtful present.

15. French press coffee maker

French press coffee maker

With a French Press Coffee Maker machine, you can help your coworker start their day off right. A strong cup of coffee is prepared by these stylish coffee machines, making it ideal for facing the workweek. These are stylish, hand, and easy to clean. An amazing Secret Santa gift indeed!

16. Motivational mugs And custom coasters

Motivational mugs And custom coasters

Gifting Mugs with motivational quotes is one great way to encourage a person from the Customer Success Team to keep working positively. A set of personalized coasters will give your gift a sense of identity and protect the desk from stains and scratches.

17. Digital picture frame

Digital picture frame

A digital picture frame is a perfect desk accessory for your customer success team members. It can be personalized to display several pictures and videos. In addition, it also plays music, displays your calendar, and doubles as an alarm clock! While it is important for the customer success team to have the company vision in mind, it is a go-to gift. They can always add motivational images and positive quotes to boost morale.

Smart watches and books are other gift ideas for the customer success team. While smartwatches are good utility gifts, books are incomparable. An avid book read is sure to love receiving books as a gift. These might be motivational to inspirational books, but they definitely make a good Christmas present.

Secret Santa gift ideas for human resource team

Modern workplaces are rigorously steered by human resource specialists, improving efficiency and employee happiness along the way. These creative Secret Santa gift ideas to appreciate the team will let you show them how much you care for them.

18. Paper weights

Paper weights

An HR expert is expected to witness employees waiting up to come into their office for a variety of workplace woes. Unique paper weight is a wonderful method to cheer anyone up instantly with its beauty. It not only reduces anxiety but also cools the mind. These can be personalized too, making it a funny Secret Santa gift idea yet creative.

19. Phone and pen organizers

Phone and pen organizers

A well-constructed phone and pen stand offer convenience. They provide great storage options for both stationery items and phones, giving your colleague’s desk an organized appearance. They keep mess - off the tables. Although common, you can find multiple options or can even get them personalized.

20. Mini air purifier

Mini air purifier

Human Resource teams have always employees and managers meeting them in their cabins. To make sure the space is pleasant and the atmosphere is cool, mini air purifiers make a perfect gift. Additionally, because they must interact with people, generally communicable diseases shouldn't be one of the obstacles that they face each day. Air purifiers will keep the air clean and germ-free, and provide bliss.

Some other gift ideas for executives and managers are portable projectors and music platform subscriptions like Spotify or Youtube music. While projectors are surely helpful, music will help them relax from their busy schedule and calm their mind. It’s an instant mood booster - they’ll not forget this gift.

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Secret Santa gift ideas for Executives and Managers

Gift giving to your Executives and Managers can be a kind gesture when done correctly. But finding a gift that Executives will love might be hard to do. You’ll need to find something that's corporate-appropriate and most importantly, something they may actually like and use. Here are some amazing Secret Santa gift ideas for Executives and Managers.

21. Equilibrium toys

Equilibrium toys

Equilibrium Toys for the office are a wonderful way to help your managers stay calm all day. They'll be reminded of the importance of workplace harmony and well-being. Will additionally aid in reducing stress and boosting creativity. When you place this fun desk accessory on your workplace desk, it will be a great icebreaker.

22. Automatic air freshener

Automatic air freshener

Executives and Managers should have a very pleasant office atmosphere. Additionally, because they must interact with people of different personas, an air freshener with your manager’s favourite fragrance will help them stay composed. Throughout the day, a room freshener will keep the air clean and germ-free and provide bliss with its wonderful fragrance.

23. Yoga set

Yoga set

Executives and Managers have loads of things going in their minds. This accounts for a lot of stress and brainwork. Gifting them a Yoga set will help them set a healthier lifestyle and maintain a zen state which brings peace and stability. Yoga-inspired life is all to make them calm, and better at decision-making. They will cherish this gift for years and this thoughtful Christmas gift will show how much you care for them.

Some other gift ideas for executives and managers are portable projectors and music platform subscriptions like Spotify or Youtube music. While projectors are surely helpful, music provides a calming effect on the mind. It’s an instant mood booster - they’ll not forget this gift.

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Pro Secret Santa gifting tip

The above-listed gifts are definitely some amazing picks. If you’re considering giving something from these, lift your Secret Santa gift by adding beautiful Christmas wishes. Make it a memorable one. While packing, make sure to use a lovely gift wrapper - any Christmasy print will do great. It should bring a smile to your colleague’s face. If you’re still skeptical about what to gift, the below two ideas can never go wrong:

24. Gift Cards

Gift cards are simple and convenient as the recipients are free to pick what they want to buy with the gift card money. There are several ways to find digital gifts. Find out the website your co-worker commonly uses to make purchases, and give them one in accordance.

25. Experiences

If you know your co-worker’s basic preferences, gift them an experience. It may include a dinner experience, a movie experience, a concert booking, a get-together, or how about a spa booking? A little research will help a lot and make this a memorable gift!

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Closing Thoughts

No matter what you gift, give with all your heart. Having fun is the main goal of playing Secret Santa in the workplace! The holidays go around the tradition of giving happily. So relax, engage in happy conversations, indulge in delectable sweets, and embrace the Christmas spirit.

It's important to keep in mind that Secret Santa is about more than simply gifts. It's about unwinding at work, getting to know your coworkers better, and closing the year on a happy note. After all, we are all humans, we work so hard - and a holiday break is well deserved!

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