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Hold on tight and hope they never leave your side when you're connected with a fantastic Customer Success team.

They serve as the link between the product you purchased and the promised results, and they will stop at nothing to make them a reality. They are aware of your objectives and commercial difficulties. Your advantages and disadvantages. They are there for both the good times—like when you achieve your ROI goal—and the bad ones (we'll let you and your CS team deal with those).

So how can you let them know how appreciative you are that they gave up sleep and health to make sure you're receiving the most out of your investment now that the holidays are here? We've put up a list of presents that will cheer up your favourite Customer Success Manager and, maybe, make up for the time you contacted them at three in the morning.

12 Unique Christmas gifts for customer success teams

Here are 12 best Christmas gifts for Customer Success Teams to choose from.

1. The coffee saver

Raise your hand if you've ever begun the day with a warm cup of coffee only to discover it ice cold when you got back to your desk. This USB-powered coffee warmer will provide your CSM with a consistent supply of warm coffee, allowing them to use their caffeine high to respond to the paragraph of questions you just sent over rather than wasting time warming their coffee.

2. You are doing an amazing job calendar

You are aware of it, but do they? With the help of our one-a-day calendar, you can now send your CSM daily reminders of their brilliance, encouragement, and laughs.

3. “I Am Very Busy” travel mug

Your CSM needs this warm mug if their schedule is a vibrant mosaic of conflicting appointments. Your CSM-on-the-go may now flash this mug to others rather of always announcing how busy they are.

4. Smart notebook + pens

If your CSM like to take notes the old-fashioned way, let them stay current in 2018 with this notepad and pen set. The notebook is reusable; to remove notes made with the unique accompanying pens, simply microwave it (yes, microwave). This notebook not only bridges the gap between physical and digital, but it is also environmentally beneficial. Their handwritten notes may be posted to well-known cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others via the companion app.

5. Passion planner

Why not provide your CSM a method to apply that same emphasis to their own personal lives? They are always thinking about the objectives of your company. This calendar is a well-liked method for maintaining daily activities, appointments, and long-term goals in a tidy manner. Think of Gainsight for written personal objectives.

6. Charging station

Give your CSM the gift of endless battery life by treating them to a stylish charging station. They are no longer justified in missing your three in the morning calls!

7. The customer success book

Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue" must be read as soon as possible by your CSM if they haven't already. They will gain understanding of the "why" behind their daily activities from this book, which also offers a variety of best practises they can use across all of their accounts.

8. A thank you card, but better

Thank you notes are standard fare. A personalised, handwritten card that you can get right from your phone can amp it up (with no added pressure on your own creative talents). You can count on finding this card prominently displayed on your CSM's desk.

9. Desk toys

Did you realise that fidgeting helps with concentration? Forget stress balls and zen gardens; use this 12-pack of Silly Putty or a fidget cube to assist your CSM get through their several (many) daily calls instead. When your CSM sees how successfully these desk accoutrements keep them attentive over extended calls or meetings, they'll be grateful to you.

10. A spa day

If you're not the most challenging customer for your CSM, someone else probably is. Give your external staff member a Spafinder e-gift card so they may treat themselves to a selection of spa services to show them how much you care about them.

11. A breath of fresh air

The ideal present for your CSM is an air plant since it purifies the air and gives a pleasant touch of zen to a place while requiring very little upkeep and so won't take away from the time they need to spend getting ready for their call with you that afternoon.

12. Gift basket classics

With a Henry & David gift basket, you can't go wrong. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to giving your CSM (and their staff, if they're feeling kind) a delightful basket filled with delectable snacks.

Making the Holidays Merrier for your Customer Success Team

Corporate gifts are often a drag. We're all about saving you time with stylized customized gifts for the sales team. Gift that screams "That's so cool, thanks."


Remember that a 5-star review is the finest present you can offer your Customer Success Manager. If you have a moment, send a brief note to their supervisors expressing your gratitude for your CSM's efforts. And although if purchasing a CSM's ticket to Pulse 2024 might not be in your spending plan, don't forget to emphasise how beneficial the event will be for their Customer Success Managers, their company, and you, the client!

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