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It's Christmas, and there is a designer in your life that needs a gift! ​Communicating with your team is a huge part of being a designer. Working in a team can be challenging for enthusiastic creatives. You might have a fellow designer who is not as passionate—or less creative.

Sending the gift of Christmas cheer isn't always easy—for designers or for non-designers. But, whether you're shopping for a designer or just want to find great holiday gifts for creative people in your life, there are actually a lot of great options out there. Hope you like these 10 great Christmas gifts for your design team.

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Design teams

1. Wireframing notebook

This notebook from Moo is not only great to look at, but also lays flat so it is easy to draw in and sketch in. The paper quality is also top-notch. And the price makes it a steal. We love nice analog gifts, so check this one out.

2. Wooden wrist rest

It may be a tongue twister, but these are beautiful and also functional. I’m a huge fan of making my desk and working space beautiful, and I love nicely made wood products, so these look really cool.

3. The noun project

Most designers find themselves needing photos or icons frequently. Whether it is for work projects or personal projects. And that is why an annual subscription to The Noun Project is a thoughtful gift idea. Boasting over 3 million photos and icons, it will make it easy for the designer in your life to find just the thing they need.

4. Artisan candles

Speaking of making your home office delightful, let’s talk candles. This is an artisan candle subscription that lets you give 3 months of curated candles and lets your recipient enjoy a gift box that will be seasonally appropriate. Sounds pretty nice.

5. Seat cushion

We’re all spending lots of time in our chairs. No getting up to go to meetings or mingle around the water cooler these days. It’s all done in our office chair. So a little extra cushioning may go a long way.

6. Setapp membership

Setapp is an app membership. It includes a host of Mac and iOS apps that the designer in your life needs and may never have known they needed. They will get access to everything and can choose what they want to keep.

7. Blush app membership

Blush is a really cool design app that allows you to mix and match artwork to create illustrations for whatever you need. It makes it easy and is all royalty free. If the designer in your life creates a lot of modular illustrations or artwork, this would be an incredible gift.

8. Apple pencil

If you give a designer a new iPad, they’re going to ask for the Apple Pencil. With the newest model for the iPad Pro, you can pair and charge it wirelessly, increase your pressure to draw a thicker line—and even shade with a simple tilt of the wrist.

9. Something enduring!

Do denim wash shirts really truly disappear? Even your pickiest designers would enjoy this timeless essential, especially if you choose one like this one from AS Colour that is made with high-quality materials and is comfortable to wear. Additionally, if you have any fashion designers on your list, a denim shirt is the perfect present!

10. A handy wireless charger

The best presents are both fashionable and useful for both product designers and designers in general. Therefore, a wireless charger is one of the finest presents for designers since it is always utilised and appreciated. Select a modern style like Lexon that makes utilitarian fun!

Bland, boring & corporate, or fun, inspiring & personal?

Go out of the box and make your design team feel special this gifting season. They'll definitely go 'nuts' with our customized corporate Christmas gifts.


There are a number of reasons to send Christmas gifts to design teams. The most obvious is that it helps sales and design teams work together more closely and effectively. But the benefits don't end there. In addition to strengthening the relationship between sales and design, it also helps nurture a sense of camaraderie within your design team, as well as adding a level of excitement to your office holiday parties.

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