The first thing that catches a reader's attention in an email is the subject line. The reader understands what to expect even before reading the content. Sales follow-up emails have to be powerful and attention-grabbing so that the stages in the sales funnel gain momentum.

In this blog, you will learn 50 catchy follow-up email subject lines that can create better engagement with your readers.

Tips to write effective follow-up email subject lines

Follow some essential strategies such as these to write effective subject lines:

1. Keep it short

Your subject line must be short yet powerful. It should convey the intent of the email in a few words. It should be engaging and stimulate the reader to proceed to read the email.

2. Include value

Your subject line should carry value and not be clickbait. It should inform the readers of the purpose of the email.

3. Keep it natural

Let your follow-up subject line be friendly and not aggressive. Though it should be to engage your audience, you should not show signs of being desperate.

4. Personal connect

Personalize your email subject lines by including the name of the recipient or the organization. This will create instant attention and will improve open rates.

5. Keep it relevant to the content

An attractive subject line without any connection to the content, just to captivate the audience, will only be for the worse. Include a gist of your content in your subject and make it attention-grabbing.

50 follow-up email subject lines examples

Here are 50 example email subject lines for your follow-up emails:

  1. “Hi (name), A quick question from our last meeting.”
  2. “We have an important update for you on (give info).”
  3. “We hope you liked our event on (date).”
  4. “Just wanted to check on your progress regarding our order.”
  5. “Can we have a quick meeting on (date)?”
  6. “Is this the right person to talk to regarding (give info)?”
  7. “We hope you must have thought it over by now.”
  8. “It was great connecting with you at (event).”
  9. “We hope you haven’t forgotten the last date for our limited time deal.”
  10. “Check out what our customers have to say about our work.”
  11. “We would love to have your feedback on our last meeting.”
  12. “Still undecided?”
  13. “We are back with our yearly offer(mention offer).”
  14. “Hi (name), you still have 5 days to think over.”
  15. “I’ve been thinking about what you said.”
  16. “Here is one last attempt.”
  17. “Did you miss this?”
  18. “Quick meeting over a coffee?”
  19. “Should we stop contacting you for (mention details)?”
  20. “We are here with the next steps for you.”
  21. “It’s been quite some time since we heard from you.”
  22. “I just need 5 minutes of your time to discuss this.”
  23. “Hi (name), I hope you checked my voicemail.”
  24. “We thought you might be interested in solving (pain point).”
  25. “Hi (name), I read your article on (LinkedIn/Twitter etc).”
  26. “We have 3 solutions based on your recent Tweet.”
  27. “From the sales manager (company) to the sales manager (company).”
  28. “Exclusive offer for you on your first sign-up.”
  29. “ We are extending our free trial by another week.”
  30. “Let’s do this together (event).”
  31. “Did you review our proposal?”
  32. “Here is the link: Just in case you were looking for more information.”
  33. “We are waiting for your confirmation.”
  34. “Hi (name), I think we have a solution for your concerns.”
  35. “How can we help you with (details).”
  36. “Is anything preventing you from moving forward in this deal?”
  37. “We hope you had a discussion with your team regarding (details).”
  38. “Our upgraded solutions tailor-made for you.”
  39. “We promise unparalleled support for your (concern/goal).”
  40. “Do we have any news from you?”
  41. “Hi (name), I just wanted to keep in touch.”
  42. “We hope things are going fine. It’s been a while.”
  43. “We would like to understand you better with this survey (link)?”
  44. “We have some exciting news for you this time.”
  45. “Here’s is the purchase link in case you liked our product demo.”
  46. “Hi (name), (sender’s name) here; I think we must meet over coffee.”
  47. “If you are yet to sign up, have a look at our reduced prices.”
  48. “We see that you are still looking to solve (pain point). Can we help?”
  49. “Your search for the best (product) ends here at (company).”
  50. “Want to join our list of satisfied customers?”


A compelling subject line for a follow-up email goes a long way in influencing the reader. They help to improve the open rates and increase the chances of selling.

We have provided you 50 effective subject lines that you could use in your emails. Always remember to follow the best practices when crafting your email so as to have a better reach.

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