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December is mostly everyone’s favorite month of the year, and rightly so. It is the season of feasting, gifting, and merry-making. It is also the time to reflect upon the year gone by and connect with everybody that truly matters!

It is the right time for businesses to strike a chord with their customers. Like every other company, your objective is to establish strong, enduring bonds with your customers so that they continue to use your products or services year after year.

Since your firm's success largely depends on good customer relations, keeping your clients satisfied should be your top priority. One of the simplest ways to appease your clients is by giving them gifts during the festive season!

If you need more ideas on how to surprise and delight customers, you have come to the right place.

13 Best surprise and delight ideas for customers

If you need an answer to the most oft-asked question of the season, “how to surprise customers,” continue reading for the best surprise and delight ideas for customers:

1. Offer unique perks

Offering unique perks to your clients gives you a competitive edge over other businesses and brands. Giving the customers more than they asked for sets you apart from your competitors.

Offering cashback, adding personalized notes, remembering their name, giving a few freebies, taking suggestions, hosting giveaways, packaging the goods a certain way, and quick delivery, among other things, are some of the unique perks that help you impress clients.

2. Surprise them with a Christmas newsletter

Newsletters can play a pertinent part in the success of a business. They help brands find more clients, boost the business’s credibility, and assist in keeping the customers updated, among other benefits.

Since most businesses offer special discounts and offers during Christmas and New Year, launching a special Christmas-themed newsletter with all the relevant details can help you keep your customers informed about these deals.

You can even go the extra mile by including the names of some of your top customers in this special holiday-themed newsletter. Dedicating the newsletters to a few loyal customers is a great way of establishing a personal connection with your audience.

This little gesture can be the perfect Christmas surprise for your regular buyers. Indeed, Christmas newsletters are a great way of striking the right chord with your customers and boosting sales!

3. Host an evening of fun at your workplace

Hosting a fun Christmas or New Year event at your workplace and inviting regular customers can make them feel appreciated and seen.

To host a fun event, you need to plan well in advance. Since it is supposed to be an enjoyable evening, you can engage your invitees with interesting Christmas or New Year-themed games.

You can even have a Santa Claus to distribute goodies (preferably on-brand items) to add the perfect zest to your party.

Mapping out some details like budget and supplies should be the foremost priority. Promote your event through email marketing, social media advertisements, and landing pages to reach a wider audience.

Use your interpersonal skills during the event to make your customers feel at home. The majority of successful firms regularly organize or hold events. By doing so, they boost the brand’s visibility while fostering relationships with potential clients or consumers.

It greatly promotes the development of rapport and trust, improving relationships and encouraging clients to stay true to your brand.

4. Give them a sneak peek of the new year's projects

If you have a product launch scheduled for the upcoming year, giving your customers a sneak peek is a great way to keep them hooked. It helps you stay at the top of their minds and makes them focus on saving money for the upcoming launch. It is an easy approach to satisfy customers and increase social interaction.

5. Co-marketing ideas

Even though the competition is a big part of the business world, only some companies offering to your target market are rivals. Some of them might be possible partners in your co-marketing journey.

Two complementary brands can run campaigns or advertisements that would be costly or difficult to do alone by pooling their audiences and resources.

6. Send a holiday card with a personal message

The easiest, least expensive, least risky, and most rewarding method to remind current and former customers how much you care is through holiday cards. A personal message would be the perfect cherry on the cake to make your clients feel extra special.

7. Donate to their favorite charity

As Christmas is associated with giving, donating to charity is something people often like to do during this time of the year. There is no better way to give back to society, boost your sales, and make your customers happy than to link their purchases with their favorite charitable institutions.

8. Heartfelt Christmas and new year messages

The simplest way of reminding your customers, new and old, of your presence, is by sending them heartfelt Christmas and New Year greetings. You can jot down these new year's wishes on cards, send them to the customers via email, or text them.

9. Travel combo kit

The speedy boost in sales is the indisputable benefit of developing and giving special combo deals. People rush in when a seller announces discounted prices to get the greatest deals. A sharp surge in footfall will increase sales.

With most people vacationing during the holiday season, offering a travel combo kit is ideal. Travel combos often include miniature-sized items, which allow the audience to try out the products.

10. Gourmet gift baskets

Gift baskets are popular because they frequently contain foods and delicacies that people wouldn't otherwise purchase for themselves. Gift baskets enable the recipient to try small amounts of a novel flavor or product without committing to a major purchase. For someone brave and curious to try new things, it can be a beautiful experience.

11. Digital gift cards

The most popular present throughout the Christmas season is a digital gift card. Gift cards are great for last-minute shoppers but are even better for businesses because customers frequently buy more than the gift card is worth.

Moreover, digital gift cards are also easy to circulate. Other benefits of gift cards for businesses include improved brand awareness, increased customer loyalty, etc.

12. Solicit feedback on things you've already done

With everybody reflecting on the year and promising to improve themselves in the upcoming year, it is also significant for brands to set new year goals and resolutions.

There is no better way to work on your brand than by taking customer feedback. You can request your buyers fill in a feedback form in exchange for special offers or gift cards. The entire process will make your customers feel important and help you improve your product or service.

13. Send a personalized calendar for the New Year

Compared to things that might be used up or lost well before the year mark, calendars are utilized for at least a year, so you know your clients will be remembered for your business more frequently.

This ongoing involvement in your clients' lives encourages loyalty and ensures they return to you!

14. Give free upgrades to your service or product

Giving free upgrades is a great way of making your existing clientele try your premium products or services. The free upgrades are supposed to last only during a certain time frame, implying the clients will have to purchase it once the period lapses.

Therefore, offering free upgrades is a great way of boosting sales of your high-end products or services.

15. Share your favorite list of resources/books

There is hardly any better way of interacting with your clients than going old-school. Christmas movies and books will always stay in trend. Wish your clients a Merry Christmas, and attach your favorite list of resources/books to make a lasting impression on them. You can even send the book to their doorstep with some chocolates.

It is one of the most unique, unconventional, and inexpensive ideas to keep in touch with your customers.

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Average businesses deliver only what is expected of them. Great brands go above and beyond. Finding creative and unexpected methods to deliver the best products and services converts skeptics into believers and mere spectators into loyal clientele who recommend your business to their friends.

Businesses can't exist without their customers. To protect your business's future, you must spend time and energy to make your customers happy.

The holiday season can be the best excuse to go the extra mile for your clients and make them feel like an integral part of your brand.
Investing in surprise and delight ideas for customers during the festive season ensures high sales, improved brand image, increased customer loyalty, and much more!

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