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New Year is a wonderful time of joy, celebration, and appreciation of all things good in our lives. As a company, your success depends on your clients and customers who return to your business every season.

To leave a lasting impression on these important people, it isn’t enough to send them “thank you” New Year wishes, go further and send them a corporate gift they will always remember. This article discusses some great corporate New Year gifts for clients and customers that are sure to delight!

Thoughtful New Year Gifts for Clients & Customers

Thoughtful New Year gifts for corporate clients will remind them of you for a long time. These tangibles should be useful in their daily lives or leave lasting impressions. In this list, we’ve put together items that your clients would find helpful.

1. Daily planners

Productivity necessitates promptly organizing our tasks every day and even taking breaks to relax. Daily planners with individual tabs for goals, to-dos, reminders, and breaks, are a great choice as a New Year present for your clients.

A physical planner is also a welcome break from using phones all day; writing things down is more fun. If you wish to remain on their minds for longer, gift them, customized planners, for a holiday with your logo.

2. Desk essentials

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, desk essentials make up a workspace! Desk essentials can be divided into consumables and utility items that everyone needs.

Consumables include sticky notes, pencils, pens, markers, thumbtacks, and notepads. Utility items include pencil sharpeners, pen holders, staplers, desk clocks, desk lamps, erase boards, mouse pads, etc.

3. Candle or aromatic fragrances

Aromatic fragrances have a wonderful effect on people as they can generate emotions of comfort, relaxation, or elation. Fragrances also evoke positive memories and even change the mood to inspire the whole office.

If you intend to make it your thing to gift aromatic candles, then stick to a range of fragrances, they will eventually associate with you. Pick an uplifting fragrance that fits the nature of your business and leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

4. Combo kits

Combo kits are a good choice for corporate New Year gift box for clients if you aren’t sure what they might find delightful. Clients passionate about traveling would appreciate a travel combo kit containing essentials such as a journal, utility tool, wireless headphones, neck pillow, etc. A festive joy kit with goodies such as assorted chocolates, crispies, and dry fruits would delight all.

5. Tableware or crockery

New Year-themed tableware is just what you need to gift your clients to stay true to the festival's spirit. Regardless of how many they already possess, there’s always room for more porcelain in everyone’s homes. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, ensure your gift is microwave safe, so they find good to use daily.

6. Chocolates & sweets box

The holiday season is never complete without indulging in all your favorite treats. Put together a set of assorted candies, chocolates, and sweets in a cute New Year-themed box to delight your clients and customers.

7. Gift cards

Sometimes, it’s better to give your clients the option to choose their own New Year gifts for the season. Holiday Gift Cards are the perfect option to give them the flexibility to choose what they want and add value to your gift. Walmart, Apple, Target, iTunes, and Google Cards offer most of what your clients would want for New Year.

8. Coffee & tea blends kit

In modern work environments, tea and coffee are the mainstays. People who love trying different varieties would highly appreciate a blend kit with different types and flavors of coffee. You will seldom go wrong as a generic gift by picking a tea and coffee blend kit for your clients!

9. Handwritten notes & greeting cards

Personalization carries more weight when it comes to wishing your clients for the festival. If your budget doesn’t allow expensive gifts, then handwritten notes and greeting cards are here to save the day.

Pick a good New Year-themed card from the store, or better still, have your creative staff make the cards individually for the clients and leave personalized notes with New Year wishes.

10. Portable powerbank or charger

Although most places have power outlets, there’s nothing more empowering than carrying that extra juice for all your electronics wherever you go. A reliable power bank can be quite a delightful gift for anyone, especially if it has a good capacity. Pick models that perfectly balance cost, power, and quality.

11. Kindle reader

When picking corporate client New Year gifts for your most valued clients, you can kick it up several notches and go for something that exudes value. A Kindle reader can be an absolute delight for savvy clients who love to read on the go.

Show your clients that they are valued with a physical gift. Also, explore many options on the Xoxoday store for more gifting ideas and great deals!

Delightful digital New Year gifts for clients & customers

Here’s a list of corporate New Year gifts for clients that are sure to delight:

1. Food & restaurant gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for food and dining are a delightful New Year gift you can give your clients and customers, as everybody loves food! Whether it’s vouchers for fine dining or food delivery services, these are always perceived as valuable gifts.

Delight your customers this New Year season by sending them a:

  • Swiggy Gift Voucher: Swiggy is an on-demand food delivery service used by over 50 million people. Swiggy vouchers are appreciated by everyone who orders in!
  • The Beer Café Gift Voucher: A gift card for The Beer Cafe is an absolute delight to anyone who loves tasting different kinds of beer.
  • Dominos Pizza Gift Voucher: Delight your clients with a voucher to the country’s most popular pizza place.
  • Barbeque Nation Gift Voucher: treat your clients to the best barbecue experience in the city with a gift card to Barbecue Nation.
  • Mainland China Gift Voucher: Mainland China specializes in East-Asian cuisines. This gift voucher lets you visit any of their 100 outlets across the country.

2. Fashion & lifestyle gift vouchers

If most of your customers stay on top of the latest fashion trends, nothing will delight them more this New Year season than fashion and lifestyle gift vouchers. They can choose from an endless list of items and finally strike off something they’ve always wanted to have from their list.

Make this New Year season extra special for your clients and customers with the following:

  • Flipkart Gift Voucher: India’s most popular online shopping destination, Flipkart features a whole range of shopping categories.
  • Myntra Gift Voucher: Myntra is the Go-to e-commerce site for fashion and lifestyle. Delight your clients with a Myntra gift voucher.
  • Westside Gift Voucher: Westside is a popular clothing retail brand. A gift voucher to Westside would sure put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • Pantaloons Gift Voucher: Pantaloons is another popular destination for fashion and clothing. A gift voucher for this store would be much appreciated.
  • Levi’s Gift Voucher: A pair of Levis would be an absolute delight to denim lovers.

3. Health & wellness gift vouchers

A health and wellness gift voucher is thoughtful for your clients and customers. It shows that you care for their health and are invested in ensuring they are doing well. Show your clients how much you care for their health with a:

  • Apollo Pharmacy Gift Voucher: Apollo pharmacy is a one-stop shop for health and wellness. Show how much you care through a gift card!
  • Organic India Gift Voucher: promote a healthy lifestyle- gift a voucher to Organic India.
  • The Body Shop Gift Voucher: Pamper your clients with a body shop gift card.
  • Kairali Gift Voucher: for your clients living a healthy lifestyle, a voucher for Kairali is a wonderful gift.
  • Himalaya Gift Voucher: Give your clients a thoughtful gift this New Year with a Himalaya voucher.

4. Sports gift vouchers

Sedentary lifestyles have made it necessary for everyone to exercise or suffer from a lifetime of disorders. Most people find the motivation to exercise hard to come by, and procrastination dominates any attempt at leading a healthy lifestyle.

While a gift voucher to a fitness center is a delight for the health-conscious, it just might be the motivation some of your customers need to get moving!

Motivate your clients to get moving with a:

  • Cultsport Gift Voucher: This voucher from Cultsport is to encourage your clients to buy workout gear and apparel.
  • Cultpass Pro/Elite Gift Voucher: Motivate your clients on the move to stay fit. Gift them a Pro/Elite pass for all centers.
  • Decathlon Gift Voucher: Decathlon is a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs. Gift your clients a gift card for decathlon today.
  • Cultsport Gift Voucher: This voucher from cult might just be the perfect gift to your fitness enthusiast clients.
  • Cultpass live Gift Voucher: The life pass gives access to some premium features. it’s the best fitness gift for your client.

5. Grocery gift cards and vouchers

Groceries are everyday consumables that are an absolute necessity. Delight your customers with gift vouchers for their favorite supermarkets and delivery services. Choose from any of the following:

  • Swiggy Money Gift Voucher: Swiggy is used by most people for food delivery. A voucher is quite a nice gift for your client.
  • Bigbasket Gift Voucher: Bigbasket is a leader in grocery delivery service. Pamper your clients today with a voucher!
  • Blink It Gift Voucher: Blink it gets you what you need to be delivered to your doorstep in no time! A voucher for Blink it would be a great gift.
  • Spencer’s Gift Voucher: One of the country’s oldest grocery chains has more than 120 stores in 35 cities. Gift your client a Spencer’s voucher today.
  • Spar Hypermarket Gift Voucher: SPAR is one of the largest hypermarket operators in the country. A voucher to SPAR is always helpful.

6. Entertainment/OTT gift cards and vouchers

OTT platforms exploded in popularity in the wake of the pandemic, and they are here to stay. People can now choose what they want to watch and subscribe precisely to it. As part of routine life, expenditure on entertainment is a given reality for most people.

Gift cards and vouchers for online subscriptions and movies can be an absolute for your clients. Here are some great options to choose from:

  • BookMyShow Gift Voucher: BookMyShow is the portal to all things entertainment. A gift voucher is sure to be a delight.
  • PVR eGift Voucher: Gift your clients a classic movie experience with a PVR eGift Voucher.
  • Entertainment Pay Gift Voucher: With GYFTR entertainment, you can have all entertainment brands under one roof. Gift your clients a voucher today.
  • Hotstar Gift Voucher: Hotstar is a popular subscription on-demand video streaming platform. Gift a voucher today for unlimited entertainment.
  • Gaana Gift Voucher: For a one-stop music experience, gift a Gaana Voucher.

7. Travel gift cards and vouchers

Traveling is an experience people cherish for a lifetime. With all the pandemic restrictions lifted, people have longed to revamp their travel plans. With gift cards, it is possible to choose the destination they need and avail discounts worth the amount on the card you give them. So make their next journey memorable and gift them an experience to remember! Here are some great options to choose from:

  • Taj Hotels Gift Voucher: The Taj Hotels offer an exquisite staycation for their guests with candlelight dinners and rejuvenating messages. Gift your client one today.
  • Cleartrip Gift Vouchers: Cleartrip E-Gift Card is the perfect present you can gift a client who is into traveling.
  • Yatra Gift Vouchers: Yatra offers the most competitive pricing for air tickets, rooms, and international hotels. Gift your clients a voucher today!
  • Marriott Hotels Gift Vouchers: The Marriott offers exquisite dining experiences, luxurious stays, and spa appointments that are an absolute delight. Gift a voucher today!
  • MakeMyTrip Gift Vouchers: MakeMyTrip is the go-to platform online for all Indian travelers. Gift a voucher today!

8. Charity gift cards and vouchers

Your altruistic clients and customers will appreciate an opportunity to give back to society. As a business encouraging everyone to donate to a cause reflects well on your commitment to corporate social responsibility. So here’s an opportunity for you to make an impact and encourage your customers to do the same:

  • Donatekart gift Vouchers: Donatekart enables people to donate to various causes. Gift a voucher today!
  • Points for Good Gift Vouchers: Points for Good gift vouchers can be used to donate to many causes online. Gift a voucher today!

9. Jewellery gift cards and vouchers

Jewellery is both a fashion accessory and an investment for most people. There are dual benefits to buying up precious metals, and you can encourage your customers to make smart choices by gifting them a jewelry gift voucher. Here are some great options to choose from:

  • Tanishq Gift Vouchers: Tanishq is synonymous with exquisite design and outstanding craftsmanship in jewelry. Gift a voucher today for their next purchase.
  • Jos Alukkas Gift Vouchers: Jos Alukkas is a one-stop shop for all things jewelry. Gift a voucher today!
  • Bluestone Gift Vouchers: Choose from thousands of gold, platinum and gold jewelry. Gift a voucher to Bluestone today!
  • Reliance Jewels Gift Vouchers: Choose from the widest collection of gold and diamond jewelry. Gift a voucher to Reliance Jewels today.
  • Giva Gift Vouchers: Shop for jewelry online. Gift your treasured clients something precious today!
There’s a lot more where that came from! Check out the Xoxoday store for more options and gift ideas for your clients and customers.


The corporate New Year gifts for clients mentioned in this article are suitable for a wide range of people with different tastes and preferences. It’s ideal to choose the right gift type once you know the preferences of your clients and customers. You can always stick to the safer option and gift something generic when in doubt. Since you’re only a week away from the end of the year, it is also a great idea to start thinking about sending New Year gifts to your most valued clients!

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