What if philanthropic salvation could be achieved by redeeming reward points and air miles?

It’s now possible-- For Good Causes, a UK-based fintech company has come up with an innovative way for customers to donate their loyalty points, cashback points, rewards, and air miles to charity. By cashing in these points through brands like Vodafone, BP, Quidco, Rakuten, and more, consumers have an option to donate to any charity of their choice-- with more than 20,000 charities to choose from.

With over 20,000 charities to choose from, users can donate points for causes they care about.
With over 20,000 charities to choose from, users can donate points for causes they care about.

For Good Causes, the most emotionally engaging reward platform has joined forces with Xoxoday-- the people engagement specialist. Companies can now issue flexible rewards that allow recipients to utilize a part of their rewards for personal consumption as well as donate part of the reward to a charity of choice via For Good Causes.

Whilst the For Good Causes proposition resonates well with all demographics, it is particularly compelling for millennials. More than 60% of millennials stated they would prefer to donate their rewards to good causes than retain them for personal use, in research by KPMG. However, consumers don’t have to choose one or the other.

The FGC card is a perfect way to donate points for philanthropic causes.
The FGC card is a perfect way to donate points for philanthropic causes.

Through this collaboration, Xoxoday assists three stakeholders in the chain -- the enrolled charities,  the brands, and the consumers, the ultimate philanthropists.

Benefit to Charities

Charities and not-for-profit organizations now have access to another formidable stream of income and they can receive donations from people in the form of charity gift cards for good causes, who may be reluctant to donate cash. When the same thing opens up for redemption through reward points, a new avenue opens up. More than 20,000 charities are registered with For Good Causes and the setup cost to register your charity is zero.

Benefit to Brands

Almost every brand has reward points as a strategy in the marketing mix and they can step into the world of emotional engagement by giving their customers a chance to make a difference in the world.  A personalized, digital, and simple platform to deploy redemption is just what’s needed to show customers that you care.

Benefit to Consumers

Consumer can donate their unused points as charity gift cards for good causes of their choice without spending cash. With thousands of causes to choose from, donations are completely anonymous and those unused points will be put to good use. The potential to create greater emotional engagement by empowering consumers to donate to a charity of their choice is high, yet relatively untapped.

As all generations of people are coming together to make this world a better place, a platform like For Good Causes would make the change a whole lot easier. Next time you are thinking about donating to great causes, log on to For Good Causes and get it done.

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