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Choosing the right technical skills for resumes based on the job you are applying for is crucial if you want to be called for an interview by the employer. A report by Monster has shared that 50% of job seekers need to better articulate their technical skills on the resume for better navigation. A well-crafted resume with adequate skills is a prerequisite for anyone looking to get interview calls from their favorite recruiters.

In today’s age, businesses need candidates with technical skills as we live in a technology-driven world. Therefore, your resume must inform your recruiter that you have the right skill set to carry out the tasks your role demands. 

According to Forbes, skill-based hiring is rising to close the gap one faces after recruitment. The report has shown that 76% of recruiters maintain hiring-based skills, among other aspects. This fact stresses the importance of including a suitable skillset on a tailored resume according to the job posting. But what are the top technical skills for resumes are recruiters looking for in 2024?

Well, we discuss the most coveted technical skills by employers in this post.

Let’s get to them right away.

10 Technical skills to boost your resume in 2024

Here are the top 10 technical skills for resumes that you must include to get interview calls:

1. Social media management

Social media management skills are essential for those who are looking to work in the marketing field. Even if you are not going to be at the forefront of social media management, it is one of the most desired technical skills for resumes.

As part of your marketing job, you may be required to create social media strategies, campaigns, or ad copies for your business and clients.

Not knowing how to do these can be a dealbreaker for most businesses, as these skills are expected from candidates who are looking to work in marketing.

And if you possess these skills, be wise and add them to your resume. You should show that you are adept at using Canva, Photoshop, Hootsuite, Adobe Premier, etc., which are used for social media management.

An example could be:
Managed the LinkedIn page of the employer and posted carousels and videos to increase followers from 3K to 12K in 6 months.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is another crucial technical skill that many businesses are looking for now as they adopt cloud storage and move towards operations. The cloud has become a preferred way for businesses to scale their operations due to its flexible storage solutions.

Cloud computing skills are essential if you are looking for jobs in the web or software development department.

Explaining your cloud computing skills in MS Azure or Amazon Web Services and other core technical skills needed for the role can instantly put you on the recruiter’s interview list.

An example could be:
Implemented cost-effective AWS solutions and reduced operational expenses for the employer while ensuring high system availability and performance.

3. Search engine optimization

Businesses are looking to rank their websites for preferred keywords in search engines for traffic, sales, and revenue. As such, SEO skills are expected from candidates who will be working on business development and marketing.

While deep knowledge of SEO may not be required, having an understanding of SEO and how it can be leveraged for online business growth is crucial.

Adding SEO skills, such as content management, keyword research, etc., along with the core skills expected by the employer will improve your chances of getting an interview.

An example could be:
Helped the client improve the organic traffic by 71 percent, which directly resulted in 39 percent growth in sales in 5 months.

4. Cybersecurity

Protecting business and customer data is paramount as cybercrimes are increasing every day.

Database breaches by cybercriminals to steal business and financial information have become a huge concern for most brands. To face these challenges, businesses are also looking for candidates who understand the importance of cybersecurity and know its basics.

Therefore, when applying for IT or data management roles, adding your skills in cybersecurity is an added advantage.

An example could be:
Worked with the cybersecurity team and suggested improvements in the standard operating procedures for better access control management and protection.

5. Project management

Projects are what keep businesses afloat. Hence, it is natural that employers look for candidates with extensive project management skills to be part of their teams.

If you are a candidate looking for such roles, possessing a few technical skills is important to not just stand out from the rest of the applicants but also to perform the job well. A project manager is expected to possess excellent communication, people, management, and leadership skills.

Along with the same, having a few technical skills, like proficiency in popular project management tools, such as Zoho,, etc., is also desired by employers.

An example could be:
Used to manage internal and external teams from remote work locations and improved project management efficiency by 33 percent.

6. Programming

Employers need programmers to develop new products and solutions for their business as well as for their clients. And businesses look for these skills specifically when hiring new talent.

Although many candidates believe that technical skills are for developers, that’s not the case. A basic understanding of programming is also essential for roles such as project manager, customer service, social media, etc., as it would enable them to do the job better.

Hence, include programming skills, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc., in your resume to impress your recruiter and secure a spot in the interview.

An example could be:
Worked with the website development team and suggested improvements in JavaScript and CSS to enhance the website’s loading speed.

7. Operating systems

Knowing how operating systems work is among the top technical skills for resumes in 2024. This is crucial if you are looking for a job in the IT or software department.

You can explain your skills in major operating systems, like MacOS, Linux, or Windows.

Don’t forget to include your expertise in mobile platforms like Android or iOS.

An example could be:
Worked in multiple operating system environments, such as Windows and Linux, and ensured seamless integration and system administration procedures for efficiency.

8. Artificial intelligence

AI is becoming more prominent in the world of software and website development. Therefore, businesses are looking for employees who can improve their workflows using AI tools and reduce the time to market. AI skills are also important for data analytics, hardware development, etc.

As such, displaying your proficiency in using various AI tools and platforms on your resume along with your core capabilities is a smart move and will give you an edge over other candidates, for sure.

You could also take certifications of generative AI tools that have become all the rage now and add the same to your resume.

An example could be:
Used ChatGPT to improve the workflow of UX development by analyzing the user experience on the previous website for valuable insights.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that businesses use to understand how their website is doing online. The insights and data presented by Google Analytics often become instrumental in helping businesses shape their online growth strategies.

Hence, having a thorough understanding of the platform and how to use it for the advantage of the business is a desired quality by most businesses.

Whether you are applying for a marketing, business development, or social media marketing role, this is a great skill to add to your resume.

An example could be:
Leveraged Google Analytics to understand the performance of the website and improve the search rankings by interlinking articles for better topical authority.

10. MS Excel

We could call MS Excel skills one of the most quoted technical skills for a resume in any industry. This just goes to show how much businesses prefer MS Excel skills in their potential candidates.

So, why is it desired? MS Excel is one of the most versatile data management solutions in the market. It is easy to use and readily available to access.

And adding MS Excel skills to your resume can improve your chances of getting shortlisted.

An example could be:
Used MS Excel to manage customer data and generate insights about sales trends. Used the insights to forecast demand for the upcoming quarter.


Technical skills are becoming more necessary now than ever in the workplace. As technology is heavily used in every business activity, from marketing, production, and management to human resources, payroll, etc., businesses want candidates with technical skills to help them meet their business goals.

While these skills can be acquired in jobs, employers look for candidates who already have them because it saves them time, effort, and money. Hence, adding these skills based on the job description to your resume will set you apart from those who do not.

And it will fetch you the interview you have been waiting for.

Happy job hunting.

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