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Most people tune out of a PowerPoint presentation in the first ten minutes. This is the reason why it is very important to develop an engaging PowerPoint presentation that keeps the audience hooked till the end.

The PowerPoint design, theme, colors, font, and content present in it. Everything plays a very important role. Let us see some of the important components of a PowerPoint presentation, along with 20 powerful PowerPoint design ideas that you can incorporate to captivate the audience.

Important components of a good PowerPoint presentation

A good PowerPoint presentation should deliver the message concisely while being on point with design and other elements. Here are some aspects you need to consider while creating a PowerPoint presentation.

1. Minimal animations

Animations and transitions are fun, but going overboard with them isn’t a good idea. They distract the audience from the original matter, which is completely unnecessary. You need to keep them as minimal as you can.

Use designs to attract the audience and content to convey the primary goal of your presentation, and that should be it.

2. Proper color palette

It would be great to have a basic understanding of color theory while curating a presentation. The basics of a color theory are to add complementary and analogous colors to garner the attention of the audience. Use colors to highlight the relevant information and to de-emphasize bits of information that you think are not necessary.

3. Appealing visuals

Images speak more than words, and this point is true to the core. It is very important to focus on the visuals and create images that align with the point that you want to convey. Graphs, images, illustrations, use anything that would complement your presentation. While doing this, ensure to talk about the graphics verbally.

4. Engaging content

Having great content in presentations makes them much more interesting to the audience. However, always ensure that you don’t use huge paragraphs of content. Use minimal words to convey whatever you want.

20 Powerful PowerPoint design ideas

Here are some powerful design ideas in powerpoint you can opt for to keep your presentation interesting.

1. Duotones

Duotones refers to the themes that use dual tones in presentation. You can use two contrasting colors on every page to make your presentation stand out. These colors can be subtle or bright, but you have to ensure that both fall under the same pattern. You cannot mix one subtle color with a bright color, as it affects the overall viewing experience.

The images that you use in the presentation should complement the design and colors you see in the image below.


2. Merge transitions horizontally

Merging the transitions between different slides always adds a unique perspective to your presentation. However, adding them horizontally is a great idea rather than going for vertical merging. When all the movements go in one direction, it is easy to see and follow them.

3. Pick a color theme

This is the most important aspect. You need to pick a color theme that aligns with the emotions and discussions that you want to convey and use it across the entire presentation. If you are presenting a serious topic, it is important to use a subdued color palette. However, if the presentation is about a lighthearted topic like creativity or innovation, you can use bright colors that pop.


4. Try vintage theme

If you want to opt for a different style, then why not go for a vintage theme? With so many people running behind corporate, subtle themes, opting for a vintage one will help you stand out. Remember that this theme is perfect only for creative, innovative, or some fun-related presentations but not for anything serious.


5. Use monochrome palette

You can use a single color all over the theme. This means the background, text, and images will be in a single color with different shades.

For example, you can always use a dark blue background with light blue text, or vice versa. The monochrome palette is perfect for corporate decks and presentations as they keep things simple and to the point.


6. Try creative photo crops

The shapes into which you can crop photos are endless. From circles and rectangles to polygons, triangles, and letter shapes, you can use various types of photo crops to make your design stand out. There is an option to collage different photos as well.


7. Use thick, bold fonts

Huge, chunky fonts are always in the trend. If you want to draw attention to the headers in the presentation, then the best way to do that is with these fonts. There are so many regular fonts that look amazing when they are bolded. Try opting for one of them.


8. Add glitter in the background

Use this only for creative and fun presentations. Adding glitter to your presentation will make it pop and attract the audience. However, it is something other than whatyou can use for serious corporate pitches. Use this to present any holiday-themed product or pitches; clothing and accessory brands can also opt for it.

9. Use isometric illustrations

If you want to use a unique theme for your presentation, then isometric illustrations are the way to go. You can present two different pieces of information on one slide with animations as well. This theme is suitable for corporates, tech, and various other industries.

10. Try GIFs in the slides

GIFs are fun, and you can leverage them to convey information in your presentation. You can source these GIFs from different resources like Giphy or create your own as per your requirement as well. Depending on the message you want to convey, you can alter the theme of your GIFs.

11. Use interactive popups

If you are looking for a creative way to present. These popups give an engaging experience for your audience, from quizzes, polls to infographics and timelines. You can also create different timelines for your audience to explore various milestones or events.

12. Leverage black and white photography

Black and white photography has existed for ages and is one of the classic themes you can opt for. These images are the epitome of elegance and sophistication and give a minimalistic approach to your presentation.


13. Tell a story

You can use personal experiences in the presentations to curate a story. Right from an emotional story to snippets, there are various ways in which you can include a story in your presentation. Try it out.

14. Color blocking

You can play with colors in this theme. In this particular theme, you can use colors in large sections and contrasting tones. These color blocks will give a strong look, and you can use them to emphasize certain matters. The color blocks can be used to differentiate two sections as well.


15. Polaroids

Polaroids are a great option to add that quirkiness and creativity to your presentation. If you are planning an interesting presentation revolving around some festival products, the fashion industry, etc., then these Polaroids can come in handy. You can use them to highlight the images.


16. Use geometric background

Geometric backgrounds will definitely make any presentation look good. These geometric backgrounds can be anything like tilted polygons, squares, or anything of a geometric shape. You can decide on what shapes to add as per your requirements.


17. Add neon colors

Again, this is one such theme that suits only particular requirements alone. It gives a solid look to your presentation and helps it stand out. However, do not go overboard with the colors. Use light neon accents for a decent touch.


18. Use mind maps

Mind maps are a great illustration example that you can go for. You can use these mind maps in your slides to explain difficult concepts in a simple format. Bubble, flow, and tree maps are some examples of these mind maps.


19. Opt for journal-style theme

Journal-style themes are a great choice if you are looking for a unique theme. This theme is creative and fun. The basic visual idea of this theme is to make your slides look like they are straight out of a journal.


20. Add robots into the design

If your presentation is related to a technical topic or robots themselves, then you can add cute robot images to it to make it look fun. There are various styles of robot images available out there that you can add to the presentation.


Wrapping up

Mastering the PowerPoint presentation starts with designing. You can use the above-mentioned powerful design ideas to curate interesting presentations that stand out. When it comes to presentations, there are no bounds to creativity.

So, it is time to play with different colors, fonts, designs, and elements to give that unique touch to your presentation.

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