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One of the best methods to get input from customers and enhance your menu, service, and overall customer experience is through customer satisfaction survey questions for the food industry. You won't always get the information you need in restaurant surveys, though.

To encourage clients to provide you with an honest and helpful response, you must be mindful of how you frame them. To get the most out of your questionnaire, concentrate on the 25 questions listed below on customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry.

Customer discovery survey questions

Here are some customer discovery survey questions.

1. What age range do you fall under?

You may modify the responses to suit your needs, but here is one possibility: 18 to 30; 31 to 40; 41 to 55; and above 55. This is a typical inquiry to help in your understanding of your target audience.

2. How did you learn about our eatery?

You may use this question to determine what marketing tactics are effective for you and whether they are. If many individuals respond "from social media," take advantage of that to get new clients. If you wish to evaluate the success of a promotion, you may also provide particular response choices.

3. How frequently do you dine with us?

Use a traditional multiple-choice question to distinguish between newcomers and regulars. "This was my first time," "I visit you occasionally," "I come by at least once a month," or "I dine with you every week" are all acceptable responses.

4. Have you taken advantage of any of our promotions or discounts?

You can determine whether or not your promotions are effective with the use of these customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry. If you want input on certain promotions, you may ask a multiple-choice question after this one that asks, "If yes, which one(s)?"

Customer satisfaction survey questions on food quality

Here are some customer satisfaction survey questions on food quality.

5. What do you think of our food's quality?

A grade of 1 (Poor Quality) to 5 is possible (Great Quality). This is one of the most popular food survey questions and a simple approach to learn if customers like your menu items or not.

6. What aspect of our meal did you appreciate the most?

This might be an open-ended question in your survey. Customers may praise the advantages of their preferred meal or other qualities of the menu, such as variety.

7. Did you think the restaurant made an effort to meet your dietary needs?

This could be a straightforward yes/no query. However, imagine you wanted to determine the true limitations of your consumers (like gluten-free or vegan). In such situation, if they said "No," you might ask them further about their specific constraints.

8. In your opinion, is our menu diverse enough to meet all tastes?

This question, which is similar to the one before but focuses more on food preference kinds, might help you determine whether your menu offers at least one item that will satisfy every consumer. If you wish to try a variety of foods, you may also create a food preference checklist.

9. Did you find our drink range to your liking?

Not all survey questions must relate to eating preferences. It's crucial to assess if the drink menu is sufficiently diverse or whether you need to add more beverages to accommodate everyone's preferences. An alternate way to phrase this query is, "On a scale of 0 to 5, how happy were you with our drink menu?" This may be another Yes/No query.

10. Was there anything on the menu that wasn't there?

This is your chance to directly solicit fresh menu item suggestions from your restaurant's customers. If they respond "yes," ask them, "if so, then what would you want to see on our menu?" to determine what you're missing and perhaps boost your earnings.

Customer satisfaction survey questions on foodservice

Here are some customer satisfaction survey questions on food service.

11. How welcoming and helpful was the staff?

This is a quick approach to determine whether your clients love the service and feel welcome at your restaurant, so let's move on to a new topic for restaurant survey questions. Additionally, it aids in determining whether your staff members have the proper mindset.

12. How quick was the service?

To determine if you have adequate servers and a productive business, make this a rating question that ranges from Very Fast to Very Slow. If not, you'll need to adjust a few things in order to improve client happiness.

13. Did your waiter suggest any of our menu specials to you?

This straightforward Yes/No question is intended to gauge how well-versed and receptive your workforce is to your training initiatives.

14. At the conclusion of your dinner, did the server offer you to browse the dessert menu or have a cup of coffee?

This is the best question to ask a customer at a restaurant since it clearly shows that the needs of the customers are your top concern. Make sure your staff lives up to that promise by finding out what they ask their tables.

Online ordering and delivery survey questions

Here are some online ordering and delivery survey questions.

15. What website or app did you use to order food?

Your website and any third-party websites where your restaurant is listed, like Doordash or GrubHub, should be your options (if any). Ask the following when a consumer orders via a third party: "Was there any particular reason why you didn't order straight from our website? (Also, first orders receive a 15% discount from us.)

This follow-up query aims to accomplish two goals. It will advise you on how to enhance your website so that more people would place orders there. In addition, it will inform clients of your first-order discount and persuade them to move from a competing app. Go to the next question if the customer selects your website as the response.

16. How happy were you with the online ordering process on our website, on a scale of 1 to 5?

This is your chance to find out whether users of your website who place orders are happy with the online ordering system you selected. You may either make this a yes/no question or rate it on a scale of 1 to 5.

17. Was your order correct?

Compared to phone orders, errors are less likely to occur while purchasing online, although they are still possible. The accurate processing of online orders is guaranteed by a strong order management system. If users continue to report errors, identify the root cause to enhance the user experience.

18. How fast was your meal delivered?

Whether an online customer's order arrived on time is one of the most important restaurant survey questions. You may select from alternatives like under 30, between 30, and 45, between 45 and an hour, and beyond an hour.

To ensure that clients don't have to wait as long for their orders, the answer will help you determine whether you need to modify your projected waiting time and streamline your whole business, from food production to delivery.

19. When you opened the delivery bag, was the safety seal still intact?

Meal safety is crucial, particularly during this epidemic when everyone gets food online and seeks out eateries with strict sanitation policies. Labels that are tamper-evident effectively enforce that. Make sure your delivery drivers are reliable and that the consumers have no worries about eating the meal they ordered.

20. Was the meal as delicious and fresh as it is at the restaurant?

How well the food travels in terms of taste and appearance is an important factor in meal delivery. If you receive a lot of negative responses to this question, you may want to reconsider your menu selections (choose foods that travel well) and packaging.

General customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry

Here are some general customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry.

21. How would you rank the cleanliness of our restaurant on a scale of 1 to 5?

There are more than simply food and service questions in restaurant customer satisfaction surveys. Check to see how well your cleaning crew is performing as well. Particularly right now, when your primary focus should be to clean and disinfect.

22. What did you think of our restaurant's atmosphere?

You may even break this inquiry up into many questions and be more descriptive by inquiring about seating, music, background, etc., depending on what you're trying to learn. To allow for greater depth in your replies, you might choose a broader scale for this question, such as 0 to 10.

23. How likely are you to tell a friend or family member about our restaurant?

Give them the opportunity to select between 0 (very unlikely) and 10. (extremely likely). This will enable you to determine whether you can rely on word-of-mouth advertising or whether you need to put more effort into enhancing your service.

24. How likely are you to return to our restaurant?

The challenging query that every restaurant owner needs to ask is a last check on the performance of their establishment. The same 0–10 scale as before can be used. To have a better understanding of what motivates your consumers, follow it up with the following one.

25. Is there anything we can do to encourage you to come to our store more frequently?

A survey should have an open-ended question at the conclusion. Customers can express any ideas they might have here that weren't covered in the earlier restaurant survey questions. In this situation, it might act as a suggestion box for things customers want to see or do at your restaurant.


A restaurant should never be run blindly or without knowing what its customers think. It's time to attempt if you run a restaurant and haven't yet surveyed your customers.

The correct customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry can give you useful data that will eventually help you increase sales and draw more customers to your business.

You may also come up with some customer satisfaction survey questions for food industry to ask before opening the restaurant, such as logo testing survey questions, to make sure you get off to the best possible start.

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