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Customer experience is a critical aspect of any business, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. To understand and improve customer experience, it's important to gather regular feedback from customers through surveys. In this blog, we'll provide a list of 20 must-have customer experience survey questions that businesses can use to gather meaningful insights into customer perceptions and expectations.

These questions cover a range of topics, from product quality and service interactions, to ease of use and overall satisfaction. By asking these questions, businesses can gain a better understanding of how to deliver exceptional customer experiences that build trust, drive loyalty, and increase sales. So, whether you're a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, use this list of customer experience survey questions to gain valuable insights and improve the customer experience for your customers.

You may use different customer experience survey questions to gauge your CX depending on what you need to measure. To know what information you're looking for, it's important to clarify your goals before coming up with survey questions.

Here we have curated 20 customer experience survey questions to help you frame an effective customer experience survey questionnaire.

Customer experience survey questions after customer support

It will assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of customer assistance and determining how much training the employees require to provide a better customer experience.

1. How would you rank the level of customer service on a scale of 0 to 7?

Use the general question after a support call to measure the quality of the service from the customer’s perspective. This information will help you get a general sense of how qualified customer assistance is, and it will also help you decide how and when to follow up.

2. Did you get assistance quickly?

Customer service delivery speed is just as crucial as service quality. Long wait times will probably make your consumer unhappy with your business. To find training opportunities, collect client feedback.

3. How responsive do you think the designated support agent was?

You may learn a lot about your agent's (or team's) flexibility and ability to provide specialised assistance by asking questions of this nature. Utilize this opportunity to assess the performance of the agent and determine whether script revisions or agent training are necessary.

4. How knowledgeable was the customer service representative, on a scale of 1 to 5?

Customer satisfaction is greatly influenced by how well-informed customer service representatives are about the problems that customers confront. A bad experience will result if the consumer thinks the agent was incompetent and unable to assist in solving the problem.

5. How can we make our customer service better, in your opinion?

You may obtain a wide range of viewpoints and recommendations on how to enhance customer service by using an open-ended inquiry. It can assist you in determining what you are doing correctly and where the service needs to be improved.

6. How would you describe our product?

You may use this question to determine whether the target market for your product is favourable by answering it. The comments will describe how your consumers feel about your goods.

Is it "expensive," "buggy," "slow," or a "knock-off"? Alternatively, is it "value for money," "the next-best product," "unique," "high-quality," or "reliable"?

7. Does Product X adequately satisfy your needs?

Every brand must first and foremost satisfy the demands of its customers. Use consumer feedback to identify your areas for improvement.

8. How likely are you, on a scale of 0 to 7, to tell your friends or coworkers about [product name]?

Businesses can identify the consumer pain points associated with their good or service by asking this inquiry about the client experience.

Customers can be classified as promoters (9–10), passives (7-8), or critics based on the ratings they provided (0-6).

9. Do you think our product or service is better, worse, or about the same as what we offer in contrast to our competitors?

This customer experience survey question may provide you a clear image of how your products stack up against your competitors since it is simple to use and simple to measure.

10. If you had the option, what alterations would you make to Product X?

Customers can express any needs they may have for the product by answering this question. It aids in pointing up any features or capabilities you might have overlooked. Plan a product upgrade that satisfies the customer's needs and desires using the input.

11. Did the product you received match the description on the website?

A path to churn is receiving a product that doesn't match the description. You must fix the problem before it becomes a risk, whether the problem is with the delivery service department or with marketing/product information.

Don't only ask this query once or twice. Check ahead of time to make sure clients have received the goods they expected.

Customer experience survey questions about customer effort

The time required for customers to learn how to utilise your product will be minimal. If you complicate the user interface or the product, you risk losing customers. Use the following as your sample survey questions to gauge how much effort customers make to complete tasks.

12. Did you discover the information you were looking for on our website?

You are motivated to focus on the areas that require improvement by the feedback. Customers who are satisfied with a website's navigation are more inclined to come back and recommend it to others.

13. How easy is it to navigate our website/app?

A crucial inquiry that reveals how user-friendly your website or mobile app is Nobody wants to waste time on a website or app playing labyrinth games.

14. How much effort did you make to find the answer to your question?

It's undesirable for your company if a client needs to chase down your support staff member to get their question or request answered. Customer retention will increase with prompt reaction and action.

15. How did our performance stack up against your expectations?

Use this inquiry to determine whether the product or service need simplification or whether it is simple for customers to use. It's possible that buyers believe your product to be more challenging than it actually is. You have so surpassed their expectations.

General customer experience survey questions

For a yearly satisfaction survey or a satisfaction monitoring survey, you can utilise general customer experience survey questions. You may collect feedback using these questions throughout the client lifetime. Use the survey questions below to collect illuminating information on the customer journey.

16. How likely are you to make another purchase from our website?

Repeat business indicates loyalty and contentment. While you can use Google Analytics to discover how many customers have returned to your website to make another purchase, you cannot find out why they did so. Request information from your consumer about their degree of pleasure and their intent.

17. List two factors that would prevent you from purchasing this item.

Ask your consumers why they may have stopped purchasing instead of making assumptions. Take advantage of the chance to determine what shortcomings in your goods or services can cause clients to cease using them.

18. How would you sum us up to a stranger?

Recognize the overall opinion and perception that your consumers hold about your company, your goods, and your services. It will enable you to assess whether you have effectively reached your target audience with the brand message. The brand messaging may be improved using the insights.

19. On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rank your buying experience with us?

Use this question to determine how customers felt about their whole purchasing experience. Based on the data, you could forecast whether a customer will make a repeat purchase or discontinue doing so. You might inquire more to learn more about their experience and feelings.

20. Do you have any recommendations for how we might enhance your experience with us?

To hear from consumers, do a CX survey. Allow them to contribute their thoughts and ideas. You may learn things or come to conclusions that you hadn't anticipated.

Tips to make most out of your customer experience survey

Asking the right questions can help you guarantee that you get pertinent information. Here, we've provided four guidelines for designing surveys effectively.

1. Keep it basic

Customers may become irritated and refuse to participate in your CX survey if you use unclear or overly worded questions. Simple questions added will produce accurate results.

2. Leave out constrictive response options

Customers could become irate if the response choices are few. They might not respond at all, or they might respond incorrectly. Include choices in your survey like "others" so that customers may contribute their own responses.

3. Avoid asking too many questions

Customers may become irritated by your survey and stop participating if you ask them too many questions. It's crucial to avoid repeatedly asking your responders really personal questions.

4. Steer clear of question repetition

Customers really dislike filling out questionnaires. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid using the same questions over and over in your survey. In addition to saving respondents time, this improves their entire experience.


Gathering customer feedback through surveys is an essential part of understanding and improving the customer experience. The 50 must-have customer experience survey questions provided in this blog are designed to help businesses gather meaningful insights into customer perceptions and expectations.

By using these questions to regularly survey customers, businesses can stay on top of trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Remember, happy customers lead to increased loyalty and sales, so make sure to incorporate these customer experience survey questions into your customer feedback strategy and continuously strive to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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