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Recent research shows that around 55% of organizations have hired gig workers for their work. And the numbers will only go up. Gig workers are highly agile; legacy systems and delayed payouts do not work very well to attract the right talent.

In the booming gig economy, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant battle. Gig workers, known for their independence and flexibility, also prioritize financial stability and immediate access to their earnings. This is where instant payouts emerge as a powerful tool to motivate and build loyalty within your freelance workforce.

It's not just a hunch; the data screams loud and clear. Mastercard study states that 85% of gig workers crave faster access to their earnings, with instant payouts translating directly into increased work hours. 

Delayed payments are their biggest concern!

  • 70% of gig workers do additional shifts for quick money when needed if they can be paid in real time!
  • 60% of gig workers have experienced delayed payments from clients. 
  • 20 days of each year is spent chasing late payments by freelancers. 
  • 50% suggested poor benefits as the main reason to be dissatisfied. 
  • 50% have completed work they were never paid for!

Engaging and retaining gig workers in today's landscape: moving beyond traditional strategies

Research revealed that financial security is a challenge for many gig workers, with only 15% having emergency savings and 29% relying on payday loans in the past year.

Motivating and retaining gig workers demands a nuanced approach, distinct from traditional employee engagement strategies. In today's dynamic market, flexibility reigns supreme, and gig workers prioritize transactional benefits that align with their unique lifestyle. Recognizing this key difference is crucial for companies building a loyal and dedicated gig workforce.

1. Shifting the perk paradigm: Instead of viewing perks as "fun extras," companies should see them as strategic investments in long-term worker engagement and retention. By tailoring offerings to resonate with gig work's flexible, independent nature, companies can create powerful motivators beyond traditional recognition programs.

2. A key incentive for a motivated gig workforce: Instant payouts helps offering immediate access to earned income provides financial freedom and removes the stress of waiting for traditional pay cycles. This fosters trust and shows value for their contributions, increasing satisfaction and motivation.

What are instant payouts?

Instant payouts refer to the ability for individuals or businesses to receive funds immediately or within a very short timeframe after a transaction or request for payment. This feature is often provided by financial service providers, such as banks, payment processors, or platforms like PayPal or Stripe.

Instant payouts are the biggest motivator for gig workers

Forget the days of waiting on paychecks – instant payouts are the new gold standard for gig workers. It's not just about convenience but financial freedom and autonomy. A recent Visa study revealed that 66% of global gig workers prioritize real-time payments. 

With instant payouts, they're not bound to traditional pay cycles, allowing them to manage their finances and meet immediate needs in real time. This means greater satisfaction, increased motivation, and a more loyal and engaged workforce.

Think about it: Juggling multiple gigs, each with its payment schedule. Waiting weeks for each income stream creates uncertainty and financial strain. Instant payouts eliminate that stress, empowering workers to take control of their finances.

Whether paying bills, covering unexpected expenses, or simply having peace of mind, knowing their earnings are readily available boosts their confidence and fuels their desire to perform at their best.

It's a powerful motivator that goes beyond mere convenience. When you offer instant payouts, you show your gig workers that you value their time and effort. You recognize their unique needs and create an environment that fosters trust and loyalty. 

Ultimately, it's a strategic investment in your workforce, leading to better performance, higher retention rates, and a competitive edge in the ever-evolving gig economy.

Several companies are proving the power of instant payouts in attracting and retaining top gig talent.

1. DoorDash's "Dasher Direct" - Instant payouts fueling driver motivation and retention

The challenge: In the hyper-competitive world of food delivery, attracting and retaining high-performing drivers is crucial for success. However, DoorDash faced challenges with driver churn, partly due to delayed payouts and the financial uncertainties that came with it. Traditional weekly pay cycles didn't align with the daily hustle of drivers, leading to frustration and seeking alternative platforms.

The solution: DoorDash launched "Dasher Direct," a revolutionary feature allowing drivers to instantly transfer their earnings after completing deliveries. This eliminated waiting periods and provided immediate access to their income, empowering drivers with real-time financial control.

The Impact: The results were significant: By offering instant payouts, 71% of Dashers deliver more during certain times of the month to meet financial goals, like paying off bills, caring for family, buying gifts, and saving for big purchases. Drivers felt more valued and in control, reducing the incentive to switch platforms with faster payment options.

"Dasher Direct" led to a 15% increase in the number of deliveries completed per driver. The immediate access to earnings motivated drivers to take on more deliveries, boosting overall platform efficiency.

According to a survey, for 78% of Dashers, the ability to set their own hours is a major draw to DoorDash.

Beyond the Numbers: The success of "Dasher Direct" goes beyond statistics. It created a powerful message to drivers: 

DoorDash values your time and effort, offering flexibility and financial control. This resonated deeply with the independent spirit of gig workers, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty.

2. Uber's Instant Payouts - fueling driver satisfaction and engagement

The challenge: In the early days of ride-hailing, Uber faced a significant challenge: attracting and retaining drivers. Weekly pay cycles caused financial strain, especially for drivers relying on Uber as their primary income source. Waiting for payments created frustration and dissatisfaction, leading to churn and impacting the overall platform experience for riders.

The solution: In 2015, Uber introduced "Instant Pay," a revolutionary feature allowing drivers to cash out their earnings instantly after completing each ride. This eliminated the traditional weekly pay cycle and provided drivers with immediate access to their income, empowering them with financial control and flexibility.

The impact: The results were impressive

  • Increased driver engagement: Drivers, now able to access their earnings instantly, were more motivated to take on more rides, boosting platform efficiency and availability.
  • Improved driver satisfaction: Drivers felt valued and in control of their finances, creating a more positive and engaged workforce.
  • Reduced driver churn: With instant access to their earnings, drivers were less likely to seek alternative platforms with faster payment options.

The success of Instant Pay resonated deeply with drivers' independent spirit, sending a clear message: Uber values your time and effort, empowering you with financial freedom and control. This built trust and loyalty, promoting a partnership between the platform and its drivers.

While payouts sound simple, a lot can go wrong without the cutting-edge technology 

While instant payouts seem like a straightforward solution, the reality can be riddled with complexities without the right technology. Here's why:

  • Payouts increase manual efforts: Imagine processing hundreds, even thousands, of individual payments manually. Time, effort, and resources get swallowed whole, leaving your team drowning in administrative tasks instead of strategic initiatives.
  • Costly errors: Manual payouts are prone to calculation errors and transfer mistakes causing huge loss.
  • Payouts are not fast enough: Waiting days or even weeks for payments in a world fueled by instant gratification breeds frustration. Non-real-time payments and limited payout options, like traditional bank transfers, leave your workers feeling disengaged and undervalued.
  • Beyond the transaction: Pre-negotiated benefits like discounts on healthcare or insurance, accessible through your payout platform, can build a powerful financial wellness program for your workers, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

On-demand payouts for in-demand workforce

Consider redesigning your payout infrastructure to ensure that every element is designed to scale. Streamline and simplify the process of sending on-demand payments, making cross-border payments, and making cross-border transactions. 

  • Imagine automated payouts based on triggers.
  • Imagine payouts that help you save big on every transaction.
  • Imagine same-day payouts when jobs are completed.
  • Imagine a financial wellness program coupled with payouts.

Why choose an automated payroll processing solution?

For many modern businesses, payroll processing remains a time-consuming and error-prone manual burden. Hours are spent on data entry, complex calculations, and navigating compliance regulations. If this resonates with your experience, a shift towards an automated payroll processing solution could change your approach.

Eliminate tedious manual tasks and human error with a robust, automated system. Streamlined data integration, automated calculations, and direct deposits free up valuable time and resources for more strategic endeavors. Rest assured, accurate payroll becomes a constant, not a concern, with built-in compliance functionalities ensuring adherence to evolving regulations.

One solution

Trusted by thousands of businesses, Xoxoday is more than just a technology-enabled solution; it's your perfect partner for a robust and versatile payouts infrastructure. Whether you need to add funds, disburse payments, offer customer refunds, or track transfers in real-time, Xoxoday empowers you to do it all, effortlessly.

Disburse payouts seamlessly through digital Mastercards, VISA, RuPay cards, or instant cashouts, catering to the diverse needs of employees, customers, and channel partners alike.

Final thoughts

Gig workers crave financial freedom, and instant payouts deliver. They boost motivation, satisfaction, and loyalty, reducing churn and attracting top talent. Go beyond speed with Xoxoday's transparency, control, and valuable benefits, creating a win-win: happy workers, thriving platform.

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