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The meteoric rise of Bitcoin has the potential to totally transform the way people pay online globally, completely eliminating payer fraud and streamlining payments. Many intrigued working professionals in your workspace must be thinking about an opportunity to invest in it, and they can now do so with Xoxoday. From people using it to fuel up their IRAs to buying Bitcoin online and preserving them to store and protect the value of their money long term, it can be a prudent and eventful investment.

Now you can get a Bitcoin voucher on Xoxoday and make getting Bitcoin simple! With Bitcoin climbing to high prices and rightly so, it isn’t easy for everyone to get it in it. Keeping that in mind, let’s understand a brief breakdown as to how anyone can store value in Bitcoin.

With the value of 1 bitcoin more than almost $18,000, it looks like a currency for the opulent, but each Bitcoin can be broken into “pieces” or units of bitcoin called Satoshi. Let’s put it like this: a unit of Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million Satoshis.

the value of 1 bitcoin
See the ratio of Satoshis to Bitcoin here: (Bitcoin Wiki)

That reduces the burden on those who wish to spend on Bitcoin. With the astronomical hype that the technology has, one can order anything from a pizza to an airplane because you do not have to own an entire Bitcoin to be able to use Bitcoin. As most people shy away from it due to the price, which only fits a silk stocking, effective Bitcoin wealth storage measured in Satoshi is possible.

Let’s look at why Bitcoin is making its case to be chipped into the employee perks pool.

Millennials are Cashing in on Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin Online

With the abundance of investment opportunities in front of them, the modern-day workforce consists of a myriad of aspirational investors who bought or have thought of buying so-called “cryptocurrencies: across the years. The fact of the matter is that it is only Bitcoin that has real value, just as there is only one global email system and one global mobile phone system (GSM) that everyone has settled on.

Since many rumours do rounds about the legality of Bitcoin and its ‘ethical’ use, its transparency and trackability to the last nickel (or in Bitcoin terms, Satoshi) make them baseless.

Data from 2019 when the “crypto” hype was amusingly high and rightly so.
Data from 2019 when the “crypto” hype was amusingly high and rightly so.

Data from YouGov states that Bitcoin is the most-invested currency and Millennials are going all-in with it, but even the old-timers aren’t far beyond. There’s safety in Bitcoin investment, as it can be stored in a hardware device offline and can be put back into rotation when needed by hooking it into the internet. Also, many banks offer Bitcoin-compatible debit and credit cards so that your next date can be paid for in Bitcoin.

Sure, Bitcoin looks like a lucrative investment, makes one look like a Silicon Valley hotshot, and now is universally accepted in almost everything. The question is, how can you make it easy for your workforce to invest in what’s deemed to be “the currency of the future”?

But How to Obtain Bitcoin Without knowing the Geeky stuff?

Buy Bitcoin Online

There are many nitty-gritties when it comes to Bitcoin investment and the initial investors of Bitcoin went through lots of hit-and-miss attempts at what works and what doesn’t. However, with Bitcoin now structured and simplified by innovative startups, one can obtain Bitcoin for any purpose, even investing, without delving into its intricacies.

Since the framework is now plateable through mobile apps and Bitcoin trading websites like eToro, and Top Step Trader, it can now be easily understood by people wanting to use the technology. This comes with the rise of Consumer Bitcoin—an option made accessible for people who wish to use and invest in the technology with humble sums of money with no risk.

There are Consumer Bitcoin options that can be put to use by simply entering a voucher code along with a Bitcoin address. The question is, where would we get trustworthy, secure, and consumer-friendly Bitcoin options? That’s where Xoxoday Plum comes into the picture. It is one of the best platforms for buying Bitcoin vouchers by Azteco.

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Gifting | Xoxoday
Corporate gifting is a gesture of gifting valuables to clients, employees, or any other co-habitant within the business space.

With Xoxoday Plum, make Pocket-Friendly Bitcoin Investments

best platform to buy bitcoin

Keeping up with the trends of what the working people want in the current scenario, now gift your workforce Cryptocurrency vouchers from Azteco and unlock a world of possibilities for them. These Consumer Bitcoin vouchers are simply redeemable like a quintessential gift voucher, and topping them up is simply like topping up the mobile phone.

Once redeemed, the Bitcoin amount can be traded in the market or it can be transacted for products and services that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Here’s why buying Azteco Bitcoin vouchers from Xoxoday is a great step into crypto investment.

Buy Bitcoin vouchers via Xoxo Codes and Points

The Xoxoday Store is a one-stop shop for all perks, gifts, experiences, and offers, and along with payment through the card, the Bitcoin vouchers can be bought by Xoxo Codes and Points. This makes your journey simple by buying Bitcoin vouchers from a secure platform.

Maintain savings without the fear of economic hostilities

The Bitcoin can be saved offline, and with that, various people can maintain their Bitcoin’s worth during times when the conventional money loses its value due to the economic zeitgeist of a country.

Send Bitcoin across the globe without additional fees

As for the people who want to send money from one corner of the globe to another, there are many forms to be filled and quite a chunk of fee given. With Bitcoin from vendors like Azteco, you can issue a voucher and send it across in no time securely and safely.

Redeem the bitcoin voucher just like a Gift Card

Visit the vendor’s i.e. Azteco website, enter the 16-digit voucher code and enter your Bitcoin address that comes from your Bitcoin wallet to redeem the Bitcoin. There’s no need to make an account on the vendor’s website and it’s a simple process.

Use Bitcoin for shopping, dining, and more!

With Bitcoins redeemed and in your wallet, the user can spend it on various websites, restaurants, and stores that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Next-Gen Currency for Your Workforce—now on Xoxoday

Buy Bitcoin Online

With Bitcoin on the cusp of becoming the next big thing and the only plausible competitor to conventional money, now you can get Bitcoin gift vouchers on Xoxoday by Azteco. These vouchers can either be distributed by the organization as a perk/incentive through Xoxo Codes or can be redeemed through card and/or Xoxo Points from the Xoxoday Store.

For more information visit Azteco.‍

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