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New year, new opportunities. The time of the year when you look at the past and visualize your goals for the future. Motivation is high, nerves are low, and we are all eager to make this new spin on the wheel work.

There's no better time than the New Year to count your blessings. This time you get a chance, to thank those bright minds who've contributed to your product. And so here we are with some unexpected gifts that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy, this new year!

So, utlize this time to say thanks to your product managers by sending these thoughtful gifts to appreciate their hardwork. Most of the product team doesn't give much thought to holiday gifts, but that's about to change now that you've seen the gifts for the product team. You're not going to have time to go out and find just a gift or two–it's time to go shopping.

29 Common Yet Not So Common New Year Gifts for Product Managers and Teams

Gift is the way to express our love and concern to someone. Here you will get some new year gift ideas for the product team. These gifts are really useful for each member in the product team.

1. A book on product management or design

Consider giving a book on product management or design to help team members continue learning and improving their skills.

2. A personalized planner or calendar

Help team members stay organized with a customized planner or calendar.

3. A set of high-quality pens or markers

Quality pens or markers can help sketch ideas or take notes during meetings.

4. A comfortable and ergonomic office chair

A good one can help team members stay comfortable and productive throughout the day.

5. A standing desk converter

A standing desk converter can help team members switch between sitting and standing positions, improving their posture and overall health.

6. A pair of noise-canceling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones can be a great gift for team members who work in a noisy environment or need to focus on a task without distractions.

7. A team-building experience

Consider giving the team a gift that promotes teamwork and collaboration, such as a cooking class or escape room experience.

8. A set of productivity tools

Give the team access to productivity tools that can help them work more efficiently, such as project management software or time-tracking tools.

9. A gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant

Treat the team to a meal or a cup of coffee at a local establishment.

10. A team outing or team-building retreat

Consider organizing a team outing or retreat to help team members bond and build relationships outside of the office.

11. UNTUCKit Gift Card

For those more rare days as a Product Manager when you need a button-down, but don’t want to look too formal.

12. Moleskine Notebook

It’s surprisingly refreshing for a PM to “go analog” daily with a notebook.

13. 24 x 36 Whiteboard

Yes, it’s true, Product Managers do LOVE whiteboards, even in their homes )

14. Cotton Bureau T-Shirts

Because, yes, it is possible to look stylish in a t-shirt and it is (probably) alright for them to wear t-shirts to work.

15. Allbirds

Whether they are WFH or in the office, these will keep them comfortable all day long.

16. StudioNeat Material Dock

A beautiful wood dock for their Airpods, Watch, and iPhone.

17. Herschel Duffle Bag

Whether they are heading down the block or around the world, this well-built duffel bag will give them plenty of storage and style getting there.

18. Airpods Pro

I can’t rave about Airpods Pro enough. They are fantastic for open offices or if your house is now a daycare/co-working space. Also, they are great for canceling out most noise when you’re outside.

19. Timbuk2 Backpack

This backpack has a surprising amount of storage for all of your devices, and the quality truly holds up. I’m using the same one I got four years ago, and it’s as good as new.

20. Amazon Echo

Make your favorite PM’s home much smarter with this solid speaker and assistant.

21. Amazon Kindle

Whether they are reading their favorite new Product book from the list above or something lighter, the Kindle will offer them endless learning opportunities.

22. Blue Yeti Microphone

Product Managers are always communicating. Whether it’s on their 7th back-to-back Zoom call or on a podcast they’ve been invited to, make sure they sound great with this Blue Yeti Mic!

23. Apple Watch Series 5

You can’t go wrong with the latest version of the Apple Watch. Your favorite PM will both be able to stay updated without having to pull out their phone and also will be able to track and improve their health.

24. Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Help your favorite PM stay healthy with a desk setup that provides ample space and the ability to raise or lower with one button push. Trust me, quality is worth investing in here, and it’s nice having the whole desk raised instead of just the computer setup (like cheaper models do).

25. MacBook Pro

Wow, you must really love this PM! Apple’s latest Macbook Pro is universally well-reviewed (thanks primarily to their re-thinking of the keyboard hardware setup).

Subscription Gifts for Product Managers

Would you prefer to give a gift that continues to give throughout the year (and beyond)? Start here and give the gift of a subscription to your favorite PM.

26. Audible Membership

Product Managers love audio, whether they’re listening on their commute or on a walk break at lunchtime. They love podcasts, and they love audiobooks.

27. Typeform

Product Managers have lots of questions, and Typeform makes it dead simple (and even, dare I say, fun) to create these embeddable, connected, beautiful surveys that generate high response rates.

28. Calm Subscription

Product Managers aren’t robots; they get stressed too! Buy your favorite PM a 1-year subscription to Calm and help them de-stress after a long day of planning, negotiating, and saying no.

29. Masterclass

All great PMs need to keep learning. Masterclass has built an incredibly impressive roster of teachers including Ron Howard (Directing), Gordon Ramsay (Cooking), and Carlos Santana (Guitar). Whatever your PM is interested in getting better at, Masterclass can help them get there.\

Making the Holidays Merrier for your Product Team!

Create a memorable holiday experience with our corporate New Year gifts for your products teams. Spread joy to every tech geek on your team.

Key takeaways

That's it, these are the top gifts for product mangers in 2024. As you can see there is a big variety and I also included some one that might be fun to have on your desk. Hope you had a nice Christmas, so we can start fresh into a new year.

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