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Plum RaaS API (Rewards & Incentive API)

Need help in planning your next digital rewards strategy? Check out Xoxoday’s Rewards Program API aka RaaS API and unlock the world of digital rewards.

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July 15, 2021

Xoxoday Plum makes your digital rewards strategy simple. You can power your business results by rewarding customers with gift cards, discounts, experiences, and much more. But providing all these rewards can be a time-consuming process for your business if you have a lot of rewards to send. 

Different businesses have different use cases for rewards and incentives. Let’s discuss some of these use cases below:

  1. There is a business case where the customer is already having a rewarding use case in its existing application. These can be home grown custom applications for HR, Sales, Marketing or various other requirements. The company might want to run rewards/incentives on these applications without wanting the users to switch to any other third party application. In such cases, the best way for businesses to enable rewards is through rewards API. 
  2. There is a business case where the company is using standard tools like Salesforce, SAP, Qualtrics, Hubspot, etc for their sales, HR, Marketing use cases. In such a case, companies can use Plum native reward integrations with these applications to enable rewarding.  
  3. There is another use case where the company does not use any application but still wants to send rewards to its employees, channel partners or sales teams. In such cases, they can use Plum rewarding applications which come with a full suite of features to enable different types of rewards.

What is Plum Pro rewards API? 

Plum Pro rewards API will help you run completely automated and totally seamless incentive offers and promotions. You can plug directly into our new extensive fulfillment system and have complete control over when and how your rewards are issued instead of relying on third-party apps. 

You can use the new Plum Pro API to: 

  • Integrate your Point of Sale system with a mobile app or ecommerce store. 
  • Create a customer cardholder app that delivers a uniquely satisfying customer experience.
  • Incorporate your loyalty and/or gift card programs into social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Access a global rewards catalog with more than 20,000 reward options for 75+ countries - gift cards, perks, experiences, and much more.
  • Get all your reporting consolidated in one easy-to-access space.

Why Using an API is Beneficial 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. While that name might make APIs sound a bit boring, in fact they’re a very exciting piece of technology. They make it possible for software applications and devices to talk to each other behind the scenes. 

And that’s exciting because it means you don’t need to have to use new tools or third-party apps to perform tasks like market research rewards or gamification for your customers. You can implement the Plum Pro rewards API to enable gifting, rewarding, and incentivizing with the tools you already use.  

Here are just a few of the potential use cases for the Plum Pro API: 

  • Integrate with your customer care system to reward customer agents for excellent performance
  • Integrate with your gaming and gamification apps to automate rewards and engage your customers 
  • Integrate with your mobile wallet and cashback rewards programs on the go.
  • Integrate with your health and fitness points tracking programs to effortlessly reward customers for healthy behavior.
  • Integrate with your Bitcoin platforms.
  • There are 100s of such use cases where these rewards api can be used by companies globally. 

Essentially, rewards APIs allow your company to grow your rewards program at scale. Whether you’re a small business looking to run a rewards program for 1,000 customers or a successful corporation building your rewards program for one million customers, Plum Pro API works for you. And you can continue using it as you grow and scale, without growing pains. Plus it comes with high performance and top-notch security, keeping your programs running fast and your data highly secure. 

Adding the Plum Pro API 

Looking to see if the Plum Pro API is right for you? Try our new sandbox access so you can test and code fully without going into production. We want to make sure that everything is working smoothly before you get started using our API. 

If you’re already a Plum Pro user, you’re in luck! Adding the rewards API to your toolbox just takes a few simple steps. Review our complete API installation guide for all the thorough, time-tested documentation you need to get started and complete your install. And if you run into any hiccups along the way, our onboarding support team is here for you at every step of the integration process. 

With Plum RESTful API, your reward implementation can be ready to go in as little as one day - so don’t wait to get started! It couldn’t be easier or more rewarding for you and your customers. 

Key Takeaways 

Plum Pro takes API rewarding and delighting your customer to a whole new level - while also making everything easier for your admins. And now you can integrate even more of your rewards program into your apps and social networks using the Plum Pro API. Everybody wins with Xoxoday!

Rewards as a Service (RaaS) API

Automate your reward programs irrespective of the scale. Whether you want to run a reward program for one thousand or one million people, Plum RaaS APIs help you handle both with high performance & security. Want to know more?
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