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When it comes to B2B lead generation, there’s no doubt that webinars are one of the most effective tools but you know the challenges. The event is all organized, you have an incredible topic to speak about, the host is ready, and everything is set up.

The event is all organized, you have an incredible topic to speak about, the host is ready, and everything is set up.

The big day is almost about to arrive, but you didn’t see these two things coming:

  • Challenge #1: You don't have enough people registered to attend the event
  • Challenge #2: You don’t have a foolproof strategy in place to delight and engage the prospects (that have a higher chance of turning into customers) after the webinar event

This scenario is relatable and we have all been there.

Before I go on and talk about my success story, let me introduce myself. I am Tracy Graziani, and I work in a ‘Hubspot Solutions Partner Agency’ that specializes in revenue operations for startups and B-corporations.

At some point, most of my clients face a common problem of customer acquisition and retention.

Customer delight is a tough nut to crack but to help you dissect the concept, I decided to conduct a webinar, and invited Girish Vishwanath, Chief Business Officer, Xoxoday to explain how incentives (when integrated with your marketing campaigns) can deliver extraordinary outcomes.

The answer to this problem is customer experience and delight—something which often works for my clients.

The Roadmap

The purpose of the webinar was crystal clear, i.e., to explain how organizations can turbocharge their flywheel through customer delight based on our own experiences of running reward campaigns.

To give you more context, every organization has a funnel depicting how they try to turn prospects (who are strangers) into loyal customers.

We will explain two things:

  • How to turn the funnel model into a flywheel and put your customers into the center
  • How the flywheel can make your business grow effectively
funnell to flywheel - a customer centric business model

This case study showcases all the problems faced by us and how we formulated the solutions.

  • Webinar Title: Customer Delight
  • Speakers: Girish Vishwanath, Xoxoday with Tracy Graziani, Graziani Multimedia

The Difficulty

Like any other webinar, there were many challenges. Let's dive into the hurdles and how we overcame each of them.

challenges in running a successful webinar

The success of any webinar relies on two major factors:

  • Quantity of registrations
  • Quality of registrations

But that’s only the first half of the challenge; the other half is about getting them to participate in the webinar.

When it comes to webinar registrations, conversions are usually low. We faced a similar problem with this webinar. In the first week of launching the landing page, the number of registrations did not cross the minimum threshold of 30.

We also launched an email campaign in the first week, but the click-through rates were less than 10%. The landing page's bounce rate was more than 90%, making it even more challenging. The other issue was to achieve engagement throughout the webinar.

A successful webinar is where you have a maximum number of attendees and the one where your audience is engaged and engraved till the end.

Building the Road

Like every problem, we decided to keep attendees in the center, the customers in this scenario. Apart from showing them insights into customer delight and how their organization's flywheel is running, the simple solution was to appreciate their time spent on the webinar with a token of ‘thank you.’

We as a team decided that every attendee present at the webinar would be awarded a $5 voucher gift card from Xoxoday. The idea was to appreciate and respect their time and show that a webinar can benefit both the speaker and the attendees.

Quality before Quantity

After making changes to the emailer, we saw a jump in the number of registrations in no time. But this step led to another issue: the quality of attendees.

The campaign was run in a close-knit circle to maintain quality and we decided to share the information with only prospects and current clients. The threshold set for the webinar attendees was 50 to make sure we keep the quality high.

To improve the click-through rate, we sent Xoxoday vouchers to all the clients that opened the emails but never clicked on the landing page link.

The Result: 85% of the email recipients opened the landing page, and almost 60% registered themselves. The idea was to reward and delight the participants despite not showing any interest in registering for the event. This hack turned out to be fruitful for us. It helped us in getting the right participants to register.

Automating an email campaign with the element of reward was pretty straightforward. All we did was—created a workflow on Hubspot CRM with certain rules and integrated that with Xoxoday’s API integration to send the rewards.

Hubspot crm workflow

The automation process isn’t complicated as it sounds. It just involves 4 simple steps:

seamless integration

Bumps Ahead

Once the webinar got rolling, the total number of attendees was 45, with a total of 108 registrations. Overcoming the challenge of engaging attendees was difficult.

To achieve this, we decided to follow two simple steps:

  • Ask questions about the current problems they face in their organization. And when someone explains their issues, send them an instant reward of a $10 voucher via Xoxoday.
  • Create a breakout group of 6 people and give them simple questions to break the ice. The most interactive group would receive another $10 reward voucher.
Sometimes the most straightforward questions are enough to connect a group of people divided by geography and united by common issues.

The attendees realized the vouchers were delighting them throughout the session, and they were engaged. They talked about their real-life experiences, explained the issues faced in the customer life cycle to which we were able to provide solutions.

At the end of the seminar, everyone felt more aware of the solutions they could use and delighted with their appreciation. Every webinar has vital takeaways and a problem to solve; hence people associated with those problems register themselves to attend it.

The time and effort made by registrants are equally essential as the organizers. The key to holding those prospects during the webinar and ensuring your actions are reflected by showcasing delight!

why rewards is the best solution to running a successful webinar

All this was possible because we could reward our attendees directly through the HubSpot workflow. A hassle-free and easy solution is always right around the corner. In our case, it was in our own CRM.

A Smooth Ride: Result

The Result
Registrations Engagement Rate Meetings Generated
108 95% 6

The total number of registrations made to the webinar was 108. Out of this, 48 clients attended the webinar. During the session, 85% of the audience was present until the end.

In the breakout sessions, 95% of the audience were engaged and spoke about their problem.

Out of the 46 attendees, 6 meetings were generated post-webinar. 13% of the audience were interested in finding more information about solutions provided by Xoxoday.

Tracy Graziani

CEO, Graziani Multimedia

Tracy Graziani

Tracy Graziani

With degrees in art and psychology, she's equally obsessed with the art & science of marketing, but more than anything she cares about people.