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Instagram reposting is a super easy yet effective way to engage with the community, amplify your voice, and grow your audience. But remember, it's not just about hitting 'share.' You need to respect the original creators and Instagram's guidelines.

When done right, reposting can turn your feed into a vibrant mosaic of user generated content and industry news. It's a celebration of community spirit, acknowledging and promoting content from others. But beware, failing to credit the original creator can land you in hot water with copyright issues.

Don't know how to repost on Instagram? There's a buffet of methods and tools, from third-party apps to manual methods. It's all about what suits your style.

Stay tuned as we dive into the details of how to repost on Instagram, exploring the benefits, drawbacks, and tools to make your reposting journey a breeze. Here's our guide on Instagram reposting: sharing content the right way!

Why should your brand repost on Instagram?

Reposting on Instagram isn't just a fad that'll pass; it's a strategy that, when used smartly, can wield immense benefits for brands. Here's why brands should consider reposting content:

1. Increase engagement: Reposting material previously connected with Instagram followers is similar to finding gold. It's an opportunity to promote interactions, start conversations, and increase your brand's visibility on the platform. Reposting content from your followers or customers also increases their visibility and appreciation, which fosters a sense of community and promotes loyalty.

2. Deliver value: Consistently producing high quality, valuable content can be challenging. Reposting is a means to distribute content that has already attracted the attention of your target audience. Reposting may provide value without having to invent the wheel, whether it's an intelligent infographic, a thought-provoking quotation, or a relevant reel that fits your brand's voice.

3. Build a creative community: Instagram is teeming with creators, each sharing their unique perspective with the world. When you repost content from other creators or brands, you show your audience you're part of this vibrant, creative ecosystem. It humanizes your brand, shows support for other creators, and can even open doors to collaborations and partnerships.

4. Amplify your brand's visibility: Reposting can serve as a megaphone for your brand. When you repost content from influencers, other brands, or customers, they're likely to appreciate the gesture and may reciprocate by sharing your content or giving you a shoutout. This can introduce your brand to a broader audience, potentially leading to increased followers and customers. Additionally, consider leveraging HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to further boost your visibility. By providing expert insights to journalists via HARO, you can earn valuable media coverage and backlinks, enhancing your Instagram profile’s reach and influence.

5. Showcase user generated content: User generated content is like a testimonial. When you repost content created by your customers, such as product reviews or photos of your products in use, it shows other followers that real people are enjoying your products or services. This can build trust and credibility, encouraging others to make a purchase.

6. Stay relevant and timely: Repost information linked to current events, popular memes, or trendy subjects. It may increase the relatability and engagement of your brand by demonstrating to your audience that you are aware of what's happening in the outside world.

Instagram's policies on reposting

The policies made by Instagram are to safeguard content creators' rights. Users should only share content they have permission to share. Here is some crucial information about Instagram's reposting etiquette:

1. Respect for intellectual property: Instagram strictly forbids violating anyone else's intellectual property, encompassing trademark and copyright laws. Failure to obtain consent before reposting someone else's content may infringe upon their rights, potentially resulting in Instagram taking down the content as a consequence.

2. Permission for reposting: It is simply the best approach. Directly message the original creator to ask for permission. Once you have obtained their approval, you can proceed with the repost.

3. Give credit to the original creator: When you repost on Instagram, acknowledging the original poster isn't just a nice gesture—it's a must. It's a nod to the creativity and effort that went into creating the content. You can mention the original poster in your caption or tag them in the post to give credit. For example, you could write, "Photo by @username" or "📷: @username."

4. Handle reported content: If a user reports unauthorized use of their content, Instagram has the authority to remove it. Repeated violations may result in account suspension, highlighting the importance of being cautious and respectful.

5. Use third party apps responsibly: While Instagram's policies do not specifically address third party reposting apps, responsible usage is essential. When using these apps to repost content, always obtain consent from the original creator and give due credit.

Remember, Instagram's policies are there to foster a respectful and creative community. Always consider the rights of the original content creators when reposting.

How to repost on Instagram manually?

There are several ways to manually repost content on Instagram:

1. Discover the perfect post: Find the perfect post that resonates with your brand. It could be a tutorial, a viral reel, or an inspiring quote that matches your style and resonates with your audience.

2. Seek permission: Respecting the original creator's work is vital. Reach out to them through a direct message (DM) or leave a comment, kindly asking for their permission to repost their content. Be polite, show your appreciation for their work, and request their consent. Remember, it's crucial to honor their wishes and give proper credit where it's due.

3. Capture the Post with a Screenshot: Once you receive permission from the original creator, take a screenshot of their post. Ensure you capture the entire content, including the caption and relevant hashtags or tags. This way, you maintain the integrity of the original post when sharing it with your followers.

4. Enhance and edit: With the screenshot in hand, you can now get creative. Use photo editing apps to crop, adjust brightness, add filters, clean up the picture or give it any personal touch that aligns with your brand. However, be careful not to distort the original content or misrepresent the creator's work.

5. Give credit where it's due: When reposting on Instagram, always provide proper credit to the original creator. In the caption, mention the creator's username, tag them in the photo, and include a short acknowledgment of their work. It ensures the creator receives the recognition they deserve and allows your followers to discover their talent.

6. Craft an engaging caption: Write a captivating caption that reflects your perspective on the post. Share your thoughts, feelings, or experiences related to the content. Be authentic and invite your audience to join the conversation. Remember, your unique voice adds value to the reposted content.

7. Share and tag: Now that you've edited the image and created an engaging caption, it's time to share your masterpiece! Upload the edited screenshot as a new photo on your Instagram feed. In the caption, mention the original creator, tag their username, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.

How to repost a story you’re tagged in?

Getting a mention in a story is like a virtual high five! Whether you're a brand looking to showcase user generated content or want to engage with your followers, this guide will walk you through the steps:

Step 1: Tag notification: When someone mentions you in their Instagram story, you'll get a notification: "[Username] gave you a shoutout in their story."

Step 2: Access the story: Now that you know you've been tagged, it's time to check it out. Tap on the notification to see the tagged story. Down at the bottom, you'll see an option to: "Add This to Your Story."

Step 3: Make it your own: Now show your creativity! Select "Add This to Your Story," and the tagged story becomes a dynamic sticker within a fresh story draft. This sticker is your playground. You can resize it, move it around, and seamlessly blend it with your unique style. Want to add a touch of personality? Spice it up with text, GIFs, or other eye catching stickers. This is your opportunity to leave your mark, whether adding a personal comment or aligning it with your brand's visual identity.

Step 4: Share the story: With your story complete, it's time to share it with your audience. Tap "Next" to see sharing options. You have two options: send it directly to a specific person or publish it on your story, reaching all your followers. If you opt for the latter, it will be on your story for 24 hours.

How to respost on Instagram using apps?

While Instagram doesn't have a built in repost feature, several third-party apps can help you repost content. Here are five of them:

  • Repost for instagram: Share content effortlessly. Download the app, copy the post's link on Instagram, and return to Repost for Instagram. With one tap, you can repost the content and give credit to the original poster.
  • Insta repost: Similar to Instagram's Repost, this app lets you copy the link and share it seamlessly. You can even save posts for later with the "Repost Later" feature.
  • Save and repost for Instagram: Save and repost with ease. Copy the link on Instagram, repost instantly, or save it for later within the app. Plus, it keeps a handy history of your reposted and saved posts.
  • Regram posts: Repost without watermarks. Download the app, copy the link, and repost effortlessly. You can even customize the credit mark's color and position. and learn how to change background color for added personalization.
  • Easy repost: Keeping it simple, this app allows you to repost easily. Just copy the link, return to easy repost, and the article will be ready to share. You can also save posts for later reposting.

Common mistakes when resposting

Leveraging reposts on Instagram can significantly amplify your brand's reach and engagement, yet it's essential to sidestep these common pitfalls to make the most of this strategy:

1. Merely resharing without adding value: A widespread misstep is reposting content on Instagram without contributing any added value. Instead of just circulating the same content, take the opportunity to provide your unique perspective or insights.

This could range from a thought provoking comment on the post to a question posed to your audience related to the content or even a well tailored call to action. In doing so, you're moving beyond simply broadcasting content; you're offering your audience a curated experience that fuels meaningful interaction and boosts engagement.

2. Overlooking to credit the original poster: Not acknowledging the original content creator is a considerable faux pas. It isn't only inconsiderate but could also give rise to copyright disputes.

Always respect the creative effort by tagging the original poster in your repost and attributing them in the caption. This gesture acknowledges the original creator's work and allows your audience to discover the source of the content.

3. Reposting irrelevant content: Sharing content that doesn't align with your brand ethos or your followers' interests can lead to confusion, consequently diminishing engagement.

For instance, if your brand primarily focuses on promoting wellness and healthy eating, a sudden influx of reposts related to car maintenance can disorient your audience. Reposting content germane to your brand and resonates with your audience is crucial, ensuring consistent brand messaging and fostering audience interest.

4. Excessive reposting: Reposting can effectively share engaging content and foster audience interaction, but moderation is key. An Instagram feed swamped with reposts might raise questions about your brand's originality and creativity. Strive for equilibrium, blending your brand's unique content with carefully chosen reposted content to maintain an engaging and fresh feed.

5. Neglecting engagement: Reposted content can catalyze audience conversations and engagement. Disregarding these interactions is a missed opportunity to foster brand loyalty and community. Prioritize responding to comments, addressing questions, and initiating dialogues with your audience to cultivate a robust community around your brand.

By dodging these common pitfalls, you can optimize your reposting strategy to benefit your brand and your audience, enhancing engagement, trust, and brand visibility.

Wrapping Up

Reposting on Instagram adds a dynamic layer to your social media content, allowing you to interact with your followers, hop on trends, promote engagement, and become an integral part of the thriving Instagram community.

Nevertheless, navigating this realm with integrity and respect for the original creators is crucial. By consistently acknowledging and giving credit to these talented individuals while infusing your distinctive viewpoint, you'll create a captivating experience that resonates with your audience.

So, embrace the reposting journey with enthusiasm, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to honoring the brilliant minds behind the content.

Happy reposting!

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