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With the number of email users expected to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025, making up more than half of the expected world population, reported Statista, one can say that email is one form of communication that can be leveraged the best for marketing purposes. 

The latest report by the Content Marketing Institute has shown that 69% of marketers use email marketing to disseminate information. In addition, 59% of B2B marketers have cited email marketing as one of their most used, preferred top channels for revenue generation. 

The evolving nature of marketing has found its relevancy in the significance of email, and email marketing software ensures that the efficacy of the communication tool is enhanced. With 59% of people claiming that their choice is influenced by emails, how can such an opportunity to turn one prospect into a lead be missed?

When it comes to companies and businesses, email marketing software remains one of the standard communication tools and helps people share information as and when needed.

Email marketing software helps businesses effectively communicate in a mass manner. It not only enables sending out a large number of emails to a predetermined set of people but also automates the same with multimedia and creates reports based on activities at the receiver end to understand the efficacy of the email campaign.

To corroborate this fact, a B2B Content Marketing Report by CMI has revealed that 85% of B2B Marketers work with some sort of email marketing software to generate leads. This blog will discuss the 11 best email marketing software that helps automate email campaigns for businesses

5 Factors to consider while choosing email marketing software

Here are the factors to consider while choosing email marketing software.

1. Must have a great marketing platform support

The number 1 requirement to qualify as a good email marketing software is to have a well-integrated marketing platform that allows marketers to integrate with other marketing and business-related applications such as SMS marketing, social media marketing, etc.

2. Needs to have automated email functionality

Another important factor that marketers today want is to automate their email campaigns. With minimal intervention, email marketing softwares must be able to create and execute email marketing campaigns and also be able to give out important campaign analytics.

3. Highly rated in the marketing software community

We are constantly looking for software that outperforms those in the market. It only makes sense to go by high rated marketing software and tools that have a good credibility in the software community such as G2, Capterra, GetApp etc.

4. Flexible email campaign plans

Not all companies have a big budget to support email marketing campaigns. It is important to check for flexible budget plans that can be easily switched when and how the company wants.

5. User friendly email campaign designer

Designing an email is perhaps one of the hardest parts and therefore, we recommend email marketing software that has the easiest and most functional email designing and campaign planning tools to help novice marketers.

List of top 11 email marketing software

Here are top 11 email marketing software you must know about.

S No

Tool Name



G2 Rating


Xoxoday Plum

  • Reward customization

  • Global redemption

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Integration support

Xoxoday Plum's Pricing structure offers different tiers based on the business's size and requirements. It is advisable to contact Xoxoday directly for a customized quote.

4.6 on 5



  • Email content optimization 

  • Content design and improvement

  • Multiple app integrations

Flexible pricing from 4 to 138 USD for 500 contacts. Free starter pack and free trial

4.4 on 5



  • Optimize email using smart AI

  • Customer segmentation, targeting

  • Integration with Hubspot CRM 

Free plan available, Starter pack at 18 USD per month and Professional at 800 USD for 1000 contacts

4.4 on 5



  • Digital, CRM and sales related email sync

  • Promotional and transactional marketing campaigns

  • Integrate with Live chat and chatbot automation

Free basic plan; Starter pack at 25 USD per month, business plan at 65 USD per month and BrevoPlus at custom corporate pricing

4.5 on 5



  • Customer segmentation and conditional content

  • Personalized content

  • Multi-user editing

Basic plan starts at 49 USD per month for 3 users; Professional plan at 149 USD per month for 5 users; Custom enterprise plan

4.5 on 5



  • A/B test and analysis option

  • Dynamic content and optimization

  • Multimedia images attachment

Free basic plan available, paid plan starts from 15.58 USD for 1000 contacts; custom enterprise plan

4.2 on 5



  • Automation for website, email, blog, youtube channel

  • Tools for sign up forms, landing page builder

  • Tools for sales, CRM and marketing app integrations

Free basic plan; Lite plan priced at 12.5 USD per month, plus plan at 20 USD per month for 500 contacts. Custom enterprise unlimited plan available.  

4.2 on 5



  • Innovative and creative email designer

  • Create landing pages, forms or newsletters

  • Email automation and 3rd party integration

Free plan for upto 1000 subscribers; Creator plan at 9 USD per month for 300 contacts; Creator Pro at 25 USD per month for upto 300 contacts. Free trial available

4.4 on 5



  • Interactive email builder, forms, newsletters, landing pages

  • Collect data using pop-ups, forms

  • Customer profiling and segmentation

Free basic plan for upto 500 emails; Paid email plan at 45/ pm USD for upto 1500 contacts; Email and SMS plan combo at 60 USD/ pm

4.6 on 5


Campaign Monitor

  • Analytics tool for reporting

  • Link tracking for hyperlinks

  • SMS marketing and social media sync

Free trial available; Paid plans starting at 39 USD per month for 2500 contacts; Essential and premier plans at 59 and 149 USD per month for 2500 contacts.

4.1 on 5


Constant Contact

  • Integrate with SMS, social media marketing

  • Create and optimize email content

  • Automated campaigns for mass email campaigns

Lite at 12 USD, Standard at 35 USD, Premium at 80 USD based on a standard set of contact list. 

4 on 5

1. Xoxoday Plum

Xoxoday Plum's reward automation and management capabilities, when adapted for email marketing, serve as a unique solution for managing rewards and incentives within email marketing campaigns and boost the campaign success rate. It would help businesses motivate and engage their subscribers by offering rewards through email promotions.


  1. Xoxoday Plum allows businesses to create and send personalized rewards to email subscribers, such as discount codes, exclusive offers, or loyalty points.
  2. The platform integrates with popular email marketing software, making it easy to incorporate reward management into email campaigns and automation.
  3. Businesses can use Xoxoday Plum to segment their email subscribers based on their engagement and purchase behavior, ensuring that rewards are targeted to the right audience.
  4. Xoxoday Plum could enable A/B testing of reward offers to determine which incentives are most effective in driving email conversions.


  1. Offering rewards through email campaigns can increase subscriber engagement and incentivize desired actions, such as purchasing or referring others.
  2. Customized rewards tailored to individual subscriber preferences can significantly boost the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.
  3. Seamless integration with email marketing tools simplifies the process of incorporating rewards into email campaigns.


  1. There might be a learning curve for email marketers who are new to reward management software.

Pricing structure: Xoxoday Plum's Pricing structure offers different tiers based on the business's size and requirements. It is advisable to contact Xoxoday directly for a customized quote.

Companies using Xoxoday Plum:

  • Freshworks
  • Nielsen
  • Capgemini
  • Kantar
  • H&M

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5

Capterra rating: 4.4 out of 5

2. MailChimp


MailChimp is one of the most innovative email softwares that allows small businesses to communicate with their customers and stakeholders in an efficient manner.

It was designed keeping in mind the needs of a small to medium business that may need a tool via which they could send out automated emails to their customers on a routine basis. Founded in 2011, this email marketing software is the no.1 choice of most businesses thanks to its stellar features.

Key features of MailChimp:

  • Email content optimization
  • Content design and improvement
  • Analytical tool for opens, clicks and spams
  • Customer targeting and segmenting tools
  • Multiple app integrations that help share data between them
  • Automated email campaigns

MailChimp has been around for over two decades proving to businesses that they are credible and is best suited for all kinds of companies - small or big. They have a very flexible cost structure that is extremely affordable for small to medium enterprises.

They also offer customer support and individual attention to companies by offering expertise in the form of unique custom products, tools and other resources.

Pros of MailChimp:

  • Claims to improve ROI by 39x using their tools
  • One of the most cost effective and flexible plan in the market
  • 300+ integrations that make it work seamlessly with other apps


  • Editing issues when using templates were reported by users
  • Some users found the larger corporate plans too expensive

Pricing structure

  • 4 plans available for various contact sizes starting from 500 to 250000.
  • Free starter plan available
  • Essential plan priced at 4 USD, Standard at 6 USD and premium at 138 USD for 500 contacts. Prices increase proportionally based on contact size.

MailChimp customer case studies:

  • MailChimp helped a small moving business (Moving Waldo) grow into a formidable moving empire using various marketing tools and email automation tools such as A/B testing, Email campaign automations, customer segmentation and targeting and the integration with finance apps such as Quickbooks. Not only did the company acquire better revenue and more organized data, it was able to keep customers happy and connected throughout the way.
  • Honeywell Biscuits got very close and personal using the optimized and personalized content design and custom email campaigns that helped them connect with the customers and helped them forge long lasting bonds beyond business.

Companies using MailChimp:

  • RazorPay
  • Tech Stack
  • Oxylabs
  • Paralect
  • Statista

G2 rating - 4.4 with over 5k+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.5 with 16k+ reviews

3. HubSpot


HubSpot is one of the best all-in-all integration resources that will take your marketing game to the next level.

HubSpot not only gives you a brilliant marketing tool to send customized email to your customers, but also helps you understand the pattern of customers through data such as A/B tests and analytical reports, customer targeting, life cycle analysis for customers, customer lifetime value etc.

Key features of HubSpot Marketing:

  • Craft amazing marketing emails and automate campaigns
  • Optimize email content using smart AI for better responses
  • Use customer segmentation and targeting
  • Various reports and analytical tools
  • Integration with Hubspot CRM and other 3rd party tools

HubSpot Email marketing software is part of a complete marketing suite that helps marketers and businesses analyze and custom craft their email marketing efforts.

Their wholesome approach towards marketing emails help in crafting the right email campaigns for customers by ensuring higher email receipt rate and better response that drives sales.

Pros of HubSpot:

  • All tools under one banner for easy sync of marketing efforts
  • Plenty of app integration that makes email campaigns easier
  • Personalized onboarding plan and 24x7 customer support
  • Lots of flexible plans that can be chosen based on budget

Cons of HubSpot:

  • No AI for content creation, analytics and insights
  • Most of the best rated feature are only available in higher tier plans

Pricing structure:

  • Free plan available
  • Starter pack at 18 USD per month for 1000 contacts
  • Professional pack at 800 USD per month for 1000 contacts
  • Contact size plans from 1000 to 100k contacts

HubSpot customer case studies:

  • Crunch fitness was able to overcome the obstacles in health and fitness during the pandemic and applied email marketing tools from hubspot to actively increase customer engagement giving them 2x email open rates and 83percent shorter email creation time.
  • Ceros, a software company, was able to tackle its lack of visibility and customer insights using marketing tools such as lead capture, email engagement reports, real time email campaign data insights etc for better lead capture, nourishment and conversion.

Companies using HubSpot Marketing Hub:

  • Casio
  • Reddit
  • FastSigns
  • MarineMax

G2 rating - 4.4 with 10k+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.5 with 5k+ reviews

4. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is now known as Brevo - a complete suite of email software that helps small to large enterprises to automate email campaigns.

Brevo offers a whole suite that helps with business related functions that works in tandem with CRM and sales related platforms.

Brevo helps in synchronizing email automation with their CRM and sales platform to easily optimize automation of sales and marketing campaigns. Brevo helps in providing a full fronted business automation for email campaigns.

Key features of SendinBlue or Brevo:

  • A full suite of business relation functional software
  • Digital, CRM and sales related email sync
  • Provide promotional and transactional marketing campaigns
  • Full integration with social media platform
  • Option to integrate with Live chat and chatbot automation

Brevo has been around for a long time and customers trust this software program. With plenty of awards and accreditations in its kitty, this software allows small and large businesses to use various tools and features at a nominal pricing.

Their social media integration and plenty of app integrations help set up a seamless working ecosystem.

Pros of Brevo:

  • Even the most novice marketer can easily use this software platform
  • Helps design and plan email campaigns easily
  • User friendly tools and features that come at low and affordable prices
  • Whatsapp marketing has been given focus - which is a proven way to improve engagement

Cons of Brevo:

  • Users felt the customer service was lacking
  • Templates are difficult to work with according to some users.

Pricing structure of SendinBlue/ Brevo:

  • Free basic plan
  • Starter plan at 25 USD per month for unlimited contacts
  • Business plan at 65 USD per month for unlimited contacts
  • Customer enterprise plan for BrevoPlus

Brevo customer case studies:

  • Yumpingo is a survey and feedback based company that helped restaurants scale using data and using BrevoPlus, they were able to accelerate their customer engagement and improve click rates by 14 percent while also improving their email deliverability.
  • is an online form builder and SaaS provider that used Brevo to improve their customer engagement and convert more free plan users into paid plan users by 8.7 percent.

Companies using Brevo:

  • Sodexo
  • Carrefour
  • Michelin
  • Louis Vuitton
  • eBay

G2 rating - 4.5 on 5 with 600+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.3 on 5 with 2500+ reviews

5. ActiveCampaign


If you are a small business that focuses on providing instant and customized emails for every action your customers make such as welcoming them to your website, announcing a special discount for their first purchase or encouraging them to sign up for the newsletter, whatever be it, ActiveCampaign helps you achieve more than just connect with clients.

With amazing features mentioned below, you can hope to more than make a real business relationship and turn your business around for good.

Key features of ActiveCampaign:

  • Multi-user editing
  • 3rd party app integration
  • Customer segmentation and conditional content
  • Personalized content
  • Analytics and reports

Activecampaign is one of the best softwares in the market and is suited for companies that need many different kinds of email marketing and automation for their transactional, broadcast, targeted and other types of emails.

They make life so much easier with email automation campaigns that can be designed in a jiffy.

Pros of ActiveCampaign:

  • Many amazing tools such as geotracking and link tracking for email campaigns
  • Audience segmentation and targeted email campaign designer
  • Site tracking and analytics that are top class features offered by Activecampaign
  • Multi user editing and plans that come with multi user access

Cons if ActiveCampaign:

  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • UI is not very user friendly according to some users

Pricing structure for ActiveCampaign:

  • Plus (basic) plan starts at 49 USD per month
  • Professional plan starts at 149 users per month
  • Enterprise plan has a custom pricing based on requirement
  • Free trial available. No free plan.

ActiveCampaign customer case studies:

  • Your Therapy Source is a physical therapy company that used ActiveCampaign to engage their audience using email campaigns helping them monetize their abandoned cart revenue yielding 30 percent of automation cost and 2000 percent ROI from software.
  • Paperbell is a company that aids coaching and mentorship for life and relationships and was able to successfully connect and engage their customers using effective email campaigns that helped gain 2500 new email subscribers and provided 100 percent ROI.

Companies using ActiveCampaign:

  • Dalton
  • McCrindle
  • Future London Academy
  • Bumper leads
  • Unicorn Capital

G2 rating - 4.5 on 5 with 10k+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.6 on 5 with 2500+ reviews

6. GetResponse


If you are a small entrepreneur trying to make a big impact in the business world with the limited number of tools that are available at low cost, then this one's for you!

GetResponse is one of the best rated software tools that not only make things easier such as emailing your clients proactively, replying to queries, sending newsletters or simply creating a routine automated email campaign, all of these things are made easy with Get response.

GetResponse helps you build custom emails, personalized content with easy drag and drop editor so that your emails look not only professional but also sleek and personal.

Key features of GetResponse:

  • Landing page builder option for small businesses
  • A/B test and analysis option
  • Dynamic content and optimized email content
  • Customer segmentation for better reach of emails
  • Multimedia images and stock of plenty of media options to enhance emails

GetResponse is built keeping all kinds of business and companies in mind. No matter if you are a small, independent business looking for a budget-friendly software to kick start your email marketing affairs or if you are a large business that needs a robust email marketing platform.

GetResponse offers some of the top notch tools that lets you get better reach and response.

Pros of GetResponse:

  • Special tools for those businesses who run blogs and need better reach for it.
  • SMTP triggered email blasts are included at a small price for retail and other companies
  • AI features included for better email and email campaign creation and for better insights for analytics reports.

Cons of GetResponse:

  • Some design related and reporting features were limited to customers
  • Learning curve for automation advanced tools is higher

Pricing structure of GetResponse:

  • Free basic plan
  • Starter paid plan at 15.58 USD for 1000 contacts and goes upto 100k contacts
  • Custom plan for mid and large businesses available

GetResponse customer case studies:

  • Krispol is a leading gate and door designer that was able to connect and interact with their customers using relationship building email campaigns and with effective advanced customer segmentation tags that allowed for meaningful and responsive campaigns.
  • Monday comms delivers automation cycles for Dell technologies partner networks and was in need of an effective email automation software. With Get Response, their email open rate boosted by 65.5 percent and link click throughs by 35.5 percent.

Companies using GetResponse:

  • Redbull
  • Ikea
  • Revolut
  • ZenDesk
  • Stripe

G2 rating - 4.2 on 5 with 900 reviews

Capterra rating - 4.2 on 5 with 450+ reviews

7. AWeber


This amazing business helps support many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small to medium businesses by enhancing the way they build their customer relationship and marketing initiatives.

AWeber offers plenty of solutions that make it easy to create customized email campaigns, automate email campaigns and create simple emails for every action on the website or personal channels to boost connectivity and sales.

Key features of AWeber:

  • Automation for website, email, blog and youtube channels
  • Tools for sign up forms, landing page builder, building lists etc
  • Drag and drop editor to create stunning emails
  • Plenty of tools for sales, CRM and marketing app integrations
  • Social media integration and allows automation that handles various apps

Beautiful emails are one of the most effective ways to get your emails read and clicked.

This is something that you can achieve using AWeber. With a brilliant template and easy email designer, businesses can easily create attractive, segment oriented customer tags and email campaigns for specific customer groups.

With their flexible plans and pricing, all kinds of businesses are able to make the best use of this software.

Pros of AWeber:

  • Canva integration helps with creating amazing email templates
  • Domain purchase and set up is integrated with this software
  • Tools to create auto newsletter and enhanced reach for youtube and blogs
  • Advanced reporting and analytical tools including A/B testing

Cons of AWeber:

  • Customization and editing of templates is slightly hard
  • UI is not so friendly and may seem outdated

Pricing structure for AWeber:

  • Free basic plan for upto 500 contacts
  • Lite plan at 12.5 USD per month for 500 contacts
  • Plus plan at 20 USD per month for 500 contacts
  • Contact size can be increased to 150k
  • Custom unlimited plan based on business needs

Aweber customer case studies:

  • Eric Asher used the power of AWeber to create a marketing audience for his unpublished book by connecting with them using email marketing that helped him tag customers based on free gifts, customer preference using book hyperlinks etc.
  • Emma Johnson who is a blogger reached 56,000+ email signups using AWeber thanks to the power of email opt-in rewards, sign up forms and amazing content that she circulated using her automated email campaign to monetize her blog.

Companies using AWeber:

  • Tumblr
  • Upwork
  • Berkeley Lab
  • WLS
  • Zero

G2 rating - 4.2 on 5 with 600+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.4 on 5 with 280+ reviews

8. ConvertKit


If you are someone into the artistic side that relies on staying in touch with their audience such as an author, podcaster, writer, novelist, mentor, creator, artist or singer/songwriter - ConvertKit is the holy grail of email campaigning software for you.

ConvertKit is the best way to boost your audience and grow your fan club through your online presence. Instantly connect with your customers and fans online using automated email campaigns and keep them updated on your current events.

You can even incentivise your audience growth and grow your business by keeping your fans in the loop on what's coming next!

Key features of ConvertKit:

  • Helps you create innovative and creative email designer
  • Create appealing landing pages and forms or newsletters for your fans
  • Automate emails for your fans and keep in touch with your community
  • Integrate seamlessly with other apps to share data between apps

ConvertKit was made keeping designers, authors and podcasters in mind while also being able to accommodate all kinds of companies that need to connect with their clients and customers regularly.

Their easy templates and email editors launch email campaigns in a jiffy and their affordable and flexible pricing ensures that marketers do not burn a hole in their pocket.

With a promised 98 percent deliverability and a 40 percent boost in email opens, this software is capable of launching your marketing game to the next level.

Pros of ConvertKit:

  • Easy and quick email editors that can be used without prior experience
  • AI generated and optimized content that helps keep emails sharp
  • Helps with form and landing pages that capture more audience.
  • Segmentation and targeting tools are very useful to create the right campaigns

Cons of ConvertKit:

  • Some users felt that the software has advanced tools reserved for bigger plans
  • Email design interface is clumsy according to users.

Pricing structure of ConvertKit:

  • Free basic plan for upto 1000 subscribers
  • Creator plan at 9 USD per month for upto 300 subscribers
  • Creator Pro at 25 USD per month for 300 subscribers
  • Contact list expandable from 300 to 500K subscribers

ConvertKit customer case studies:

  • Hayley Solano converted a simple book reading passion into a spying business using convertKit to monetize her book club getting her 9500+ email subscribers and boosted review using memberships and affiliates by 25 and 5 percent respectively.
  • Danny Gregory turned his life around to begin a paid newsletter and an online art school after Covid took away his day job. ConvertKit helped him acquire 18390 subscribers, a 67 percent boost in email open rates and revenue share of 75 percent from membership.

Companies using ConvertKit:

  • Converse Digital
  • Plain Chicken
  • Marketing Samurai
  • Thinkific
  • WP Engine

G2 rating - 4.4 on 5 from 180+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.7 on 5 from 180+ reviews

9. Klaviyo


If you are a medium to large enterprise that runs the show on various platforms with multiple customer segmentation and databases to keep things going, then Klaviyo is for you.

Klaviyo can work with many number of stacks and shares information between resources to keep things in sync and to automate your communication.

Combine the power of emails, SMS, social media and many other types of marketing communication channels to effectively keep in touch with your customers while also keeping your forms, newsletters and landing pages exciting!

Key features of Klaviyo:

  • Create many number of campaigns using various databases
  • Interactive email builder with custom images and a large library of multimedia
  • Build interactive and effective forms, newsletters and landing pages
  • Collect data using pop-ups, forms and share information across apps
  • Customer profiling and segmentation to increase reach and revenue

Klaviyo is an exceptional software that helps boost revenue for online stores and independent businesses that depend on digital communication such as abandoned cart reminders, email newsletters, email product announcements etc.

With a promised 52% increase in email read rates and 80+ templates available for marketers to work from, Klaviyo provides an excellent marketing software to kick start your online business.

Pros of Klaviyo:

  • Plenty of automated workflows that marketers can use
  • Automated email campaigns with best in class deliverability.
  • Helps improve customer order value and lifecycle value of customers

Cons of Klaviyo:

  • Users find the pricing expensive
  • The interface is not very user friendly

Pricing structure of Klaviyo:

  • Free basic plan for 500 email sends per month
  • Email paid plan starting 45 USD per month for upto 1500 contacts
  • Email+SMS plan starting at 60 USD per month for 1500 contacts

Klaviyo customer case studies:

  • Crumbl Cookies was able to grow their business tremendously using Klaviyo using their advanced email campaign tools that grew their audience by 2.8M subscribers and a 12.7x increase in email subscriber list in the last 2 years
  • Jenni Kayne, a luxury apparel and home decor company was able to improve their email revenue while also reducing their email spends using Klaviyo. They saw an instant jump in campaign click rates by 35 percent.

Companies using Klaviyo:

  • Citizen
  • ColorPop Cosmetics
  • Graza
  • Spanx
  • Lalo

G2 rating - 4.6 on 5 from 990+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.7 on 5 from 375 reviews

10. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helps you create a universe with total transparency and effective communication between you and your clients/customers.

A convenient and easy email marketing tool that sets you up for success each time thanks to the tons of features that they have - making it super easy and efficient to connect with your customers.

Sync and automate your email campaigns with ease using AI for content, Drag and drop for editing and creating and integrations for information sharing and seamless sync.

Key features of Campaign Monitor:

  • Analytics tool for reporting and fixing errors
  • Link tracking for effective hyperlinks for your business/website
  • Segmentation and personalization for customer targeting efforts
  • SMS marketing and social media sync to enhance reach of emails
  • Create highly engaging emails with vast library of templates

Campaign Monitor helps all kinds of businesses scale up using its easy and efficient email builder to make exciting email campaigns that deliver the right results.

Campaign Monitors tools and features helps in automating workflows to create simple and effective email campaigns.

Pros of Campaign Monitor:

  • Automates workflows to create marketing campaigns using email and SMS
  • Get better results using phone based marketing channels to convert more
  • Multi user access for better content, better designs and better results

Cons of Campaign Monitor:

  • Customer service was disappointing according to some users
  • Formatting issues were noted when shared on social media platform

Pricing structure of Campaign Monitor:

  • Lite plan starts at 39 USD per month for 2500 contacts
  • Essential plan starts at 59 USD per month
  • Premier plan starts at 149 USD per month
  • Contact list expandable from 0 to 500k contacts
  • No free plan; free trial available

Campaign Monitor customer case studies:

  • Rip Curl is an Australian swim and activity wear brand that was able to create amazing and interactive email campaigns with product shots that drive their sales and was able to increase the engagement with customers.
  • The GIST is a women led sports publisher that utilized the tools of Campaign Monitor to boost their email list by 233 percent and with 2 times the industry average email open rates. The dynamic content with AI optimization helped them with better campaigns.

Companies using Campaign Monitor:

  • SXSW
  • Finn Partners
  • Evolution Mining
  • Dito
  • Majenta Solutions

G2 rating - 4.1 on 5 from 690+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.5 on 5 from 480+ reviews

11. Constant Contact

Constant contact

One of the OG companies in the game, Constant Contact is one of the marketing companies in the space that offers one of the best and robust email campaign solutions.

Formed as a complete hands-on solution for all marketing and digital marketing efforts, constant contact gives marketers one of the best advantages by combining the usability of marketing strategies with the power of automation.

Initially designed to equip small businesses, today constant contact offers way more than just email campaigning.

Key features of constant contact:

  • Email marketing with complete reporting and analytics
  • Integrate with SMS marketing for better approach
  • Social media marketing that helps you automate email campaigns with online presence
  • Create and optimize email content for better reach
  • Use automated campaigns for mass email campaigns

Constant Contact offers many amazing tools that help you plan and design the best email campaigns in just seconds.

They claim to help improve ROI from spends on email campaigns and email ads by 36x. With plenty of integrations, marketers and businesses are able to smoothly onboard the software and work seamlessly.

Pros of Constant contact:

  • Helps run ads and email campaigns simultaneously
  • Helps improve ROI by 36x for every one dollar spent
  • AI and automation tools help in attracting and engaging the audience better
  • Integrates well with multichannel communication for better reach and response

Cons of Constant contact:

  • Some users reported design issues that have not been fixed for long
  • The UI is cumbersome and lacks friendliness.

Pricing structure of Constant Contact:

  • Lite plan priced at 12 USD
  • Standard plan priced at 35 USD
  • Premium plan priced at 80 USD
  • Free trial available. No free plan.

Constant Contact customer case studies:

  • Soluna Garden Farms, a small event decor company that helps provide fresh plants and herbs have been able to maintain sales by focusing on online activities using Constant contact in the pandemic. They were able to stay connected and engage their customers for better event bookings in the post pandemic era.
  • Treat cupcake bar has successfully stayed relevant and hit even after the slump in the pandemic, thanks to the constant contact email automation that let them use social media integration to connect beyond the physical barriers in the covid era.

Companies using Constant Contact:

  • Platinum payments
  • Megger
  • Mdlogix
  • O'Donnell's market
  • RDI Sightline

G2 rating - 4 on 5 with 5k+ reviews

Capterra rating - 4.3 on 5 2k+ reviews


In conclusion, the landscape of email marketing software in 2024 offers a diverse array of powerful tools to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Whether you prioritize automation, personalization, analytics, or user-friendliness, there is a solution on our list of the 11 best email marketing software options to meet your specific needs.

As technology continues to advance, these platforms are likely to evolve further, providing even more innovative features and capabilities for businesses looking to connect with their audience through effective email marketing.

To make the most of your email marketing efforts in 2024 and beyond, carefully consider your unique requirements and choose the software that aligns best with your goals and resources.

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