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Selling in the on-demand world requires one to rely on quantifiable data and quality mediums with the ability to go above and beyond with respect to the competitors with their unique selling proposition.

A study by Salesforce has revealed that 83% of customers only want to stay connected with a brand that is relevant and contextual to their needs, and what could be a better way to relay the essence of your product than providing informational content as an effective part of demand generation strategies?  

In 2022, 58% of marketers picked content marketing as their top choice for spending money. It shows that good content is a key way to create demand. According to Semrush’s State of Content Marketing Report, of all the challenges, lead generation remains on top, with 41% of marketers saying the same. However, the same report also suggested that content marketing is one of the top three goals to generate leads. 

Not only the marketers, but for HRs and team leads, understanding how to create demand is essential. From telling engaging stories to giving rewards, there's much to learn.

What are demand generation campaigns?

Demand generation is a strategic approach involving various techniques and channels to create brand awareness, spark curiosity, and drive demand for your products or services.

Based on the fundamentals of demand generation, a campaign aims to draw in prospective clients, guide them down the sales path, and ultimately lead to sales and income.

Unlike lead generation or direct response campaigns, demand generation campaigns don’t focus on immediate sales or leads.

It takes a long-term or broader approach, which involves building brand awareness, educating the target audience, and establishing a relationship with potential customers.

Now that you've understood the basics of demand generation campaigns, let's delve into the top 10 tactics that can boost your efforts.

10 Effective tactics for demand generation campaigns

Multiple ways can generate demand and create a buzz around your product or service. We have finalized the 10 most effective ways to help you achieve your desired outcome:

1. Narrative driven engagement

There's great power in a compelling narrative, especially when it's intriguing, capturing the imagination of the masses.

Consider the launch of Apple's iPhone 6. Apple teased its audience by referencing online rumors and speculations about the device. They hint at the new iPhone's exciting features yet keep many details under wraps.

The masterful play on anticipation resulted in a staggering $10 million in sales during the iPhone 6's debut weekend.

Another example of successful storytelling involves Bungie’s “I Love Bees,” an alternate reality game (ARG) that was first advertised and hinted at within a hidden message embedded in a Halo 2 trailer.

Fans of Bungie embarked on a monumental investigation, which led to the discovery of an I Love Bees webpage that appeared to be hacked by mysterious intelligence.

Users solved puzzles to unlock more of the fictional back-story of what I Love Bees truly was, with 250,000 people viewing the website upon its launch in 2004 and more than 500,000 returning every time the site was updated.

All in all, more than three million visitors viewed the site within three months, leading to one of the greatest examples and case studies of the enormous impact word-of-mouth marketing can have on engaging a franchise.

2. Exclusive invitations

Think about Lauren Hooker from Elle & Co. Design. She works with just one client for two weeks straight.

That's exclusivity! When you limit who can get in, people get curious and excited. It's like being told a secret.

Many new businesses are catching onto this. They ask people to sign up and wait their turn before they can use what's being offered.

Look at Robinhood, an app for trading stocks. They had a smart idea: if you're on their waiting list and get a friend to sign up, you move up in line. Because of this, they had a huge waiting list of over 700,000 people.

You can also increase the exclusivity of your offer, which can generate buzz and urge people to know more about it.

3. Offer complimentary value

Everyone enjoys getting things for free, right?

Take an example from Krispy Kreme, which hands out free doughnuts multiple times a year. Or Chik-Fil-A, known for giving away sandwiches when they celebrate cows.

These giveaways get people talking and spread the word about the brand. So, consider a giveaway for your audience. It could be the buzz you need to get noticed.

4. Exceed expectations

People notice and talk about it when you go above and beyond what's expected. It’s called a "talk trigger" - something so special about your service that it gets people chatting.

Think about this: a hotel that treats every guest's pet as their own or a wedding planner who adds unexpected touches to make the day even more memorable.

Businesses that consistently surprise their customers in good ways are the ones that get the most positive chatter online.

Tip for you: Think about one thing you can do this week to surprise and delight your customers. Start small and see what word-of-mouth can deliver.

5. Unveil behind-the-scenes insights

People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. It's like getting a backstage pass to your favorite show. It makes them feel connected and gives a personal touch to your business.

While many businesses use videos or blogs to share these insights, some go the extra mile. Take Barstool Sports, for instance. They're nailing this approach by letting everyone peek into their company culture.

Many of their team members have become almost like celebrities because fans see them discuss everything from pop culture to office happenings. They've even got a YouTube show, "Stool Scenes," that gives a fun look at their daily operations.

Think about your business. What behind-the-scenes moments can you share?

Give your audience a sneak peek, whether how a product is made or a team meeting. It can make a big difference in how your audience sees you.

6. Forge unconventional alliances

Sometimes, the most unexpected partnerships can create the biggest buzz.

Take Erin Fry of Fancy Fortune Cookies. She partnered with a nearby brewery to make "beer-flavored fortune cookies."

Sounds unusual, right?

But it was a hit! People talked about it so much that her sales doubled.

It's not just about the cookies. Remember when tacos with Doritos shells came out? No one saw that coming, but everyone wanted to try them.

People love surprises. When two brands come together in a way no one expects, it get attention. And people can't help but talk about it.

Tip: Look around your industry. Is there a brand you can team up with for a fun, unexpected collaboration? Give it a try and see the buzz it creates!

7. Celebrate the subtleties

It's the small things that count:

People don't usually share on social media when things go as planned. Instead, they talk about the surprises. As Ian Altman, an expert in B2B growth, says, the unexpected moments get attention.

How you chat with customers or say "thank you" can make a big difference. These tiny gestures, though they might seem small, shape how people see your business.

Pay attention to the little things. They can leave a lasting impression!

8. Collaborate with industry influencers

Influencers have a big presence on social media. The key is to partner with the right ones. You want influencers who genuinely like your product and whose followers are your target audience.

Look at G Fuel and Honey, who are doing great in attracting target audiences solely from influencer marketing. G Fuel, known as the official drink of esports, is promoted by big YouTubers like PewDiePie and KEEMSTAR.

On the other hand, Honey, the app that helps you save money, has teamed up with influencers like Mr. Beast. These influencers talk about the brands in a fun way, giving their huge number of followers a thumbs-up to check them out.

When influencers share about a brand, their fans listen. And when they try and like a product, they talk about it. This buzz can shape how people see your business for a long time.

Think about influencers who align with your brand. Reach out for a collaboration and see the impact it can have!

9. Innovate beyond the norm

Being just like everyone else won't get people talking.

It's the unique and surprising things that make a business stand out. Remember when Einstein Bros. Bagels had a band with only tubas to liven up the morning?

Or when Wendy's told a guy he'd get free nuggets for a year if his tweet got 18 million retweets? That's #NuggsforCarter.

When you do something different, people notice and share it, especially on social media.

Think outside the box. What can you do that's different from everyone else?

10. Reward-Driven Engagement

Rewards can be a powerful tool to encourage and appreciate customer interactions.

By implementing a strong rewards system, businesses can motivate customers to engage, which results in stronger loyalty and increased word-of-mouth promotion.

Capgemini revolutionized its rewards program to a comprehensive one with a maximum redemption rate.

But how do you take rewards to the next level?

As we wrap up our exploration of demand generation tactics, it's essential to highlight a game-changer in the rewards space: Xoxoday Plum.

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Using Xoxoday Plum is straightforward. Whether you're looking to reward your team or your customers, it offers a memorable way to show appreciation.

If you're aiming to generate buzz around your business, consider integrating Xoxoday Plum into your strategy.

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