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The capacity to ace ABM marketing campaigns shall come from the right set of tools for different legs of the campaign. So whether you are looking for a tool to identify key accounts or measure ABM engagement analytics or digital gifting platforms, we have you covered! We have brought you an exhaustive list of the best account based marketing tools to help you double down on conversions in this post.

“Many people make the mistake of adding ABM to the marketing team’s day job. If you want to do it well, give the team the capacity to do it well.”- Bev Burgess, Author, Executive Engagement Strategies

The table below will show the best ABM tools for each stage of the Account-Based Marketing strategy in this post. You may also navigate to a particular tool by directly clicking on it.


Stage of Account-Based Marketing

Names of Tools


Shortlisting Key Accounts


Finding Human-Verified Contact Details


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Aligning Sales and Marketing Around ABM Goals


Engaging Across Channels(omnichannel ABM)


Account-Based Personalization


Marketing Automation


Ad tech and Retargeting


Measuring ABM Engagement Analytics


Digital Gifts and Rewards

Guide to Maximizing RoI on ABM Campaigns
High-ticket sales, Greater Revenue, Up-sells and Cross-sells, whatever you want to achieve with ABM campaigns - You have reached the right place.

Tools for Shortlisting Key Accounts

Your team will use account-based marketing strategies to identify and prioritize accounts with the highest potential ROI. Choose an ABM software that tracks website visitors with efficient AI-based technology.


Leadfeeder is an account-based marketing platform that allows you to track people visiting your company's website. It also shows how they got there and which pages they visited. It connects to your Google Analytics account via the API and retrieves information about website visitors.

Source: Leadfeeder


  • When significant leads visit the website, your team receives email alerts, allowing quick follow-ups
  • You can easily integrate with CRM platforms such as MailChimp and Salesforce, among others
  • Leads are filtered and segmented into many feeds depending on many parameters like form completions and browsing behavior
  • It provides effective lead scores to the potential leads based on their activity


  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and good database quality
  • Good customer support
  • It provides the context of the contact like source, pages visited, location, time on site, etc


  • There is no live chat assistance
  • It has expensive pricing
  • It's a bit difficult to set up filters


  • Lite(€ 0)- Limited features that only display the latest 7 days' worth of leads
  • Premium(€ 63.00 per month)- All features are covered. There is a 14-day free trial period with no credit card or code installation required.


Triblio is an ABM platform with expertise to scale account targeting for pipeline growth. It is a cloud-based marketing tool that helps organizations develop campaigns for sales, site personalization, and advertising. It also enables marketing and sales teams to utilize AI for orchestration, account identification and purchasing intent.


  • Account-level insights such as ad exposure and site visits, assets downloaded, content leads generated, and so on
  • Allows customer and prospect segmentation, which helps plan marketing campaigns
  • Prospect lead scoring based on behavior and engagement levels
  • Allows monitoring across many digital advertising platforms, including video, mobile, and social media


  • Efficient cookie tracking
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Web personalization


  • For beginners, it's a bit complex
  • Importing data into Triblio is tough and rigid
  • The platform's budget management feature is not particularly user-friendly
  • Inadequate product updates


Not disclosed

Tools for Finding human-verified contact details

Data can help you build trust with prospective clients. However, it is critical to determine whether the accounts you are targeting are relevant and verified connections. It saves time for your sales team and ensures that they only focus on verified data. Look for an account based marketing tools that provides genuine and trustworthy contact information.


SalesIntel assists you in locating, contacting, and winning your ideal consumers. It is the industry's leading source of precise and affordable sales and marketing contact data, with one of the highest numbers of direct dials and human-verified contacts.

Source: SalesIntel


  • Simple integration with CRM/Marketing Automation software
  • The ability to filter or segment data from within sales intelligence software
  • The flexibility to build reports that match your company's needs
  • Alerts you to changes in industries, companies, and people you follow


  • The platform is user-friendly
  • Exporting lists is quick and straightforward
  • Responsive customer support is available


  • The setup and customizing procedure might seem difficult
  • Hard to navigate without expertise
  • Rigid in research
  • Tough to identify smaller firms


Individual needs determine custom pricing.


ZoomInfo combines a detailed business database with technology to power a go-to-market plan from beginning to end. It provides an accurate, 360-degree picture of customers, prospects, and possibilities.

Source: ZoomInfo


  • Provides contact and company data to determine ideal buyers
  • Use conversation and relationship intelligence to assess conversation and buyer behavior sales automation
  • You can integrate with well-known CRM and marketing automation applications


  • Free trial
  • Premium consultation
  • Robust database, most relevant and accurate data for generating targeted ABM campaigns
  • Simple user interface


  • It includes only large corporations, and smaller corporations are frequently left out
  • Bulk integration with other account based marketing tools is not very strong
  • In comparison to other platforms, it is expensive


Not provided pricing information.

Tools for Managing Customer Relation(CRM)

ABM solutions that are effective will assist in contact management and lead information—for example, automatically updating contact information or mapping new contacts into the proper accounts. In addition, it will allow you to discover, rank, and boost velocity on your most profitable accounts, even if customers did not submit a lead form.


HubSpot is a platform that helps your business promote and sell more efficiently. This CRM enables you to unify your sales and marketing teams, encourages sales enablement, and increases ROI. In addition, it improves your inbound marketing approach to produce more qualified leads.

Source: HubSpot


  • Free CRM
  • List segmentation that groups contacts in your database based on the criteria that you provide
  • HubSpot workflows automate processes like sending emails, social media post scheduling, list building, and property filling
  • Social media integration and management
  • They analyze data using HubSpot's pre-built, custom, and attribution reports


  • It has a robust application marketplace for integrating with other tools like Slack, LinkedIn, etc
  • Customizable templates and reports
  • Easy to use with a good user interface


  • HubSpot's free edition has relatively limited functionality, so you'll only be able to use it for the most basic tasks. Furthermore, when your company expands, the prices you must pay will climb, and rather drastically
  • Their contracts are rigid. There are no refunds or cancellations for early departures
  • There is a scarcity of A/B testing on lower-tier packages
  • The templates are difficult to modify


Hubspot provides four products. One of them is CRM which is entirely free to use. The other three are - Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. These are accessible via four distinct features and add-ons. These plans:

  • Free
  • Starter($50/month)
  • Professional($400-800/month)
  • Enterprise($1200-3200/month)

Do you know? While HubSpot assists millions of businesses worldwide to optimize their sales funnels, integrating with Xoxoday's Plum might add value to it. Plum offers digital rewards and incentives to consumers, motivating them to do a favourable action or positive behavior.


Salesforce is a world-class customer relationship management (CRM) platform. With Customer 360, you can link your marketing, sales, commerce, support, and IT employees anywhere. It's a single integrated CRM platform that powers a complete portfolio of connected apps.

Source: SalesForce


  • It can construct workflows, custom objects, fields, rules, computations, and views
  • Track the lifetime of a sales opportunity from lead to order
  • It scores leads on the data supplied. Also, it assigns a score or ranking to each prospect
  • Account-based analytics provide relevant insights at the account level


  • It makes it simple to manage accounts and contacts
  • The dashboard and reports are easy to use and navigate
  • Salesforce is now available for your mobile devices
  • It gives users more freedom and accessibility, and it is simpler to scale to handle an increasing number of team members


  • Expensive and hidden charges
  • To get the most out of the program, you must pay for add-ons
  • Configuration and setup are complex and time-consuming
  • It cannot connect to other systems without upgrading to a different package
  • API constraints


Salesforce has 4 sales plans:

  • Sales Edition- $25
  • Professional Edition- $75
  • Enterprise Edition- $150
  • Unlimited Edition- $300


ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform. This ABM platform integrates email marketing, automation, sales software, and a CRM.

Source: ActiveCampaign


  • Predictive actions make machine learning helpful by answering difficult questions that require a lot of work. Then, automatically take the best action on the next steps for you
  • The system's automation tools also serve as CRM, allowing for a seamless transition from marketing to sales
  • It features an event tracking tool that will enable you to communicate with contacts about particular activities they have made in the system


  • Good email deliverability
  • It has built several machine learning features to improve your marketing results over time
  • It offers incredible integrations with over 2,000+ various products via their Zapier integration


  • The reporting is dense and might be challenging to navigate at times
  • Because of the high level of customization, some new users may find it complicated or overwhelming
  • The chats (on-site chat) function is an extra feature. It is not present in the standard package
  • The email automation techniques are tough to understand


ActiveCampaign has four plans:

  • Lite ($29/month)
  • Plus ($49/month)
  • Professional ($149/month)
  • Enterprise ($258/month)

It also offers a free trial.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM combines the best of general-purpose and vertical-specific solutions under one roof. It promises to simplify the entire sales and marketing process for you. Automating time-consuming data input to frequent client follow-ups helps you prioritize leads better.

Zoho CRM
Source: Zoho CRM


  • Automate sales, marketing, and customer service operations that consume time.
  • Ability to develop customized client journeys.
  • Zoho CRM allows you to communicate with customers via multiple channels.
  • The statistics, analytics, and projections provided by it assist in measuring the performance of each sales activity.
  • AI for predictive Sales and Intelligence


  • It's easy to set up customization and retain prospects connected under one account.
  • API is available for developing bespoke application integrations.
  • It is a reasonably priced all-in-one solution.


  • Limited functionality that isn't flexible enough to satisfy the needs of a growing business.
  • Integrating may be a difficult and inconsistent process.
  • There is no live chat or chatbot.


Zoho CRM has 4 plans:

  • Free- $0
  • Standard- $14
  • Professional- $23
  • Enterprise-$40
Here is a pro tip- You may use Xoxoday's gift engine to distribute digital rewards by integrating it with your CRM systems. This way, you can keep your leads interested, nurture them, and move them down the funnel more quickly.

Tools for Aligning Sales And Marketing Around ABM Goals

If your sales and marketing teams aren't communicating effectively, ABM is one of the most effective approaches to bring them together. Account-based marketing puts marketing and sales teams in the same mentality, thinking about accounts, targeting them, and closing the transaction. Choose an ABM tool that will assist you in achieving this aim.


6sense, as they say, light up your dark funnel and target accounts in your ICP(Ideal Customer Profile). It is a holistic account-based sales and marketing platform that enables B2B businesses to achieve predictable revenue growth. With the help of AI, big data, and machine learning, 6sense leads the pack with an increasing range of sophisticated capabilities.

Source: 6Sense


  • Patented AI predictions for timing enable sales and marketing teams to contact accounts at the best time in their journey
  • Its account-based platform uses AI to create dynamic, highly tailored multi-channel journeys based on real-time buyer behavior
  • It is based on an integrated CDP that gathers, analyses, and normalizes the big data required for multi-channel account interaction
  • Track and analyze what consumers are doing on third-party websites


  • Identify and score accounts even before they reach your CRM's funnel
  • So far, their predictive analytics has shown to be very accurate
  • Increase efficiency by using interest and time-based targeting


  • Ad targeting lacks both in terms of reach and user interface for launching advertisements
  • The user interface shows lag. Sales frequently complain about the platform's slowness in updating data and viewing segments
  • Their Salesforce user model might need some improvement, particularly concerning display campaigns


You have to get in touch with the sales team for the quote.


Demandbase is a quartet of experience, advertising, sales intelligence, and data. Its Account-Based Experience (ABX) Cloud gives you the information you need to have for a complete understanding of your accounts. It includes tools for taking action across multiple channels. It is a limitless account-based solution that adjusts to your requirements.

Source: DemandBase


  • Allows marketers to define KPIs that will automatically optimize their advertising
  • It can retarget impressions of your site throughout the internet to enhance conversion rates
  • It can use functions such as targeting, frequency capping, budget pacing, creative optimization, etc., across mobile devices
  • API / Integrations for how the software interacts with other ABM tools and applications


  • They have a pretty strong customer success management staff that is highly responsive
  • Intent-based marketing data provides insights on how and with whom (business) to interact
  • It can examine all the engagement data in a single view


  • CRM integrations are limited
  • The reporting functionality is difficult to access and understand
  • Notifications are not always clear about what prompted the customer engagement


Contact Demandbase ABM Platform to get current pricing.

Tools for Engaging Across Channels(omnichannel ABM)

All marketing channels cooperate to achieve a single goal in a good ABM campaign. Efforts are coordinated across different teams to provide target accounts with a consistent brand experience across multiple channels. It involves the use of tools that facilitate cross-channel marketing initiatives.


Terminus assists high-performing marketing teams in increasing pipeline and revenue with their target accounts. It is a complete ABM marketing platform for prospecting and delivering multi-channel campaigns.

Source: Terminus


  • It enables you to conduct precision-targeted ad campaigns across many ad networks and websites worldwide
  • Its transparent ad reporting on how your advertising is working and impacting purchasing groups at the individual and account levels
  • It includes retargeting, allowing you to advertise more effectively and boost click-through rates by up to 10x
  • Unlike other providers, Terminus' exclusive targeting technology ensures that your advertising reaches the correct individuals, whether they are at home, on the road, or in the office


  • Intent data in real-time and segmentation based on intent spikes
  • Account-based browsing data is matched to target lists
  • Highly customizable, with customer comments frequently incorporated directly into the product


  • IP detection has been less than accurate
  • Customizing and consolidating your interaction analytics might be difficult
  • There is a lack of integration with tools such as HubSpot


Terminus has 4 pricing plans:

  • Basic- Free
  • Premium- $8.33per month
  • Teams- $14.99per month
  • Enterprise- Custom(Pricing tailored for your company)

Madison Logic

Marketers who used Madison Logic saw a twofold increase in opportunity conversion and concluded deals. First, businesses could convert their top accounts faster by utilizing Madison logic's integrated, omnichannel strategy via ABM digital advertising and ABM lead generation efforts.

Madison Logic
Source: Madison Logic


  • It can integrate with other ABM applications to access and use contact and account buyer intent data
  • Natural language processing (NLP) helps to find topics within the content
  • It can retarget the appropriate buyer personas within targeted accounts via your website
  • Allows you to track how well advertising campaigns succeeded by displaying ad engagement numbers


  • Integrations are easy and seamless
  • It assists in tailoring a campaign to your specific requirements
  • Target account capabilities for account-based marketing. Consumer look-alike modelling is simple and robust


  • Poor customer service
  • Client dashboards provide only a sliver of the picture regarding campaign interactions
  • Leads are not always regularly uploaded


Custom pricing options tailored according to different requirements.

Tools for Account-Based Personalization

Account-based personalization provides visitors with online experiences tailored to them depending on their linked account. Each account contact that comes into touch with the brand should be offered content that aligns with their buying journey. An appropriate account-based marketing platform should have the capacity to identify Buyer behavior, pain areas, and keyword insights.


Uberflip makes it easy to develop personalized account-based marketing experiences that increase engagement and shorten the sales cycle. It is a content experience platform (CEP) that allows marketers to organize content into digital experiences relevant to target customers.

Source: Uberflip


  • Allows businesses to develop and deliver tailored content as part of an account-based marketing strategy
  • Provides pre-built or customized performance dashboards and reports for tracking the performance of tailored content
  • Capability to consolidate, organize, and store material holistically for timely and straightforward retrieval across the customer journey
  • It can calculate the revenue impact and ROI of each piece of content


  • It can create personalized landing pages for potential customers. It assists in creating customized content journeys for customers to find information quickly.
  • User-friendly asset creation and editing


  • Reporting is slow with traditional filters and settings
  • The backend is confusing. It is hard to integrate it into your website
  • It does not play nicely with other plugins, such as Salesforce
  • It is challenging to reorder the content


Uberflip has not provided pricing information.


Zymplify is a precision marketing and sales software that assists you in scaling quickly. It identifies potential prospects for your business who are actively looking for your products or services. It then provides you with a comprehensive toolset to promptly communicate with and close deals.

Source: Zymplify


  • It offers advanced CRM features like landing pages, forms, program management, and Marketing Automation
  • It has many email marketing services like creating and personalizing emails, sending outbound emails, and managing email deliverability
  • It also includes many valuable add-ons such as marketing automation, integration with other ABM solutions, A/B testing, leads scoring and grading, and so on
  • Measure analytics from one dashboard with their reporting tools


  • Marketing automation that simple to apply
  • The business intent is excellent and broadens your capacity to investigate the market
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • The platform's Buyer Intent / Contact Reveal feature sets it different from the competition


  • Salesforce integration is limited
  • The user interface is cumbersome
  • Creating email templates takes a long time
  • Social posting does not allow for the addition of multiple images
  • It is not possible to add columns to the CRM


It has 3 editions:

  • Platform Edition- £139 per user
  • Growth Edition- £900 per month + £139 per user
  • Scale Edition- £2,000 per month + £139 per user

Tools for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation may boost your Account-Based Marketing by identifying individual users and their interests and then automating the flow of information to those individuals. In addition, it streamlines internet marketing activities by utilizing software to perform and manage marketing duties within a company or agency. Choose a tool that can perform marketing automation for you.


Marketo is a marketing (SaaS) platform that empowers businesses in evaluating and automating marketing processes. This ABM software aids inbound marketing, social marketing, CRM, and other services. It enables marketers to increase brand value, increase revenue, and demonstrate an effect.


  • Marketing automation to generate, automate, and assess the efficacy of campaigns across channels
  • It can track customer engagement via relevant, targeted email campaigns with behavioral triggers and automation
  • It easily integrates with social media channels to generate new leads and convert them into loyal clients.
  • It provides marketing analytics based on visual reporting and analytics to examine the effect of the business and improve weak areas


  • It offers excellent Salesforce connectivity
  • It specializes in providing clients with custom solutions for their marketing plans
  • It has a powerful automation interface
  • Adaptable to your needs, with a diverse set of features that may employ in various ways


  • It has complicated pricing with numerous payment plans for each item
  • Difficult to set up since all of their customization choices need a great deal of expertise and time to make them function properly
  • Marketo has a poor reputation for providing inconsistent and unreliable customer service
  • Marketo offers limited analytics and reporting capabilities


Marketo Engage has 4 different pricing plans. The amount of these plans depends on the database size. These are:

  • Select
  • Prime
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise


Oracle's Eloqua is a B2B marketing automation platform and revenue performance management software. The tool monitors opened emails, customer activity, and potential client action on the consumer's website.

Source: Eloqua


  • It aligns sales and marketing teams for unified buyer intelligence
  • Lead management that helps effectively to determine the buyer's genuine intent
  • Its segmentation and targeting feature help appropriately group individuals with the right information at the right time
  • It creates responsive emails, landing pages, and forms that give customized journeys depending on visitor data from prospects


  • It makes segmenting simple, accurate, and consistent
  • It provides extensive reporting; all reports are easily exportable and don't need a lot of additional coding to produce
  • It features a plethora of integration choices to help you boost your marketing strategies and raise the efficiency to manage your CRM


  • It isn't cheap. In addition, you have to sign a long-term contract
  • Slow implementation time
  • No Google Adwords integration
  • Many customer testimonials have noticed a continuous drop in the overall user experience


It has 3 basic pricing plans:

  • Basic: $2,000* - 10 Users
  • Standard: $4,000* - 50 Users
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales - Unlimited Users

Tools for Ad tech and Retargeting

Account-based ad targeting allows you to segment audiences by account and retargets advertising to specific accounts. In addition, an excellent ABM platform provides you with multi-channel account-based advertising. This way, you'll spend less time switching between ad platforms and have all of your data in one place.

Google Adwords

Google's Adwords is an advertising platform that assists businesses in reaching online target markets via its search engine platform and partner sites.

Google Adwords
Source: Google


  • Paid keyword optimization assists in locating the most relevant keywords to deliver relevant traffic to your website
  • Based on expenditure scenarios, estimate campaign results by predicting clicks, expenses, conversions, and ROI
  • Target consumers use criteria other than keywords, such as location, time of day or week, or device
  • Track the click path of people who arrive at your site via sponsored search and whether or not they convert to consumers
  • Allows users to browse and transact in many languages and currencies with the same information
  • The Search Terms Report shows what individuals typed in to make your search ad appear


  • It is beneficial if you need to boost visitors to your website rapidly
  • Creating a Google Ads campaign is simple
  • You can set your ad budget
  • You may quickly measure every aspect of your marketing campaign with Google AdWords


  • To get all of the elements of your campaign just perfect and avoid squandering your money, you may need to take the support of some experts
  • There is a limit on the number of characters you may use in headlines, descriptions, and so on
  • If you don't have a budget, your advertising will stop running - Google Ads has a very short lifespan


It is a free advertising platform where you set the budget of your Google Ads that suits you best.

Metadata assists in the optimization of your social and digital ad expenditure, allowing you to swiftly generate more quality demand and pipeline from your target accounts. This single solution can handle anything from logging into multiple ad channels to keeping up with UI changes to coping with perplexing processes.

Source: Metadata


  • Match company profiles to personal email addresses to reach your best-fit audience across all ad channels. It helps increase your match rates on Facebook by up to 9x and on LinkedIn by up to 7.5x.
  • It aids in the launch of all sponsored campaigns. You may save a lot of time by automating campaigns in each ad channel
  • Automatically enrich new leads from your campaigns with validated company data
  • This ABM software reallocates your spending based on the pipeline's driving factors


  • Lead enrichment performs effectively
  • It allows for easy filtering/grouping/sorting
  • Metadata ensures scalability and reusability. Once a metadata object has been built and specified, it can reuse it depending on the security definitions assigned to the object
  • Everything can be saved and found in one location using a centralized metadata repository, resulting in Efficient Management


  • Prices may skyrocket in an instant
  • Creating and coordinating campaigns is more complicated than with other applications
  • To be effective with Metadata, you must have monthly advertising spend of $10,000 or more
  • The budget and bidding portion are a little perplexing


Metadata Inc. offers relatively expensive ABM solutions that begin at $3,950 per month. Its Scale package is a more comprehensive option that costs $5,650 per month.

Tools for Measuring ABM Engagement Analytics

Data is essential for conducting an efficient ABM strategy. For this, you need ABM software that can gather, manage, and report on campaign data consistently. In addition, dashboards and visualization tools can assist your team in highlighting achievement and identifying areas for growth.


With LeanData, every buyer's engagement is linked to the appropriate account, enabling genuine account-based marketing analytics. In addition, this tool allows you to view who is involved in each account, including marketing and sales, along the account journey. With new engagement objects, easy KPIs, and a comprehensive picture of account interaction, you can avoid hours of ABM analysis.

Source: Leandata


  • LeanData Routing software helps create, track, and complicated change routing flows on the fly
  • Lead-to-Account matching goes beyond email domain-based matching and evaluates many data sources to achieve the most accurate account match
  • Every buyer's engagement is linked to the appropriate account, enabling genuine account-based marketing analytics


  • Visualize the entire lead routing process, from a lead source to a closed deal
  • It provides effective automation to optimize routing procedures
  • Adapt workflows quickly to your marketing and sales strategies using data-driven insights


  • Updating new territory mapping is time-consuming
  • While the visual interface is easy to use, it is not intuitive
  • There is no support for cross-object or customer objects in LeanData


Contact LeanData to obtain current pricing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides data and basic analytics. It is used to monitor website performance and gather visitor data. It may assist companies in determining the primary sources of user traffic and measuring the performance of their marketing campaigns. It also helps in the tracking of goal completions, the discovery of patterns and trends in user involvement, and the gathering of additional visitor information.

Google Analytics
Source: Google Analytics


  • Analytics Intelligence aids in the discovery of insights into how your business is performing
  • Reporting tools help demonstrate how customers engage with your website and applications
  • Analytics helps integrate with other Google solutions and partner products, saving you time and enhancing productivity
  • It provides several strategies for accessing, organizing, and visualizing data to meet the demands of your organization


  • User pathing and flows can assist site management in better understanding how site visitors navigate their information
  • Acquisition data reveals where traffic originates from and how visitors from different sources interact with the website in comparison to one another
  • Extensive e-commerce conversion monitoring


  • Cookies can vary by up to 10% compared to other tags
  • Anything custom is tough to build in Google Analytics
  • GA does not currently have a viable solution for cross-device user tracking


It has two plans:

  • Free Analytics for Individuals and small to medium-sized companies
  • Analytics 360 for larger enterprises that need it all. (Contact their sales team for its pricing)

Tools for Digital Gifts and Rewards

Digital rewards enable you to hyper-personalise your ABM efforts, making each touchpoint compelling and appealing to your target accounts. It makes sense given that ABM is primarily concerned with providing tailored purchasing experiences for high-value, best-fit clients. You may also employ digital rewards to increase significant interaction opportunities with ABM-focused accounts.


Xoxoday enables you to add digital rewards and incentives to ABM Campaigns for your prospects at each level.

Source: Xoxoday


  • With its Global eGift catalog, you may offer gift cards and coupons from over 3000 brands worldwide
  • Allows you to send e-Gifts in real-time using customizable email layouts
  • It offers multi-currency support. It enables you to give digital incentives in the customer's local currency without the need for conversion
  • With a feature of on-redemption pricing, you get to pay only for claimed rewards. Plum dashboard provides comprehensive data and insights about your award status


  • The setup is quick and straightforward
  • It helps convert consumers into brand advocates by rewarding them for sharing, referring, reviewing, and providing testimonials for your company
  • For instant gratification, enable trigger-based awards for your team when they reach goals
  • With ease, it can integrate with various CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Active Campaign, and Zoho CRM. They also provide fast Zapier integration if you use another CRM


  • With so many gifting options available, picking an appropriate reward for prospects becomes confusing
  • For first-time users, the redemption of points might be tricky
  • It would be great if there were discounted prices for purchasing bulk rewards


It has 3 plans:

  • Starter: $0/month
  • Pro: $299/month
  • Enterprise: $599/month

For annual plans, you get 2 months free.

Key Takeaways for the Decision Makers

Choosing the correct tools is the cornerstone of a successful ABM program. These tools will assist marketing and sales teams to shift their focus away from generic branding and lead-generation techniques. Appropriate ABM software helps you identify target accounts, create account-based personalized content, and promote that content across different channels. Some ABM tools also link with other platforms, such as marketing automation platforms and CRM, to help you track your progress. Finally, don't forget to include the reward component when defining, tracking, and measuring your ABM approach. With all-in-one digital rewards sending, monitoring, and management tools like Xoxoday, you might just double down on conversions.

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