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On Women's Equality Day, take the opportunity to show appreciation to the women who have made a positive impact on your life by giving them a meaningful gift.

From being colleagues and mentors to bosses and leaders, women have shattered glass ceilings, defied stereotypes, and left an indelible mark on the workforce.

Finding the perfect gift for the remarkable women in your professional life can be a heartwarming gesture to express your gratitude, admiration, and support. Be it your trailblazing boss, your insightful mentor, or your talented colleague, these women have influenced your journey in the office in countless ways.

So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can surprise them with something extraordinary?

Join us as we explore a handpicked collection of thoughtful Women's Equality Day gift ideas to bring a smile on their face. Appreciate them for their significant contributions to the workplace.

On women’s equality day let's acknowledge the progress made in maintaining workplace equality and also try to continue supporting and uplifting women in all walks of professional life.

Let's make this Women's Equality Day a memorable one by acknowledging the strength of women in the office and beyond.

So, grab your notepads and let the gifting inspiration flow as we celebrate the remarkable women who have enriched our workplace experience in ways we'll forever cherish.

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1. Customized empowerment jewelry

On women's equality day, gift a piece of jewelry with an empowering message or symbol that represents women's strength and resilience. It could be a pendant with a feminist quote or a bracelet with the symbol of Venus, a recognized symbol for women.

2. Inspiring books by women authors

Select a collection of books written by influential women authors and give it as a gift on women's equality day. Choose titles that highlight the struggles and triumphs of women throughout history or focus on themes of gender equality and empowerment.

3. Women's empowerment workshop or event

Treat the special woman in your life to a workshop or event that focuses on women's empowerment. It could be a self-defense class, a leadership seminar, a women's networking event, or a workshop centered around personal development and confidence-building.

4. Donation to women's rights organizations

One can contribute to gender equality by making a donation to a trustworthy women's rights group in her honor. This is a considerate method of effecting change.

5. Personalized women's equality day artwork

Commission a local artist to create a personalized artwork that reflects the significance of women's equality day. It could be a custom painting, a digital illustration, or even a unique sculpture that represents the ongoing struggle for gender equality and honors the achievements of women.

6. Equality-themed puzzle or board game

On women's equality day gift a puzzle or board game that promotes discussions around gender equality, diversity, and women's achievements. It's a fun way to engage with friends and family while raising awareness.

7. Women's equality day documentary collection

Curate a collection of inspiring documentaries that explore women's rights movements, feminist history, or influential women's stories from around the world. This gift offers educational and empowering viewing experiences.

8. Women's empowerment retreat or getaway

Treat her to a rejuvenating retreat or getaway that focuses on self-care, empowerment, and personal growth on this women's equality day. Look for retreats that include workshops, wellness activities, and opportunities to connect with like-minded women.

9. Gift Certificate for women-owned businesses

Purchase a gift certificate or gift card from a women-owned business. It supports women entrepreneurs and gives her the freedom to choose a gift or experience that resonates with her.

10. Personalized inspirational playlist

Create a personalized playlist with empowering songs sung by female artists or songs that celebrate women's strength and resilience. On this women's equality day give a thoughtful and uplifting gift which she can enjoy whenever she needs a boost.

11. Women's empowerment t-shirt

Choose a stylish and comfortable t-shirt with a powerful message, quote or slogan related to gender equality or women's equality day. Look for designs that promote feminism, gender inclusivity, or celebrate trailblazing women.

12. Feminist artwork

Lets gift a piece of feminist artwork that celebrates women's strength, resilience, and achievements on this women's equality day. Look for prints, paintings, or illustrations that highlight iconic women or represent themes of empowerment.

13. Subscription to a women's empowerment magazine

Sign her up for a subscription to a magazine that focuses on women's issues, empowerment, and success stories on this equality day. It's a gift that keeps her inspired and informed throughout the year.

14. Women's empowerment workshop tickets

Gift a workshop ticket to empower her growth on this women's equality day. Purchase tickets for her to attend a women's empowerment workshop or conference that offers a range of sessions focused on leadership, career development, self-care, and personal growth.

15. Customized women's empowerment journal

Get a personalized journal or diary with empowering quotes and affirmations on each page on women's equality day. It provides a space for her to reflect, set goals, and express her thoughts on her journey towards equality.

16. Equality-themed art prints

When selecting art prints related to women's equality and empowerment, go for impactful images that convey the spirit of the movement. This can include illustrations, collages, or photographs and enhance their women's equality day.

17. Women's empowerment subscription box

Sign her up for a subscription box that is curated specifically for women's empowerment. These boxes often include books, self-care items, empowering accessories, and other products that inspire and uplift.

18. Women's rights activist biography

Select a biography or memoir of a notable women's rights activist or feminist icon. It could be the life story of someone like Malala Yousafzai, Gloria Steinem, or Audre Lorde, providing insight into their experiences and contributions to the fight for equality.

19. Gender equality art workshop

Enroll her in an art workshop that focuses on creating artwork centered around gender equality and women's empowerment. It could be a painting class, a photography workshop, or a mixed-media art session where she can express her creativity and explore important themes.

20. Women's empowerment documentary film collection

Put together a collection of inspiring documentary films that shed light on women's rights movements, gender equality issues, and the stories of influential women. This gift allows her to learn and reflect on the progress and challenges faced by women worldwide.

21. Women's empowerment workshop-in-a-box

Create a DIY workshop on this women's equality day that includes materials, resources, and instructions for her to conduct her own women's empowerment workshop at home or with friends. It can include discussion prompts, activities, and educational materials to facilitate meaningful conversations.

22. Equality-themed clothing patch set

Gift a set of embroidered patches on this women's equality day, featuring empowering symbols, quotes, or feminist artwork that can be ironed or sewn onto clothing, bags, or accessories. It allows her to personalize her belongings with messages of empowerment.

23. Women's empowerment podcast playlist

Curate a collection of empowering podcast episodes hosted by women, discussing topics such as gender equality, women's rights, and personal growth. Create a customized playlist for her to listen to and be inspired by.

24. Women's empowerment wall calendar

Choose a wall calendar featuring influential women, historical milestones in the fight for equality, or notable events celebrating women's achievements. It serves as a daily reminder of the progress made and the work that still needs to be done.

25. Equality-themed virtual experience

Arrange for her to participate in a virtual experience that celebrates women's achievements, such as a virtual tour of a women's history museum, a live-streamed panel discussion on gender equality, or a virtual workshop on women's leadership.

26. Women's empowerment art workshop voucher

Give her a voucher for an in-person or virtual art workshop focused on women's empowerment. It could be a painting class, a pottery workshop, or a photography session that encourages self-expression and exploration of feminist themes.

27. Women's empowerment apparel

This women's equality day lets choose apparel items like t-shirts, hoodies, or caps with empowering messages or graphics that promote women's equality and empowerment. This allows her to wear her beliefs proudly and spark conversations about gender equality.

28. Women's empowerment film festival pass

Gift a pass to a women's empowerment film festival or a streaming service that offers a curated collection of movies and documentaries highlighting women's stories, achievements, and challenges.

29. Women's empowerment online community membership

Purchase a membership to an online community or platform that brings together women passionate about gender and women's equality. It provides her with a space to connect, share experiences, and support one another.

30. Women's empowerment meditation and mindfulness kit

Create a personalized meditation and mindfulness kit with items like a guided meditation CD, essential oils, a gratitude journal, and a calming tea blend. It promotes self-care and inner strength.

31. Women's empowerment art supplies set

Put together a collection of high-quality art materials along with a book of inspiring quotes by notable women to inspire creativity and introspection.

32. Women's empowerment online course

This women's equality day, enroll her in an online course or workshop that focuses on women's empowerment, leadership development, or personal growth. It could be a course on confidence-building, public speaking, or breaking gender barriers in the workplace.

33. Empowering scented candle collection

Gift a set of scented candles with empowering fragrances, each representing a different aspect of women's strength and resilience. Include scents like "Fearless," "Courage," or "Empowerment" to create a calming and empowering atmosphere.

34. Women's rights movement memorabilia

Seek out historical memorabilia related to the women's rights movement, such as buttons, posters, or newspaper clippings. These artifacts serve as a reminder of the progress made and the continued fight for equality.

35. Women's empowerment podcast subscription

Consider subscribing to a podcast platform that focuses on women's empowerment. The shows cover important topics such as gender equality, women's leadership, and inspiring stories.


We hope this list of 35 unique gift ideas has sparked your imagination and inspired you to celebrate the remarkable women in your life.

On Women's Equality Day, let's express our appreciation for the influential women by giving them a special gift. Let’s promote women's equality and empowerment all around the globe.

It's essential to show love and support for the women in your life. Consider giving thoughtful gifts that reflect your appreciation and commitment to them. Together, we can work towards creating a more inclusive society.

Let's value and acknowledge all women's voices daily, not just on Women's Equality Day.

Xoxoday wishes you a very happy Women's Equality Day!

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