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The meetings and events industry has undergone a rapid shift, with a near-79% surge in virtual planning according to PCMA. Also, many marketers use webinars as a crucial part of their lead-generation strategy. And while engaging content and a stellar presenter are undoubtedly key, engagement and appreciation often hinge on one crucial element: gifts.

Gone are the days of cheesy swag bags and forgettable keychains. In the virtual haven of webinars, gift-giving needs a digital reinvention. It's not just about sending a thank you; it's about boosting post-webinar interaction, building brand loyalty, and leaving a lasting impression.

Why virtual gifts for webinars?

Consider your audience as honored guests at a virtual gathering, where thoughtfully chosen presents elevate the experience, solidify positive brand associations, and encourage continued engagement. 

  • Brand ambassador with benefits: Imagine attendees not merely absorbing information but walking away with a tangible extension of your brand. A well-chosen gift, aligned with your webinar theme, transcends a mere handout; it becomes a miniature ambassador, subtly embedding your brand message in their daily lives. 
  • Brand recall: A well-chosen gift, strategically timed and relevant to your topic, extends the life of your webinar far beyond the closing screen. Recipients are more likely to remember your brand positively and share their experience with others, bolstering your reach and influence.
  •  Sales cloaked in appreciation: Virtual gifts needn't solely be about goodwill; they can be potent sales catalysts. Think about offering a webinar-exclusive discount code as a parting present.

    The perceived value and exclusivity act as irresistible purchase enticements, converting passive viewers into valued customers. It's a win-win: attendees feel rewarded, while your sales take a delightful uptick.
  •  Polishing your brand image : Forget stale promotional slogans; let your brand speak through meaningful gifts. Offering access to educational resources, charitable donations in attendees' names, or personalized thank-you videos showcases your commitment to social responsibility and genuine audience appreciation.

    This builds trust, cultivates a positive brand image, and sets you apart in the digital noise.
  • Building bridges: From Curiosity to community: Webinars often leave a lingering question: how do we connect with this audience further? Virtual gifts offer the answer.

    By providing exclusive content, access to online communities, or personalized consultations tailored to attendees' needs, you nurture a sense of belonging and foster deeper connections. This lays the foundation for loyal customer relationships, transforming fleeting viewers into dedicated brand advocates.

From mass to meaningful: Elevating your webinar gifts strategy

Generic giveaways and mass-produced swag simply don't cut it anymore. Today's discerning audiences crave experiences, not just extras, and your gifting strategy should reflect that. Here's how to shift the focus from quantity to quality, ensuring your presents leave a lasting impression, not just a pile of clutter.

1. Ditch the disposable, embrace the distinctive

Forget the standard-issue cardboard box - it's destined for the "been there, done that" graveyard. Elevate your packaging to an extension of your brand experience.

Think vibrant colors, creative shapes, and even personalized touches like attendee names or webinar themes. Remember, first impressions matter, and your packaging sets the stage for the excitement to come.

2. Beyond bling: Gifts with genuine value

It's tempting to get caught up in the allure of expensive gadgets, but remember, a flashy gift for the wrong person is a missed opportunity. Instead, prioritize relevance and utility. Consider gifts that align with your webinar’s theme or provide value to attendees both during and after the experience.

3. Think beyond the fleeting moment

Instead of disposable items, opt for items with long-term usefulness. A reusable water bottle or a stylish tote bag not only promotes your brand but also becomes a daily reminder of the positive experience attendees had at your webinar.

4. Weaving a narrative of purpose

Let your gifts tell a story. Integrate them into your webinar’s overall theme and messaging. A T-shirt with a thought-provoking slogan or a notebook with inspiring quotes can spark conversations and create a sense of shared purpose among attendees.

We’ve gathered 30 webinar gift ideas your attendees will love!

webinar gift ideas

Below are 30 webinar gift ideas your attendees,

  1. High-quality webcam : A high-quality webcam will not only enhance the user's presentation, but will also enhance the webinar's overall experience.
  2. Online gift cards: Offer gift cards to a well-known online shop, such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Apple etc.
  3. E-books: Provide a free ebook that is relevant to the event or the industry you work in that might be of interest to your clients.
  4. Tickets for any sport or cultural events: Is your client a football fan? Give them a ticket to a match in their city. You can also opt for well-known shows or music concerts if your budget allows it.
  5. Subscriptions: Offer a subscription to an online service like Spotify, Youtube Premium or Netflix.
  6. Virtual cooking class or mixology session : Infuse some fun and create a shared experience.
  7. Professional mic: Perfect for virtual conference attendees or aspiring podcasters.
  8. Fitness tracker band: Encourage healthy habits and inspire wellness journeys.
  9. Mobile battery charger: A lifesaver in today's tech-dependent world.
  10. Wireless chargers: Eliminate cable clutter and offer a touch of modern convenience.
  11. Cable organizer: Help in organizing all the wires.
  12. Portable book reading light : This gift isn’t a gadget, but a book light is the perfect companion for late night reading. Ensure it is portable, adjustable brightness and has good LED lighting. 
  13. Virtual gym memberships : Subscriptions of online fitness apps for a healthy routine.
  14. Digital journal : Send a digital version of the journal to each of your conference attendees and participants as a top-notch digital gift.
  15. Audio subscriptions : Give them Amazon’s Audible, Spotify and Apple Music that gives listeners access to premium content for a small monthly fee. Analyze your audience and consider giving the gift of audio as a thank you for participating in your webinar.
  16. Charity and donations : You can never go wrong by donating to charities and important causes in your audiences’ name. For example, you could give funds to the UN or WHO.
  17. Succulents or small plants: Customized potted plants such as Bonsai and air purifying plants according to attendees or speaker’s name. Living gifts are eco-friendly and bring a touch of nature to attendees’ homes or offices.
  18. Origami kit : Foster creativity and mindfulness with unique origami kit sets.
  19. Yoga mat : Enhance your attendee's wellness routine with a premium yoga mat.
  20. Essential oil diffuser : Elevate their workspace with a sleek essential oil diffuser.
  21. Scented candles: Create a calming ambiance with luxurious scented candles.
  22. Personalized tumbler or water bottle : Boost hydration and brand awareness with personalized tumblers or water bottles.
  23. Headphones : Optimize productivity and focus with high-quality noise-canceling headphones.
  24. Mini seasonal hamper : Delight attendees with a curated mini-hamper featuring seasonal treats.
  25. Stationery : Equip them for professional and personal expression with premium stationery sets.
  26. Web camera covers or shields : Prioritize digital security and privacy with webcam covers or shields.
  27. Cloud storage : Cloud storage can be a great gift as people often have less storage in their laptops/mobile devices.
  28. Seeds: Create a seed pack with gardening tips.
  29. Magazine subscription: Provide ongoing content consumption related to the event's topic.
  30. Coursera or Udemy course: Gift attendees credit for professional development courses relevant to their field.

The art of webinar gifting: Etiquette, timing, and lasting impressions

Gifting for webinars isn't just a box with a bow; it's a strategic investment in relationships, appreciation, and brand marketing. To truly resonate, follow these etiquette and timing tips for a lasting impression:

  • Strike while the iron is hot: Present your keynote speakers, trainers, and emcees with personalized tokens of appreciation immediately following the event. This promptness underscores the sincerity of your gratitude and allows them to proudly showcase your branded gifts, amplifying your reach and marketing your business organically.
  • Personalization: Move beyond generic branding; elevate your gifting by tailoring each item to the recipient. Consider their individual contributions, interests, or expertise. A thoughtful, hand-written note on a custom card mentioning their specific impact elevates the experience from a mere object to a cherished memento.
  • Professionalism personified: Opt for thoughtful packaging that incorporates your branding elements in a subtle yet impactful manner. This attention to detail speaks volumes about your company's values and elevates the unboxing experience into a memorable brand encounter.
  • A gift that keeps on giving: A personalized follow-up email expressing your heartfelt thanks and interest in future collaborations strengthens your bond and fosters potential avenues for continued engagement.

If you're looking for a platform to send webinar gifts, Xoxoday is a great option as we offer a wide variety of gifts including gift cards, experiences, and merchandise, make it easy to personalize your gifts, and have a number of features that make it easy to manage your gifting activity.

You can also personalize your gifts with a message or logo. Xoxoday makes it easy to send gifts to multiple people at once, and they track the delivery of your gifts so you can be sure they arrive on time.

In addition to offering a wide variety of gifts, Xoxoday also has a number of features that make it a great choice for webinar gifting. For example, Xoxoday allows you to:

  • Set a budget for your gifts
  • Schedule your gifts to be sent at a specific time
  • Track the delivery of your gifts
  • Get reports on your gifting activity

Make webinars a rewarding experience with Xoxoday's gift cards for attendees. Provide them with a webinar gift card as a way of showing appreciation for their active participation. Engage them in learning and keep them motivated to attend future webinars with our thoughtful rewards.

Case study: A successful partnership with Xoxoday

Here is one of the example of many partnerships with Xoxoday,

1. Freshworks Inc, a NASDAQ-listed SaaS company

Freshworks Inc. is a well-known SaaS platform that recently made it to the headlines for its debut on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. 

Founded in 2010, Freshworks is into creating cutting-edge software solutions that makes it easy and quick for businesses to delight their employees as well as customers. Staying true to its brand name, they take a ‘fresh’ approach in designing and providing software-as-a-service that’s not only affordable and quick to implement but also easy for the end users.

Challenge: Freshworks traditionally rewarded participants in their physical events with tangible goodies. However, the pandemic disrupted their usual gifting process, making international shipping impractical and geographically inconsistent.

Solution: Freshworks embraced digital solutions by partnering with Xoxoday, a robust rewards platform offering flexibility and global reach. Xoxoday's strengths perfectly addressed Freshworks' needs:

  • Wide Variety: Xoxoday's extensive catalog of 1 mn+ options across 75+ countries allowed Freshworks to curate localized gift bundles for attendees in diverse locations.
  • Ease of Use: The platform's user-friendly interface facilitated swift campaign creation and voucher distribution. With just a few clicks, Freshworks sent out over $5,000 worth of brand vouchers to attendees.
  • Zapier Integration: Xoxoday's seamless integration with Zapier streamlined lead capture and personalized communication. Custom landing pages with creative CTAs helped drive engagement and direct attendees to their localized redemption shops.
  • Automated Localization: Xoxoday's smart tech automatically detected user locations and displayed relevant gift options based on local currency and availability. This eliminated any hassles with currency conversions or incompatible choices.
  • Customizable Workflows: The platform's Zapier integration allowed Freshworks to customize workflows for capturing leads and activating campaigns. This fostered a dynamic and engaging experience for event participants.


  • Over 500 reward vouchers distributed across multiple locations.
  • Increased event participation through the appeal of digital rewards.
  • Streamlined gifting process with reduced vendor coordination and logistical complexity.
  • Enhanced attendee satisfaction due to localized gift options and seamless redemption experience.


In the age of virtual everything, webinars have become vital engagement tools. But beyond captivating content, the key to attendee loyalty and lead generation lies in a surprising strategy: thoughtful virtual gifts. From building brand recall to nurturing leads and acquiring valuable data, these digital presents unlock marketing benefits.

Discover how a well-chosen gift can transform your webinar from a fleeting session into a powerful brand-building experience, leaving a lasting impression far beyond the closing screen. 

Ready to wrap your next webinar in engagement and appreciation? Schedule a demo with Xoxoday today to unlock unique gifting ideas and transform your sessions into lead-generating marvels!

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