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What can be more so generic yet prerogative at making people happy about their choices, opinions, and actions?

Rewards hold a high vestige in the constitution of human behaviors and have suitable social proof to make people do better at what they do or make them do it in the first place. This tactful manoeuvre made marketing a whole lot simpler to an extent, but the onset of rewarding switched to digital rewards, and the endless pit of human wants to be yearned for more. This is where the demand for a versatile digital rewarding tool came into the picture, and the virtual VISA rewards card swiped in.

What is Virtual VISA Rewards Card

A virtual VISA rewards card is a prepaid VISA that is quite different from everywhere VISA debit cards. Delivered via email and is as good as the plastic one—only better. It is best suited for being given out as a gift or reward.

Market researchers are trying to increase market penetration through insightful reviews from panels, sales forces striving for quick flow through the funnel, employee motivation, or anything incentive. Virtual VISA reward cards are solutions to lots of problems.

Let us learn all about the Virtual VISA reward card, how to use it for many incentives and motivational actions, and its advantages for the person who has got it in their pockets (yes, you can get a tangible one too). But first, let us ponder over why a virtual VISA rewards card is everyone’s darling.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves a Virtual VISA Rewards Card

One of the primary reasons for this card’s popularity is that it is prepaid and comes with a thank-you note—yes, the virtual VISA gift card can be compared to a gift voucher, only that it is much more versatile and has the VISA advantage.

1. It is as flexible as it gets.

The biggest catch with a prepaid card is that it can only be used or be sent through a particular dealer or vendor. With the virtual VISA card being intangible, it can be flexibly sent instantly and redeemed quickly. Not only that, but the card recipient can also choose to order the plastic version of the card in case they are sceptical about trying the virtual one.

As for the ones sending out the virtual VISA rewards card, they can top it up (one-time only) for whatever balance they wish to and send it to the recipients without too much nitty-gritty.

2. Maximum security

Forget your traumatic past of tragic events like mail theft and identity fraud while receiving the card. Since it is entirely virtual and is delivered straight to your email inbox, users can rest assured that there is no intermediary up for malice. Moreover, the virtual VISA card can be procured with minimal fuss without revealing any financial details.

3. Low rewarding costs

You have an existing rewards or incentives program, and you wish to add the virtual VISA rewards card to it. In this case, VISA offers you a chance of significant cost savings as compared to plastic cards. Apart from saving on the packaging and shipping, you also save an extra sliver from above while keeping your target audience happy.

4. They are customizable.

While in a typical scenario, the virtual VISA reward card is delivered in its own (virtual) packaging; there is now a way to make it more personalized than ever. With Xoxoday’s rewarding mechanism, customize all your communication and messages to match your brand. By white-labelling emails and adding personalized content for milestones, this rewards card would mean more than they thought it did.

5. It is a VISA, and it is global

No matter who your target audience is or where they live, the best part about the virtual VISA digital rewards card is that it can be used anytime and anywhere. Be it shopping at your local grocery store or doing the same online; the virtual VISA card can be cashed in across the globe.

This functionality makes the VISA virtual card an essential tool in a marketer’s chest as campaigns are often globally conducted. Adding to all the above reasons, the global reach of the virtual VISA is an added advantage.

6. It is instantly deliverable

Last but not least, the virtual VISA card is delivered as promised in no time at all, with instant disbursal from VISA’s end to the recipient’s account. The sender can salvage this feature to the max with the promise of digital rewards on solid grounds that it will be delivered when the recipient’s job is done—irrespective of what it is.

Hold up—the virtual VISA card sounds fabulous for the users and looks like a good attaché for the sender, but what is its practicality? Let us discuss some use cases on how a sender can make the most of this virtual VISA card.

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The difference between a gift card and a prepaid card looks minimal but is miles apart. Which one makes a better present-- time to decide.

How to use virtual visa reward card for Incentives

1. It fires up the sales velocity

The account-based marketing expedition is all about making your prospects happy and breezy through the funnel. An incentive like the virtual VISA card would lead to a better response from your prospects, be it sending gratifications for attending demos or adding the personal touch to your sales automated campaigns. By engaging prospects on different stages of the funnel, keep your CRM satisfied with free-flowing leads that move across the stage.

Reviving lost leads is an art, and digital rewards are the perfect catalyst to make it happen. Be it celebrating your prospects’ milestones with a reward or surprising them with a gift, make sure that they come back to you to have a taste of what is on the table, leading to improved closing rates.

2. Enhanced survey response rates

Market research is a crucial function of any enterprise is figuring out the viability of its offerings. The proverbial carrot of incentives must be hung ahead to keep the survey respondents and market research participants content with what they are doing. Digital rewards like the virtual VISA work as the perfect instant incentives for survey completions focus groups, user interviews, and other market research activities.

These rewards can be automated, and the delay of a manual incentive disbursal can be avoided with custom triggers and workflows of an automation tool. Say goodbye to repetitive and fraudulent claims with an automation tool (more on that later).

3. Taking marketing campaigns into high gear

The customer acquisition costs are escalating with every passing day, but it is not just about that—the efforts it used to take to get a customer onboard have increased too. There is a boost needed to influence purchase decisions in both B2B and B2C markets from awareness to purchase and beyond. With digital rewards in your war chest, super-charge consumers flow throughout the funnel.

Customers can always be acquired through offers and discounts. Meanwhile, reward-based activation helps in progressive customer trials, adoptions, and product usage. The users that stick enhance the enterprise’s customer lifetime value, bringing in new prospects through reward-based referral and revenue. Digital rewards improve the lead flow from a prospect to a customer.

4. Reward & recognition of employees

The modern workplace is full of deterrents and obstacles, but all the negatives cannot intercept the employee life cycle. Digital rewards hold power to facilitate the life cycle as every milestone positively—work or personal—can be rewarded with vouchers and cards like the virtual VISA.

From warmly welcoming newbies with some lunch money to long service rewards, festivities, performance rewards, and more, digital rewards play a crucial role in recognizing employees for a job well done through big wins and small.

There are many use cases wherein a digital rewards card such as the virtual VISA can be used. But the question stands—is it feasible to go through holistic incentive campaigns manually? Not. That is where an automation tool such as Xoxoday comes into the picture.

Automate the Virtual VISA Rewards Card with Xoxoday

Digital rewards are an excellent perk for getting things done, but often, these gratifications are utilized on a vast scale. It is not simple to manually reward thousands of survey respondents; neither is it possible to remember every employee’s birthday and work anniversary to send out gift vouchers/virtual VISA cards. Automation is a crucial tool to success when it comes to virtual rewards.

With Xoxoday’s automation tool, send out rewards for every step taken. Customize your reward payout mechanism, personalize emails, integrate with tools like Zapier, HubSpot, SAP, and more. Skip the manual reward deployment and set up rewards workflows for milestone-based rewards for marketing, sales, and incentives. Xoxoday ticks off all the checkboxes and comes with a holistic digital rewards platform with thousands of gift vouchers, perks, experiences, and more options.

Be it delivering virtual VISA reward cards to your recipients or gift vouchers and e-gift cards from 20,000+ brands, Xoxoday is your go-to tool for digital rewards.

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