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Giving gifts is an important culture amongst humans and especially between people who work with each other. It serves as a token of appreciation and mutual admiration when it comes to work and business.

Giving gifts is an effective way to welcome employees, appreciate their hard work, improve team morale and to foster work relationships. Gifts help in conveying more emotions than money or an email can ever achieve.

But all said and done, choosing the right gifts is important as it needs to be useful and technologically updated for employees to actually use them at work. Here we have listed 15 of the best corporate tech gifts that you can consider.

List of 15 best corporate tech gifts for work and teams in 2023

There are so many tech gifts in the market today but not all of them are useful and not all are easy to use or maintain.

This is why, putting in some research on some of the best tech gadgets and accessories that you can present is necessary.

Below is our selection of some of the best tech items that you can consider for a gift.

1. Tech pack with essentials

An amazing idea to get your teams onboarded into the organization or onto a project - this tech pack can serve as a token of welcome to your employees.

A tech pack can be put together using a gift bag with multiple items that they may find useful while working in the company or for a specific project such as a coffee mug, an insulated water bottle, charger organizer, power bank, blue light blocking specs etc.

You can put a few of these things together to form a bundle.

2. Water bottle with hydration app

An insulated water bottle can serve as a wonderful gift and coupled with a smart app - it is one of the best gifts that employees will adore.

This water bottle usually comes with a water indicator and or a light indicator that helps you remember to stay hydrated through the day. You can link the bottle to your app to help remind you every few hours to stay hydrated.

3. Insulation and heating mug

This insulation and self heating mug can be one of the best ideas for a tech gift for employees who work late or early in the day.

The mug features a heating pad that keeps coffee and other drinks warm when plugged in.

It can help employees cut down time spent in the cafeteria heating up drinks several times and is a godsend for those who love their coffees hot throughout the day.

4. Waterproof bag for electronics

A waterproof bag is not only a great gift, it can help save precious electronics for employees and keep them safe.

This waterproof bag holds all important items such as laptops, phones, chargers, charging cables, wireless chargers, headsets and many such things.

It is a great gift for employees who are traveling back and forth and may find themselves out in the open often such as the sales and marketing team.

5. Wireless charging pads

A wireless charging pad is a simple yet most brilliant gifting option for employees.

It can charge any phone without connecting any cables and is therefore great for employees who share a desk or may use multiple devices at a time.

You can find many varieties of wireless chargers in the market from different brands to functionality and various colors as well.

6. Bluetooth headsets

A staple for all employees, bluetooth headsets are something that are used by all employees.

They can be perfect onboarding gifts as they are super useful for meetings and for employees who need to make a lot of customer calls.

Bluetooth headsets come in all budgets and from a variety of brands so you can choose the one that fits your bill perfectly.

7. Organized charging station

An organized charging station is an excellent way to charge multiple devices all at once.

This organizer supports devices such as music players, laptops, cell phones, bluetooth speakers or headsets in a way that they can be neatly laid out and charged all at once.

It is a great gift for tech junkies in an office setting who use multiple devices for their work.

8. Bluetooth speakers

Nothing much needs to be said for a bluetooth speaker, it is something that everyone possesses but just can’t stop at one.

It is one of the most amazing tech gifts that can be easily put to use by the employee or the team and especially for those who attend meetings can benefit from these tiny portable bluetooth speakers.

9. Ring light for meetings

This is a unique gifting idea that companies can look into. Most employees who take meetings on the go can suffer from poor lighting at home or outside.

The adjustable ring light comes with a USB cord and can be set up in a way to provide optimum luminance for enhanced meeting experiences anywhere. These are incredibly useful in the education sector as well.

10. Laptop desk

A laptop desk is an ideal tech gift for work from home employees.

The laptop desk comes with numerous features such as cord sorter or clipper, smooth grips on the bottom that prevent falls, smooth surfaces for hand placement and small drawers on the side to place items such as memory cards or pen drives.

It comes in a variety of shapes and make and corporates can choose based on their budget.

11. Smart watch/fitness tracker

Smart watches or fitness trackers are an excellent and a very usable tech gift for employees. Just like bluetooth speakers or headsets, people love having more than one option to use based on their mood.

A fitness tracker is great for employees who might have long sedentary working hours to remind them to stay active.

They also help in keeping a watch on BP, heart health etc. Smart watches can help them take calls, view messages and check on other apps when linked to their phones.

12. Electronic organizer bag

An electronic organizer bag is a unique bag that comes with many different compartments to safely secure your electronic devices all in one place.

For employees who use multiple devices and may use more than one laptop at a time, this can prove to be very useful.

Employees at a senior level who need to travel with multiple devices to client locations can keep their electronics safely tucked into this bag that prevents movement and absorbs shock.

13. Desk mat with trackpad

A neat and clear desk mat is a simple yet useful gift that can enhance employee and team workplace.

These mats are great to keep your keyboard and mouse on and helps prevent sliding and slipping when at work.

They look sophisticated and often come with a trackpad so that you can eliminate the need for a mouse pad. It is an all in one mat that is water and dust proof too.

14. 5 in 1 charging set

A simple charging cluster that comes with one inlet and 5 outlets - this device is a great hack for charging multiple devices on the go.

Employees who need to access their multiple phones, headsets, ipads or tablets all at once can greatly benefit from this simple charger.

It can charge all small devices at once and is especially great if you are constantly on the move and need multiple chargers everywhere you go.

15. Bluetooth tracking device

Another cool device that is making the rounds on the internet is the bluetooth tracking device that is a great add-on to any of the above gifts.

This simple hack can prevent loss of devices and or important things.

By linking your device over bluetooth, you can track movement of precious electronics if at all they get stolen such as your laptop bag or an electronics bag that has most of the important electronic devices.


These are some of the best corporate tech gift ideas for the year 2023. Not only are these tech gifts we have compiled very versatile, they can fit into a budget as well.

We have chosen items that range from pocket friendly to expensive.

Based on your specific requirement, you can even customize these gifts with employee names, company name, brand name or a special holiday message or wishes which makes them even more profound and personal.

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