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Sales prospecting gifts are a powerful tool for reaching potential clients through strategic sales prospecting to enhance business relationships and leave a lasting impression on them.

Sales representatives engage with qualified leads to turn them into opportunities and customers to help businesses connect with potential customers. A McKinsey report1 has shared that 71% of consumers anticipate personalized interactions from companies.

Additionally, according to Forbes2, 96% of marketers claim that personalized prospecting helps improve customer relationships. This makes curating the best yet impactful prospecting gift ideas a sought-after matter in the sales and marketing segment. 

Generic prospecting touch points include cold emails and/or scripted phone calls. However, the outreach method can easily be ignored, lest personalization and uniqueness are added to make the prospecting efforts stand out. 

Therefore, giving gifts in the corporate sector goes beyond simply exchanging items. According to a research paper3, “Gifts, emotions and cognitive processes: An inquiry of gift receiving from a consumer psychology perspective,” such an aspect connotes emotional and psychological triggers that result in recognition, appreciation, and the obligation to reciprocate. 

This comprehensive blog will discuss 10 sales prospecting gifts to foster a harmonious corporate relationship.

A statistical study of sales prospecting gifts

The statistical study on the effectiveness of giving gifts to initiate conversations has been trending for quite some time as gifts play an important role in sales prospecting. 

Let’s check out some compelling statistics emphasizing the importance of sales prospecting gifts:

→ According to a Hubspot Report, for 82% of sales professionals, building relationships with people is the most crucial and enjoyable aspect of their job.

→ According to Forbes, sales prospecting gifts can strengthen a company's reputation and overall client relationship. 42% of organizations cite gifting initiatives as a mark of relationship management.

→ With gift products considered ideal for personalization, a Deloitte study has revealed that half of the consumers believe customized items make excellent gifts.

If these sales prospecting gifts are strategically curated, it can help to:

  • Initiate a conversation with the prospect
  • connect with a suitable lead.
  • Introduce your product as a solution to their problem.

Types of prospecting methods

Sales prospecting, considered a lead-generating process, involves identifying and qualifying potential customers or leads likely to purchase a product or service. However, various prospecting methods can be broadly categorized into inbound and outbound. Here's an overview of both:

1. Inbound prospecting

Inbound prospecting involves attracting and funneling potential customers to your business using various marketing and content strategies.

Inbound prospecting aims to create valuable and relevant content that draws people in rather than actively reaching out to them and converting them into qualified sales opportunities.

Standard inbound prospecting methods include:

  • Content marketing: Content marketing is a prospecting method that allows the customers to find relevance to the product as they continue interacting with the educational content. Content marketing aims to generate relevant content that addresses the needs and challenges of potential customers.
According to a CMI study, most businesses acknowledge the significance of lead generation. 85% of B2B enterprises consider lead generation their foremost marketing objective.

A well-executed content marketing strategy can generate qualified leads, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions, contributing directly to the sales pipeline. 

  • Social media marketing: This prospecting method prompts the sales representatives to use social media platforms to connect with their targeted audience, share content, and engage in conversations that can lead to potential sales opportunities. 

    Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are used by businesses to target specific demographics and reach a broad audience.
According to the same CMI study, 93% of businesses acknowledge the significance of lead generation via social media marketing. (hyperlink source)
  • Webinars and events: Webinars and events allow the sales representatives to showcase expertise and attract interested prospects by providing a platform to engage with potential customers in a focused and interactive manner. 
A majority of 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders think webinars represent the most effective method for generating high-quality leads.

2. Outbound prospecting

Unlike inbound prospecting, where businesses initiate contact with potential customers, is another proactive approach to sales. It involves reaching out to individuals or organizations interested in a product or service, even if they haven't previously expressed interest.

  • Cold calling: Cold calling in terms of outbound prospecting refers to the practice of reaching out to potential customers or clients who have not expressed prior interest in your product or service. It's called "cold" because there is no established relationship or connection with the individuals contacted to initiate a conversation, introduce your offering, and generate interest or leads.
According to Forbes, the average success rate for cold-calling is 2%.
  • Email marketing: In terms of outbound prospecting, email marketing is a targeted strategy to reach potential customers through personalized email messages. It involves sending carefully crafted emails to a specific audience to generate interest, engagement, and conversions. 
Forbes has found that over 70% of marketers believe email marketing can generate impeccable returns as a marketing channel.
  • Referral prospecting: Referral marketing in outbound prospecting involves leveraging existing relationships to generate new business opportunities. In this strategy, current clients or contacts recommend a product or service to potential leads, expanding the outreach beyond traditional marketing channels. 
According to Forbes, 84% of B2B decision-makers initiate the buying process with a referral. The same report has shown that companies with referral programs reported 71% higher conversion.
  • Customer referrals: Customer referral can be a powerful method for expanding your customer base, as it relies on trust and credibility established through existing partnerships. By tapping into your partners' connections, you can access a broader audience and increase the likelihood of acquiring qualified leads. 
  • Partner referrals: Partner referral in outbound prospecting involves leveraging existing business relationships to generate new leads. It entails encouraging business partners to recommend your products or services to their network. Partner referral in outbound prospecting is a collaborative strategy to drive business growth through mutual recommendations.
  • Social selling: Social selling involves using social media platforms to identify, connect, and engage potential customers. This method combines inbound and outbound prospecting elements, as it involves creating valuable content and actively reaching out to prospects on social media platforms. Targeting B2C customers works best on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, while prospecting on LinkedIn works best for an B2B audience. 

Eight outbound sales prospecting gifts

Here is a list of five gifts for outbound sales prospects:

1. Sporting event tickets

Sporting event tickets are an exceptional sales prospecting gift due to their universal appeal and ability to create memorable experiences. Such tickets demonstrate appreciation for clients or prospects while fostering positive relationships.

The excitement and anticipation associated with attending a live sporting event can leave a lasting impression and make it an effective tool for building rapport. 

2. Tech store gift card

A gift card from a tech store is an excellent sales prospecting gift because of its appeal to a wide audience interested in technology products. It offers recipients the freedom to choose the items they desire. So. it ensures satisfaction with their selection.

Additionally, it shows an understanding of the recipient's interests and preferences, fostering a positive impression. As a practical and convenient option, it eliminates the guesswork associated with selecting a specific product, making it suitable for various occasions and demographics.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-canceling headsets are an excellent choice for sales prospecting gifts due to their practical usage in the professional environment. They offer superior sound quality and allow recipients to engage in clear and focused communication during calls or virtual meetings.

Moreover, it minimizes external distractions and enhances concentration, increasing productivity and efficiency. This can significantly benefit sales professionals who often work in dynamic and noisy environments.

4. Customized workshops

Customized workshops or training sessions addressing prospects' challenges are valuable ABM-based sales prospecting gifts. They demonstrate a genuine understanding of the prospect's needs and a commitment to providing tailored solutions.

These sessions offer direct value by addressing pain points and offering actionable insights, fostering a stronger relationship between the prospect and the company. By focusing on the prospect's challenges, the company showcases its expertise and positions itself as a trusted advisor, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

5. Unwind with a spa day 

Experiential gifts are considered among the most impactful gifts that garner positive intent. Spa day as a gift to a sales prospect could impact them to build a positive and lasting impression. It will showcase that you value their well-being beyond business and emphasize relaxation and self-care in today's busy business world.

According to a research paper, experiential gifts are more appreciated and reciprocated than materialistic gifts. Moreover, the study has found that experiential gifts elicit intent and positive results.

6. A ticket to a concert or theater show

Giving a sales prospect tickets to a concert or theater show will showcase appreciation and build a positive connection. A live entertainment event is a unique and memorable experience and will create a lasting impression beyond traditional gifts and business interactions.

7. Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker can be an excellent sales prospecting gift due to its versatility and practicality. It demonstrates a thoughtful consideration for the recipient's well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

A study has suggested that physical activeness enhances productivity by encouraging regular physical activity, which has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function. The gift of a fitness tracker also aligns with the modern trend of prioritizing wellness, showcasing the giver's awareness of current lifestyle preferences.

8. Personalized consultation

Personalized consultations offer tailored guidance and address prospective clients' needs and challenges. This approach showcases our commitment to understanding and solving the unique concerns of each potential partner. Such a gift can establish a foundation for a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship.

Personalized consultations demonstrate our dedication to delivering value and fostering trust with our prospects. It can be used as a strategic tool for effective sales prospecting, enhancing the likelihood of successful conversions and long-term partnerships.

Seven inbound sales prospecting gifts:

Here is a list of five gifts for inbound sales prospects:

1. A donation to their favorite charity in their name

Donating to a charity in someone's name as a sales prospecting gift is a thoughtful gesture that can strengthen the relationship between the giver and the recipient. It shows care and consideration for their interests and values. So, aligning the donation with their favorite charity will show a personal touch and understanding of their preferences. 

2. Branded merchandize

Branded merchandise is a reminder of a company's presence and values. It reinforces brand recognition and loyalty among potential clients. Offering branded merchandise as a sales prospecting gift demonstrates appreciation and fosters a positive relationship. 

The utility of branded items ensures continued exposure and engagement with the brand. Using branded merchandise as an ABM reward for sales prospecting gifts can effectively leave a lasting impression and drive future business opportunities.

3. Tech accessories

Ergonomic keyboards, mice, and laptop stands can improve comfort and productivity for individuals working long hours on computers. In addition to this, charging cables, portable power banks, and other accessories ensure that devices remain powered throughout the day, enhancing mobility and usability. 

4. Wine tasting

Wine tasting is a sophisticated and enjoyable experience, making it a favorable gift for sales prospecting. It provides a unique opportunity to engage clients in a memorable and leisurely activity to elicit a positive and lasting impression. Wine tasting promotes rapport-building and facilitates meaningful conversations, creating an ideal setting for discussing business matters in a relaxed environment.

5. Personalized travel experience

Providing personalized travel experiences as a sales prospecting gift is advantageous for several reasons. Firstly, it will show a genuine interest in the recipient's preferences and interests. 

Such a gift can ignite a deeper connection and rapport. Secondly, it showcases the value of your business by offering a thoughtful and memorable gift tailored to their individual tastes, which can leave a lasting impression. Lastly, personalized travel experiences have a universal appeal. It offers the recipient the opportunity to create cherished memories and experiences.

6. Sleek and functional stylus pens

Blend practicality with sophistication to show attention to both form and function with the stylus pens. These pens are technologically advanced to cater to a variety of preferences. Therefore, gifting such a thoughtful element will ensure your prospect can use it in various settings. 

7. Solution or product demonstration

Solution demonstrations are effective ABM rewards for sales prospecting gifts because they provide firsthand insight into how your product or service can address the prospect's needs. This personalized approach demonstrates the commitment to understanding and solving their challenges. 

By showcasing the solution in action, it will be easy to establish credibility and trust, positioning the organization as a valuable partner in their success. Additionally, solution demonstrations visualize the benefits and value the solution brings to the prospect's organization. They help the prospects make informed decisions and accelerate their journey through the sales pipeline.

Case studies that prove prospecting gifts are lead-generators

Sharing 3 case studies that prove prospecting gifts are lead-generators:

1. Freshwork, A NASDAQ-listed SaaS company, utilized Xoxoday to streamline $5000+ worth of digital gifts within clicks


Freshworks Inc. is a leading SaaS platform that gained prominence with its debut on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Established in 2010, Freshworks specializes in innovative software solutions to enhance employee and customer satisfaction and emphasizes affordability, quick implementation, and user-friendliness.


The Field Marketing team at Freshworks encountered several hurdles in managing global operations, particularly in the Middle East & APAC regions. They faced challenges:

  • Difficulty in gifting event participants across diverse geographies, exacerbated by pandemic-related restrictions.
  • Complexities in incentivizing Account-based Marketing (ABM) and referral campaigns digitally.
  • Time-consuming and costly processes involved in sourcing and onboarding local vendors.
  • Challenges with currency conversions and lack of personalization in communication efforts.


To address these challenges, Freshworks adopted Xoxoday’s comprehensive rewards platform and used its features to streamline operations and enhance engagement. Xoxoday helped them in the following way:

  • Utilized Zapier integration to set up custom workflows for seamless and efficient reward distribution.
  • Employed 'Xoxo Codes' and 'Xoxo Links' to automate and personalize referral campaigns, incentivize ABM initiatives, and increase event participation.
  • Leveraged Xoxoday’s extensive rewards catalog and gift engine to offer diverse options, overcoming geographical limitations and currency conversion issues.
  • Configured triggers and actions to automatically capture user location and provide localized gift choices for easier redemption.


Implementing Xoxoday's rewards platform yielded significant results for Freshworks:

  • Distributed over 500 reward vouchers across multiple locations to enhance engagement and brand visibility.
  • Simplified reward distribution processes and saved time and resources while increasing efficiency.
  • Improved user experience with personalized communication and seamless redemption processes.

Xoxoday positioned Freshworks for future initiatives, including setting up virtual lunch experiences and incentivizing internal teams for event registrations.

2. BillingTree gained more than 700% return on their marketing investment with an intriguing approach


BillingTree, a leader in payment processing technology, aimed to expand its reach among small and large businesses to showcase how their payment solutions could enhance customer experiences and boost profitability.

Traditionally, they utilized direct mail with gift cards as incentives to engage customers, but encountered challenges in reaching decision-makers and securing meaningful meetings.


Booking meetings with key prospects was difficult, especially high-value targets. Many scheduled meetings led to interactions with individuals lacking decision-making authority, resulting in wasted resources for both parties.


To capture the attention of decision-makers and create a lasting impression, BillingTree adopted a technologically-driven approach. 

  • Instead of mass mailing, they targeted their top 100 prospects with a high-value deliverable which included a rugged, locked case branded to BillingTree. It contained an Amazon gift card. 
  • The combination to unlock the case was not provided initially which added intrigue to the campaign. Upon opening, recipients were greeted with a fully branded interior featuring a video player embedded in the lid, 
  • They added a personalized animated pitch.


The campaign yielded overwhelming success in the following way:

  • It resulted in over 60% engagement and a conversion rate of 15%, generating revenue of $159,902.04. 
  • This represented an ROI exceeding 700%, with additional opportunities worth nearly $200,000 in the pipeline. 
  • The campaign received praise from both prospects and BillingTree's board of directors for its creativity and tangible results, earning recognition with the 2019 Next Generation Innovative B2B Campaign Award

The campaign not only achieved financial success but also significantly enhanced BillingTree's brand perception and industry reputation.

3. Xero, a worldwide accounting software platform, increased its conversion rates by 25% by automating rewards for its customer referral program


Xero is a New Zealand-based company that offers cloud-based accounting software for small businesses worldwide. It boasts over 3 million subscribers and provides real-time financial data accessible on any device. Recognized for innovation and leadership, Xero aims to simplify accounting processes for its users.


With the UK government's implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD), Xero saw an opportunity to expand in the UK market. However, they faced obstacles in rapidly acquiring market share and providing a seamless customer experience. Xero saw this as a chance to grow but faced challenges: 

  • They needed smart strategies to grow quickly.
  • Sending physical gifts for promotions was complicated and expensive.
  • Logistics costs were high.
  • Customers couldn't choose their gifts.
  • They couldn't measure the return on investment (ROI) of physical gifting.


Xero partnered with Xoxoday, a digital reward platform, to address these challenges. Xero enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced costs by automating rewards distribution and offering a wide range of digital rewards. This approach allowed for faster scalability and better customer engagement.

  • Xoxoday helped Xero run referral campaigns smoothly. So, customers got digital rewards instantly.
  • With digital rewards, Xero saved time and money as Xoxoday had a wide range of rewards.


Xero adopted Xoxoday and noticed the following benefits:

  • Reduced customer acquisition costs and increased conversion rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and advocacy.
  • Achieved 20% year-on-year growth.
  • Distributed 1900+ rewards in the UK market.
  • Planned expansion into North America, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Intended rewards integration into subsidiary Planday and other marketing verticals for exponential growth.

Ending note

Use sales prospecting gifts as a powerful strategy to leave a positive impression on potential clients. Thoughtfully chosen gifts will go a long way to show your appreciation while staging the setting for meaningful connections. 

Consider the diverse and customizable options offered by Xoxoday. Xoxoday, a multicurrency, multilingual platform that effortlessly connects with your global audience, offers an extensive catalog with 1mn+ options of experiences and gifts. 

Elevate your prospecting game and make a lasting impact by integrating Xoxoday into your outreach efforts. Talk to our gifting experts today!

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