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Every year, Raksha Bandhan creates nostalgic memories for every brother and sister. What strengthens this bond is providing Raksha Bandhan gifts to your sister; seeing the elegant smile on your sisters’ face is priceless and precious,

Well, looking for the perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan can be a daunting task; especially when your sister is eagerly waiting for the gift.

You don’t want to be empty-handed, do you?

To save you time selecting the gifts, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan. Let’s first give you a checklist for choosing the perfect gift.

Tips to choose raksha bandhan gifts for sister

As Raksha Bandhan strengthens the bond between brother and sister, choosing the perfect gift for the sister becomes equally important. Let’s share a few ideas on the same.

1. Understand your sister’s likes and dislikes

Knowing your sister's preferences is the most important step in choosing the ideal rakhi gift for her.

Rank the top five items according to her preferences. Making the list simplifies determining which gift will command her undivided attention. Since it will be her gift, spend money on something she prefers.

2. Personality

Many of us make the error of selecting a present that we would like to receive. Make it a point to select the gift based on our sibling's characteristics as it is his or hers.

For instance, get your brother who enjoys sports a sporty gift. Our siblings will have to compromise their style if we get anything that does not fit their personality.

3. Creativity

Even if a customized rakhi gift is unique, do not accept anything less. Because personalization changes a typical gift, the main item itself should be unusual.

Choose unique products that makes it something truly special. Choose an Airpod case, cardholder, pair of socks, or other item to make the rakhi gift for a sister more unique.

4. Choose good quality gifts

Choosing a customized Rakhi gift can be very difficult. Many of us need to pay more attention to the item's quality when looking for the ideal personalized rakhi gift.

When selecting a rakhi gift for a sister, always put quality first. A quality item will be cherished forever because it is still in good shape. In this way, our sister will treasure the personalized gifts we gave her for as long as she keeps them.

5. Budget-friendly item

Rakhi gifts can be personalized without spending more money. Choose a personalized present item that fits your budget, even if it can be more expensive.

Don't go overboard and choose a gift that might deplete all of your savings. Look for a reasonably priced, custom rakhi gift that your sister will treasure forever.

6. Look into delivery options

The shipping options should be taken into account while purchasing personalized rakhi presents. Scrutinize the delivery policy before placing the order.

Run a quick rain check to see how well they transport items securely. We assure you that receiving a subpar product on a particular day is the last thing anyone wants.

20 best raksha bandhan gifts for soul sister

It isn’t always about the adorable sister-brother bond, raksha bandhan gifts can be shared with our respective soul sisters in the office too.

To help you connect well with your soul sister, here’s a good collection of raksha bandhan gifts for soul sisters.

1. Xoxoday gift card

Xoxoday, one of the best rewards marketplaces, offers gift cards for customers, employees, clients, and more.

Moreover, the gift card helps you to redeem points to purchase your favorite products.

Get in touch with Xoxoday and surprise your sister with a gift card.

2. Apparels

Soul sisters in the office have a thing about a diverse wardrobe, making stylish clothing which wins her heart. Opt for fashionable outfits that resonate with her taste, utilizing any of her existing dresses as a size reference if needed.

Browse through e-commerce websites to uncover the latest offerings from well-known brands, showcasing contemporary fashion clothes for your lovely sister.

3. Flowers

For the nature enthusiast in your soul sister, consider gifting a collection of exquisite flowers that align with her preferences.

Elevate the gesture by adorning her living space with these blooms, a touch that becomes even more remarkable if you're acquainted with her favourites.

Should you opt for a bouquet presentation, consider incorporating a blend of roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, and more; evoking a sense of joy and appreciation in her.

4. Photo frames

If she has a penchant for capturing self-portraits, this could serve as a distinctive Rakhi gift for your soul sister. A cute-looking photo frame creates a positive touch to her room.

The photo frame creates a home décor friendly environment, constantly reminding you of your cherished bond with your sister.

5. Makeup kit

For the makeup enthusiastic soul sister, a makeup kit stands as a treasure. Combine all her preferred cosmetics, ranging from striking eyeshadows to elegant nail lacquers and essentials. This Raksha Bandhan Gift helps her stay happy, ensuring she enjoys her moments amidst her social circle.

6. Online gym subscription

Among the pivotal lessons gleaned from 2020, prioritizing our well-being has emerged as paramount.

Given the need for fitness and limit outdoor activities, particularly trips to the gym, consider gifting your soul sister an online gym subscription.

This Raksha Bandhan gift idea helps in taking part in classes conveniently, fitting seamlessly into her schedule. Moreover, this gift helps in nurturing her health and fitness.

7. Gift accessories or jewellery

Who wouldn't appreciate a stunning pair of earrings or a graceful bracelet to showcase among loved ones?

Gift accessories like jewellery are great Raksha Bandhan gifts for the soul sister in the office.

8. Smartwatch

Watches stand as a graceful and practical choice for commemorating this special occasion with your sister. Opt for a chic or sophisticated timepiece that aligns with her taste, presenting it to her on Raksha Bandhan.

The online realm offers a diverse range of options to explore, and if you wish to send her this gift exclusively, you can certainly arrange for that as well.

9. House plants

Consider the gift of lovely house plants for a soul sister. Look through a selection of low-maintenance indoor plants, accessible both in physical stores and online, to introduce a delightful touch to her living area.

10. Travel package

This Raksha Bandhan, consider offering your soul sister an experience rather than a material possession.

Give her the opportunity to embark on a journey – be it a solo escapade, an adventure with you, quality time with family, or an exploration alongside her friends.

Arrange the flights and accommodations, unveiling this delightful surprise on this lovely occasion. If you need more clarification about her desired destination, provide her with online travel vouchers, enabling her to curate the entire excursion to her liking.

11. Home decor items

Soul sisters enjoy personally adorning their homes, meticulously selecting charming and distinct home decor pieces to enhance their interiors.

Thus, gifting your soul sister with exquisite home decor items like paintings, lamps, fragrant candles, or spiritual tokens allows her to embellish her dwelling with unparalleled charm and grace, creating a truly enchanting ambience.

12. Perfumes

Similar to watches, perfumes also stand as timeless gifts. Tailored to her taste and liking, you can select a fine fragrance ensconced in an exquisite bottle, an ideal offering for the Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Allow her to embrace the captivating aroma of the perfume you bestow, anticipating the admiration that follows.

13. Hair appliances

Is your soul sister an avid experimenter when it comes to her hair, often venturing into diverse hairstyles? Consider delighting her with a fresh hair styling ensemble encompassing tools like a hair straightener, curling device, blow dryer, and more.

Acquire this thoughtful selection explicitly for her, an exceptional Raksha Bandhan gesture, enabling her to craft her own hair transformations and channel her inner hairstyling expert.

14. Scented candles

Your soul sister would love to modernize her room with a great fragrance, helping her provide a great welcome to her family and friends.

Scented candles give a refreshing avenue, reducing stress and anxiety after a hectic day at office

With scented candles being a Raksha Bandhan gift, consider presenting these to your soul sister, keeping the occasion of Raksha Bandhan more delightful.

15. Potted plants

Potted plants help in fostering a good connection with nature, incorporating the same into homes; create eco friendly vibes.

Opt for plants presented in ornamental pots to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their verandas and balcony, elevating their home decor.

16. Cosmetics

Beauty and makeup products make a delightful Raksha Bandhan gift for your lovely soul sister.

Crafting a cosmetic collection comprising top-notch lipsticks, kajal, eye shadows, foundation, concealer, mascara, and more from reputable brands showcases your thoughtful touch. It adds a touch of glamour to the occasion.

17. Herbal teas

Every woman looks for a quality-driven lifestyle.

Presenting your soul sister with an assortment of herbal teas featuring diverse flavours such as chamomile, tulsi, jasmine, ginger, and more on Raksha Bandhan is a heartfelt demonstration of your affection and concern for her.

18. Daily planner

Irrespective of whether a woman assumes the role of a homemaker or a career-oriented individual, her plate is always brimming with responsibilities.

Balancing domestic duties and external commitments, she endeavours to carve out moments for herself amidst her endeavours.

Presenting your soul sister with a cute-looking daily planner helps in prioritizing important tasks, helping in multi-tasking and improving productivity.

19. Bags or wallets

Should your soul sister possess a discerning taste for fashion accessories, a Raksha Bandhan gift in the form of a branded wallet or a chic bag would be an impeccable choice. Opting for renowned fashion labels or exploring online options showcases your effort to make her feel cherished and valued on this momentous occasion.

20. Jewellery organizer

Women inherently possess a knack for orderliness. A jewellery box or organizer featuring multiple compartments proves to be an ideal Rakhi gift for your soul sister, enabling her to maintain the meticulous arrangements of her precious adornments.

Choose between stylish wooden designs or contemporary options to align with prevailing trends.

3 tips to choose the best rakhi gifts for brother

As brothers provide lovely gifts for sisters on Raksha Bandhan. The same love or in fact more is returned back with rakhi gifts for brothers. Let’s look at some tips to choose the best gifts for brothers.

1. Consider personality and age

Before embarking on your Rakhi gift quest, the primary factor to contemplate is your brother's age and personal style. As his sister, you understand his preferences and inclinations intimately.

Leverage this insight to identify the type of items he would appreciate receiving this Raksha Bandhan. By taking into account his age, character, preferences, and priorities, you will be adept at selecting the perfect Rakhi gift tailored to his uniqueness.

2. Meaningful rakhi

When selecting a gift for your brother, opting for the pricey options every time is unnecessary. Consider flexible options to choose something that aligns with your budget.

3. Pair-up rakhi with a present

It would be a great idea to pair rakhi with a cute present. Pick customisable gifts which may impress your brother. Many rakhi gift combos are available online, like chocolates, dry fruits, mugs, deserts, and more.

10 best raksha bandhan gifts for brother

Gone are the days when only brothers used to present gifts for Rakhi. Today, even younger sisters eagerly offer Rakhi gifts to their brothers, and these gifts go beyond the ordinary.

Whether you're an elder sister searching for Raksha Bandhan gift concepts for your younger sibling or a younger sister aiming to delight her brother, we have your needs fully addressed!

1. Bracelets

Bracelets are adorned by boys, and this is the opportunity to introduce a great piece to their bracelet compilation.

If you're seeking a departure from the ordinary Rakhis and desiring something that carries a sense of reciprocity, this is precisely the solution you've been seeking!

2. Ties and pocket square

Ties and Pocket Squares effortlessly enhance a gentleman's charm and sophistication. Whether conveying a bold or commanding statement or effortlessly capturing attention in a crowd, the influence of these accessories should never be downplayed.

Additionally, here's a valuable insight: while the tradition suggests coordinating your tie with your pocket square, it's optional if your pocket square harmonizes with the rest of your attire.

Consider including these items in your Rakhi gift package for your brother, and impart this insightful tip to him as well.

3. Nuts

If your brother leans away from material possessions, presenting him with nuts emerges as an impeccable choice for Raksha Bandhan.

Explore our selection: Silver Coated Almonds for an aristocratic flair or Oregano Cashews for an adventurous flavour twist.

4. Personalized photo frame

Immortalize the treasured moments you've experienced with your brother through a heartfelt gesture of gifting a personalized photo frame.

Select a meaningful snapshot capturing your bond and have it exquisitely encased.

5. Grooming kit

Elevate your brother's appearance with a thoughtful gesture – present him with a grooming kit. Curate this kit with essential components such as a premium razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and cologne.

Tailor the selection further with a chic comb, hair gel, or beard oil, aligning with his personal grooming choices.

6. Bluetooth speaker

Ideal for enthusiasts of music, a Bluetooth speaker stands as the ultimate Rakhi gift for your brother. Granting him the pleasure of relishing his beloved melodies at any moment and in any setting.

Seek out a compact speaker boasting exceptional audio performance and extended battery longevity.

7. Adventure experience

Forge enduring memories by gifting your brother an escapade of a lifetime. Whether it involves a heart-pounding skydiving escapade, a picturesque hot air balloon voyage, or an exhilarating bungee jumping venture, opt for an undertaking that aligns with his craving for excitement.

This Raksha Bandhan, consider this distinctive present a tribute to your bond.

8. Healthy gourmet gift hamper

By prioritizing your brother’s health, express your affection and concern for your brother's well-being this Raksha Bandhan.

If you're seeking wholesome gift concepts for your brother, consider presenting him with a thoughtfully curated gift basket containing nourishing beverages and snacks.

9. Recipe book

This Raksha Bandhan, contemplate presenting your brother with the gift of a recipe book.

If he's committed to a fitness path, choose a cookbook focusing on healthy meals. While turning the pages, you’ll find good nourishing snacks, dishes, and beverages.

10. Juicer bottle

An additional health-conscious Rakhi gift suggestion for your brother involves presenting him with a juicer bottle.

If he enjoys relishing homemade juices and smoothies, he's likely to appreciate the practicality of a portable juice maker bottle.

Raksha bandhan celebration in office

Let’s start with a tagline - The bond matters with the people, boundaries don’t!

On that note, Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated in the office as well. Let’s present a few ideas for the same.

1. Raksha Bandhan pictures at the office

As Raksha Bandhan 2023 approaches, the corporate offices can begin the celebrations by placing pictures of brother-sister bonds in the office.

To start with, choose a couple of employees who share a brother-sister bond; ask them to say a few words about each other; helping in enriching awareness about Raksha Bandhan.

2. Office decorations for Raksha Bandhan celebrations

As we decorate our homes for every festival, corporate offices need to have a festive vibe like Raksha Bandhan too.

Let’s begin by coordinating with employees with all the essentials needed for decoration. To start, the entrance door needs to have a Raksha Bandhan environment while entering the office.

The meeting rooms can have Raksha Bandhan themed floor mats. Coming to the workstations, we can have a collection of Rakhis.

3. Raksha bandhan themed twin dresses with gift ideas

All the office members can come with Raksha bandhan twin outfits, celebrating the bond between brother and sister.

Employees can complement their soul sister with raksha bandhan gifts, strengthening employee engagement.

These types of raksha bandhan celebrations at the office are sure to bring a smile everywhere; capturing these precious moments brings joy to the company.


Raksha Bandhan is a very emotional moment, celebrating the heart-touching relationship between a brother and a sister.

Raksha Bandhan gifts showcase this bond with a touch of love, respect, togetherness, and precious moments.

To take the legacy forward, Xoxoday is here to help share the moments with a collection of gift cards. Visit Xoxoday rewards marketplace for more information.

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