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Navratri, the vibrant and auspicious festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, is not only a time for devotion and dance but also a season of gratitude and giving. 

As we embrace the spirit of Navratri, it's the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation for those who light up our professional lives, engagement activities with coworkers, and the wonderful people who go above and beyond in various aspects. 

In this blog, we're about to embark on a journey of thoughtful gifting, offering you a selection of Navratri gift ideas that transcend the ordinary, ensuring your gestures of appreciation resonate with the same vibrancy that fills our hearts during this joyous festival.

When is Navratri celebrated and why is it important?

Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated over nine nights and ten days, usually in the months of September and October, depending on the Hindu lunar calendar.

The word "Navratri" is derived from two Sanskrit words: "Nav" meaning nine and "Ratri" meaning night. It typically falls in the Hindu month of Ashwin.

Navratri is important for several reasons:

  • Religious significance: Navratri is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga, who symbolizes the divine feminine energy or Shakti. It is believed that during these nine days, Durga battles and defeats the demon Mahishasura, representing the triumph of good over evil.
  • Different forms of goddess: Each of the nine nights of Navratri is associated with a different form of the goddess Durga, known as the Navadurga. Devotees offer prayers and perform rituals to honor these various aspects of the divine.
  • Fasting and devotion: Many people observe fasting during Navratri as a way to purify the body and mind. They also engage in prayer, meditation, and devotional songs to express their reverence and seek blessings from the goddess.
  • Cultural celebrations: Navratri is not just a religious festival but also a cultural celebration. It is marked by vibrant dance forms like Garba and Dandiya, where people gather to dance, sing, and celebrate together. These dances are a way to express joy and unity during the festival.
  • Harvest festival: In some regions of India, Navratri also marks the beginning of the harvest season. Farmers worship the goddess for a bountiful harvest and offer the first fruits and grains from their fields to her.

Navratri is a time when people come together to celebrate the power of the goddess Durga, embrace spirituality, and enjoy the festive spirit through dance, music, and cultural events.

It's a significant and joyous occasion for Hindus, symbolizing the victory of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness.

10 Navratri gift ideas to spread love and happiness

Navratri is a festive occasion, and here are 10 gift ideas that you can consider for your loved ones:

1. Traditional outfits

 Navratri is a time when people love to dress up in vibrant, traditional attire. You can gift beautifully embroidered sarees, colorful lehengas, or elegant kurta-pajamas to help your loved ones look their best during the festivities. Ensure the outfit matches their style and size.

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2. Jewelry 

Indian jewelry is known for its intricate designs and cultural significance. Consider gifting items like bangles, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets with traditional motifs or even gemstones. These pieces can be cherished and worn for special occasions.

3. Home decor 

Help your loved ones add a festive touch to their homes by gifting decorative items. This could include intricately designed wall hangings, Rangoli stencils, or small idols of deities. These items can infuse a sense of spirituality and celebration into their living spaces.

4. Sweets and snacks

Navratri is synonymous with delicious treats. Gift a box of assorted sweets or a basket of savory snacks like chakli, namkeen, or mithai. These treats are sure to satisfy their taste buds and spread joy.

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5. Pooja thali 

For those who observe religious rituals during Navratri, a beautifully decorated pooja thali is a thoughtful gift.

It can include essential items like diyas (lamps), incense sticks, Kumkum (vermilion), and idols of deities. This gift will enhance their spiritual experience.

6. Fragrance gifts 

Create a serene and peaceful atmosphere at home by gifting scented candles, incense sets, or essential oils. These fragrant gifts can help your loved ones relax and unwind during the festive season.

7. Music and dance 

If your friends or family members are passionate about music or dance, consider gifting them traditional instruments like a dholak or a set of ghungroos (ankle bells). These gifts can inspire them to showcase their talent and participate in cultural events.

8. Books 

For those who appreciate spiritual and mythological knowledge, consider gifting books that delve into these topics. There are numerous books available on Indian mythology, spirituality, and self-improvement that can be both enlightening and enjoyable.

9. Personalized gifts 

Add a personal touch to your Navratri gifts by customizing them. You can create personalized photo frames with cherished memories, custom mugs with a special message, or cushions with a meaningful image. These gifts reflect your thoughtfulness and the bond you share.

10. Plants 

Give the gift of growth and positivity by gifting a potted plant or a decorative indoor plant. It not only adds a touch of greenery to their living space but also symbolizes life and renewal, which are essential aspects of Navratri celebrations.

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10 Navratri gift ideas for employees to foster strong bond

Here are 10 unique Navratri gift ideas for employees that go beyond the traditional options:

1. Customized desk accessories 

Personalized desk items like engraved nameplates, mouse pads, or pen holders not only add a touch of individuality to their workspace but also show that you value their presence and contributions. Every time they use these items, it will serve as a reminder of your appreciation.

2. Online learning subscriptions 

In today's fast-paced world, continuous learning is essential. By gifting your employees online course subscriptions, you are investing in their professional growth and skill development. It's a gift that can benefit both the employee and the organization.

3. Wellness hampers 

The well-being of your employees should always be a priority. A wellness hamper can include items like essential oils, scented candles, herbal teas, and stress relief gadgets. It sends the message that you care about their mental and physical health, especially during challenging times.

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4. Artisanal gift baskets 

Supporting local artisans and small businesses while delighting your employees is a win-win. Curate gift baskets with handcrafted and gourmet products, showcasing the uniqueness of your region's offerings. It's a thoughtful way to promote local talent.

5. Fitness trackers 

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is essential, especially as remote work can sometimes lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Gifting fitness trackers or smartwatches can motivate employees to stay active and take care of their health.

6. Subscription boxes 

Subscription boxes tailored to individual interests make for a delightful and ongoing gift. Whether it's a book club subscription, gourmet food boxes, or beauty and grooming supplies, it shows that you acknowledge their personal tastes and hobbies.

7. Donations in their name 

This gift idea goes beyond the traditional material gifts. Making a charitable donation in each employee's name allows them to choose a cause close to their heart. It fosters a sense of giving and responsibility, reflecting positively on your company culture.

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8. Experience vouchers 

Providing employees with experience vouchers gives them the opportunity to create lasting memories. Whether it's a spa day, an adventure sports activity, or a cooking class, these experiences can be cherished for years to come.

9. Custom artwork 

Commissioning custom artwork or paintings that capture the essence of Navratri or showcase traditional Indian art forms not only adds aesthetic value but also connects with the cultural significance of the festival. It can be a beautiful addition to their homes.

10. Remote work essentials 

Recognizing the continued prevalence of remote work, providing essential items like ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, or noise-canceling headphones can significantly improve their home office setup. It ensures they are comfortable and productive while working remotely.

10 Navratri gift ideas for coworkers to strengthen the relationship

Here are 10 creative Navratri gift ideas for coworkers that go beyond the usual options:

1. Customized calendar 

A customized calendar is a gift that combines functionality and sentimentality. It allows you to showcase memorable moments, whether they're from office outings or personal gatherings, along with inspiring quotes or motivational messages.

Your coworkers can use it to stay organized while cherishing those special memories throughout the year.

2. Handcrafted pottery 

Handcrafted pottery items are not just objects; they're works of art. Consider gifting coworkers decorative bowls, vases, or mugs crafted by skilled artisans. These unique pieces add a touch of elegance and individuality to their homes or workspaces, making them conversation starters and sources of inspiration.

3. Indoor plants with planters 

Indoor plants are known to improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere. Pairing them with stylish planters not only adds a green element to your coworker's surroundings but also allows them to express their personality through plant selection and decor choices. It's a gift that keeps on growing.

4. Cooking or baking kits 

For coworkers who love experimenting in the kitchen, a cooking or baking kit can be a delightful gift. Include unique ingredients, spices, or gourmet items along with a recipe book or cooking guide. It encourages culinary exploration and the joy of trying new dishes.

5. Customized stationery 

Personalized stationery sets add a touch of sophistication to any workspace. When coworkers see their name or initials elegantly printed on high-quality pens, notebooks, and sticky notes, it adds a sense of ownership and pride to their work tools.

6. Art supplies 

If you have coworkers with artistic inclinations, providing them with a set of art supplies can be both inspiring and therapeutic. Sketchbooks, colored pencils, watercolors, or acrylic paints encourage creativity and self-expression, helping them unwind after a busy workday.

7. DIY craft kits 

DIY craft kits are perfect for coworkers who enjoy hands-on projects and creative endeavors. These kits come with everything needed to complete a specific craft, whether it's making jewelry, crafting candle holders, or creating decorative items. It's a gift that sparks creativity and offers a fun and relaxing way to spend leisure time.

8. Tea or coffee subscription 

Fuel your coworkers' passion for tea or coffee by subscribing them to a monthly delivery service. They'll enjoy discovering new and exotic blends, expanding their palate, and savoring their favorite beverage with each cup.

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9. Desk organizer sets 

A clutter-free workspace promotes productivity and efficiency. Stylish desk organizer sets with compartments for pens, notepads, and other essentials help coworkers stay organized while adding a touch of elegance to their desks.

10. Scented diffusers 

Scented diffusers create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. They can enhance concentration, reduce stress, and uplift moods. Gifting coworkers with essential oils or fragrances in decorative diffusers allows them to personalize their workspace or home environment.


As Navratri's nine nights draw to a close and we prepare to celebrate the triumph of good over evil on the final day, let us remember that the essence of this festival lies in unity, gratitude, and the sharing of joy. 

The gifts we give to our employees, coworkers, and friends during this time serve not only as tokens of appreciation but also as symbols of the positivity and harmony that Navratri represents. 

So, whether you choose to offer traditional sweets, a piece of elegant jewelry, or a thoughtful gesture that touches the heart, let it be a reminder of the enduring bonds we share and the spirit of togetherness that makes our professional and personal lives all the more beautiful. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful and prosperous Navratri!

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