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National Youth Day is not just a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of potential, passion, and the promise of a vibrant future. As we commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a beacon of inspiration for the youth, it's the perfect occasion to reflect on the importance of nurturing and empowering the next generation. 

In this spirit, we've curated a list of 21 National Youth Day gifts that go beyond the ordinary. These gifts are not just tokens; they are embodiments of encouragement, tools for growth, and symbols of belief in the transformative power of young minds. 

Let’s explore these thoughtful gifts to celebrate and uplift the future leaders of our world. From sustainable choices to professional empowerment, each gift embodies the spirit of National Youth Day, encouraging the youth to dream big and reach for the stars. 

History of celebrating National Youth Day

National Youth Day, observed on January 12th every year, commemorates the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a visionary philosopher and youth icon. Swami Vivekananda, born in 1863, played a pivotal role in spreading the message of India's rich spiritual heritage and the importance of harnessing the energy of the youth for the nation's development. 

His historic address at the World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 is especially remembered for its universal message of tolerance, acceptance, and the potential within every individual to bring about positive change. 

National Youth Day was officially declared by the Government of India in 1984, acknowledging the profound impact of Swami Vivekananda's teachings on the youth of the nation.


National Youth Day holds immense significance in recognizing the potential of the youth as a driving force for societal progress. It serves as a reminder of the need to empower the younger generation with education, skills, and values that contribute to nation-building. 

The day is an opportunity to inspire the youth to take up leadership roles, embrace innovation, and work towards a harmonious and inclusive society. Various events, seminars, and activities are organized across the country to encourage young minds to engage in discussions on social issues, entrepreneurship, and global challenges. 

National Youth Day aims to foster a sense of responsibility, patriotism, and social consciousness among the youth, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

Theme of National Youth Day in 2024

The theme for National Youth Day in 2024 is "Igniting Minds, Transforming Lives." This theme encapsulates the essence of empowering the youth with knowledge, creativity, and a sense of purpose. The focus is on providing platforms and opportunities for young individuals to explore their potential, pursue their passions, and contribute meaningfully to society. 

"Igniting Minds, Transforming Lives" encourages a proactive approach towards personal and societal development, emphasizing the role of education, technology, and innovation in shaping a progressive future. 

Through this theme, National Youth Day seeks to inspire young minds to be catalysts for positive change, driving innovation and transformation in various spheres of life.

5 Gift cards as a present on National Youth Day for freshers and interns

Here are 5 Gift cards as a present on National Youth Day for freshers and interns,

1. Xoxoday gift card

When faced with uncertainty regarding someone's specific tastes, or if you wish to provide them with a broader selection, gift cards emerge as an exceptional choice. These cards might be applicable to various online shops, high-quality dining establishments, relaxing wellness spas, or captivating bookstores.

By presenting Xoxoday gift cards, you empower the recipient with the liberty to pick out a gift that genuinely resonates with them, thus guaranteeing that your thoughtful gesture is valued and cherished.

2. Professional wardrobe gift cards

Empower interns and new joiners to build a polished and professional wardrobe by providing them with gift cards to reputable clothing stores or online retailers. A well-chosen wardrobe not only boosts confidence but also ensures they are ready for any professional occasion. 

These gift cards can cover essentials such as business attire, accessories, or even casual wear, allowing them to express their personal style while adhering to workplace norms. This thoughtful gesture demonstrates the organization's commitment to supporting their professional image and success from the outset.

Explore Xoxoday’s selection of gift cards for fashion brands Aldo, Flipkart, Tommy Hilfigher, Amazon, Aurelia and many more.

3. Technology and gadgets gift cards

Equip interns and new joiners with the latest tools and gadgets by offering gift cards to popular technology stores or online platforms. Whether it's a new laptop accessory, a productivity app subscription, or even a cutting-edge device, these gift cards allow them to choose items that enhance their work efficiency and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. 

This gesture not only demonstrates the organization's commitment to technological advancement but also ensures that the newest team members have the tools they need to excel in their roles.

A Flipkart gift card, Croma gift card can be a versatile and thoughtful gift option that grants recipients access to a vast online marketplace offering an extensive array of products. 

4. Dining and food delivery gift cards

Ease the transition into the new work environment by providing interns and new joiners with dining or food delivery gift cards. This versatile gift allows them to explore local eateries or enjoy a meal in the comfort of their homes. 

It's a practical and thoughtful gesture, especially for those who may be relocating or working remotely. In addition to satisfying their taste buds, these gift cards facilitate team bonding, as colleagues can share virtual or in-person meals, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the workplace.

Discover exceptional options on Xoxoday gift cards, featuring renowned brands like San Diego Restaurant gift card, Texas De Brazil gift card, and an array of restaurant gift cards.

5. Online learning platforms gift cards

Invest in the professional development of interns and new joiners by gifting them with online learning platform gift cards. These platforms offer a vast array of courses, ranging from technical skills to soft skills development. 

By providing access to high-quality educational content, the organization not only supports the growth of individual team members but also reinforces a culture of continuous learning.

These gift cards empower interns and new joiners to tailor their learning experience to their specific career goals, contributing to their long-term success within the organization.

8 Sustainable gifts on National Youth Day for interns as a motivation 

Here are 8 sustainable gifts on National Youth Day for interns,

1. Reusable eco-friendly water bottles

eco-friendly water bottles

Encourage interns and new joiners to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by gifting them reusable eco-friendly water bottles. These bottles not only help reduce single-use plastic waste but also promote a healthier habit of staying hydrated. 

By providing a practical and stylish alternative to disposable bottles, you contribute to a culture of sustainability within the workplace. It's a small but impactful step towards minimizing the environmental footprint and fostering a sense of responsibility among the younger generation.

2. Sustainable office supplies

Sustainable office supplies

Consider introducing interns and new joiners to the world of sustainable office supplies. From recycled paper notebooks to bamboo pens, these items not only serve their practical purpose but also reflect a commitment to environmentally conscious choices. 

By incorporating such eco-friendly products into their daily work routine, individuals can contribute to reducing the demand for resource-intensive and polluting manufacturing processes.

3. Plantable stationery sets

Offer a unique and symbolic gift with plantable stationery sets. These sets typically include seed-embedded paper that, when planted, grows into beautiful plants. This not only adds a touch of greenery to their workspace but also emphasizes the concept of giving back to the environment.

It's a creative way to instill the importance of sustainability and eco-consciousness, turning everyday items into opportunities for positive environmental impact.

4. Sustainable tote bags

Sustainable tote bags

Replace traditional gift bags with sustainable tote bags made from organic or recycled materials. Tote bags are versatile, practical, and can be used repeatedly, reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bags. 

By providing a sustainable alternative for carrying essentials, interns and new joiners can actively contribute to minimizing plastic pollution and promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

5. Energy-efficient desk accessories

Encourage energy efficiency in the workplace by gifting interns and new joiners energy-efficient desk accessories. LED desk lamps, solar-powered calculators, or even bamboo desk organizers not only enhance their workspace but also emphasize the importance of conserving energy. 

Making conscious choices in the tools they use daily can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly work environment.

6. Sustainable snack packs

Opt for sustainable snack packs that prioritize eco-friendly packaging and sourcing. From organic snacks to those packaged in compostable materials, these snack packs align with a commitment to reducing plastic waste and supporting sustainable agriculture. 

It's a thoughtful way to introduce interns and new joiners to sustainable consumption habits while keeping them fueled and energized throughout their workday.

7. Digital learning subscriptions

Shift the focus towards digital learning subscriptions rather than traditional paper-based resources. By providing access to online courses or e-books on sustainability, environmental conservation, or ethical business practices, you not only invest in their professional development but also emphasize the importance of leveraging technology for educational purposes.

This sustainable gift aligns with the evolving nature of work and learning in a digital age.

8. Volunteering opportunities

Consider offering the gift of experience through volunteering opportunities with local environmental organizations or community initiatives. This not only promotes a sense of social responsibility but also allows interns and new joiners to actively contribute to positive change in their communities. 

By fostering a culture of giving back, you instill values of compassion and sustainability, creating a lasting impact beyond the workplace.

8 Delightful gifts for interns and freshers on National Youth Day 

Here are 8 gifts for interns and freshers on National Youth Day,

1. Personalized welcome kits

Start their journey with a warm welcome by presenting interns and new joiners with personalized welcome kits. These kits can include a custom mug, a branded notebook, and perhaps a company-branded T-shirt or a creatively designed hoodie.

Xoxoday Onboarding kits

Adding a personal touch, such as their name or a motivational message, not only makes them feel valued but also establishes an immediate connection with the company culture. This thoughtful gesture sets the tone for a positive onboarding experience and creates a sense of belonging from day one.

2. Professional development books

Equip interns and new joiners with the tools for personal and professional growth by gifting them insightful books related to their field or career development. Choose titles that inspire and provide practical advice, helping them navigate the early stages of their career.

This not only demonstrates a commitment to their success but also encourages a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

3. Wellness packages

Prioritize their well-being by offering wellness packages that cater to physical and mental health. This could include a subscription to a fitness app, a massage or spa voucher, or even a mindfulness meditation course.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance from the start fosters a supportive environment and shows that the organization values the holistic well-being of its team members.

4. Technology gadgets

Stay on the cutting edge by gifting interns and new joiners with useful and trendy technology gadgets. Consider items like wireless earbuds, a portable phone charger, or a smart desk organizer.

These gadgets not only enhance their work experience but also demonstrate the company's commitment to embracing innovation and providing tools that make their professional life more efficient and enjoyable.

5. Coffee or tea subscription

Fuel their workdays with a delightful coffee or tea subscription. This gift is not only practical but also adds a touch of luxury to their daily routine. Choose a subscription service that offers a variety of high-quality, ethically sourced coffee or artisanal teas. 

This thoughtful gesture ensures that they start each day with a delightful cup, fostering a positive and energized mindset.

6. Customized desk plants

Bring a bit of nature into their workspace by gifting customized desk plants. Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants and pair them with stylish planters featuring the company logo or a motivational message. 

Desk plants not only enhance the aesthetic of their workspace but also contribute to a positive and vibrant atmosphere, promoting productivity and well-being.

7. Team-building experiences

Foster camaraderie and team spirit by providing opportunities for interns and new joiners to engage in team-building experiences. This could range from a virtual escape room challenge to an outdoor adventure day. 

Investing in these experiences encourages a sense of unity, breaks the ice among team members, and lays the foundation for strong professional relationships.

8. Professional networking memberships

Support their career growth by gifting memberships to professional networking platforms or industry associations. This enables interns and new joiners to expand their professional networks, access valuable resources, and stay updated on industry trends. 

Facilitating these connections not only benefits the individual but also contributes to the overall growth and success of the organization.


National Youth Day is more than just a day marked on the calendar; it's a celebration of the boundless potential and aspirations that reside within the youth. The gifts we've explored in this collection are not mere objects; they are vehicles of inspiration, tools for growth, and expressions of belief in the capabilities of the rising generation.

Whether it's embracing sustainability, supporting professional development, or fostering a sense of well-being, these gifts are gestures that echo the spirit of National Youth Day.

As we celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, let's remember his timeless words: "Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached." Each of these carefully chosen gifts embodies this call to action, encouraging the youth to awaken their potential, rise to the challenges, and persist until they achieve their goals

In gifting these meaningful tokens, we not only celebrate National Youth Day but also contribute to a collective effort to empower and inspire the future leaders of our world. May these gifts serve as catalysts for positive change, fostering a sense of responsibility, ambition, and unity among the youth as they embark on their journey toward a brighter and more promising tomorrow.

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