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Greetings to all those searching for thoughtful and meaningful Islamic New Year gifts! As the Islamic New Year dawns, it's time to embrace the spirit of appreciation and renewal.

We have gathered 35 unique gift suggestions for the Islamic new year that will bring inspiration and joy to your loved ones with a combination of traditional and innovative ideas.

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery where every gift can strengthen connections and promote unity within a vibrant Islamic community.

Are you prepared to start a gift-giving journey that will touch hearts and make lasting memories? Let's dive in!

35 Unique Islamic New Year gifts for employees & colleagues

Here are 35 Unique Islamic New Year gifts for employees & colleagues to give in 2o23.

Celebrate the New Year with a token of appreciation for your amazing team! Give these New Year gift cards to your employees and make their day!

1. Islamic wall art

Gift your friends beautiful Islamic wall art pieces that feature verses from the Quran or Arabic calligraphy. It can be a meaningful addition to their home decor and a constant reminder of their faith.

2. Islamic books

Select inspiring Islamic books that cover topics such as the life of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic history, or books on personal development and spirituality. Choose titles that resonate with your friends' interests and encourage their spiritual growth.

3. Islamic calligraphy art

Consider gifting an exquisite Islamic calligraphy artwork that depicts a significant Quranic verse or phrase. You have the option to select from a variety of paintings, wall hangings, or personalized pieces.

4. Personalized quran

Find a reputable publisher who offers personalized copies of the Quran. You can have your friends' names engraved or embossed on the cover, making it a unique and cherished gift. It symbolizes the importance of their relationship with the Quran.

5. Islamic calligraphy jewelry

Look for elegant jewelry pieces featuring Islamic calligraphy or meaningful Islamic symbols. This could include necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Opt for designs that align with your friends' preferences, such as their favorite verses or the beautiful names of Allah.

6. Islamic planner or journal

Gift your friends an Islamic planner or journal that combines organization with spirituality. These specialized planners often include sections for daily prayers, Quran reflection, goal-setting, and gratitude. It can help your friends stay organized while enhancing their spiritual journey.

7. Islamic artwork or decor

Consider gifting Islamic-themed artwork or home decor items such as decorative lanterns, Islamic geometric patterns, or engraved wooden frames. These items can add a touch of Islamic aesthetics to your friends' living spaces and serve as constant reminders of their faith.

8. Charity donations

Make a charitable donation in the name of your family members to a reputable Islamic charity or organization. Choose a cause that aligns with their interests, such as supporting education, healthcare, or providing assistance to those in need. This gift not only benefits others but also reinforces the spirit of giving and compassion during the Islamic New Year.

9. Quran with translation

Consider gifting a Quran with a translation in the recipient's preferred language to enhance their understanding of its teachings.

10. Prayer rug

When selecting a prayer rug, choose an elegant one made from high-quality materials with intricate Islamic patterns or motifs. Remember to take into account the preferred colors of the person who will be receiving the rug.

11. Tasbih (prayer beads)

Consider giving a tasbih made from natural materials as a tool for regularly remembering Allah. It can be a practical and thoughtful gift for your friends' spiritual practices.

12. Islamic Jewelry

Consider gifting your family members Islamic-inspired jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, or rings engraved with Quranic verses or other Islamic symbols. It can serve as a reminder of their faith.

13. Islamic wall clock

Consider an Islamic wall clock featuring Arabic numerals or calligraphy if you want to give a meaningful gift. It will serve as a reminder of the importance of time and prayer.

14. Islamic clothing

If you're considering giving traditional Islamic clothing as a gift, such as abayas, hijabs, or thobes, it's important to confirm the recipient's preferred style and size beforehand.

15. Islamic decorative plates

Search for elegant Islamic decorative plates that can be used as wall decor or table centerpieces. These plates usually feature Quranic verses or Islamic designs.

16. Islamic jewelry

Consider selecting jewelry inspired by Islamic culture, such as necklaces, bracelets, or rings featuring symbols or verses from the Quran.

17. Islamic calendar

Please provide me with an Islamic calendar that includes Hijri dates and significant events for the year.

18. Islamic artwork puzzle

Gift a jigsaw puzzle featuring Islamic artwork or calligraphy. It provides a fun and engaging activity while showcasing the beauty of Islamic art.

19. Digital quran player

Consider gifting a digital Quran player that allows the recipient to listen to recitations, translations, and Tafsir (exegesis) of the Quran. Some players also include additional features like prayer times and Islamic lectures.

20. Personalized quran stand

Have a Quran stand or book holder customized with the recipient's name or a special message. This thoughtful gift allows them to display and read the Quran with ease.

21. Islamic home fragrance candles

Look for unique Islamic-inspired home fragrances, such as scented candles, with aromas like oud, musk, or floral notes. These fragrances create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

22. Islamic mobile apps

Gift a subscription or voucher for an Islamic mobile app that provides access to a wide range of Islamic content, such as Quran recitations, Islamic lectures, and educational resources.

23. Islamic audio lectures or courses

Consider giving your friends audio lectures or online courses on various Islamic topics. This allows them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Islam at their own pace.

24. Islamic clothing or accessories

Surprise your friends with Islamic clothing items such as modest dresses, abayas, hijabs, or kufi caps. You can also consider accessories like Islamic-themed scarves, pins, or cufflinks.

25. Islamic calendar

Give your friends an Islamic calendar that not only helps them keep track of important dates but also features Islamic artwork, quotes, or daily reminders of Islamic teachings.

26. Islamic gift hampers

Create personalized gift hampers by combining multiple smaller Islamic items. For example, you can include a small Quran, prayer beads, Islamic scented candles, Islamic-themed chocolates, and a heartfelt note.

27. Islamic calligraphy wall clock

Gift your friends a unique wall clock featuring Islamic calligraphy. It serves as a functional and decorative piece that adds an Islamic touch to their home or office.

28. Islamic calendar

Gift your family an Islamic calendar featuring important dates and events in the Islamic calendar year. They can use it to track Islamic holidays, fasting days, and other significant occasions.

29. Gift vouchers for Islamic courses or workshops

If any of your family members are interested in furthering their knowledge of Islam, consider gifting them vouchers for online Islamic courses, workshops, or lectures. It can be a valuable opportunity for them to deepen their understanding of their faith.

30. Islamic art prints

Look for beautiful art prints featuring Islamic motifs, landscapes, or mosques. These prints can be framed and displayed as decorative pieces, adding a touch of Islamic art to their living spaces.

31. Arabic calligraphy set

Encourage creativity and a deeper appreciation for the art of Arabic calligraphy by gifting a calligraphy set. It can include various types of pens, ink, and instructional materials to help your family members explore this beautiful art form.

32. Islamic home decor

Consider unique Islamic-themed home decor items such as lanterns, Islamic patterned cushions, engraved wooden boxes, or ceramic vases. These decorative pieces can enhance the ambiance of their home while reflecting their faith.

33. Scented oud or attar

Oud and attar are traditional Islamic fragrances often associated with spirituality. Gift your family members a bottle of high-quality oud or attar oil, known for their long-lasting and captivating scents.

34. Islamic art coloring book

Gift your family members an Islamic art coloring book that features intricate patterns, geometric designs, and motifs inspired by Islamic art. It can provide a calming and creative activity while promoting an appreciation for Islamic aesthetics.

35. Islamic clothing

Consider gifting traditional Islamic attire such as modest clothing or hijabs for the female members of your family. Look for unique designs, high-quality fabrics, and consider their personal style preferences.

FAQs for Islamic new year

1. Do you give gifts at Islamic new year?

Offering gifts helps to create positive connections and promotes a sense of goodwill among people in a community.

Expressing love, appreciation, and gratitude can be done through gift-giving. Some people exchange gifts during the Islamic new year to celebrate with their loved ones.

Ultimately, giving gifts during the Islamic New Year is a personal choice and may vary among individuals and cultural practices, but giving gifts can be a lovely gesture. So, give gifts and spread happiness.

2. What gifts to give in Islamic new year?

Here are some general ideas for gifts that you can consider:

  1. Books
  2. Islamic Art and Calligraphy
  3. Dates and Sweets
  4. Prayer Accessories
  5. Islamic Clothing and Accessories
  6. Charity Donations
  7. Personalized Gifts

1. Books

Islamic literature, Quranic translations, books on Islamic history, or motivational and spiritual books can make thoughtful gifts.

2. Islamic Art and Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy, paintings, or decorative pieces with religious verses or symbols can be meaningful gifts.

3. Dates and Sweets

Dates are traditionally associated with Islamic culture, and gifting high-quality dates or assortments of sweets can be a sweet gesture during this time.

4. Prayer Accessories

Prayer mats, prayer beads (misbaha), or beautiful prayer rugs can be practical and appreciated gifts for those who engage in regular prayer.

5. Islamic Clothing and Accessories

Traditional Islamic clothing, such as modest attire or headscarves (hijabs), can be a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates modest fashion.

6. Charity Donations

Making a donation to a charitable organization or contributing to a cause on behalf of the person you're gifting can be a meaningful way to give back and help those in need.

7. Personalized Gifts

Customized items like engraved Quranic verses, personalized Islamic calendars, or Islamic-themed jewelry with special messages can add a personal touch to your gift.

3. What do muslims do for the Islamic new year?

Muslims celebrate the Islamic New Year, also known as Hijri New Year or Muharram, in various ways. Here are some common practices:

  1. Reflecting and seeking blessings
  2. Offering prayers
  3. Reciting the Qur'an
  4. Commemorating the Prophet Muhammad's migration
  5. Family gatherings
  6. Acts of charity
  7. Cultural customs

1. Reflecting and seeking blessings

Muslims often use this time to reflect on the past year and seek blessings for the upcoming year. They may engage in introspection, gratitude, and make resolutions for personal and spiritual growth.

2. Offering prayers

Muslims may visit the mosque or gather in community spaces to perform special prayers, known as Salat al-Masjid, as a way of starting the new year with a strong connection to their faith.

3. Reciting the Qur'an

Many Muslims choose to recite verses from the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam, during the Islamic New Year. This practice is seen as a way to seek blessings and gain spiritual rewards.

4. Commemorating the Prophet Muhammad's migration

The Islamic New Year marks the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra. Some Muslims commemorate this event by recounting stories of the Prophet's journey and discussing its significance.

5. Family gatherings

Similar to other New Year celebrations, Muslims may gather with family and loved ones to spend quality time together. They may exchange greetings, share meals, and engage in festive activities.

6. Acts of charity

Muslims are encouraged to engage in acts of charity and kindness during the Islamic New Year. They may give donations, feed the poor, or support charitable organizations as a way of starting the new year with generosity and compassion.

7. Cultural customs

Different regions and cultures have their own customs associated with the Islamic New Year. These may include special dishes, traditional clothing, music, storytelling, or local festivities that add a unique flavor to the celebrations.

4. What to give to an Arab family as a gift?

When selecting a gift for an Arab family, it's important to consider their culture and customs. Here are some suggestions for gifts that are generally well-received in Arab culture:

  1. Dates and Arabic sweets
  2. Perfume or Oud
  3. Arabic calligraphy artwork
  4. Tea or coffee set
  5. Islamic literature
  6. Traditional clothing or accessories

1. Dates and Arabic sweets

Dates hold cultural significance in Arab traditions, and they are often offered as a gesture of hospitality. Consider giving a beautifully packaged box of dates or a selection of traditional Arabic sweets.

2. Perfume or Oud

Perfumes and fragrances are highly valued in Arab culture. You can consider gifting a high-quality perfume or a bottle of Oud, a traditional Arabian fragrance derived from the Agarwood tree.

3. Arabic calligraphy artwork

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful art form that holds deep cultural and religious significance. Consider gifting a piece of artwork featuring Arabic calligraphy, such as a framed print or a decorative item.

4. Tea or coffee set

Arab culture places great importance on hospitality, and serving tea or Arabic coffee is a common tradition. A beautifully designed tea or coffee set can be a thoughtful gift that reflects their cultural practices.

5. Islamic literature

If the family practices Islam, gifting Islamic literature, such as a Quran or books about Islamic culture and history, can be a meaningful gesture.

6. Traditional clothing or accessories

Arab clothing, such as the traditional "thobe" for men or the "abayas" for women, can make for unique and appreciated gifts. Alternatively, consider traditional accessories like a "kufi" hat for men or a decorative scarf for women.


As we conclude, the Islamic new year presents an excellent opportunity to express love and appreciation to the people we hold dear.

We have assembled a collection of 35 gift ideas for the Islamic New Year that embody the spirit of faith and bring blessings to those who receive them. It includes translations of the Quran, prayer mats, Islamic art, and inspiring literature.

Remember, the actual value of a gift lies not in its price but in the sincerity and love with which it is given. So, let us embrace this New Year with open hearts and open minds, celebrating the beauty of Islam and spreading the message of peace and unity through these meaningful gifts.

We wish you all a joyous and prosperous Islamic new year.

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