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Businesses have been giving out gifts and complimentary items to customers, employees and partners as a token of thanks and appreciation for decades. They spend a lot of money on these, but how are these physical products valued? Your customers may not enjoy the t-shirt that you gave away.

Your employees may need more than just a free lunch. Your partners certainly don’t need another piece of stationary with your business name printed on it.

International visa gift cards are the best gift you can give your customers, employees, and partners. You can include your business name in these cards to remind them about you. They can spend the money loaded on the prepaid gift cards to buy anything.

International visa cards can be used in any country. The right corporate gift card strengthens your relationship with your customers, employees, and partners. 68% of consumers prefer getting gift cards as incentives.

Can visa gift cards be used internationally?

Yes, there are visa gift cards that can be used internationally. Many countries and stores accept these international gift cards. Depending on where they are used, the user may have to pay a fee to use the card in another currency. Also, some stores or online marketplaces may not accept them.

However, international visa gift cards are meant to be used across the globe. They can be used in 150+ countries. They must be registered first before customers can start using it.

Not all gift cards are equally useful. For example, Discover and American Express cards are not useful outside the United States. Store brand gift cards, such as Gap, Home Depot, Subway, Hyatt, etc., are only useful in specific stores.

International visa cards don’t have these limitations as they are accepted worldwide. They can even use it on their international travel.

How to use international visa gift cards?

The digital visa gift cards are easy and simple for customers to use. Unlike printed cards, digital cards are immediately available. They can be used wherever visa cards are accepted.

Businesses can send these digital international gift cards via SMS, email or even WhatsApp. To activate the card, the customer must click the link and register it in their name. Once registered, the money preloaded as a gift is ready to use.

The best way to gift international visa cards is to allow your customers to use them anywhere they like. Moreover, to boost customer loyalty and retention, you can offer additional discounts when customers use your gift cards to purchase something from your online or offline store.

Once an international visa card is activated, it can be used anywhere.

How to buy an international visa gift card?

Offering gift cards is not something new. However, not all businesses can do it because of the inherent cost. Huge brands and retail chain stores offer gift cards to their customers. Customers can use these cards to get discounts on their bills. But international visa gift cards come without these restrictions. Your customers can use it anywhere.

Traditionally, when businesses send out gift cards, they had to purchase them through financial institutions. Customization options were usually limited, though businesses could add their brand logo for an additional price. Then, the businesses had to print and ship the cards to physical addresses.

There are too many touchpoints between gifting the cards and using them. Some cards may get lost in the mail and tracking these gift cards is impossible. While it is a great way to attract new customers, they won’t be interested in the card or using it again once the preloaded money runs out.

Virtual cards eliminate all these pain points. They offer the following advantages:

  • Delivered digitally
  • Activated digitally
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Easy to customize
  • Reload your card at any time to offer more incentives for loyal customers
  • Track and monitor card usage and get metrics for gift card marketing

Benefits of international visa gift cards

With prepaid gift cards, your customers can protect their privacy. These cards can be used instead of ATMs or digital wallets. The customer and business banking information is kept secure by these virtual cards.

When the prepaid cards are not linked to banks, the processing fee will also be much lower. For elite customers, you can also offer gift cards that add to their miles every time they use the card.

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Benefits of international visa gift cards for your business

Gift cards allow you to customize your marketing strategies based on your business goals. The virtual cards can be used until their expiry date, allowing you to use the same card to deliver multiple marketing messages over time.

As the customers will have to register the card only once, they can reap benefits every time they use it. 33% of those who received gift cards as a loyalty initiative used those cards at stores even if they didn’t plan on buying anything.

Here is how international visa gift cards can help your business:

1. Encourage customers to spend more – Offer customers to unlock their gift cards if they spend a minimum value on your business products. Reward them with free money that they can use to purchase more. Simply ask them to buy more to get more.

2. Send out gift cards for special occasions to deepen customer engagement – Celebrate anniversaries, important milestones, and business achievements by sharing the joy with your customers. Want to show that you care for your elite customers? Send them gift cards on their birthdays as a thank you for their support. Even if they don’t plan to buy anything from you, they will be tempted to when they get a gift card from you.

3. Share new deals for gift card owners – Make your customers feel special by offering special deals and discounts if they own your international visa card. No one will want to pass on an amazing deal. So, you can increase sales magnitude even with a $10 gift card. When customers know they can get amazing deals if they own the gift card, they will do whatever it takes to earn it.

4. Increase reach to international customers – Virtual gift cards are not specific to demographics. You don’t have to worry about shipping and processing fees when you give away virtual gift cards. So, use virtual gift cards to reach customers beyond borders.

Benefits of international visa gift cards for your customers

Gift cards are great for increasing interest in your business. But, they are adored by your customers too. With international visa cards, they can buy anything they want from anywhere in the world. Digital cards are also easier to handle as they don’t have to carry the card. There is no worry about physical theft as well.

Here are some benefits for your customers when you give them virtual international visa cards:

1. Free money they can use – Preloaded gift cards are loaded with free money that your customers can use. They can use it online and offline stores or load their digital wallets.

2. No need to worry about safety – The virtual card can be used digitally without worrying about sharing financial details. These cards won’t be connected to their bank account, ensuring privacy and security.

3. Use globally – Your customers can use international visa cards wherever they are accepted. They can travel to any country and use the visa card easily.

How Xoxoday Plum can simplify international visa gift cards?

If you want to expand your business, attract new customers, retain old customers, increase sales volume, and improve your brand reputation, you should find the right partner to offer international visa gift cards for your customers. Xoxoday Plum is the perfect unified platform that you can use to send virtual visa cards to your customers, employees, and partners. Load the cards with incentives you want to offer and see their faces shine brightly.

The benefits of using Xoxoday Plum to deliver virtual international visa gift cards are:

  • Low-cost setup
  • Instant delivery of the virtual card
  • Easy maintenance using a single platform
  • Scale up rapidly
  • Bulk gift card delivery
  • Easy integration with your incentives platform
  • Customize virtual cards for your marketing goals
  • Service customers in any country


Increase your business reach, improve brand reputation, and build customer engagement with customized international visa gift cards. These virtual gift cards are better than any other creative gifts you can think about.

There is no need to spend anything on delivery and shipping; you can transfer these savings into incentives for your customers. If you want to extend the benefits of international visa gift cards for your customers, look no further than Xoxoday Plum.

Frequently asked questions about international visa cards

Here are some frequently asked questions about international visa gift cards.

Are there any fees associated with international visa cards?

With the Xoxoday Plum platform, you don’t have to pay different fees for different types of gift cards. Customize your cards and instantly send out international visa cards without hidden fees.

How does one get an international visa card?

You can deliver digital visa gift cards through different channels such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. For partners, you can also integrate with digital wallets to send payments.

Can I withdraw cash with an international visa card?

You can facilitate cash withdrawal at compatible ATMs if you choose to print and send physical international visa cards. However, when you choose virtual visa gift cards, cash withdrawal is not possible.

Can international visa cards be used everywhere?

Yes, international visa cards are accepted in any country to pay for online and offline businesses. However, customers must check with the store first to know whether they will honour virtual gift cards.

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