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Freelancers struggle to make ends meet.

Typically, their day starts with making a list of prospects on LinkedIn or Instagram and pitching to clients. Later, wait for days to get a response. This process feels tireless for freelancers and eventually spoils their mental health.

Researching gift ideas for freelancers and presenting them will revive renewed energy in them, helping them feel energetic.

In this article, we’ll discuss 30 gift ideas for freelancers.

30 Gifts for freelancers to appreciate their efforts

Here are 30 gifts for freelancers to appreciate their efforts.

1. Foam office chair cushion

Presenting foam office chair cushions as gifts for freelancers is a wonderful option.. It will make them more comfortable over extended periods spent at their desk and give their back and neck the support they so much need.

You need to have a supportive and comfy chair when working from home. They may not have considered it, but we can speak from personal experience to say that it significantly impacts how comfortable it is when working from home.

2. Air filter

Freelancers often work from home, which can be great for many reasons. One downside, however, is that indoor air quality can suffer. Pollutants from cooking, cleaning, and off-gassing grow.

Pollutants from cleaning, cooking, and even off-gassing from carpets and furniture build up in a small space.

An air filter helps to improve the air quality in their home office, helping in a healthier workplace. Air filters come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits the freelancer’s needs and your gift budget. If their office space is small, a miniature desktop-sized air filter can make a difference.

Whether they need something to remove dust and pollen or trap smoke and pet dander, an air filter can help create a cleaner and more comfortable workspace.

3. High-quality reusable coffee mug

Freelancers often have to hustle to make ends meet. They often work overtime, meet with clients, scramble to get work done, and try to find new gigs, especially during the first few years in business!

The perfect freelancer gift is a high-quality reusable travel coffee cup. It will help them stay hydrated and caffeinated to keep up with their hectic schedules.

Plus, it is a helpful gift they will use, unlike some of the more gimmicky freelancer gift ideas. They’re more likely to stay hydrated if they only have to fill a water bottle 1-2 times daily.

4. Foot massager

A foot massager is one of the unique gift ideas for freelancers. This product will help relieve tension and pain in the feet, making the freelancer feel more comfortable and relaxed after a long work day. If you get a foot massager for a freelancer, we recommend avoiding a cheap massager.

5. Treadmill

Ensuring your feet are fit and comfortable while working from home is important. Here’s where an under-the-desk treadmill can be handy. Residential spaces are pretty small, so getting enough movement into a workday is tricky, even if we do laps.

This classy equipment helps freelancers to stay on their toes while working.

6. Houseplant

If the freelancer doesn’t have a houseplant, give the same now. Houseplants can be great gifts for freelancers, helping to purify the air, boost moods, and add a touch of greenery to any space.

There are many houseplants, so you can pick one that is easy to care for or more exotic. Succulents, prayer plants, spider plants, and snake plants are a few of my favorites because they require little care and little light to survive. These are commonly found at garden centers, so check out a local place if you’d rather not order online or need your plant quicker!

Suppose they don’t have a greenhouse or dedicated space to monitor humidity levels. In that case, we recommend staying away from tropical houseplants, but if they have a setup for those plants, ask them to let you know what houseplant is on their wishlist.

7. Books

Books are fine gifts for freelancers. They can be your freelancer’s best friend, always needing the hands for upskilling. You can gift psychological books or fiction ones which create a flavor.

8. Portable phone charger

The number of freelancers working from home by phone has increased. Many freelancers, including social media managers and virtual assistants, spend more time on their phones than on a computer, which can reduce their battery life. For those busy work days on the run, a portable power bank is a terrific way to keep your phone charged.

9. Phone tripod

Freelancers today depend heavily on social media to get potential customers and sell their services.

A phone tripod like this one from UBeesize will turn your smartphone into a photo shoot or video recording station and can even double as a phone dock for Zoom meetings.

10. Personalized desk nameplate and stationery

Personalization adds a special touch to any gift. Consider gifting a freelancer a personalized desk nameplate or customized stationery with their name or logo.

This gift adds a professional touch to their workspace and shows that they value their identity as a freelancer. It's a thoughtful and unique gift they can proudly display and use while working.

11. Portable external hard drive

Provide freelancers with extra storage space, ensuring they can back up their work and carry it wherever they go.

12. Wireless charging pad

Freelancers need their devices to be powered up all the time. Consider giving them this classy wireless charging pad.

13. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Re-create the freelancer's workspace ambiance with a classy portable Bluetooth speaker, helping them enjoy music while working.

14. Desk Organizer

Freelancers occasionally have their desks unorganized. Keep their workspace tidy and clutter-free with a stylish desk organizer with pens, notepads, and other essentials.

15. Standing Desk Converter

Promote the freelancer's work routine by providing a standing desk converter, helping freelancers to switch between sitting and standing positions.

16. Plants

The freelancers need to have eco-friendly surroundings around them, attracting a more calmer environment.

What’s more valuable than a collection of plants?

These plants are great gifts for freelancers who rejoice in a peaceful space.

17. Digital Notepad or Tablet

Provide a digital platform for note-taking and sketching with a digital notepad or tablet that enables freelancers to save and organize their ideas.

18. Personalized Business Cards

Help freelancers make a memorable impression with customized business cards featuring their name, logo, and contact information. These business cards are one of the best gift ideas for freelancers who like to represent their identity.

19. Inspirational Books

Inspirational books are always precious. The freelancers can fuel their creativity and motivation with your gift.

20. Adjustable Desk Lamp

Ensure they have proper lighting for their workspace with an adjustable desk lamp that offers different brightness levels and color temperatures.

21. Ergonomic Chair

Invest in their comfort and well-being with an ergonomic chair that provides proper lumbar support and encourages good posture.

22. Gift Card for Co-working Space

Allow them to work professionally by providing a gift card for a local co-working space.

23. Online Portfolio Website Subscription

Enhance their online presence by giving them a subscription to a platform that allows them to create and showcase their portfolio.

24. Cable Management Solutions

Help the freelancers keep their workspace neat and organized with cable management solutions such as cable clips, sleeves, or boxes.

25. Personalized Planner or Journal

Enable them to stay organized and plan their projects effectively with a personalized planner or journal tailored to their preferences.

26. Dual Monitor Stand

Improve the freelancers productivity and multitasking abilities with a dual monitor stand, allowing them to work on multiple screens simultaneously.

27. Portable Laptop Stand

A portable laptop stand is a unique gift for freelancers who love to work comfortably. It helps improve their posture by raising the laptop to eye level, reducing strain on the neck and back. Look for a lightweight and adjustable stand that can easily fit into a laptop bag.

28. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Freelancers are engaged in working around different environments, causing a disbalance in concentration. Noise-canceling headphones can remove unwanted noise, allowing freelancers to become productive. Look for headphones with good sound quality and comfortable cushioning.

29. Smart Notebook

A smart notebook blends the traditional feel of writing on paper. It allows freelancers to write, draw, and take notes, helping them to quickly digitize and sync with their devices. Look for a smart notebook that is compatible with popular note-taking apps.

30. Online Course or Skill Development Subscription

Freelancers are on the lookout for opportunities to upskill themselves. Consider gifting them an online course or a subscription, helping them in skill development. This can help them expand their knowledge and improve their professional expertise.


Freelancers have a lot on their plate in juggling clients, contracts, and countless projects. Worrying about caring for themselves easily drops into last place on the task list.

By providing the best gifts for freelancers, you’re empowering them to work better and healthier.If you’re unsure what your freelancers will be into, ask their managers to help you. Look at their social media — that should give you clues about their interests.

If nothing else, tell them how much they matter to your business and how much you appreciate them. A little gratitude goes a long way during the holidays and every day.

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