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Though festivals are steeped in religious connotations from time immemorial, jumping straight from the inked sacred scriptures, they are equally social-traditional in their outlook. Diwali, being the undisputed crowned king of Indian festivals, doesn’t defy this axiom.

As much as it is umbilically tied to saliva-evoking sweets and cleaning every ounce of homes to worship deities, Diwali is the occasion where old relationships are rekindled, and new ones are forged by expressing oodles of gratitude, warmth, and appreciation through gifts.

Diwali, in that sense, is a rare melange where personal gets intermingled with social. And since professional relationships are the livewires that electrify the business, gifting the usable object and unforgettable experiences to clients on

Diwali should become the mainstay of your customer-first philosophy. That’s why we have compiled the list of seven best corporate Diwali gifts for clients and customers to choose from.

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Why is Corporate Diwali Gifting for Clients Important?

The importance of gifting your clients or customers at Diwali is paramount to your business. It is often the deciding factor in gaining repeat business from them and referrals from others from their industries.

1. Reinforcing brands in the minds of old customers

The biggest peril of business is the sparse and ad hoc communication with their clients, engendering only at the opening and closing of the deal. Clearly, they loom less in the conscience of your customers, drastically curtailing the possibility of repeat business.

Diwali gifts for clients are a perfect antidote to this chronic peril. Since it’s considered auspicious to go on a gifting expedition in the Diwali season, gifts can pleasantly remind your clients about your brand’s existence without sounding too desperate. Slowly, they unerringly decant into their horizon and trigger the long-sedated act of communication only to further the possibility of talking about business.

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2. Strengthens the relationship with new customers

If you have earned a small coterie of new clients after stellarly exhibiting your prowess and business acumen, the need is to nurture them. It rings with an absolute truth when it dawns upon you that retaining customers is 5- 25 times cheaper than acquiring them. Diwali is a tailor-made occasion for conveying to your newly-earned clients how valuable and important they are to you by bequeathing a slew of glistening gifts upon them. They sincerely instill the feeling of being included in your inner circle and gifting casts a long-term, mutually benefiting relationship into the wall - an absolute prerequisite to customer retention.

3. Acquiring new customers with subtle branding

Beyond the much-cherished old customers and haloed newly earned customers, there is a huge uncharted territory - potential customers. Identifying them by leveraging market research firms and sending them gifts with classy and delicate engravings of your brand can bring you in the purview of their vision. It can reduce your anonymity - the nemesis of sales. Note that people want to do business with brands they know and are as ubiquitous as cats in the fish market - and no occasion is better than Diwali to embark upon this branding spree.

A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Gifting | Xoxoday
Corporate gifting is a gesture of gifting valuables to clients, employees, or any other co-habitant within the business space.

7 Unique Corporate Digital Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients & Customers

Regardless of the deep resonance that sweets, chocolates, and scented candles have achieved with the festival of Diwali, they are as dead as a dodo in becoming exhilaratingly noticeable - and thereby memorable. Your key clients' houses are overflowing with these all-too-common, symbolic gifting. The need, therefore, is to break away from the status-queued chrysalis of the old gifting gamut and truly dazzle the clientele with unique, innovative, instantly usable, and hard-to-forget handouts.

Remember that the only ulterior motive of Diwali gifting to clients is to deepen or begin the relationship - and the success of this motive hinges solely on the memorability quotient of gifts. It, then, doesn’t strike out as a coincidence that one of the synonyms of the word gift is remembrance.‍That’s why we have listed some unique gifts paired with bracing supportive ideas to jazz it up. The aim is to ensure that you won’t fail in delighting your clients this Diwali.

It's that time of the year again when a sea of corporate gifting ideas floods your mind in anticipation of the Diwali festival, but we are here to help you find the perfect Diwali gift for clients for your clients.

1. Personalized Merchandising

However conditioned we are to link Diwali only with crackers, new clothes, and sweets, the truth is Diwali is a great occasion to create memories and frame them in an ever-available manner. And since the very breath of gifting is to heighten the personal experience exponentially, personalized merchandising is tailor-made for Diwali gifts. With countless options enshrined in its papaciois catalog, digital gifting can easily let you ace this personalization game by going beyond digitized photo frames and name-engraved coffee mugs.

Nothing is more personal than your name and your face. Let your clients redeem the objects that they might wish to have their names or faces on. Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts like Personalized caricatures with a wooden stand or customizable LED bottles emit more vibes of excitement than the all-too-common postcards and mugs.

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2. Electronics

There is a reason every e-commerce and brick-and-mortar electronic outlet offers mind-boggling discounts during the festival of light. They are high on cost with life-long utility, making them more of a necessity than a luxury. Moreover, in Indian culture, bringing a high-ticket item during auspicious occasions is associated with holiness. Gift vouchers’ wizardry in scanning mammoth catalogs can pop up for your clients a slew of useful, swaggy, and high-on-value gadgets within a blink of an eye.

With the pandemic making safety and cleaning as imperative as oxygen, ultraviolet light, nature's original hand sanitizer, is a perfect gadget to redeem. Moreover, since UV hand sanitizers render harmful microorganisms ineffective, putting them in your category sends a clear message to recipients about how much you care for them.

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3. Perks and Discounts

There is something in the air and aroma of Diwali that makes even a shopping-averse animal a coveted shopaholic. The need is to foster this newborn urge. The best and simplest way is to let your recipients shop up to the deep content of their hearts by handing them lucrative discounts and other side benefits that make the shopping profitable and enjoyable.

According to HubSpot, 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more to qualify for free shipping. Apart from being a great way to increase the average order value, it fits in perfectly with the ideal avenue that needs to be incentivized. Here’s how you can ask cart abandoning visitors to add items to their cart and shower discount on them by using rewards points.

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4. Subscription and Entertainment

Diwali is the audio-visual bonanza in India, where all the big stars assert their haloed presence with big-budgeted films and OTT shows. It’s like a never-ending Friday release night parading zillions of stars. Give your clients a glimpse of these shining stars by gifting them subscriptions of OTT platforms and movie ticket vouchers.

However, regardless of the thrill that the edgy content of OTT might give, it cannot compete with the lure of the big screen. It is particularly true when the pandemic wave is receding -and multiplexes are opening up. The experience of watching a film on a big screen with your favorite beverage is what most of your clients are craving. Satiate this craving by giving them gift vouchers of top multiplexes and grand movie houses.

You can easily enhance your client recognition program by matching subscription gift vouchers to the prestige of your clients. Every entertainment subscription box comes with various categories - from basic to premium. Give a premium subscription to your most loyal and repeat clients, who are the bulwark of your revenue. The cost must be judiciously vetted while gifting against the possible benefits.

With endless entertainment at your fingertips, Gift Cards for Movies, Music, News, and more make the perfect Diwali gift. Give the gift of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar to your corporate clients this Diwali with Entertainment gift cards from Xoxoday. Go unique and digital with corporate Diwali gifting.

5. Gold and Jewelry

Known for the highest consumption of gold globally, India's infatuation with gold is a thing of fable. It stems from the deeply rooted cultural belief that gold is divinely auspicious as it's of the color of gods and suns. A gift of gold is, thus, perhaps the highest form of gifting in the country, showcasing the value of an individual and purity of intent.

That’s precisely why gold gifts are integral to all Indian auspicious moments, and Diwali stands atop in that regard. Spread this pristine and divine golden glow in the lives of your recipients by handing them out gift vouchers of some of the finest artisans who have ever touched gold.

You don't need an Einstein-esque IQ to gauge that you would be gifting gold and jewelry vouchers to your selected ivy league clients. But gifting vouchers only will not fill the air of “feeling special” in the balloon of your prime customer - the raison d'etre of such a costly gift. The reason is, gold jewelers charge making charges either at a flat rate per gram, say Rs 199 per gram, or as a percentage of the cost of gold jewelry. Asking your top-tier customers to bear the cost of making may be a poor gesture. Pay it on your customer's behalf, and stand an inch taller in his eyes.

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6. Health and Wellness

Amidst the hurried life of constantly meeting deadlines and juggling familial responsibilities and PPT presentations, the festival season of Diwali offers a much-needed pause to the super-busy and monotonous life of people. It’s a spiritual and physical pit spot for them to escape from the regular humdrum and stop, introspect, relax, and rejuvenate to gather the slowly diminishing vigor. What can accelerate your client’s ideal unwinding is a languid afternoon in a posh spa or saloon with sumptuous sips of pina colada.

Nothing is more satisfying than getting pampered by your loved ones. Many spas offer couple spas, family spas, and even ceremony experiences. Gift this experience to your key clients and get it etched permanently in their psyches.

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7. Fine Dining

Your esteemed clients are as busy as bees. They are leaving no stone unturned to elevate their businesses to dizzying heights. Diwali is that rare occasion where they come out of their CEO role and give sustaining quality time to their family. And mankind is yet to find a better elixir than delicious food that can heighten the joy of family get-togethers. Gifting them vouchers of fine dining, thus, fits in perfectly within their ideal way of celebrating Diwali.

Though food alone is enough to make a person zen-like happy, the food feels better with a dash of other allures. A melody of music or a few laughs generated by the perfect punch line by a stand-up comic can make the whole dining experience everlastingly memorable. Look out for such food palazzos and bring them to your gift voucher cosmos.

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