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As the gifting moods are just around the corner, you realize that you still need to buy gifts for your customers, channel partners, colleagues, and employees. Perhaps you have already bought gifts for those people, but now you want to find the perfect gift for your employees or clients.

You might also want a night out but do not want to break the bank outside of your routine. The best way to go in every instance is to give a gift card. The cost of buying gift cards adds up ten $50 gift cards cost you $500. How did you handle it? Gift cards do not appear on a "clearance rack,"...or do they?

Despite the lack of a clearance rack, you can still buy discounted gift cards at the store. By doing this, you can make the most use of your money. And you can be financially savvy. Keep reading this article to learn how discounted gift cards work, their benefits, and where to purchase your favourite brands' discounted gift cards.

What are discounted gift cards?

A discount gift card is a legitimate gift card you can purchase for less than its face value.

  • Saving money on gift cards for yourself or others is effortless with discounts on gift cards. Unlike regular gift cards, discounted gift cards are legitimate gifts for less than their face value
  • It is still possible to use the total amount when you use a gift card

Whether you want to shop online or in-store, gift cards and vouchers are popular options. According to Forbes, the gift card market is worth a trillion dollars. Many people may need to learn that they can buy discounted gift cards. Rather than paying the total price, you can spend less and still get the same value. A wide variety of gift cards are available at discounted prices for retail stores, online stores, restaurants, and other outlets.

How do discounted gift cards work?

Several organizations worldwide offer discounted gift cards that you can use at certain retailers and service providers anytime. There can be discounts as low as 1% or as high as 10% or more.

With these discounted gift cards, you will only have to pay a portion of the gift card value. You buy a $100 gift card at a 10% discount. With this gift card, you would only have to pay $90, saving you $10.

Generally, retailers do not restrict shoppers who buy gift cards on sale so that you can use them anywhere they are accepted. If you want to save even more, you can use discount gift cards to purchase discounted items.

Besides discount gift cards for set denominations, like $10, $50, or $100, you can also buy e-gift cards online for custom amounts, including discount e-gift cards.

This way, you can handle having a gift card left over that you might need to remember to use to match the purchase price of the items you wish to purchase.

When you purchase discount gift cards online or in-store, you can buy them near-instantly while shopping at the checkout. With that method, you can make the same purchase with your credit or debit card, but you receive a discount, which saves you money.

How buying discounted gift cards can help your business?

Discounted gift cards can help your business in many ways. Listed below are some of them

1. Cost savings

A gift card purchased online and delivered electronically is called an eGift card. With electronic gift cards, you can save money because you can buy them at a discount. The advantage of eGift cards is that you save time, effort, and resources by not driving to the store. It is true; you do not even have to go to the store to get deals and bonuses on gift cards. Wow, how awesome is that!

2. Flexible for any budget

Organize your budget with a gift card that you can store safely on your phone. The process is as follows

  • Set a monthly budget for each category

Budgets begin with plans. Prepare a monthly budget based on your expenses and your savings goals. You may spend $300 on groceries, $100 on dining out, $200 on clothes, $150 on gas, etc. Keeping track of your spending for a few weeks will give you an idea of what is reasonable.

  • Purchase gift cards in each category for that value

Once you know how much you want, you can purchase a Xoxoday gift card. You can find a minimum dollar gift card from Xoxoday under Groceries, Food and Restaurants, Fashion and Lifestyle, etc.

When you buy through Xoxoday, you get bonus money, which means you get more for the money you already have.

  • Track Your Budget Then

The total amount you have left to spend in each category is now clear to you. You can keep track of your funds by seeing how much you spend on each transaction throughout the month. You are done when it reaches $0.

Among the options, you can mix and match restaurants within a category to pick a restaurant for the whole family and something for a date night. There is no risk of losing or stealing your discounted gift cards.

3. Suits all occasions

You might be wondering where and how to find Gift Cards now that you understand the multiple benefits they entail. Xoxoday, one of the largest platforms for gift cards and vouchers, offers Gift Cards for all the leading brands of India. You can purchase gift vouchers for every occasion with Xoxoday. They have a variety of assorted Gift Cards for every occasion, whether you want a Diwali Gift Card or a Mother's Day Gift Voucher, a Christmas Gift Card, or a Valentine's Day Gift Voucher.

4. Potential savings

Whenever you need a Gift Card for a colleague or employee and client Xoxoday is here to help. Choose from our wide selection of exciting Gift Cards, and you will have no trouble finding the most pocket-friendly one. Discover Xoxoday’s Gift Cards across various categories, including Fashion, Electronics, Travel, Jewellery, Health Care, Dining, Entertainment, charity and donation, and many more.

Gift Cards are available in various value ranges, so you can always choose the one that most suits your budget and, more importantly, is sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

5. Convenience

When you purchase a gift for a employee, colleague, client or special someone, you will have to either hand-deliver it to them or, worse, courier it, which can cost you considerably depending on how large the gift is. Before even considering delivering it, you must gift wrap it with a matching card. E-gift cards, on the other hand, are a much simpler way to send gifts today. Once you enter the recipient's phone number or email, it is done! You have sent them a Gift Card. Those are the best conveniences of gift cards.

Purchasing a Gift Card at the last minute is possible without planning. Especially when you forgot about a special occasion or did not have the time to prepare, this can be a lifesaver!

Statistics on gift cards

  • In 2022-2027, the global digital gift card market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.8%.
  • In 2020, the global gift certificate market was valued at $295.2 billion.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic boosted sales of open-loop gift cards by 31.5%.
  • In February 2022, Fiserv conducted a study to assess the evolving landscape for consumer gift card purchases.
  • As a result of inventory shortages, Fiserv's Q1 2022 Gift Card Gauge reports that 58% of consumers plan to purchase more gift cards rather than physical products, while 46% view gift cards as their go-to alternative to tangible gifts.
  • Digital gift cards account for 60% of all purchases. Digital wallets and tap-to-pay functionality have been growing over the last two years.

What factors to look for when buying digital gift cards?

So, by now, you have decided to buy a discounted digital gift card. But consider the below things before proceeding to buy a gift card online.

1. Buy from reliable stores

It is best to avoid online auction sites, which can sell you counterfeit or fraudulently obtained gift cards. Always buy a gift card from reliable stores online.

2. Verify terms & conditions

Find out if the card has a purchase fee, shipping, and handling charges, whether you purchase it online or over the phone. You can only buy elsewhere if you feel the terms and conditions need clarification.

3. Shop with reward points

Always look for a website where you can shop for a discounted gift card from reward points. In this way, you can save more.

4. Look for special discounts

Always look for attractive discounts whenever you are buying gift cards. Xoxoday offers fantastic deals on India’s top leading brands’ gift cards.

5. Check the expiration date

It is essential to check for the gift card’s expiration date while you purchase it. Some gift cards have a year of expiry, whereas some may have a few months. This way, you can redeem your gift cards without making them dust-covered.

When you are planning to gift a discounted gift voucher, remember to remind them of the expiration date while giving your gift.

20+ Discounted gift cards from your favorite brands

Listed below are discounted gift cards from top-most brands you can purchase and gift to your family, employees, colleagues, and friends on any ocassion.

1. Walmart egift voucher

You can buy thousands of popular products at or stores daily with a Xoxoday’s Walmart eGift Card. This store offers top electronics, home essentials, toys, and more. You'll never be charged a fee, and your cards won't expire.

2. Adidas gift voucher

Adidas produces innovative sportswear and apparel for athletes and designs sport-centric streetwear for everyone. Let your clients enjoy Xoxoday's Adidas gift card at retail locations or online at

3. Luxe egift card

Luxe eGift cards from Xoxoday are the ideal gift for your family and friends this festive season. Several Indulgences has over 380 stores across India, offering various fashion and lifestyle products. The curated selection includes Armani Exchange, Bally, Bottega Veneta, Brooks Brother, Canali, Coach, Diesel, Dune London, Emporio Armani, G-Star Raw, GAS, Giorgio Armani, Hamleys, Hugo Boss, Hunkemöller, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Mothercare, PaulandShark, Paul Smith, Replay, Salvatore Ferragamo, Satya Paul, Scotch & Soda, Steve Madden, Superdry, The WhiteCrow, Tumi & Villeroy & Bach & Co.

4. Subway

There is no doubt that Subway Restaurants have become the leading choice for families looking for quick, healthier meals. You can always find a delicious meal in your pocket when you have a Subway Card. Gift a Xoxoday subway gift card to your clients and employees.

5. Zomato gift voucher

Order food outside with Xoxoday’s Zomato gift card and have a wonderful and memorable time this season.

6. Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Delicious, high-quality ingredients are used in Romano’s Macaroni Grill recipes, including imported artisan pasta, vine-ripened tomatoes, colourful vegetables, fresh lemons, select seafood, extra virgin olive oil, grilled meats, and fresh, fragrant Italian herbs. They are simply new and authentic. Make your colleagues and clients happy by gifting them Romano’s Macaroni Grill from Xoxoday.

7. Hello Fresh US

Gift the goodness of nature to your family with Xoxoday’s Hello Fresh US. HelloFresh wants to save home cooking. In addition to delivering food boxes, HelloFresh offers an experience beyond the final plate and reconnects people with cooking.

8. Bigbasket

Supermarket vouchers and gift cards are considered as a practical gift that anyone will appreciate. Xoxoday offers the most prominent online grocery store in India, BigBasket gift vouchers.

9. Call health

Getting your health needs met is now easier than ever! With Call Health, you have the convenience of easy, doorstep access to all your healthcare needs. By downloading the Call Health App, you can order medicines, book diagnostics, and imaging tests, consult doctors and specialists, and start your customized wellness program. Choose Call Health Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards to simplify the consultation and diagnosis process. To pay for a consultation or diagnosis, use Xoxoday’s Gift Voucher.

10. Kairali ayurvedic centre

Kairali Ayurvedic Products Private Limited has been practicing & researching Ayurvedic medicines for nearly 100 years. You can differentiate Kairali Ayurvedic Products from others since they provide unique experiences through Xoxoday’s discounted gift vouchers. These vouchers can be easily redeemable to purchase health care Kairali Ayurvedic Products.

11. Cultpass

Unlimited access to cultpass LIVE will allow you to work out at home. Fitness, dance, meditation, health podcasts, videos, and podcast content are all available. Give your family, colleagues, and friends the excitement of a workout with a Cultpass Sports gift voucher.

12. Decathlon

There are various types of products offered by Decathlon, with almost 85% of the total product amount coming from Mountain Sports, Water Sports, Cycling, Roller Sports, Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Fitness, and Team Sports. Make someone's day by giving them a Decathlon gift certificate!

13. Xbox GBP

Gift your customers Xoxoday Xbox GBP gift card and let them buy and enjoy their favorite games, movies, TV shows, music, apps and more on Windows and Xbox.

14. Marks and Spencer E-Gift Voucher

At M&S, your employees can get high quality and great value products, whether delicious food for their weekly shop, stylish clothes, or something special for their home. In their 700 stores across the country, quality, innovation, and choice are at the forefront of everything they do. Gift a Xoxoday Marks and Spencer E-Gift Voucher to your employees and clients and let them enjoy all these benefits.

15. Lakme salon

With Lakme Salon, Indian women can access the expertise and experience backstage at Lakme Fashion Week. A team of highly skilled hair and makeup artists and outstanding skin specialists come together at Lakme to offer a truly memorable experience. Xoxoday’s Lakme Salon e-gift cards make an excellent gift for Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Raksha Bandhan, or weddings.

16. Himalaya herbals

Founded in the 1930s, the Himalaya Drug Company produces health tonics and pills. Many products made by the Himalayas are used in homes daily, including organic shampoos, hand sanitizers, lotions, and more. With Xoxoday’s Himalaya gift voucher, you show your thoughtfulness and care for your recipient.

17. Paytm gift voucher

Xoxoday offers Paytm gift vouchers from Rs.5 with “No Expiry.” Paytm is the most prominent mobile commerce platform. Shop a Paytm Gift Voucher today!

18. Global Hotel UK

Gift a Xoxoday Global Hotel UK gift card, and your clients can find over 250,000 hotels to choose from worldwide, including all the major brands, resorts, destinations, boutique hotels, and Bed and Breakfasts. offers the most competitive rates online! This gift card does not restrict fees, dates, and expiration dates.


Many customers prefer Yatra's travel services when booking online. It is simple. When it comes to booking air tickets, Yatra offers the best prices. Yatra has the most competitive prices on domestic and international hotel rooms. You can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with Yatra gift cards and vouchers. Send a Yatra Gift Card to your loved ones and deserving associates to share the joy of travel. Xoxday’s Yatra Gift vouchers are available in various denominations and can be personalized with messages of your choice. Your gift lets the recipient plan his trip. You can, therefore, give your loved ones the gift of new travel horizons.

20. GlobalGiving

Gift your employees the joy of giving. Send a Xoxoday GlobalGiving gift card that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies worldwide. By providing funding, tools, training, and support, they help fellow nonprofits serve their communities.

21. DonateKart

Using the DonateKart crowdfunding platform, you can positively impact society through trust and transparency. Coordinating donations worldwide provides NGOs and charities with the needed products.

22. Points for good

Points for Good allows your family and coworkers to donate to charities they care about. With the Points for Good Gift Voucher, those who wish to help the environment, address climate change, and support arts, music, and sports can now do so.

23. Mococo Jewellery

The Mococo website has extensive jewellery gift guides that help you select the perfect gift for your loved one. With Mococo engravable jewellery, you can make memories last a lifetime. Mococo offers complimentary engraving on this collection for a truly unique and meaningful gift. Let your colleagues and clients enjoy a personal treat from Mococo - Retail Jewellers with Xoxoday Mococo jewellery gift cards.

24. Bluestone

With Xoxoday’s Bluestone gift card, you can give your loved one the freedom to choose their favorite jewelry. There is something for everyone at Bluestone, with jewelry for the entire family - women, men, and children. From over 4000 designs with trendy motifs such as hearts, florals, peacocks, and religious themes, your loved ones can choose certified jewelry in gold, platinum, and diamonds.

25. Joyalukkas gold and diamond

Gift the sparkle of gold and diamond with Xoxoday’s Joyalukkas gift voucher. Joyalukkas has committed to quality and excellence in thousands of its designs. A gift voucher from Joyalukkas is the perfect gift for all remarkable women in your life, whether they are looking for traditional jewelry or international styles.


You can always have fun giving gifts to your colleagues, clients, and employees during any season or occasion. Buying gifts for your loved ones makes you happy and satisfied. Take advantage of Xoxoday’s extensive range of online gift vouchers from leading brands. A gift can convey your love and care for another person. With Xoxoday, you can show that care and love to your clients or employees.


Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask about discounted gift cards:

Q) Where to buy discounted gift cards?

Xoxoday Xoxoday store is the best place to buy discounted gift cards.

​Q) How to buy discounted visa gift cards?

Follow the below steps to buy a discounted gift card online.

  • Step 1 Access your NetBanking account using your NetBanking credentials
  • Step 2 On the left panel, click Request
  • Step 3 Select Cards
  • Step 4 Click on 'Purchase Gift Card'
  • Step 5 Add the recipient's name to the Gift Card to customize it

Q) How to use a discounted gift card?

You can quickly redeem the gift card online or in-store. Read the card instructions once before redemption.

Q) Can you get discounts on gift cards?

You may sometimes get discounts on Xoxoday’s gift cards.

Q) Can you buy discounted gift cards in bulk?

Yes, you can buy discounted gift cards in bulk. Xoxoday has a separate form for placing your bulk order.

Q) How to buy bulk discounted gift cards?

Xoxoday Plum, helps you to buy discounted gift cards for your B2B corporate family. Want to know more? Book a demo now.

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