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Charity gifts, an active element of corporate social responsibility, are an inventive way to keep employees and the client base engaged and connected through accountability. A charity gift typically refers to a donation made on behalf of someone as a gift to support a charitable cause or organization. According to a Deloitte report, 70% of millennials consider a company's commitment to social responsibility when deciding where to work.

As the workplace landscape shifts, organizations have started practicing social responsibility to be more conscious of their impact on society. Instead of receiving a physical item, the recipient of the charity gift is informed that a contribution has been made in their name to a specific charity or cause.

According to America's Charities Snapshot, approximately 71% of employees prefer to work for a company that supports charitable causes. The same study showed that 70% would be more loyal to a company that takes such initiatives.

Charity gifts are often chosen by individuals who want to make a positive impact and contribute to a cause that aligns with the values or interests of the recipient. This type of gift reflects a thoughtful and socially conscious choice to make a difference in the community. The gifts can be:

  • Monetary donations
  • Specific programs or projects
  • Sponsorship or adoption
  • Virtual gifts

Moreover, donors can customize their contributions based on their preferences and the causes they wish to support.

Charity gifts have a significant effect by connecting corporate social responsibility (CSR)  with employee involvement. Such an active involvement forms a cooperative environment where companies and their employees work together to make a meaningful impact in the community. 

Let’s take a look at how charity gifts drive client, partner, and employee engagement satisfaction:

→ According to the 2019 AFLAC CSR Survey, 93% of investors feel that companies must prioritize and guide their actions with a clear sense of purpose.

→ According to the EY & Harvard Business School sponsored report, 89% believe that an organization with a shared purpose will experience higher levels of employee satisfaction and 80% said that it also helps increase customer loyalty.

→ Moreover, the same study has shown that 85% of individuals are likely to recommend a company with a solid purpose to others.

→ According to a PN report, companies' strong sense of purpose inspires, motivates, and fosters loyalty in 90% of their employees.

→ According to America’s Charities Snapshot Employer Research, employee participation increases when a charitable choice is given.

Benefits of charity gift from a corporate outlook

Charity gifts in the corporate landscape offer numerous benefits beyond mere philanthropy. It is a win-win situation whose introduction into the policy can enhance brand image.

Moreover, aligning the social cause with the empathy of the employee shows the employee's core purpose of serving the community. These initiatives become powerful drivers of engagement and loyalty among customers and employees.

The following are the benefits of the best charity gifts in the corporate context:

1. Enhanced brand image

Charity gifts reinforce a positive brand image, showcasing the corporate commitment to social responsibility. Dedication to making a meaningful impact fosters a favorable perception among customers and stakeholders.

TOMS Shoes, a U.S.-based company, created a unique approach to fulfilling its goal of assisting people while operating as a for-profit business. For each pair sold, the company committed to donating shoes to an underprivileged child.

TOMS Shoes centered its operations around a cause, advancing its mission and positively impacting its revenues and profitability. Moreover, the company used social media for marketing and approaching donors effectively to establish an engaged community to serve as brand storytellers.

In a way, they utilized individuals and their networks on social media to achieve their goals.

2. Increased engagement with society

Corporate charity initiatives create a strong connection with the community, showcasing a company's commitment beyond profit. By actively engaging with societal needs, corporations position themselves as responsible and empathetic entities within the larger social fabric.

Microsoft's "Give with Bing" initiative demonstrates how corporations can engage with society. The search engine users earn points that can be donated to various charities, fostering a sense of community involvement.

Microsoft's "Give with Bing" initiative showcases a model for corporate engagement with society. The initiative aims to encourage search engine users to earn points, which can be donated to various charities. The implementation included everyday searches, users accumulating points, and fostering a sense of community involvement.

As a result, the initiative demonstrates how corporations can leverage their platforms to facilitate user contributions to charitable causes. Such an approach resulted in community participation and strengthened the connection between the corporation and its users.

3. Reconnection with the cause of serving the community

Charity gifts are a tangible expression of a company's dedication to the community. It aligns business goals with societal well-being. This purposeful connection resonates with customers and employees to create a sense of shared values and purpose beyond commercial transactions.

The Coca-Cola Company, with its global initiatives like "5by20," focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs. By addressing community needs, Coca-Cola serves a societal cause and connects with consumers on a deeper level.

The primary goal of the "5by20" initiative is to empower women economically. So, they provide them with the necessary resources and support to become successful entrepreneurs.

Coca-Cola's "5by20" initiative operates globally, reaching women entrepreneurs in various countries and communities. It gives women the tools and skills to establish and grow their businesses, contributing to their economic independence.

4. Driving engagement and loyalty

Charitable causes enhance customer engagement. Consumers increasingly value businesses contributing positively to society. According to Forbes, 70% of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to improving the world. Customers feel a sense of pride and affiliation when their purchases support a company actively involved in community service.

Patagonia's commitment to environmental causes and fair labor practices aligns with its customers' values. As a result, it generates loyalty. The customers appreciate the brand's commitment to environmental causes, which is reflected in its products and also in its marketing strategies.

The brand leveraged storytelling and educational campaigns to communicate its values. Such a method created awareness and made a deeper connection with its audience.

5. Building relationships with customers and employees

Corporate charity initiatives contribute to a positive work environment, increasing employee engagement. Employees are more likely to feel connected to their workplace when they perceive their employer as socially responsible, fostering loyalty and a sense of pride in their work.

Starbucks has strategically focused on ethical sourcing and community support initiatives, such as the College Achievement Plan. The plan was to cultivate relationships with customers and employees.

So, as a result, Starbucks prioritizes ethically sourcing its products, ensuring fair treatment of farmers and sustainable farming practices. This commitment is evident in their 2021 Global Environmental and Social Impact Report, which emphasizes responsible sourcing practices.Moreover, the College Achievement Plan is a crucial community support initiative by Starbucks.

This program aims to provide education opportunities for Starbucks employees. Such an initiative demonstrates the company's dedication to its workforce's personal and professional development.Starbucks' emphasis on ethical practices and community support goes beyond business.

As Starbucks helps build strong relationships with customers and employees, it successfully generates value related to social responsibility. As a result, Starbucks becomes an attractive choice for those seeking a company actively contributing to global and local communities.

6 Best charity gift ideas

The current landscape of digital gifting allows any gifter to take a modern approach through meaningful causes. Here are the 6 charity gift ideas that contribute to the growth of any individual. 

1. Skill development classes

Gifting access to skill development classes will allow one to self-development. Provide the recipients with an opportunity to enhance their expertise and capabilities.

Generally, these online courses can be focused on specialized skills. Moreover, it offers a flexible and accessible means for individuals to refine their professional acumen and stay competitive and adaptable in today's ever-changing professional landscape.


  • Acquire and refine valuable competencies, 
  • Improve professional knowledge
  • Foster adaptability in an ever-evolving job market.
  • Boost personal growth.

2. Virtual gift cards

Digitize the gifting experience with virtual gift cards. Virtual gift cards allow recipients to choose from various esteemed stores and online retailers. These digital vouchers provide a versatile and personalized way to express appreciation or celebrate special occasions while allowing recipients to select items according to their preferences. 


  • Choose from convenient gifting solutions tailored to the recipient’s preferences from various reputable vendors.
  • Eliminate logistical challenges associated with traditional gifts.
  • The giver and recipient positively impacted with improved brand loyalty and customer engagement.

3. Experience cards

Experience cards can be excellent charity gifts online. It presents recipients with a curated selection of engaging online activities. These activities may range from virtual games to immersive tours.

Moreover, these digital cards offer a unique and personalized way to provide memorable experiences, making them ideal for expressing appreciation or celebrating special occasions. 


  • It is a customizable approach to gift-giving. Offer recipients a curated selection of engaging online activities and events. 
  • Increase the recipient's enjoyment by allowing them to choose experiences tailored to their preferences.

4. Online learning courses

You can also invest in continuous learning by presenting recipients with online courses. Provide them with a flexible and accessible avenue to explore diverse subjects and expand their knowledge base.

Generally, these courses offer a structured and professional learning environment. Moreover, these courses can empower individuals to acquire new skills and stay abreast of industry trends.

With online learning, recipients can tailor their educational journey to align with their professional and personal development goals.


  • Enable participants to acquire new skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own space.
  • These courses offer scheduling flexibility, allowing the learners to balance educational pursuits with existing commitments.
  • Provide enhanced accessibility with online learning materials.

5. E-books or audiobook subscriptions

Gift e-books or audiobook subscriptions to the recipients to enrich their reading experience. Such a subscription will offer them a convenient and accessible way to delve into the wisdom they crave to further their professional journey.

Generally, these digital subscriptions provide a versatile platform for individuals to enjoy any kind of literature at their own pace, whether reading or listening. 


  • Introduce a culture of continuous learning and intellectual enrichment.
  • E-books or audiobook subscriptions provide a convenient and portable way for individuals to access literary content.
  • This method contributes to environmental sustainability.

6. Wellness subscription

Promote well-being and self-care by gifting your recipient a wellness subscription. This subscription may range from online fitness classes and meditation sessions to valuable health resources.

Therefore, this thoughtful gesture supports a healthy lifestyle and underscores a commitment to the recipient's wellness.

A wellness subscription offers a personalized and flexible approach to maintaining physical and mental health in the digital age.


  • Offer access to a curated selection of online fitness classes, meditation sessions, and valuable health resources.
  • Introduce wellness initiatives to cultivate a healthier and more productive lifestyle. 

Case study

1. Patagonia's Black Friday Initiative '100% For The Planet" campaign,’ drives 100% sales


Patagonia is a renowned outdoor clothing and gear company. It has long been recognized for its commitment to environmental activism and corporate social responsibility.

In recent years, the company has maximized its efforts to address pressing environmental issues, including climate change, through various initiatives and partnerships. One such initiative was the "100% For The Planet" campaign.

The initiative

In November 2016, Patagonia announced a groundbreaking initiative for Black Friday: pledging to donate 100% of its global retail and online sales to grassroots nonprofits dedicated to environmental conservation.

This initiative aimed to support organizations working on the frontlines to protect the planet's air, water, and soil for future generations.

The challenge

Patagonia announced it would donate 100 percent of its global retail and online Black Friday sales to grassroots nonprofits dedicated to environmental protection. Their goal was to generate $2 million given the initiative aimed to address pressing environmental issues.

The challenge lay in supporting, communicating, and aligning the objectives of both Patagonia and all organizations working on the frontlines to safeguard the planet's air, water, and soil.


The response to Patagonia's Black Friday initiative surpassed all expectations:

  • The $10 million raised through this initiative will be distributed to hundreds of grassroots environmental organizations worldwide. 
  • The funds supported underfunded and under-the-radar groups working tirelessly to address climate change and other environmental challenges.
  • Patagonia and other member companies contribute 1% of their total annual sales to support grassroots environmental groups, driving real change in environmental conservation efforts.

Community engagement

The company is now a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses dedicated to protecting the natural environment. Patagonia's initiative resonated with its loyal customer base and attracted thousands of new customers. 

These customers were drawn to the company's strong environmental values. This surge in interest reflects a growing trend of consumers prioritizing sustainability and seeking out brands that align with their values.

2. Salesforce and Pledge 1% redefines employee engagement using the concept of ‘greater good’


Salesforce, since its inception, has prioritized giving back to communities worldwide. Their employees actively engage in community service and contribute their time and skills to philanthropic endeavors.

So, Salesforce employs technology, human resources, and financial support to enhance communities globally through its Pledge 1% campaign, in 2016. This commitment to giving back was ingrained in Salesforce's foundation in 1999.


The challenge was to institutionalize a culture of philanthropy within the company and inspire other businesses to adopt similar practices. Additionally, there was a need to effectively utilize resources to make a meaningful impact on communities worldwide.


Salesforce pioneered the 1-1-1 model, allocating 1% of its equity, employee time, and product to support communities globally. This approach ensures a sustained commitment to philanthropy, integrating it into the company's operations. 

Salesforce established, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to changing global philanthropy. This organization provides affordable technology solutions to thousands of nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

It also offers strategic grants focused on education and workforce development. The pledge came in different forms,

  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Partnership
  • Courses on discounts
  • Fundraising events
  • Volunteering days


The implementation of the 1-1-1 model and the establishment of have had a profound impact on communities globally.

  • Salesforce has donated over $676 million in grants
  • Generated 8.5 million employee volunteer hours
  • Provided technology to 56,000 nonprofits and educational organizations. 

The company's commitment to philanthropy has inspired a culture of giving within its workforce and has influenced other businesses to prioritize social responsibility.

By leveraging technology, resources, and employee engagement, Salesforce continues to make a meaningful difference in communities worldwide, fulfilling its mission to improve the state of the world.

Digitalise the CSR movement with Xoxoday

Incorporate charity gifts into your corporate culture with Xoxoday. We offer diverse charity gift options and provide your employees and clients with a seamless and customizable experience.

Join the movement of socially responsible businesses. Elevate your brand by making a meaningful impact on the community via:

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Ending note

The best charity gifts are a powerful tool in the corporate world as it successfully ties social responsibility with employee engagement and customer loyalty. The practice of offering charity gifts has a profound impact on building relationships, enhancing brand image, and building a sense of community.

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