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In today's competitive landscape, standing out from the crowd and forging genuine connections with potential clients is more crucial than ever. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) emerges as a powerful strategy, focusing on personalized efforts toward high-value accounts. 86% of marketers report improved win rates with ABM. And in this game of cultivating strategic relationships, well-executed gifting takes center stage.

Forget generic promotional swag; ABM gifting is about understanding your client's unique needs and preferences, sending thoughtful tokens that encourage conversation, build trust, and, ultimately, seal the deal. But beyond the immediate charm of a well-chosen gift, there are several strategic advantages.

Benefits of account-based marketing gifts

Here are some benefits of account-based marketing gifts.

  • Boost sales: A heartfelt gesture can tip the scales in your favor, leaving a lasting impression that converts interest into commitment.
  • Strengthen B2B relationships: Gifts build bridges, fostering a sense of value and appreciation beyond mere transactions.
  • Elevate brand image: Showcasing your thoughtfulness and understanding of your clients paints a positive picture, solidifying brand loyalty.
  • Generate better leads: A personalized gift is an icebreaker, opening doors to deeper conversations and lead-generation opportunities.
  • Spark customer loyalty: Thoughtful gestures foster emotional connections, turning clients into brand advocates who champion your business.
However, navigating the world of ABM gifting requires a strategic approach. Here are two key principles to guide your journey:

1. Know your client: Before diving into gift-giving, take the time to understand your client's business needs, company culture, and personal preferences. A gift aligned with their values and interests resonates more deeply, leaving a lasting impact.

2. Leverage technology: Managing the gifting needs of multiple clients can be tedious. Platforms like Xoxoday take the hassle out of the equation, streamlining logistics, personalizing experiences, and providing valuable data insights to refine your strategy.

Beyond quantitative metrics, ABM gifting offers qualitative benefits as well. Some of them are:

  • Personalization: Research shows that about 71% of consumers expect personalization. It showcases your dedication to understanding their needs and preferences, fostering a sense of value and appreciation. 
  • Positive Brand Association: Thoughtful gifts cultivate positive emotions and build lasting brand affinity. 
  • Strategic Partnership Positioning: Moving beyond mere salesmanship, you establish yourself as a trusted advisor and valuable collaborator.

20 Creative account-based marketing gifts for 2024

Here are 20 account-based marketing gifts that you should consider sending your clients to build a strong relationship with them.

1. The mindful moments kit

Gift well-being with aromatherapy, meditation apps, or elegant journals.

2. Branded calendar

A practical gift, your logo adorns it for year-round brand presence.

3. Eco-friendly items

Foster positive change with sustainable gifts that align with your values.

4. Sweet gestures

Gourmet chocolates paired with a handwritten note for a personal touch.

5. The immersive experience

Offer unique local experiences like a brewery tour, a cooking class, or tickets to a sporting event they'd enjoy.

6. Tech savvy

Surprise them with industry-relevant gadgets like VR headsets or smart speakers.

7. Mobile/tablet stand

Enhance home office setups and showcase your brand logo.

8. Wellness gift box

A wellness gift set is designed to provide a chance to unwind and prioritize self-care. This carefully curated set can include items like soothing candles, luxurious bath salts, and aromatherapy oils to create a spa-like experience at home. 

9. The executive productivity pack

Elevate their daily routines with a custom tech kit featuring a wireless charging pad, noise-canceling headphones, and a personalized mug bearing their company logo.

10. Electronics organizer

Keep cords organized with electronic organizers, a thoughtful and practical gift.

11. Self-heating coffee mug

A self-heating coffee mug to keep their favorite beverage warm throughout the day.

12. Book

Gift a captivating book for endless reading possibilities.

13. Kindle

A precious gift for unlimited reading anywhere. 

14. Charitable donation

Make a meaningful impact in their name, fostering goodwill 

15. Smartwatch

A smartwatch for on-the-go convenience and health tracking.

16. Online classes

Online classes provide personal and professional development opportunities.

17. Personalized padfolio

Elevate their professionalism with a personalized padfolio for presentations and meetings.

18. Health and skincare add-ons

Pamper them with luxurious health and skincare add-ons.

19. Smart backpack

A smart backpack with charging capabilities and organization features for the tech-savvy individual.

20. Succulent

Liven up their workspace with low-maintenance succulent plants.

Simplify your client gifting plans with Xoxoday!

Xoxoday can be your partner in cultivating lasting client loyalty. By unlocking the power of personalized gifting, you forge deeper connections, build trust, and transform "just another client" into a loyal brand advocate.

It also elevates corporate gift management with a one-stop ecosystem. Choose from over 1 million gifts, experiences, and e-gift cards to cater to every taste and budget. Craft personalized experiences that resonate with individuals, going beyond generic options. 

Send gifts and manage campaigns seamlessly across 100+ countries. Automate sending, scheduling, and budget management to save time and ensure efficiency. 

Three easy steps to simplify gifting with Xoxoday:

  • Step 1 - Set up your account in less than a minute. Create a gifting store and select your preferred mode of delivery (Xoxo link or Xoxo code).
  • Step 2 - White label your campaigns and choose the gifting catalog you would like to offer or let your recipients choose a vast catalog.
  • Step 3 - Recipients can choose from thousands of options anywhere in the world and get home delivery.

Case Study: How Freshworks leverages Xoxoday to streamline global rewards and drive growth

Freshworks, a leading Indian SaaS company, and recent NASDAQ debutant, faced unique challenges in rewarding customers and event attendees across diverse geographies. Traditional methods, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, proved cumbersome and inefficient. 

Partnering with Xoxoday's comprehensive rewards platform, Freshworks implemented innovative solutions to optimize its reward strategy and unlock significant benefits.

Key challenges faced by freshworks

  • Logistical complexity: Coordinating physical gift deliveries for participants from various countries became impractical and expensive.
  • Campaign inefficiencies: Incentivizing ABM and referral campaigns lacked flexibility and personalization.
  • Vendor management burden: Identifying and managing local vendors for each region added significant time and cost overheads.
  • Currency conversion hurdles: Automating currency conversions for international rewards proved intricate and error-prone.
  • Email overload and personalization dilemmas: Bulk-sending personalized email reward notifications was time-intensive and resource-draining.

Xoxoday: The strategic solution

  • Utilizing "Xoxo Codes" and "Xoxo Links," : Freshworks seamlessly distributed digital prizes and coupons, eliminating logistical complications and ensuring universal customer satisfaction.
  • Automated incentives: Xoxoday's platform enabled the automation of their reward program, facilitating the creation of customized campaigns tailored to specific customer segments and regions.
  • Personalized connections: Bespoke virtual meeting experiences, complete with coffee vouchers, fostered personal interaction with targeted prospects, enhancing engagement and brand perception.
  • Global gifting with ease: Speakers and attendees worldwide received digital gifts instantly, regardless of location or currency, simplifying the reward process and eliminating vendor coordination.

Quantifiable results

  • Effortless gifting: Freshworks delivered over $5,000 of brand vouchers in just a few clicks, streamlining the reward distribution process.
  • Global reach: Over 500 reward vouchers reached recipients across multiple locations, demonstrating the platform's scalability and efficiency.
  • Measurable growth: Brand awareness and meetings booked by potential customers significantly increased, highlighting the campaign's effectiveness.
  • Frictionless redemption: Localized brand vouchers were redeemed instantly, eliminating currency conversion complexities and improving user experience.

Freshworks' case study exemplifies how Xoxoday's comprehensive rewards platform empowers businesses to overcome geographical barriers, automate complex processes, and drive measurable growth through tailored incentive programs.

By embracing digital solutions and partnering with the right technology provider, companies can optimize customer engagement, strengthen brand loyalty, and achieve remarkable results.

Case Study: Automating rewards fuels 25% conversion rate increase for Xero's referral program

Xero, a leading global accounting software platform, partnered with Xoxoday to automate the reward process for its customer referral program. This strategic move resulted in a significant 25% increase in conversion rates, translating to a substantial boost in new customer acquisition. 

Challenges with the existing referral program

  • Manual reward processing: Xero's referral program relied on manual reward processing, leading to delays and inconsistencies. This created a negative user experience, impacting program engagement and conversion rates.
  • Lack of scalability: The manual process limited the program's scalability, hindering growth and outreach efforts.
  • Limited reward options: Offering only a few reward options restricted program appeal and failed to cater to diverse customer preferences.

The Xoxoday solution

Xero integrated xooxday's automated rewards platform, streamlining the entire referral process. 

  • Automated reward fulfillment: Real-time reward delivery upon successful referrals eliminated delays and frustrations.
  • Wide range of reward options: Customers could choose from diverse reward options, including gift cards, merchandise, charitable donations, and experiences, enhancing program appeal.
  • branded reward experience: The platform seamlessly integrated with Xero's brand and messaging, providing a consistent and engaging user experience.
  • Comprehensive analytics: Xero gained access to detailed program data and insights, enabling them to optimize targeting, messaging, and reward offerings.

Key factors for success

  • Streamlined user experience: Automating rewards simplified the referral process, encouraging participation and referrals.
  • Increased customer engagement: Diverse reward options and instant gratification kept customers invested in the program.
  • Improved data-driven decision making: Analytics provided valuable insights to optimize program performance and target the right audience.
  • Scalability and growth: The automated platform enabled Xero to scale the program efficiently, reaching a wider audience and boosting customer acquisition.

Results and impact

  • 25% increase in conversion rates: Automating rewards led to a significant 25% increase in conversion rates, translating to a substantial number of new customers acquired through referrals.
  • Enhanced brand advocacy: The improved program experience fostered stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty, turning happy customers into brand advocates.
  • Streamlined operations: Automation reduced manual efforts and eliminated processing errors, saving time and resources.
  • Valuable data-driven insights: Xero gained valuable insights into customer preferences and program performance, enabling continuous optimization and improvement.


By automating rewards with Xoxoday, Xero effectively addressed the limitations of its existing referral program. The improved user experience, diverse reward options, and data-driven decision-making contributed to a remarkable 25% increase in conversion rates, demonstrating the power of automation in driving referral program success. 

Want to stand out and win over clients? Forget swag! Send personalized gifts they'll love. This blog shows how thoughtful gifts can build relationships, close deals, and boost sales. Meet Xoxoday, the platform that makes gifting easy and helps you track its impact. 

Happy customers, happy you!

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