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Many people set better living standards and more ambitious objectives when the new year begins. What are your New Year's resolutions as a designer? It's time to reflect on your professional life and decide what you want to change. Here are five New Year's Resolutions for the design community to help you get started.

13 Much-needed New Year resolutions for design team

Considering the New Year's extreme busyness, these 13 resolutions are truly obligatory and must be made as soon as possible if you want to improve your skill set.

1. Stay focused

I'll maintain my concentration because dispersed attention is bad. Concentration is key. What many designers lack is this. You won't produce high-quality designs until you give each job the attention it deserves. Keep in mind that creativity is the key to successful graphic design, and it happens best when you concentrate on one specific job rather than juggling several.

2. Be organized

Ensure you keep all notes from client talks, first draft, pictures, templates, and PSD layers. Be sure to store each in the appropriate folder. Many designers agree that being structured has allowed them to save significant time, facilitating their job.

3. Think original

Though drawing inspiration from others is important, it's never a good idea to replicate or steal someone else's work while assuming that no one will notice. This is why it's crucial to be aware of all the offenses that will result in a red card. Only take on another project if you have the mental capacity to innovate. Relax, and take it up on the following day, but never replicate.

4. Stay physically fit

Make time each day for physical activity, exercise, sports, or even just a short walk. This will not only clear your thoughts but also give you more energy. You will feel inspired and enthusiastic about working on challenging undertakings after engaging in vigorous physical activity for 30 minutes.

5. Learn new things

If you want to advance in your field, keep yourself informed. With the Internet being one of the most effective instruments for information. Every day, read a fresh article or watch a fresh video tutorial. Try out a novel design idea; you might be pleasantly surprised.

6. Don't avoid tough clients

Some customers are extremely finicky and demand frequent modifications. It's time to change if you have avoided these clients throughout the past year out of fear of accepting a challenge. To understand why a client could be so picky, remember that he or she is spending a lot of money for his or her brand image. You'll gradually begin to notice that your attitude has improved.

7. Do something new

The fads come and go. Do not follow trends! Customers could insist that you adopt a trend simply because they are hesitant to try anything new. However, this is the time to put your artistic, persuasive, and marketing skills to work. Show the clients the drawbacks of choosing a design that is merely another option on the market. Show them the benefits of creating something original and how it can make them stand out from the competition.

8. Aim for the outer space

Engage in fresh, varied tasks that will help you gain experience and develop a strong portfolio. Despite the fact that you might be a great logo designer, don't confine yourself to that field. Try your hand at graphic or website design. Leave your comfort zone, learn new skills, and broaden your horizons.

9. Don't take criticism personally

Never take criticism personally, and be kind to yourself if you make a mistake. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don't seem to win projects, or clients can become picky. Take it easy and just let it pass as a rough day instead of reacting by being critical of yourself.

10. Work smart

When it comes to advancing your profession, you must possess effective communication and analytical abilities as well as a solid grasp of project management. Avoid underselling yourself and working too hard for the wrong kind of client.

11. Get organized

While some of us can thrive in chaos, an organized space is a lot easier to work in. Start the year by purging old files, cleaning your desk, and starting folders for 2023.

Create files for work that might be contest-worthy throughout the year (that way you don't have to find it all at once). Also, keep a folder with a couple of copies of all printed work from the year, another for receipts or bookkeeping paperwork, and one more for miscellaneous items.

A little organization can actually save a lot of time because you'll be able to find everything in a jiffy and won't spend all your time digging through files.

12. Update that portfolio

Accept it. You haven't added a new project to your portfolio in the past year or possibly longer. If you're anything like me, getting paid gigs often takes priority over tasks like updating your portfolio. I always say, "I'll get to that later when I'm not so busy."

However, when have you ever been unoccupied? Is that even a thing anymore? An excellent approach to reflecting on the year's achievements is to update your portfolio, which can also help you get business. Decide which project you liked best in 2022, and add it to your portfolio.

13. Design with emotion

Sometimes work design projects turn into just that – work projects. They can sometimes feel stale and flat. Make sure to inject more emotion into your work this year. Some projects can be really tough to get excited about, but think about the end-users and create emotional connections for them.

The best ways to establish that connection are through great storytelling, amazing imagery, and a fluid user experience that works invisibly.

Key takeaways

Designers, like all professionals, can benefit from setting goals for themselves and making resolutions to achieve those goals. New Year's resolutions can be useful for designers to reflect on their past year and identify areas for improvement or new skills to learn. By setting specific, achievable goals, designers can stay motivated and focused throughout the year, leading to personal and professional growth.

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