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A delightful array of Christmas games? In the spirit of creating unforgettable moments, we've curated a list of 20 engaging activities that promise to add an extra dash of joy to your holiday gatherings. 

From classic favorites to innovative new delights, these games are poised to turn your holiday gatherings into spirited events that echo with the sound of joyous laughter and cheerful camaraderie.

Let the festivities begin as we explore the joyous world of Christmas games for a truly memorable and heartwarming celebration in 2023.

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10 Christmas party games at workplace to celebrate

Here are 10 Christmas party games at workplace

1. Christmas charades

Christmas charades

Kick off the festivities with a classic game of Christmas charades. From Santa's famous belly laugh to iconic holiday movie scenes, this game is a laughter-filled way to celebrate the season.

2. Holiday trivia

Test your colleagues' knowledge of festive facts with a holiday trivia game. Create teams, ask questions about Christmas traditions, and watch as the competition adds a spirited edge to the celebration.

3. Decorate your desk contest

Decorate your desk contest

Encourage festive creativity by hosting a "Decorate Your Desk" contest. Colleagues can showcase their holiday spirit by adorning their workspaces, and the best-decorated desk wins a festive prize.

4. Ugly christmas sweater competition

Ugly christmas sweater competition

Embrace the tacky and festive with an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition. Colleagues can flaunt their most outrageous holiday-themed sweaters, and everyone votes for the winner.

5. Secret santa gift exchange

Secret santa gift exchange

Organize a Secret Santa gift exchange where coworkers draw names and exchange small, thoughtful gifts. It's a delightful way to spread holiday cheer and foster a sense of giving within the team.

6. Christmas movie bingo

Create bingo cards with scenes or quotes from popular Christmas movies. As colleagues watch their favorite holiday films, they mark off the corresponding squares. The first to complete a row wins a prize.

7. Santa's workshop team-building challenge

Transform the office into Santa's Workshop with a team-building challenge. Colleagues can work together to solve holiday-themed puzzles or compete in festive challenges, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.

8. Snowman building contest (Virtual or in-person)

Whether in the office or connecting virtually, challenge teams to a snowman-building contest. In-person teams can use craft materials, while virtual teams get creative with digital tools to design the perfect snowman.

9. Christmas karaoke

Christmas karaoke

Unleash the holiday crooners in your team with a Christmas karaoke session. From classic carols to festive pop hits, it's a lighthearted way to showcase hidden talents and bring joy to the workplace.

10. New Year's resolutions game

Transition into the upcoming year with a game where colleagues share their New Year's resolutions. It's a reflective yet optimistic activity that encourages goal-setting and creates a positive outlook for the future.

5 Christmas games ideas to play with friends and make memories

Here are 5 Christmas games ideas to play with friends:

1. Santa's sleigh scavenger hunt

Turn the workplace into a festive wonderland with a Santa's Sleigh Scavenger Hunt. Hide small holiday-themed items or clues around the office, and let teams embark on a merry quest to find them. The first team to uncover all the items or solve the final clue wins a festive prize.

2. Christmas pictionary relay

Inject creativity into your Christmas celebration with a Pictionary Relay. Divide colleagues into teams and, using a virtual whiteboard or flip chart, have them illustrate holiday phrases or scenes.

The twist? Each team member contributes a part of the drawing, passing it along in a relay fashion. The resulting collaborative artwork adds a humorous touch to the game.

3. Holiday desk decorating speed challenge

Holiday desk decorating speed challenge

Put creativity to the test with a speed decorating challenge. Provide teams with a box of holiday decorations and challenge them to transform a bare desk into a festive masterpiece within a time limit. This fast-paced and fun activity allows colleagues to showcase their decorating skills and adds a touch of festive flair to the office.

4. Christmas movie emoji quiz

Combine the joy of Christmas movies with the popular language of emojis. Create a quiz featuring emoji representations of famous holiday films, and have colleagues guess the titles. It's a visually entertaining and interactive way to celebrate the season's cinematic classics.

5. Festive escape room challenge

Bring the thrill of an escape room to your Christmas celebration with a virtual or physical escape room challenge. Develop holiday-themed puzzles, riddles, and challenges for teams to solve collaboratively. The team that successfully "escapes" within the given time frame emerges as the festive escape room champions.

5 Fun Christmas games for better bondings

Here are 5 fun Christmas game:

1. Jingle bell toss

Set up a Christmas-themed target board (such as a wreath) and give participants jingle bells to toss. Assign different point values to various sections of the target. Participants take turns tossing their jingle bells, and the one with the highest score at the end wins a cheerful holiday prize.

2. Festive bingo bonanza

Create custom bingo cards with holiday-related images or phrases. Use Christmas-themed tokens as markers. Host a lively bingo game, calling out holiday-related clues, and watch as colleagues compete to shout "Bingo!" The winners can receive festive treats or small holiday-themed prizes.

3. Christmas song charades

Combine the joy of Christmas tunes with the excitement of charades. Write down the titles of popular Christmas songs on slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Participants take turns picking a song and acting out clues without speaking, while their colleagues guess the tune. It's a hilarious way to celebrate the season with music and merriment.

4. Candy cane relay race

Organize a spirited relay race using candy canes. Divide participants into teams and set up a relay course. In each round, participants must balance a candy cane on a spoon while racing to the finish line. If the candy cane falls, they have to start again. The first team to complete the relay wins a sweet victory.

5. Ornament memory challenge

Arrange a variety of holiday ornaments on a tray and give participants a set amount of time to memorize them. Then, cover the tray, and challenge them to write down or recall as many ornaments as possible. The person with the most accurate memory wins a festive prize, adding a dash of competition to the holiday spirit.


These 20 festive Christmas games are the key to unlocking the true spirit of the season, infusing your celebrations with laughter, warmth, and a sense of togetherness. Whether you find yourself surrounded by family, friends, or colleagues, the joyous atmosphere created by these games is bound to make this holiday season a memorable one.

From timeless classics that bring generations together to innovative new twists that add a spark of excitement, each game contributes to the magical tapestry of Christmas festivities.

As you embark on the journey of merriment and friendly competition, remember that the true essence of these games lies not in the scores or victories but in the shared moments of joy and connection they foster.

So, gather your loved ones, set the stage for a jubilant celebration, and let the spirit of Christmas games light up your 2023 holiday season. May your days be filled with laughter, goodwill, and the heartwarming glow that only the magic of Christmas can bring.

Happy celebrating!

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