Empuls by Xoxoday: Best Reward Gateway Alternative

Xoxoday Empuls vs Rewardgateway: Check out the pricing plan, features, platforms, etc and decide which employee engagement software is the best for your business.

Empuls Comparison
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February 24, 2020

Empuls by Xoxoday is a holistic employee engagement platform. This product is built on the five key pillars of employee engagement & employee experience. 

1. Connect 

Bring your teams together & experience the community with a central communication hub. Align everyone to the organizational mission, vision, and values. Employees and teams can connect through groups and discuss various topics, office news, announcements, interests, projects, and much more. 

2. Empower

Listen to your employees and enable them to deliver the best performance. Understand the pulse of your employees through eNPS, pulse surveys, engagement surveys, and address problems proactively. Run other important employee lifecycle surveys like onboarding, D&I, wellness, exit, and more to improve employee experience at every stage. 

3. Motivate

Motivate employees to excel at their work. Reinforce positive behaviors and appreciate good work. Recognize your peers, managers and reward them for different milestones. Celebrate special occasions in an employee lifecycle with gifts and greetings. 

Rewards can be monetary or non-monetary. The reward points don’t expire and hence your employees don’t have to worry about the lost reward points. Employees can redeem their reward points on our extensive global catalog of 20,000+ options which include gift cards, experiences, wellness, subscriptions, and perks.

4. Align (upcoming feature)

The performance & productivity of the company improves when everyone is aligned and working towards a single goal. Align roles & goals through OKRs, One on one feedback, and 360-degree performance.   

Feature Comparison

Technology & Ease of Use

Empuls is built on the latest technology stack with complete microservices architecture, security & compliances. The UI/UX of the product is frictionless & aims to be the best in the industry. The product is built for the end-users and not just a tool for admin functions. We take user feedback very seriously and release new features & improvements every 45 days. 

Integrations with existing tools

Empuls integrates seamlessly with your existing tools like Slack, MS Teams, Login systems, Gusto, and various other HRMS solutions. You can easily use the Empuls features from your Slack or MS team channels without switching over to the Empuls app. 

Support and Security

Empuls provides email and chat support. The onboarding guides, FAQs, resources, and DIY journey makes it extremely easy for employees and admins to get started and adopt the product. Our engagement experts do a quarterly review to understand how the product can deliver more value to your company.  

Empuls maintains audit logs and is GDPR, ISO 27001 compliant. The platform is fully DIY and it has ready developer APIs and relevant marketplace apps.

Users rate us highly

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