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How Offering A Meaningful Rewards Program Can Boost The Productivity Of Your Organization?

Focusing on this very aspect, Zoho People- An HRMS Platform and Plum- A reward platform by Xoxoday have come together, what does this integration mean to organizations?

Rewards and Recognition
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May 6, 2021

Xoxoday, with Zoho People, has integrated to become the number one choice for rewards and recognition programs as organizations who are using Zoho People can use Xoxoday’s rewarding platform, Plum to reward their employees. In current times, where digitization and automation are driving the productivity of organizations to new levels, a reward and recognition program is one of the best ways to keep your employee engaged and motivated such that it ensures maximum productivity. Focusing on this very aspect, Zoho People- An HRMS Platform and Plum- A reward platform by Xoxoday have come together, what does this integration mean to organizations?

ZOHO People + Xoxoday

Bring together the objectives of these two platforms, and you create a platform that takes care of all five needs of employees as per the Maslow Hierarchy. 

  • Zoho People focuses on building a happier workforce taking care of all HR processes, from onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, everything is covered.
  • Xoxoday’s rewarding platform- Plum helps you run rewards, incentives, and benefits programs with thousands of catalog choices globally. The rewarding platform could be integrated into existing HRMS, CRM, and ticketing systems

If put, in other words, Zoho People takes care of the physiological and safety needs of employees, you can elevate the self-esteem of employees and push them up the Maslow Hierarchy rewarding them with Xoxoday's reward platform- Plum. When you bring both of them together, you can streamline your HR process and have a platform that can be used to reward your employees with products and experiences across the globe. It will keep them motivated, elevating them to higher levels in the Maslow hierarchy, making them excellent performers.

Why does your Organization Need a Reward System?

As per Gallup, 65% of employees did not receive any recognition for their work last year. A recent stat from HR Technologist says that lack of recognition and engagement is driving 44% of employees to switch jobs. 

Stats from HR Technologist also say the same story-

  • 63% of employees who are recognized are improbable to look for a new job
  • 52% of employees feel that their rewards strategy isn’t aligned to organizational goals

That is why rewarding your employees and recognizing their efforts is essential. Such that they are in sync with the core values of the organizations.

The Pain-Point- Why not Merely Reward an Employee, Why is a Reward System Needed?

Rewarding an employee is easy but what is difficult is how to choose what the reward should be and on what basis the employee should be rewarded. How do you build a system that is unbiased and rewards every employee equally, be it a CEO or a business analyst? This is where Xoxoday’s rewarding platform- Plum comes into the picture. You can run rewards, incentives and benefits programs and give thousands of catalog choices globally. Reward your employees with Xoxopoints, and they could redeem it through vouchers and discounts to get great products and better experiences from brands across the globe.  

Zoho People empowers organizations by automating all the HR processes. It helps HR manage the workforce more efficiently as their manual workload gets lesser, giving them ample time to think intellectually and strategize on building better policies and workplace environment for employees. Using rewards and recognition to motivate your employees is a growing trend among organizations to build a healthier work culture. Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and many organizations have realized that. If your culture isn’t right, no matter how great your strategy is, you will never get great results. Building a motivated and engaging workforce is a low-cost and high-impact process when done correctly. It is to create this low-cost-high-impact process, Xoxoday’s reward platform- Plum integrated with Zoho People. 

How Rewards and Recognition Benefit Organizations?

This integration will help organizations in four significant ways- 

1. Better Employee Engagement

Having a reward system in place will motivate your employees to perform better. It will keep them engaged regularly creating a healthy work culture that breeds positivity and productivity.  

2. Low Attrition Rate

When the employees are engaged, and the workplace is happy, it will lower the attrition rate. When employees are engaged, they focus on being more productive for the organization instead of spending time looking for greener pastures which in turn helps organizations save money on training new resources and seeking new replacements.

3. Unbiased Rewarding Culture

Most organizations spend the right amount of money on giving perks to their employees. From serving good coffee to fun outings, it can be anything. The problem here is you cannot understand what everyone wants, and keeping everyone happy isn’t possible. A reward system gives employees the power of choice. They can choose what they want from a varied list of experiences and products from brands all over the globe.

4. Automation

Since most HR processes are automated, they can focus more on the well being of employees and what measures can be taken to keep them engaged. In a way, it is a cost-effective measure wherein you automate all the manual work giving ample time to HR to come up with strategies that can engage employees more. It also leads to better work efficiency, minimal errors, and maximum productivity. 

Sumit Khandelwal, CEO of Xoxoday, said

“Xoxoday’s vision is to help organizations achieve business outcomes by engaging and motivating its people - be it employees, channel partners, or fleet-on-street. Zoho People have been instrumental in transforming the HRMS landscape by offering simpler, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. This integration will help companies using Zoho People to meaningfully reward their employees, drive them to do better at work and thereby transform themselves into a high performing organization.” 

As an organization, when you value your employees, they will value your organization. Organizations who are successful today are the ones who have always invested in the well being of their employees. 

How does the Integration Work?

Xoxoday rewards points can be accessed inside Zoho People- a cloud-based HR platform. Organizations using Zoho People can reward their employees with Xoxo points. These can be used as a token of reward or appreciation by employees, and they can leverage these points to avail discounts from Xoxoday’s global catalogue of 2000+ brand vouchers, 3500+ global experiences, and 10000 perks.  

Effective rewards and recognition programs can ignite purpose and potential in your team. With Empuls, you can start an RnR program that’s candid, social, frictionless & fun. Want to know more? Book a demo or start a free trial.

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What is a blog post?

Blog posts allow you and your business to publish insights, thoughts, and stories on your website about any topic. They can help you boost traffic, brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue.
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